How to Paint Quick and Easy Watercolor Birds - Parakeet/ Parrot | Master Class for Beginners | Akanksha Agrawal | Skillshare

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How to Paint Quick and Easy Watercolor Birds - Parakeet/ Parrot | Master Class for Beginners

teacher avatar Akanksha Agrawal, Fine artist & Graphic Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. Techniques

    • 4. Base Layer

    • 5. Mid Layer

    • 6. Detailing & Final Touches

    • 7. Class Project and Conclusion

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About This Class

Nature inspires us every moment and we wish if we could capture the beauty we see on our canvas. Birds are one of nature’s most vibrant colorful creatures which never stops to fascinate me.   I’m sure that many of you out there too love these colorful pretty birds and always wished if you could paint them. So why wait? Grab your art materials and follow along the class. In less than an hour you will be able to easily paint this beautiful cute Parakeet/ Parrot.


Watercolor is an amazing medium to work with. It is vibrant, unpredictable and magical. However, if you are using this medium for the first time or using it after a long gap, then it can be challenging and a bit intimidating. But once you master the basics then you will feel like never leaving it again.

In this class I’ll teach you step by step, the various basic watercolor techniques, and guide you through the complete process of painting this adorable Parakeet/ Parrot.  If you are not good in sketching don’t worry, I have uploaded the basic outline for the bird in the reference section.

You will gain the following from the class:-

  • Understanding of art supplies
  • Basic watercolor techniques
  • Basic watercolor strokes
  • Brush control
  • Blending feature of watercolor
  • Understanding and appreciation of bird anatomy
  • Various tips and tricks of watercolor and gain confidence on the medium
  • Correct any mistakes
  • Confidence to paint any kind of bird

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Akanksha Agrawal

Fine artist & Graphic Illustrator


I'm Akanksha Agrawal and  I'm from India. I'm a professional Fine artist and Graphic Illustrator for more than a decade now. An architect by degree, I've always been attracted towards beautiful & vibrant colors. I'm in love with arts & colors since childhood. I started drawing & painting when probably I was five & never really left it. ;)

After my schooling, I took a year sabbatical and took extensive training under a renowned senior fine artist the traditional way (old school style), where using white in watercolors was looked down upon (lol). I would be sent to railway stations and local markets to do extensive sketching to learn from real life, which truly teaches a lot.  Then I did my Bachelors of Architecture to get a holistic perspective towards art and... See full profile

