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How to Paint Easy Way Watercolor Landscape - Winter Forest Sunrise

teacher avatar Samiran Sarkar, Artist & Art Instructor. B.V.A.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Sketch

    • 4. Colors Use

    • 5. Sky Painting

    • 6. Background Forest & Bushes Painting

    • 7. Forest Snowy Land Painting

    • 8. Main Tree Trunks Painting

    • 9. Forest Trees & Branches

    • 10. Complete Winter Forest Sunrise Painting

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About This Class

In this class you will learn to paint Winter Forest Sunrise on watercolor painting. I will demonstrate you how to paint very easy way watercolor landscape Winter Forest Sunrise painting.

It’s very interesting & challenging class. First few screens I will show you Materials , How to draw Rough Sketches , Which watercolors  I will use for paint Winter Forest Sunrise  Next one by one screens I will show you step by step my main painting project  .
In this class I will show you watercolor techniques step by step for paint one Winter Forest Landscape at Sunrise time. Please watch this class very carefully and after you can create for another one wonderful masterpiece watercolor landscape Winter Forest Sunrise painting. In this class you will learn How to  paint easy way one watercolor Forest Atmosphere with different characters Winter Trees and  How to paint Winter Snowy Land, How to paint Winter Morning Sunrise Sky, How to  apply colors in different watercolor technique .

You won’t need any masterpiece watercolor skill or any great experience with watercolors, If you watch my class,  I hope  every moment you will enjoy this short class and the class is suited for everyone.

In this class you will learn

1) How to paint one Winter Forest at Sunrise Landscape painting on Watercolor.

2) How to paint easy way Sunrise Sky on Watercolor painting.

3) How to easy paint Forest Tree.. 

4) How to paint wet in wet  Watercolor Snowy Land.

5) Different Tips & Techniques for paint on Watercolor  Landscape Painting. 

6 ) How to Draw rough Sketches.

7) How to paint Wash technique on Watercolor painting.

8) How to paint Forest Atmosphere  at morning sunrise time .

9 ) How to select  selective colors for paint particular landscape painting.  .

10 ) How to paint light shadow on Snowy land.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Samiran Sarkar

Artist & Art Instructor. B.V.A.



