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How to Paint Peony Flower | YangTravelArt

teacher avatar Ashley Yang Liu, Chinese Art Around the World

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Peony Intro

    • 2. Peony Part One

    • 3. Peony Part Two

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About This Class

Learn to paint a beautiful peony flower with Ashley Liu from YangTravelArt. This class covers everything you need to use Chinese painting to create a peony flower.

Anyone from a complete beginner to advanced practitioner of Chinese painting will find this tutorial a useful.  

This is a course for beginners taught by Ashley Liu.   Follow along through her step by step instructions.

Materials needed for this class:

Combination Brush

Script Liner Brush

Chinese painting inks, mat, and pallet

Unsized Xuan Paper

I would love to see your questions and constructive feedback in the comments section!

Follow me on IG and FB: @YangTravelArt

Music Credit

Morning Light by Keys of Moon |
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ashley Yang Liu

Chinese Art Around the World



Ashley Yang Liu is a Chinese artist from Shandong Province, educated in Beijing. She has worked in art education for seven years and studied Chinese art for fifteen years. She graduated from Capital Normal University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art Education and a Master’s Degree in Chinese Painting. As a student she spent time between her studies working as a private tutor and art teacher for various organizations around Beijing including the Confucius Institute and Middlebury College’s Interactive Languages Program.



When she got involved with the study abroad program CET she made many foreign friends and discovered her true passion: teaching Chinese art to the rest of the worl... See full profile

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1. Peony Intro: Hello, my beautiful artists. It's actually from young trouble art puny. It's a Casa subject in trans painting. Into this cast out teacher you held opened up Peony Flower. Each artist has his or her always off Pentti appeared So I'll show you my 2. Peony Part One: into this class, you need to have our combination brush and ask ripped liner. You also need plenty off Whiting first dips a brush in tow, water the into white and then finally the tape of the brush Me right this way. Your brush will have ah, gradual color change. It's better to pain from the center out. The first step is to press the brush from the top to the end, start lightly, then increase pressure through yours jokes. You'll find the use this way. Works best to Penza, potatoes Penda, AnAnd Zapeta Under the 1st 1 making sure was longer than three. Hazard Dip the tip with more ride independent next to the white pedals and three pedals. E a group with the middle one and longest. Now that we're finished a one side off the center, we will help NZ us aside. He a different color dips a brush into car. My right, we called it younger in Chinese and from the center of the flavor. Give the wide pedals away Way age Don't hired too much water when I'm painting this part, don't worry too much about the as age. Just give it our circular ship now at the more pay does without making some to organized some big, some small that's the center of the flubber. The next step. Two pence a second layer turned 2 to 3 paddles. Your group pens, um, different length heiress joke Press from the tape to the best spend outer layer off meadows . Pay attention to anywhere the pedals over. Let make sure the pedal you front keeps its weary age after pent means a downward cat house I upward . 3. Peony Part Two: after pent means a downward cat house I The upward waas dips a brush a little bit Off Inc Man pens up pistol Waas on the center of the Flammer. It will likely take a well to dry so you can hand butts. Besides the flavor where you wit, here's a great two pence that's in the middle. Don't hide the too much water and the just use a tape depends. Um, no. Use a yellow to Penn. Some shorts jokes around the grip Hearts. Next, we can use lighting to Penza lives. It's webs airbrushed pen sums, jokes together. Make sure the live sing in front attacker than the lives behind. After painting four lives, sweep the brush to pent. Stand your stroke. Use the front part pent off three stam. Also connect the birds to mix a flower shop. No, you can either. More leaves around it. You can also makes blew into your ink dependent lives. Use light. Agree to Penn some leaps. Your stocking depends Are flowers H and the end. Your stocking depends on Vince. Now you can appreciate your beautiful pne flavor. Okay, now that you know how to pent up panic, if you want to look more lovers, you can check out more classes on my channel.