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1. Introduction: - Hi , guys. I'm a contractor, Herbal. I'm a professional. I noticed a graphic illustrator and an art educator and welcome to my second school shock loss. I have been painting since childhood and never really left it. For more than a decade now, I have been to tons and tons of white life, Laboard's and animals and being an architect graduate. I enjoy painting cityscapes, landscapes and Seascapes, and my heart works have been sold nationally and internationally. Follow me here on scholarship or on my social media pages. Bacon signal. Get the leaders notifications off my future classes. But I will be teaching radios, mediums off, traditional in this class baby painting this beautiful and vibrant board and water Kahlo. This classes for complete big nose, but even intermediate and wants artists can take some tips from here. I would also be linking the outline off the board to make it easier for complete big nose to treat it. Our attempt to sketch it. I will also take you through. All the art supplies will be needing in this class so you can follow along with what he wants. You have. I will also did you to work and needles, plague, Beasley, mid meal and details like the eyes in the federal and then for the class project will be making this adorable board step by step. So there's lots finding this a short class soul. Tages. Do you go to your art supplies and let's get started, See you all there in the class. 2. Art Supplies: hi guys. So next week you check on the outside place. We'll be needing for this cloth poster for talk about the sheets. We need it. There are still times of sheets of little in the market. One is hard pressed on. One is called Grace on these border by the company called Bruce Tro, which I'll be using today, and they are both 25% Kortan. So I would be wasn't a cold pressure. You can use any, but I would at least suggest you to take minimum off the energy of some people because that will hold the water properly. And it will is the people not to buckle so a minimum of 300 years and is quite good. But you can use whatever you have for Russia. And do you think different kinds off round brushes? These are some of the wrong Russia beating, needing to do the bees, and then this comes to a nice fine point, so I'll be using it for dealing. You can see the going to Also we'll be needing a excellent raisel toe. Draw the board Initially, we never basic outline, So if you're not confident withdrawing the board I would definitely attacked the old lane in the class resource section who can easily truce them. But if you're confident, you can vertically when all sketches for what God has said we'll be using. You can use any or watercolors, said Basically, but I'll be using guns a zombie and Michigan. These are professional, Watercolor said, and I will really them in my palette and these Are they coming off fan form on these African Zyklon B. These are available in the platform. We'll be using these. These are also very nice and very vibrant colors, so you can use whatever you have but will be needing at least a sap green of all Yeon Jean . When you lose on Brown's and deliberate overheads opens, we are those will be. The basic colors will be needing for this clown, but you can use anybody but you have on, and then we'll be needing or clean water job so you can keep cleaning the water brushes and between we also we will be needing the streets of water has afternoon my previous loss. This is a very important thing. Oh, which is very essential to keep reading the fans and the dried out beamed and to activate them before starting toe. You know, before starting your artworks. So it is very important to use that if you don't have a spritzer bottle you cannot with. We're hoping by using our normal brush on this dipping a dangerously when some water available, you need think so. But he's definitely with the fans, the full starting out and then we'll also be needed. Some off the or just two people toe Keep diving in use in the removing the excess of water and excess or color and everything. So I think I covered all the art materials and also being a king. Well, the answer players and there is whole section. You can have a look there and also the young plane of the board. So what are full interview? Let's go to our post techniques loss 3. Techniques : Hi, guys. Welcome to the first loss, which is for the dick needs. And this, I assure you, the basic techniques will be needed to do with this kind of bored. I also wanted to show you, uh, how the our good looks on a cold press. People, if you can see there's a lot of pictures to work evidence field for when you're doing, you don't call it press people still. So basically, there are two kinds of techniques. One is right on. Where Where did you get all these beautiful Blaine's on the other one is we don't dry when you do. All these are brush marks to show the Federer and like some detailing for the eyes and everything, So that is the second technique. 1st 1 is but on were so let's quickly see how we do that. So, like I mentioned you, just with those ballots, course there's just too. It's all the gardens Go. I'm just picking up a lot of water in the brush, and I'm just like going to spread it around. I just people no fix. I have this color and start dropping it. No ticket on older. What color is visibly. So we pick up another Hello and drop that as we were using these to God as I thought I'd show you. But these is only now Look at the beautiful place which is happening here if you want. Oh, I told you so. Because how did you? You can be parting off Carlos and really enjoys. It gives a very beautiful blender effect, which is a very seamless, very nice give some sort of looming if it's in certain cases. Since we are doing this board in a very nice lose style, not completely realistic, it is semi realistic. Then it was kind of style, mature age and you are all my bones and animals. I love doing my life part in this week. So I always start with the