  I am Samiran Sarkar. I have completed my B.V.A. degree from Govt. Art College with 1st class degree in 1995. After I have started my career as an Artist. After complete my B.V.A. degree  few years I have engaged with reputed creative Organizations and Art Institutions as an Art instructor and Art director . Last seventeen years I am a Freelance full time  Artist & Art instructor. I have exhibited my Paintings many National & International Prestigious Art Exhibitions , My Watercolor & Acrylic paintings have Awarded many National & International Art Exhibitions. My paintings collections many Galleries , Cooperate houses and also Personal collections all over the world. My paintings also exhibited many... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. Welcome to my another one interesting watercolor landscapes. Project Winter for his Sunrise. I am so been on Shocker. I am an artist and art instructor. I really exhibited my paintings in different art galleries as well as online art galleries . I love watercolor, and I love watercolor landscape painting. In this close, I'll show you step by step how you can finish beautiful winter forest on snowy land at morning Sunday state. You can run how to paint interesting technique for create different structures intact this class for all level. So let's get started. One Another interesting, transparent watercolor class winter for his son race. 2. Materials: No, I'm going to show you if you are materials for pain. Winter for this Sunday's watercolor Let's get painting project first. I am showing you people Paper is very important for paint. Any watercolor painting visit you can see different quality watercolor paper market, but I basically like 300 years, um, cold press paper on. Also, I like high quality handmade paper here. I'm going to use 300 ageism cold pressed paper for this project. Also amusing Watercolor palette. Different sizes four and 10 flat on ground. Good quality brushes, tissue paper, pencil and rubber. Good quality. Transparent watercolor painting tubes. You can use what occurred. Two colors also internews articular kicks. But I basically prefer what color? Two colors. Particular poor or what? I clarity job. Watercolor Masking tape. What color Masking fluid. So these are the materials I'm going toe use for winter for the sun rays. What a curl escaping project 3. Sketch: sketch is very important for Start any watercolor. Let's get painting. Put it not only watercolor painting project. Any painting project cage is very important in this painting project. I'm going toe start rough sketch and trying. So look at the skin. How I'm going to make it. It is very listenable. Sketch. I'm not doing too much details trying here. So here I'm going to make one winter forest landscape. I saw this way quickly making fuel, different character trees. Eso there. When I'm going toe paint, I will be followed this cage. So I'm making here few tall trees on a few short streets and a few portions. I am playing, uh, Benson Strokes. We're trying to create the dog saddles A few bushels. I'm applying light shadows. Few portions. I'm up in dark shadows. I'm trying to create difference in seps trees, uh, so that I am using food dark and feel light stroke here and make more trees main trends. First of all, I'm trying to create the main branch off the trees. I'm very election where making that old main trees, you can see the different trees. I'm making him different characters and forms. I'm making here so interesting where I'm trying to create this forest thing 4. Colors Use: color spell. It was very important for doing any watercolor. Last painting Pretty before starting any water girl landscape painting. Predict first used shoes and determine some colors, which you should apply for the painting. Pretty, I'm planning for a place on colors for my winter for this Sunday's watercolor Alaska painting. First time planning for apply LaMagna is the perfect color for paint any Sunday sky patients as well as others light portion I can use lemon. You look next to him planning for use permanent. Hello. This is also warm color. I can make this colors with other scholars on. I can get more interesting color ships. Permanent storage. This is another one interesting and perfect color for use any Sundays painting. Pretty no need to direct. Use the permanent orange. If I mix for each color with others, tell us I can get interesting color ship. Okay. And next time planning for Ustream, Solich and for millions, both colors I can use for my different area off fine paintings. Specially, I can mix both colors with blue collar states on. I can get interesting. Another color sticks for use any tree branches, barn. She, you know also another interesting color. I can apply Barn Tiana in different Well, I like early and blue. I like to use this colors. My senator for this Sunday's Project Global. You also one interesting blue collar ship. - Next time planning to use French are Germany. It's my favorite one off the blue color ships. Many paintings. I used this colors. Obviously I don't like. Use directly. French Algemeen color are you? Try to mix with the other scholars with stranger Dominion colors. I'm getting different sects. Deep down, I am. I'm preparing this color with Mix up orange in French Artemis. This is also very important. One color shipped for use my winter for this Sunday's painting Light Brown. Also I can use. - Lastly , I want to use the ladies Brown. It's also one interesting scholarships for my winter for his son based color palette. Okay, these are the 12 scholarships I'm going to apply for by wintered for his Sunrise painting project. I'm not using directly all colors. I'll mix one color with other colors on. Also, I can get more interesting scholarships. So