How to Paint Easy Way Watercolor Painting " Rural Landscape with Palm Trees" | Samiran Sarkar | Skillshare

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How to Paint Easy Way Watercolor Painting " Rural Landscape with Palm Trees"

teacher avatar Samiran Sarkar, Artist & Art Instructor. B.V.A.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Rough Sketche

    • 3. How to Paint Sky & Cornfield Wash

    • 4. How to Paint Palm Trees

    • 5. How to Paint Far Distance Trees Paint

    • 6. Finish & Complete Painting

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About This Class

In this Class you will learn How to Paint easy way a beautiful Rural Landscape with Palm Trees on Watercolor Painting. I will show you how easy way step by step you can create one watercolor beautiful Rural Landscape painting. No need you any strong drawing skill , you just practice few rough drawings & sketches. You will learn different colors mixing  apply for your rural landscape. You will learn how you can create Palm trees, rural Corn field and how you can control watercolor color & color perspective.  How you can control your brush with color & water.You can learn transparent watercolor techniques.  It’s very interesting and colorful one simple rural landscape painting Class. If you watch properly this Class  you will easily create a beautiful rural landscape watercolor painting for your personal collection or for any other purpose. So hope you will enjoy this project.

Come join with me to this interesting one short simple rural landscape watercolour painting class  and Enjoy every moment with this Rural Landscape with Palm Trees on Watercolor Painting Class with me .

Required Art supplies:

  • Watercolor 300 gsm Cold press Handmade Paper
  • Watercolor tubes
  • Two Watercolor brushes , One 4 no Flat Brush another one 4 no Round Brush
  • Paper tape (to mount paper)
  • Hard board for painting surface
  • Pencil & Rubber
  • Tissue Papers
  • Bowls of water
  • Watercolor palette

    What you will learn:

    At the end of this watercolor Lesson, you will learn with

    • How to quickly draw sketches
    • How to paint Two Misty Forest Environment.
    • How to apply Colors for create Two dense Misty Forests
    • How to use very limited color palates.
    • How to create Forest light and shades
    • How to paint Forest Trees.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Samiran Sarkar

Artist & Art Instructor. B.V.A.