first year which will be right on where, when and I'll be is giving the peace. Carlo. After this, we'll also be using but on dry, which is like just picking up the color divinity. I think using it in certain pieces we will be wondered. They, even for the Big Baby, was an esteemed technique, so we can make a big so we have more control over the brush what we're doing, but don't drive. I already showed you all the techniques in my force plants, which is Wieben watercolor landscapes back to since we are doing like a white light water. Just They were quick to Riga. Then we've using some sort off strolls for the fellows. But it means this place you're awfully column for this battle keyed. We are giving, like, some federal kind of thing over here. But these are all the stones will be going on the second e o. So would I. You can either use the standoff brush, which comes to a point. So see, this is all really enjoyed a bit. We can doctor practice should try. Try to practice or these things beforehand before getting into the Goss willing. We can also use this brush short. It has a very nice fine point. There are options available, but even find no points. I had big These are from no pistol. So you cannot try something like doctor Just the numbers for you, by speed or something which I've never heard before. But it does make a very, very fine point so you can do that. Use that is there because been below the eyes, All the feathers you can I figured very nice drugs without when you don't fall. Check that out. So it's very easy this dygalo pigment. If you think there's no water in the brush chicken or is carried out and then start again it is a little water Like I do lend around living start moving on So you give a little take a stroll and violet also much later. So this is the thing about watercolors. People always dry out later that the pigment which we're seeing right now they are red. So you have to be living with how you use them and whatever you're expecting, you have to use a doctor. Then we'd also be using another technique which is flattering. So what I usually do with, I think a lot of water in my brush that I this Dave, get a and oh, I just have in the brush later so it will give definitely different effects with different kinds of brushes. They noticed this was a smaller brush in the trick was also fine. So does giving very fine points. But if you do the same thing that Hillary go brush if you give any different Was any of this? It is also doing something similar. Effect on you. Maybe let me enjoy this one. But you see some other godless and make up the difference. See? So it's falling like the strolls. A little bigger, the drops a little bigger. This plateau. Very nice. I think what I also do is if I want to just give some blended by phone. So you just right try to then these laterals. So you see Harmon boots in the final for Tokyo being thing off the back gate. But, uh oh, no, You can factors these different kinds of strokes trying his buttering with different kinds of brush. I know what I'm comfortable with, but you should find average because on the final piece of people wrong with one of these that it would be very difficult. So the last thing the phone Hello? Finishing this. I thought I would teach you how to pick up some of the color if you think there is tomato splattered and if you want to Pretty, Let's go. What do you think? You can just quickly put some extra. What would it on just like now that you can pick up some of the drops. I think so. You can always stay comfortable. The cargo, by the way, some of the for two collars will get picked up even after they dry out. But some of them they just seem the people. So you have to be very careful with on tried out while honored off sheet. But you're you just try and see this one. See, it will just a little, but it has no listing off completely. But if you think you have made a mistake and you want to quickly pick the capital cargo, you can do so also, I would like to show you this blending effect be able to kill. Look at that, its three lights. But so you know, these are the only three things, but dont were I don't drive brushstrokes on some of the splattering. So these are the four techniques will be using on once you're confident with this. Come and join me in the next loss. Wouldn't be doing the basic. These off the food. All right, see you then 4. Base Layer: So we be doing this board now. I have already dressed for the board, one of the people and I've sketched it very light. So this is the most important part. Uh, you have toe. We'll make the lines very, very light. I might not be capturing in the camera very well, but it is important to make it like so that it doesn't show to the condos because what goes on your trust? Losing transparent the qualities that would be better if you could just make it very, very late. I would be a god of the old man off the board, in the top three sold section. If you know, very confident with the sketching, you can definitely go ahead and you go with the on planes from there. And, uh, but this for the fourth step, we be doing the base off the the beast. Hello. And we're going a little faster. So I would suggest if you want, you can just I will look at the video first, and then you can again for my ended and go back and then all along. But it is the office. However you want to go. But this process will be a little faster. I've just taken my big brush and didn't water. And now I'll be just going inside the outlines of the water. So you have to actually see your artwork from most or not by reflecting, you'll be able to see the shining off the water, you know which are which. I know. And you have to do this little faster before the four ducats for the absolved of the people . And I'm not or must either people and this. Oh, but if no hold because I'm not using they do much of boredom. They had a weapon last year for what is already all right. Quickly start picking up my condos. A single started with the green. You can take us up, but you can also make it if you're