let's move my aerial painting project. How I can apply all these 12 kalash. It's either directly or indirectly 5. Sky Painting: Well, now I'm going to start winter for the sun rays on watercolor painting. This is very interesting position. I hope you will enjoy this project. So let's start already. I have prepared my trying. I'm going to start. What color? Now? I used Mustang flute block for the son. Eight year six. Look at this king. How I'm going to paint now. Sweden Xterra on to prepare the color on. I'd like to tell you that amusing. Here he ended Jason paper and also is in flat breasts. And also my own press. No, Uh, I am going to start background off this for this landscape. First I take few cerulean blue on global blue color mixer. I'm going to start first wash from top of the sky Idea. I'm using the flat. Brussels is really moving left to right that I'm using very light color tones here. Now I'm taking few orange Andi few family and you on both scholars Ongoing makes with sky blue color. Ah, now I use fuel lemon yellow on I try to wash on the sun media site. I already have blocked the sun area with masking fruit so freely I'm going toe worse here. Amusing mold. Lemon, yellow one If you go yellow color mixers on the sons on Now I'm going to move upwards. Sky ideas here also. I mean very light color tones so that I'm going to create one morning, Gloria sanity if it 6. Background Forest & Bushes Painting: now I'm taking a few. My family and you, you orange on lemon. You look, I'm going to create you background for this landscape. So this bushel still always. So. I'm trying to flow the colors on the weight background on going toe feelings very fast, because if it's driving, it will be another effect. So I would create the light. If it's a few bushels, I'm using the Dark Colas talks there. I really have prepared these pallets if you're brown color stocks and we're playing here, Okay, I'm taking more fuel. Blue colors and brown colors on a few poor sons. Student No, wait. So damp also sees every I'm applying these dark color strokes. So I want to make one background forest. So first off a lion to finish this portion, their name to go others portion. Okay. No, I'm taking a few books blue on more brown colors for my palate. And I'm going to use the long distance trees area. So I need toe use fuel, dark pools. So that's why I'm using here, too dark scullers 7. Forest Snowy Land Painting: Well, now I'm going toe paint. Smiley line with very light color strokes. First I take few friend, child marine and cobalt blue. I'm properly mixing on my palette. Andi went to start very light wash with plenty of water, slowly moving my broth on pain. Very light color Wash. Long distance, snowy land area. I'm applying you. You always follow wash on. I wants to plead sunlight reflection on New England areas. Also adding a few orange colors with blue collar wash Uh, hey. Adding a few more orange color with the upwards like blue color wash. I am using plenty of water here, so the colors are looking more like Look slowly light colors also are going down Works Lipsyte downwards and bring to a If you highlight color stones on I'm trying to create slowly land dimension. Okay, now I move Lipsyte upwards Snowy land area. Here I am I playing French. I'll remain and few cerulean blue collar except on I'm trying to create a story land, human dimension. So the interesting steps that coming. Okay. Now I'm going to paint. Uh, cheese settles on weight. Snowy land radio. I'm using very light color strokes. I'm doing very carefully. Trees saddles on slowly line I always sleep in mind that my son is back off my forestry so that my morning sound like shadow will lead on the four girls lined area. That's why I'm trying to create shadows for round honestly land. You can notice I'm a plane. Very light Pross toast. My plan for us is very comfortable for used this all shadows. It's very important for control. Your process. Stroke slur. Very important here. I'm using my brass different angle. Few radium bring flight wash money. Lipsyte, Snowy land. Still no way eso and playing a few more dollars blue collar strokes on my damn paper surface. Next time we'll start being different sites trees on my story. 8. Main Tree Trunks Painting: Well, now in the skin. I'm going to show you how I am going to create the forties atmosphere. So first off Oh, I'm going. Toe makes the few dark brown colors on my belly. I take a few more 1,000,000,000. You if you barn she Anna on your friend charged a 1,000,000 color newsome. Now I'm going to start fuel for the streets. So far, story I'm just trying to create here. Just look how I'm going to make it. Uh, no, I now I'm using the wrong Brazil. So slowly create trees Main branch. My drawing already have complicated, so I'm falling. My drawing here. It's very light. Drink so few portions. I am just creating my own technique. Interesting. One thing you can notice here that trees right portion. I'm applying a few light cholesterol's because the sunlight will be deflect on these men Tree branch. So that's why I'm using very light color strokes here. So it is very important how you can use the color when you were faster playing the color you always keep in mind. That is light source. Where is the light is coming for your painting subject so really carefully for to use this color. Okay. Next toe, another 133 dark strokes were playing there bottom of the tree branch on a different steps of trees. I'm going to create here for Easter atmosphere. So especially, this is the Winter Times off trees off. I'm not going to create too much lives there. We took Time Forest that most were I want to create here. So it's not just for the streets. I am goingto make here. So look, the background colors. No, but Dr the