How to Paint Easy Way Watercolor Landscape “ Cloudy Morning Seaside ” | Samiran Sarkar | Skillshare

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How to Paint Easy Way Watercolor Landscape “ Cloudy Morning Seaside ”

teacher avatar Samiran Sarkar, Artist & Art Instructor. B.V.A.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to Paint Seaside Morning Clouds

    • 3. How to Paint Seaside Long Distance Forest

    • 4. How to Paint Seaside Land & Seawater

    • 5. How to Paint Fishing Boats with Details

    • 6. Complete Finish Painting

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About This Class

How to paint watercolor landscape “ Cloudy Morning Seaside ” is very interesting , simple  one short watercolor class for All level. In this short class I will teach you How easy way and very simple process you can finish one Cloudy Morning Seaside watercolor landscape painting with few fishing boats. I will show you step by step one simple watercolor landscape painting on paper. I will show you How easy process you can paint soft cloudy morning sky with Seaside land , How to paint  few Fishing boats with all details elements. After watching this class you can easily paint your masterpiece. So come join with me to this very simple one short watercolor landscape painting class “ Cloudy Morning Seaside ”

Required Art supplies:

  • Watercolor 300 gsm Cold press Paper . Size 15”x  12”
  • Watercolor tubes
  • Three Watercolor brushes , Two Round No.6 No. 4 Brushes & One 4 No Flat Brushes
  • Paper tape (to mount paper)
  • Hard board for painting surface
  • Pencil & Rubber
  • Tissue Papers
  • Bowls of water
  • Watercolor palette

  What you will learn:

At the end of this watercolor class, you will learn with

  • How to paint Soft Clouds on Morning sky.
  • How to paint Sea side
  • How to apply Colors for create Seaside Land
  • How to paint Colors Fishing Boats
  • How to create simple process Seawater with Waves
  • How to paint very simple process Seaside Forest .
  • How to paint very simple process one Morning Cloudy Seaside Watercolor Landscape Painting

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Samiran Sarkar

Artist & Art Instructor. B.V.A.