South Venus to documents. Sabrina, you dropping. And I know this looks into the market right now. It will dry much later. You have to just going into Boston in this Allstate, you're gonna do some budges await, if you are quite mistaken. Me? What it looking Bush, could you make my and I want you looking at my expense? Imagine. But me, I've seen it all. I need this. Fellow number four the gallant raise again and epic of some DACA green. You can pick up a board every this one Really nice by mission. Nice, Deep clean. I'm just joking. But it would, I think, be needing A And I boarded a small war. But I do know is there and I feed out. I might make a mistake on the rush. Very close. So when I when I'm doing the needle hole left laws and more portable But I'm doing Oh, this is where Don't better Still getting from strolls on people But these lines I wanted to abandon properly I don't want a very hostile than the in That's why once again or ties so they get there is already starting to dry And I tried to give it a shot through next to go beef at the bottom of the B No. Yes, I think it was the these notice very long. The next day I'm using a lead smaller, personal and he was in a just They take it on the budget and I do look a little bit just He was a lot of the beak. This year's colors and keeping article. If you want, you can take a taco. You have to be very careful of the being. Despite around her, it might start beating the color. So just be little or just made for two completely dry, you know, very naughty leads. But there, begic this nice deep along is proving wrong. I'm just thinking about it. So in this I don't want really soft blended of it. I'm just your biggest okey Then I also like the dry strokes which are coming here with the water business participle, strokes. I'm just covering the peace. Here. Look, this right now, you would be doing already dating in the next one, so just try over the the routing. So you didn't get this much for no. And I'll see you in the next class. Where did you do that? Are doing the next new All right. Thank you. 5. Mid Layer: So now the Cardinals have greater ability the branches of the branches on immigration. But the board is something very old, so I can start putting in the next year. And I know it looks very Oh, oh, very blender. And you can't even recognize the board right now. But with the other little which will be doing over it Start, give a lot off a step to the bone. So now we have to do some off the feathers and some off the do you did install dark The light and shadow was seen in the book. So taking the Depo Carlo, I started with the that there was a week ago has started the back post, and I have a little cape because I might be in the spillway. So picking the people being gathered, I'm just so I'll keep observing my reference image and keep running. So when I'm giving the depth over you, I'm pressing the Russian people and I'm willing to go. You make there. Here we go again, pushing the brush a little, you know, Do you bring cargo Can spread the gun, Overton, Do you? What does distended Then we'll be doing that does he defected. There's more depth you give the most. Are those you there? The more than good coming out of the people I could see. So again, I'm just trying to give it. So keep on missing some more of Carlo and more of what door? You have to be interviewed, Basil. You can always keep your people and feel. You know, you can always get testing you a little later, Doc. You wanted it is too dark. You can take worked on you looking for this man people, Doctor, this is And if you want, like you just you can dive off the excess and Duterte qg I'm looking for this so you can keep doing that. You can always keep your people handy. And even if he does, with the most being you want a professional looking being to your vengeance. It doesn't if you need the purpose or place. I'm just making dark dashed lines a little bit. The please if I can Awesome instead of you Abortion green, You make a diverse depot. So all these you should definitely practice on. She'd post. He's They said there was also competing being a stock. So you have to g whether even don't doing about you. Person is normally todo they come mint. This is what we're trying to achieve going anywhere, right? Like being bins understanding that did understanding the shot again The other peak at the bottom of the B made Okay, the little engine area doing this. So the government's moving the exist after a So we get slowly built differently. Different things What's is it? Nice And dogs. So some portion you will agree. Nice, deep green. And what Just experience. I just I think I'm gonna sleep. You're wondering. Well, King are ready to start today. She through the time all of that price What? Just through the legs with the nice late grown Or did you go? You can also use an off machine. Yes, I'm hoping detail on the legs and all members. They, after all wisdom and move it out focuses what's for me. The main focus is the board. Just one goes in the barn. So the men were taking pictures with a camera also the same thing. We focus on the thing which is our subject and just get a little lord out and we use a portrait, All the camera. You know, you have to realize what was them pointing out of his subject. So you can see that is some of the harsh, harder this wall with the completely Dr Russian. Just pick up some of the I don't want Heartland on the door. I just Yeah. So now we're taking Lidster water and some of this that's, like green off inst departmental bit this and let me just but some water You get bacon sometime that uses mind being and really nicely. They're trying to start building these trying to three only kind of a thing. And I'm just like licking the carnival. Yeah. You see, you're just to give it an effect off the need. You know, I'm just sitting here making each of you separately part. You just need to get a doctor. No thinking people going It doesn't look, you know, just dropping it off from the bean. The automatic meeting starts dirty. Look