Can I play here a tree branch and mean brand channels those branches off another one tree trying to create here. Student? No, I am working on the three bench very carefully. My playing the colors on the tree branches So interesting things even notice there that few portions I'm using light strolls on people summer playing doctors, too. - Well , now I'm going toe paint Another few more main trees, trunks the right side of my beating. I did you orange and burnt sienna color mixed up, uh, which is looking? Wait Brown Scholarship on. I am moving my breath Quite angle strokes from top to bottom. You can notice middle of the trunks. I keep a few light colors or highlighted trunk again. A start. Paint another one. Trees, trunks Quite middle of my painting. Look, I'm trying to create different styles, different shapes and different forms up to chance. A few too turns air looking straight and fewer looking cars. So in this painting I'm also trying to create a very interesting difference. Eps, tree trance. Different sets off the trees. I am a playing my Brussels very carefully and I'm moving brass really comfortable relaxing way. Almost all trees, Borten portions. I'm going toe paint quite thick brush strokes so the main terms are looking most interesting saves on being trees, looking more interesting saves and more real. So different styles on difference forms trees. I'm going to make forest that most were is totally different atmosphere. If you go to the dense forest, then you will be the lazy. Your paintings always depends on your mood and character and environment. Eso in the Forest department If you paint, then you can realize it well. Now I'm going toe paint another few more Maintain trees, Trunks that I said on my painting. I take few origin. The barn Shana color Mickster. We're just looking quite brown colors on. I'm moving my brusque Wait. Angle wise from top to bottom. You can notice middle of the drunks. I give few light color or highlighted drunk. Okay, now I'm going to move the Lipsyte here. No going to create another one. Three bench. Main branch. I'm going to paint on another main tree bench. Mm. So from top to bottom, my making slowly moving my process from talkto media about pushing. I am a plane fuel board, bus strokes really take bus stops because I want to create different character trees for interesting way. I'm trying to play this trees. This thing I'm taking, the more trees. - No , I'm going to make 13 forestry because this tree is foreground area. So I'm going to create more details texture on the form here on also, I'm using the dark color If you cream some lake per 1,000,000 you on field pushy and blue playing here on here Treat creed Dark colas Stokes Antique branch. So all these are formed off this trees. I'm just trying to create a character of the trees. Slowly, the forest atmospheres is coming. Just I'm going to state Main tree's branch. Next scream. I'll be finished. More details on a more brown colors from the palette. On one second, I'm going to create one other one tree. I mean branch, for this is very important how we conclude the trees. Almost all I have created structure of the trees position. 9. Forest Trees & Branches: well in the screen. I'll finish treed. Sprang teaches on more details. So let's start. I already have prepared by around to make the branches on a user if you brown color strokes . Andi, I'm a playing when strokes there very carefully, so that my trees branches will be look more interesting set finishing the lips side of forest trees. Branches. So look the different characters of branches I'm trying to create yet so that the painting will be more interesting. Said. So that's what those details branches I'm making here. Brushstrokes are very important. A few bushels are playing the board Hostos and few portions. I'm playing very carefully. Strokes I would create the more dipped up the forest on background. Ah was already have tried. So here also, I'm a thank you more color strokes. So I had to create a more Danes forest here, more branches on making him the right bushels still on left. So we move as soon as possible. Toe finished there. So I'm trying to clean shape off the different tree branches. Justin way. I'm trying to create these branches. I'm trying to create the jig Jack, so it's looking more interesting. Set look, it's very easy way and comfortable way I'm making it. So I hope that when you start the pain that it will be not a difficult task for you. I'm trying to get the long distance for you trees here ST when lying. I'm making here and then I'm a plenty cholesterol's. - Okay , I'm tryingto add more trees in the long distance area. First, start paying mean branch on. Then I'm going to create more branches, different trips that typical saves. Next thing more time will plead. Branches also, uh, main branches on. Then I'm adding the secondary branches so that I can create for the street whatever is required. I'm adding more branches, so to look more real, Laurie, I'm going to create many more branches. It may be take time, but when you will be finished, then you will be very happy on . I'm taking a few more, uh, permanent you orange color strokes and Andi. I am playing background off the bushes and trees area because this person's very light, but I am took create words dept. There. So I tried to create more colors. He had also I'm trying to create few trees form, but start to talk. I'm took, Create more taped off this background trees and Bruce in Syria, um, creepy in the colors on my palette. And I'm tired taking the scholar and toe use background off the bush countries. Video heroes were trying to create fused trees. More branches I'm making here. - So again, I'm taking few cerulean blue access. And again, I am I playing the few