  I am Samiran Sarkar. I have completed my B.V.A. degree from Govt. Art College with 1st class degree in 1995. After I have started my career as an Artist. After complete my B.V.A. degree  few years I have engaged with reputed creative Organizations and Art Institutions as an Art instructor and Art director . Last seventeen years I am a Freelance full time  Artist & Art instructor. I have exhibited my Paintings many National & International Prestigious Art Exhibitions , My Watercolor & Acrylic paintings have Awarded many National & International Art Exhibitions. My paintings collections many Galleries , Cooperate houses and also Personal collections all over the world. My paintings also exhibited many... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. I am sure we don't shocker. I'm an artist and art instructor Regularly. I'm exhibiting my paintings. Different art galleries. I have participated many prestigious national and international Arctic divisions in my country and others countries. You can see my paintings different. Only art galleries. I love watercolor paintings. Love. What? A color landscape painting on a frequently traveled different little villages with my sketch Bert. And put a color T in this class. I'll show you how easy with depressed 81 simple watercolor landscape meeting with minimum brushstrokes with limited color palettes. So let's get started on injured is interesting class. 2. Rough Sketche: before starting this Villarreal landscape meeting. I have a lot of sketches on, I hope created off sketches and among do I have selected one interesting conversation and finally I'm going toe paint this composition. 3. How to Paint Sky & Cornfield Wash: Well, first I'm going to start my sky portion. So I am taking Ainsley couple blue and French ultramarine color mixer From my palate on I start being from top of the sky area toe I start worse from left to right. I'm doing a lot off weight on weight Created, was formed, talked about on my left, right, Because I want to create the sky with soft color transparency. In my first worse, I'm adding more few highly cobalt blue and feel French ultimately color stools. And hello on this site, please note. Is my people still on weight on? I'm tryingto make more wash this guy Lydia. I'm playing grated waas technique amusing flat for us. It's very comfortable for use my sky wash so you can notice the colors are flowing down on down. Worse, I'm playing a few more dark color tones. Well, now I am going to start cornfield pushing. I'm taking you chrome yellow sap, green and lemon yellow color mixer on. I'm going to apply on my corn for site here also, I'm a playing grid waas technique with tonight process. So when I'm going to move downwards, I'm a plane. Camilo sap dream and reading green color mixer. So I want to create one rural cornfield trying to play this light to dark color tones. Continuous. I'm applying brushstrokes on damn paper surface A few persons. I'm a playing video Green sap, green and French. Art a 1,000,000 color mixer and continue worse on the foreground. Thornfield site. Obviously, this is my first wash, so toe apply more colors. So when I'm going to move downwards, I'm a plane. Camilo Sap dream and reading Green color mixer. I want to create one rural cornfield trying to play this light to dark color tones. Taking a global blue and brilliant green and I'm going toe makes this color on my palette. And no, I'm going to start for distance. Perspective site. Bushes and trees. Once again, continuous. I start worlds with chrome yellow and fuel Sabirin color. Except I started paying left to right on right to live brushstrokes. It's my second was So that's why I'm going toe apply. This was very carefully. I am a playing. You teak greeny scholar was on my damn paper surface. Slowly foreground cornfield side still. Damn! So one second I starts again. Waas with your strong village and green with, for you blue colored mixture. Still, I am using my flag breath so it's very comfortable for use this waas now. One second I'm moving toe original forest and Bush's Syria. Just few minutes ago, I have painted quite light strokes. And once I start paying feud Dog green tone, Uh, but very light effects I'm trying to create here. I'm using one small round breath, So look how interesting way I'm tryingto create my original corn pill and area. Just know I'm adding a few more brush strokes here and there on my cornfield landed yet a few bushels, dark strokes and few bushels light stuff, so the corn field will be more deal. So as much as brushstrokes, I'm playing here using a few more strokes. So colors are Gina. Wait so easily. It's very comfortable for use breaststroke, so there's no second scheme 4. How to Paint Palm Trees: in the skin. I'm going to start paying few palm trees. I'm taking a few 1,000,000,000 green pube pains day and few French automated colored mixture. I'm going to start your palm leaves so this palm trees are main point off interest, this painting. So that's why I'm doing this palm trees very carefully. First, very carefully. I'm playing my brush strokes sell on. I'm tryingto create leaves, form and characters in rural side. I have seen many palm trees. I'm really interested for pains. Such beautiful, typical interesting steps up trees. In this painting, I'm trying to capture one landscape with punches. Actual palm trees leaves come out from center. Such fatal sips to bomb lifts camo toe the front on a few lives from the back. My feelings I'm goingto make taped off the character light is very important rule for a pain balm Lips. You have to keep in mind from which side your light is coming in. Your painting color depends on the source of light in your painting competition balm. Crips leaves their differences, but its league is very sorry. All lives depends on your brush strokes. I need toe pain them carefully and