pretty. So did some of the You look with the same thing about this, I believe, is something similar to what you're doing. This is go lemon yellow. It's using buckets. Now. Just do some splattering. Have taken some. You look a little weak. I tried to protect May I want to go to Tokyo? But I just He was my kind of issue. You can also she's like that. That's a big variety on So who had enjoyed making this package with my this rush do the same again? So for the top, I'll be using very listen and then this area will be using more. This is you some green. These are very fine ones, though some of these and because it does also, you should have open ideas. Black does not. Just like once, I use a spot by no one's. They tried with different brushes. I'm over can come on the borders, but it's OK, but not too much. And then, with a clean brush unjustly the started market watch again. You don't have to work with anything you nice are. It's a nice English but gives an illusion off Nice florals. The crunch broader keeps using not I don't want to over the words. Stop till No, I did some of my Now it's a mix it with the brown. If you don't have any proper avocado, you can always use this you can use your buoyancy and all. You can use your draw. That is You can just It's in a little bit of not. Yeah. Hi, Steve. Just not you. Give it a shot. Ends. No. So more or less. We are done with the painting. Now, in the last section, I just want this toe dry out a bit And in the last section being me finish off the I and the doctors. All right, you in the next, does. 6. Detailing & Final Touches: Hi. So now in this last part of the class releases detailing the I on a little bit off the beat and some deduces it in it. So for the I, I'm using my oh, nice, fine brush. And I have using the black using less water and more and more off the pigment and no basis award. Oh, so that I have no control over the brush on the tip of the brush. Okay, I just talked by and I was holding the brush as true. That's possible so that I can get they I could do very finally dues because I don't want oh , spoil this bitch. So most of the boys we have a dog shave. We're doing the back. You can leave out the door, I light in the eye. Or you can all just work with the white other on the door. Just make a nice moment, chief daughter. And you can just argue the brush that you do that. Listen, nothing it is possible with and begin. See, you talk about and seeing you can't just Yes, And seeing that you will pick up in the brush and fill in a little bit next to go and being the V's, they will be able to see the separation does. And it's the shape of the home. What kind of deal? It's the color again. Yeah, and for it isn't or something. But yeah, I think Council. It was the work of Rush. Oh, that's it again. Do you do you don't get it Also takes on their dream Retired. He was in the big name mixed with, but he never would. And just given to initiate you. - Interesting this the shuttle since it's a very small area so very carefully around the baby. No, I haven't shaved. And I get your son happy motion because then again, with the black making some shading him to go permits the Wharton does. This would be understandable. At the bottom of the let's the hospital would be, you know, hasn't he shot all which was Thanks. So now either you can use your white men. You can use a uni ball, Ben, but away Chocolate Benson. Or you can just use your either wash Carlos. Actually, Carlos, or even if you have a quiet in your watercolors, said you can use that. You just don't Some do dealing off the I just to bring alternately her late. So just do something water. It's like, oh, kind of forces. Then he's looking right Line we go. It gives a besides you drunk. So we go, these brothers getting shines a little. It just hopes and giving him a realism. And you're not tempting us, depending on your part. Justin to be harvested, you know, And as it does this mean trying much like again, don't work with the step just a pure Let's number one quick look. Anything. No, I just But it's just the looks. This morning is the black three nines. I think it's much better over this. You come through the end of the engine. I hope you guys liked it and really enjoy the class and enjoyed being on the board. I would definitely love to see what you created in the last section. Please go ahead and put whatever you've Peter, even your actor, she's and already getting you cannot does your back to sheet on your board meeting on. Even if you have taken some inspiration and you coming up with another bold fending off yours, you can attach that in the last section on balloon and I would love to see what you've read order, and I'll see you in the conclusion. 7. Class Project and Conclusion: I. So I hope you have enjoyed painting this new full board on the Are we doing many more about being dense? This is personable TV's. Are we doing many more boards and water? Carlos, I have being do not own 1 52 100 boards and water, Carlos. So I might be coming up with many more to do lose. For that you're this one was a bit number only loss. Have you also doing some intermediate and wants albatrosses with doctors who getting directed So keep on practicing. I would love to see what you create. Definitely go. But of your work in the upload your work in the project gallery. And for that you have to You have to go in chrome Roseau are far from any off the brother and then get into still share and signing from here to a new year working. Also check out the past resources but I will be leaving the planes, Carlos. And what year was that happens? So if you reporting appeal, walk on social media, I would be very happy to see what you create and also would love to share in my instant stories is so don't forget to use the diet. Oh, you can mention me at the lead. Oh, country, I hashtag how should I got my notes? You can use those two guys which I'll be again making in the about section. So keep on painting. Enjoy doing these. And I would see you something one in the next loss, but by