dark color stocks and share does off the main trees. I'm trying to clear the shadows off this old trees. It was all street starting in the sunlight so very carefully and trying to create form of this Sadow for some time using darks, strokes and few portions. I'm using the right stocks. But you have to keep in mind that this portions that started this New England so don't use to much colors if you tryto use very light color strokes So the snow landed look more interesting. A za Muchas lose color strokes. It cannot play here, so it will look more nice. I'm trying to be slowly those cells off the just not a is the job. You have to keep in mind how to use the color on how you can use the strokes there and Stoli and tried to create 11 snowy forest road. So just time using the very light blast rocks people's on. I used food, dark strokes. But I am not using way too much color here. Just I'm trying to apply the booze colors going here. The lip corner, this quaint Arcadia. So that's why you're playing field Dark colas strips it so I'm uplinking more blue color strokes to create the dimension off the snow line. So that's why I used you light color strokes on the left, on both side left and right side, so that my snowy land will be looked more interesting safe. So I'm going to move the background on the trees area. He also I'm trying to create the shadows, and I mention off the small line. So this this very interested saves are coming and the completions is going more and the love hold any testing safe. It is very challenging job for you, how you can use the color set light to it. You have to keep in mind that I'm going to create snow line, so that's why you can't use too much colors just I'm tryingto played only for bugle a stone here, especially in taking the blue color on dime trying to create the mood. Blue colors so much us to two strokes. I'm a plane dark pool, since I'm a playing field. Dark cholesterols because this portions is no too much like here but son side idea. I'm trying to create light strokes on my painting, so I'm trying to create more finishings. So what, you will do the paint. It's such that painting you try to create the perfection of the of it must be a fictional painting subject on that most of the light on environment. So it's very challenging job for you toe how you can create the atmosphere and the particular time off the your painting subject. What a color for this landscape is Very interesting subject. If you observe the nature and if you go to the forest, then you can easily understand on, especially if you observe the winter forest, you will get interesting atmosphere. I really like and enjoy the winters forest, so I'm trying to create when winter for its atmosphere that Sunday, staying especially phrase morning time, you can enjoy the forest you couldn't feel they're very lonely. I really enjoy this place on, uh, whenever you traveled any forest, you try toe, feel the atmosphere up there and you try toe paint on the sport that he really enjoyed the atmosphere and you enjoy your painting on the sport. My advice is that if you paint on the sport that you will be injured more but in studio even practice it. And also we do paint on our door. You can understand the colors shadow on that most fear. It's story also obviously can enjoy your baby, but it's just a different way you can enjoy this painting now painting you can NJ Another Feeling sunrise. Time to find colors money you can see in the forest. Uh, time you can see the beautiful of 40 struck. Most fear, uh, it was different colors. You can see light and said, obviously, is very important for your watercolor painting, putting not only this project any project, so keep in mind toe whether those lights are coming on. What is those of like? You don't create more Dave's and few strokes on the small and area esport portions totally now dry. It's took equate waiting, but it's not too much already. So that's why I am a few light strokes there. So when it will be time or so, it will be the world like just now I'm trying to create with these finishing strokes that's more in line. 10. Complete Winter Forest Sunrise Painting: Okay. This is the time now when removing the, uh, masking fruit from the sanity of sight so the sun will look more right. Oh, you just in safe. Circa me On how bright sons against alone I create more dry few few trees on branches on the no land Lydia Just him using feel brushstrokes there very team light playing here. My landlady already have finished on the trees. Portions also really have finished. So just left few strobes finishing touches and strokes on the snow line area entry site. More details safe. So I'm trying to create here. So look there how interesting Dramatic post feels feels coming on right side. Also, I'm trying to be as budgets, doodles being them we have on the stolen media lips say did the dark on All right said also more bright because the sun appearing on the right side of my painting. So that's why I'm playing few bright fella stocks there. Still, owing working on the three branches, it's already have finished works for my painting is almost all going to finish on. I hope you enjoy this. Listen on now. This is the time I am expecting from you a small assignment. Can I play your own state? Don't wait on only toe being as much students. Whatever I'm making here, you try to create your own cell. But competitions that subject should be similar. Like this painting. So I can easily understand your skills on Frankly, you can ask me any problem for toe paint. I'll definitely be guide you and help you so I try toe solve your problem. So let's start and paint on injured your off. See you next in my classes on I'll present you more interesting in my skin, sir. Classes eso please follow me.