really on. I used your green on fuel push on French Artemis. Color mixed. Try to paint light and talks safe. Sleeps try toe paint. Too much green brown color pain. So usually I'm getting one. Interesting saves off bomb lips. Bomb lives usually are looking drowned safe Anyhow. You have to create the forms off the palm leaves you can see slowly. I'm going to make this palm leaves character in this four round trees. So that's why I am going to a plane. More details. Try to paint. It's over. Unsafe bomblets. Characters are quite interesting character, So if you have a clear idea and concept or to draw a palm leaves corrector so easily, you can pay slowly . I mean more palm trees. I'm trying to create palm trees. Very interesting way. No, I'm taking few born Sheena Row number on pain screen to make color palettes, and I'm going to start paint. Palm trees mean branch interest. Main Branch is very interesting. Safe. Okay, I am going to create one Highland Marty Green cornfield land. I paint few dog green color tones trying to create quite highland dimensions with shadow off the downwards palm trees little bit details on foreground, corn feels a swell as palm trees Position. Finally, I'm going to feel is the screen. Please follow my next screen, where I will paint more details off my composition. 5. How to Paint Far Distance Trees Paint: Well, this is my third street here. Also. I'm going to make a few more palm trees. I'm going toe make long distance trees. I'm not going to much details there on. I'm using feel French ultramarine and breeding in color. Waas. I'm not going to much details there. Just don't toe create the form and shape of this family character. My playing few Brussels here be few nominal brushstrokes I'm playing here. Color Helu is very important for this perspective. Trees as much as very simple from I'm trying to create here. Now I'm going to create another one quite light lane dimensions with very light green color wash. So am I playing very few light color, Stone said slowly. I'm goingto make more details in the foreground green cornfield site. I'm doing more details before grounds of green cornfields site on your way to make one grow atmosphere. So that's why as much as details I'm doing here in this paintings, you can notice I'm doing more really stones in this corn field area. So interesting, safe and going to create here a few more brush strokes. I'm going to a play rule and skip is very interesting subject for any particular artist. Obviously, I'm also doing a lot off parole landscapes. This last this one of my favorite landscape. So that's why I am going to make this landscape now. I am went to add small figure. So my competitions that remote interesting. So just I'm going to make direct to figure City a few raid in orange color strokes. I'm not going toe detail. Biggest safe and character. What color is very interesting, Charming medium on. If you play with water colors, you can enjoy every moment, so I always enjoy for paint ready to roll landscape. We watercolor medium. I'm trying to create Azriel BJ follow from nature. So if you officer nature very carefully, you can get a lot off ideas on concept off this colors. Colors are very important or paint any landscape painting, so how you can apply colors on how you can use tellers. It is very important for any landscape order. Polarities PC's depends on your control of brushstrokes. Control off your colors. Also very important for any successful water Pillard landscape artist. When you're goingto make any real subjects, you tried toe read rural atmosphere. Ruler in German is difference on how you can create the trees, or we can create the lands so back to painting. Once again, I'm going to make more palm trees. So palm trees, the main in focal point off my painting. So that's why I'm going toe more. Concentrate for this palm trees, leaves and branches. So left corner I'm going to make another one palm trees. So my completion will be more compact and more right. So just you take fun for any watercolor landscape painting. Don't take the most serious so that the moment you can enjoy a particle Alaska when I'm being daily vertical landscape really enjoy all the moments. So I'm expecting us when you were going toe paint any worker landscape. Always. You take fun on play your own style so you're painting will be more thrilling, more colorful. So look at this painting's almost all left corners. All the palm trees already have finished, so I'm going to move the next thing brother in tow. Finish my complete painting. So let's move my another's whether I'm going to feelings someplace. My painting 6. Finish & Complete Painting : Okay. This is the last scene on my painting is almost are going to finish. No, a few portions left. A few more details Elements I'm going to wear here and there. So I'm weird for distance them post So many competitions will be more interesting. Safe? No, no, to paint details doing far distance lamppost. Just create 23 samples. Sweet, very small Tick cross lights on Create electric lines with, like strokes and more beatings. I'm doing the palm trees and this is very simple One rural landscape painting. I am thinking that I will be paying to more rural landscape watercolor classes for all of you. I will prepare more few interesting skin, sir. Short classes for all off you I'll prepare more fuel. Rural landscape painting interestings skill self classes for all of you I hope you have enjoyed this simple and very interesting. Rolince kept painting class No I am expecting from you a small assignment. One second I'm telling you, don't take very serious when you were going toe paint any watercolor painting Just take easy with funds. I strongly believe you can create one very beautiful a masterpiece painting. So thanks for watching me class on. Follow my other skills Their classes Take your and happy painting