  I am Samiran Sarkar. I have completed my B.V.A. degree from Govt. Art College with 1st class degree in 1995. After I have started my career as an Artist. After complete my B.V.A. degree  few years I have engaged with reputed creative Organizations and Art Institutions as an Art instructor and Art director . Last seventeen years I am a Freelance full time  Artist & Art instructor. I have exhibited my Paintings many National & International Prestigious Art Exhibitions , My Watercolor & Acrylic paintings have Awarded many National & International Art Exhibitions. My paintings collections many Galleries , Cooperate houses and also Personal collections all over the world. My paintings also exhibited many... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. Welcome to my another one. Interesting skill, sir. What are color class? Cloudy Morning society. I am sure we encircled artist and artist. Doctor, This is very simple and short class for everyone. I'm going to show you when cloudy Morning. Seaside watercolor painting with step by step. Very easy way. So let's join with me and enjoy these Another one interesting skin surplus Cloudy morning society. 2. How to Paint Seaside Morning Clouds: I am showing you three buses which are perfect for starting my cloudy morning seaside watercolor. Less kept painting close. It's very simple and interesting class for all level. So let's get started on. Enjoyed this. Plus, I already have done one initial very light. Simple dry. No, I'm going to start my watercolor paint on this light drink first I take plenty of plain water and I'm going to start flat waas from left to right and top to bottom. I want to finish my plain water was down or sky far Distance perspective area. When I'm going to start pained any landscape painting or 10 Seascape painting, my main focus is to paint sky portion. Very interesting way, whether it may be cloudy weather or it may be sunny weather. Or it may be clean weather Sky's main supporting role for my main competition. No, in this spending, I'm going to paint one simple cloudy sky when the people is quite them but not too much glossy. I start paying from the left corner of the sky, apply around watery brust rooms off you cerulean blue and few Google blue color mixtures. On my paper, I defined the clouds for on position before starting my cloud making. If you want to make cloud properly, you can skate very light on your paper. Then you can start coloring my people close that you're still with. No, it's the time toe pain. Some shadows on. I moved myself. Brushstrokes. Few close downwards with light solved. Great color strokes. It's a very great tone I am using here. French artemisinin with few viridian green and puked. Payne's gray color wash. I am a playing here. Slowly, I take a few more blue color tone, mixing with cerulean blue and viridian green color mixer. On I start Waas downwards. Those video I use very light color tones. Their powers Time insoles I want to create here. Well, no, I moved right corners. Cloud position. Once again, I'm tryingto make dark clouds, volume and dark shadows with few blue and superior color mixture. So that's why my cloud shadows will more prominent upper positions throughout Syria. I'm tryingto creep white and bright, so these clubs are looking more bright. Brushstrokes are very important here. I paint more blue color temples particle but his son off my cloud section. A few close. I'm going to create lifting process with dry brush us. Next day I feel a few collars strokes on this downwards. White clouds Syria. I play a few more darks. Shadows, right. ST Cloud's bottom position on them. Paper surface. A few more details brushstrokes. I'm going to apply for clouds, Nick. 3. How to Paint Seaside Long Distance Forest : well in the skin. I'm going toe pain for you. Forestry zing person beside the seaside perspective. Long distance area paint with you friend Children meeting with few Rombach on a few, you know, car color wash my long distance prospecting forest positions. It's still down, so it's very easy. Forget soft color effect fuel. Would you show by my thing your dog collar Stokes so that the forest trees diamond sells? Slowly appearing, I tried to create more Danes forest in prison, So I am going to apply a few more Very Dan you and few more French art emitting and continuous waas on my damn color wash. I want to create weight on weight. One long distance Seaside forest impression. So that's why I'm applying more color, Sir. Few portions. I am I playing light color stools and few portions. I are playing dark Collect owns 4. How to Paint Seaside Land & Seawater: in this green. I'm going to start pains inside. Land area, Very light wash You go. You look few orange color Nixon. I start being We learned Brust rolls on the house Land media site Very carefully. I pain for distance Sealand colors. I'm trying to create Seaside saying Light toe dark color volume with credit waas technique . I'm trying to cover all ceiling with light color was downwards. Forgo learned positions also and playing colors you can notice I'm playing my ceiling first . Waas very carefully on I'm keeping my fishing boards white paper surface on. I repaint all these fizzing boards after complete my cell and waas Bottom four Golan Position. I play a few more dogs. Talks mixing with you orange burnt Sienna on If you blew cholesterol's right corner learned position. I paint more dark color strokes on my first land color. Waas. I'm also going to create shadows. My foreground bottom off the fishing boat so you can see I'm able to create damn shadows on weight. Silin. So it's looking more transpiring, so I want to keep the maintains the transparent color wash on my sealer in sight. I take a few more bunch una you Grimsson lake and few blue color mixer, and I'm going to apply for distance land for this position. Also, if you brushed owes on foreground land position. No, I'm going toe. Make Lipsyte where I want to paint seawater with French art omitted on feel very do mixer I start light color was and going to create weight, water, weight This water live. I'm trying to keep people wait so that if ushering very natural foreground waves I paint fume or dark blue us and I'm tryingto read very simple, easy waterway with brushstrokes. 5. How to Paint Fishing Boats with Details : Okay, now this is the time. I am going to start coloring my sister. You fishing boards. I take few orange on if you born. She Anna on I start painting on fishing boats. I want to create boards Time in shells with light toe talkto with gridded waas. I paint few dog strokes. Bottom off the boards. Slowly, I paint one by one all my fishing boards with proper color mixing. - I move right corner here, Another one board scholarly. I paint few brown colors on this boat. I try to create board structure. Interesting way. I tried to paint dog color bottom bottom of this board long distance perspective, say few boards. I my plane Very light color strokes because this boards are few long distance. So no need toe much color here, trying to finishing more details off my foreground boards as well as long distance sports, try to create very simple form. Well, one second I start being more details. Finishing off my poor ground fishing board. - You can see I'm not finishing more details. Long distance fishing boats, I'm tryingto maintains dollar perspective, long distance fishing boats. I want to make far distance fume or for his stole triceps. I take few video you on blue collar and mixers and try to create a few three sips. I'm not doing all three saves. Just I'm making few foreground for history's more prominent, I'm going toe painful. More trees on the far distance Forrester. Yes, I toe more trees there again . I am going to finish my foreground, the board to dark colors on more finishing touches, playing for the foreground fishing boards I'm taking you grow Muello rebel Yellow color mixed us and I'm a plane far distance lined area , Few dark color tools. - No way being sidles off the boards under down or the divorce on a few more orange burnt sienna lighter and medium Brussels on use Seaside sandy area. One second I take more orange few 1,000,000. You you born Shana. And again I start like Sigmund Color Waas on top of my ceiling. First color wash. - I'm going toe more prominent, the saddles idea. So once again, I apply more dark color stones on the second side. So this screen, almost all going to finish on Mexico early, show you more finishing touches 6. Complete Finish Painting : In this painting, my main point of interest is seaside few fishing boats. So I am applying more detailing with thought brushstrokes. Anyway, I went to create a morning cloudy, seaside, one atmosphere. Few more essential elements I need to add for my fishing wars, I'm going to add few flags, bamboo streaks, rho, small two figures. So my competition will be more compact and perfect. Now I'm going to create more colorful and interesting. Once again, I'm going to, I'm not doing too much. And I'm trying to do fisherman. Well, I tried to capture a movie character and movement of this cloudy morning seaside simple landscape watercolor painting. Now I am going to paint few flying birds on the sky, just top up the fishing boats. My painting is almost all going to finish. Hope you have enjoyed my short and interesting watercolor landscape painting class. Now I am expecting from you a small assignment. You try to create your own masterpiece with your own style. Try to upload to your works to my project section. Thanks for watching this class and follow my other skill surpluses.