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How to Paint Digital Watercolor Florals

teacher avatar Ana Di Maria, Pattern Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Digital Watercolor Flower 1

    • 4. Digital Watercolor Flower 2

    • 5. Digital Watercolor Flower 3

    • 6. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


Class Description

In this class i’m going to show you my personal process for painting watercolor florals using only the brushes that procreate gives you. 

I’ll show you step by step how to paint 3 different flowers with different brushes. I’ll give you some free resources like watercolor paper and gold texture for final details. If you follow along my process for the end of the class you’ll have beautiful watercolor florals for your class project.

Examples of work you can do


With flower 1 process




With flower 2 process




With flower 3 process




Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ana Di Maria

Pattern Designer




I'm Ana,  i'm a freelance pattern designer, based in Buenos Aires, i love creating in both traditional and digital media.

My work is mostly full of flowers and a little bling! you´ll find a gem in almost every piece if illustration a make, i love them that much!

You can find my latest work in Pinterest, together with process videos and updates on new classes!


Thank you for visiting this page, i hope you enjoy my classes and see you in the project gallery!








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1. Intro: Hi, I'm Anna. I'm a freelance illustrator and surface designer. In this class, I'm going to show you my personal process for painting watercolor florals, using only the brushes that procreate gives you. I'll show you step-by-step how to paint three different flowers with different brushes. I'll give you some free resources like watercolor, paper and gold texture for final details. If you follow along my process for the end of the class, you'll have beautiful watercolor florals for your class project. Don't forget to share them and seeing glass. 2. Class Project: For this class, you will only need an iPad procreate, and an Apple pencil. Now for the class project, you can pick at least one of the flowers we're going to see in class and share it in the project gallery. So let's move on to the graph. 3. Digital Watercolor Flower 1: Okay. First, we're going to make a screen size fire so we can work on. Now You're going toe down low the texture that I put together for you, and you can find them in the resource section. Once you downloaded, you'll imported from the library. Lift the option toe and insert the photo off the watercolor paper texture. Make sure it's the same size off the campus. If you want more textures like this, you confound them online or in some marketplaces like rated market or the same cuts, and you can spend them yourself. But always remember this. Can it? In high resolution, once you have the texture of paper, said the layer to blend more linear, burn now create a new layer below. That way Goto rushes. I think the wash brush. This is a good brush for the water. Gonna look that we want because it's transparent. Brush on. That means you can at players and see through them. Now we pick a color, make sure it's a Midtown, so its not too dark. I'm not too right that way. If you want later, you can have light or shadows to the flower for this flower we're not going to use the statue on outlying. We're going to use the shape of the brush. The strokes are Statoil's. Have something you can do with all the brushes. We're going to try different prices, and we make some strokes trying to replicate a petal shape, overlapping each previous better way. Make a new layer for the edge off the bettors way. Choose a darker color and we'll use the ink bleeds. Brush with this because in were watercolor, there are her edges. Well, Joe, every edge in different layers. So when we use this Musto, they won blend together. You don't have to make the edge go through the help it. It's more natural if they have imperfections. Once you've done that, you will start to soft in ages. So it looks that that bar has a bit more payment that the rest of the flower. Don't forget to put this mostow in the wash brush, and then we use the blend toe again. After that, created new layer and make a few lines with the England in every better. And then we use the blend toe again. - Next , great layer below the edge layers, and we're going to bring more light into the inside of the better with a writer shape. - Now we're going to have more darker A is. Create a new layer and choose a darker color. Then grab the soft brush. Use this election toe free home to make some water like shapes. Start banking really soft, and once you're done, that will end on Lee the edge of the shape, too great a wash look. We repeat the process in the top and in the section the petals off the lack. Now we need to move the flower. So we make a group duplicated high the old one and then enlarge the new one. This way we can move the flour and change the size all in one layer. But we keep the original in case we need to make changes. Finally, we'll make this them with the wash brush and some weather spokes. We'll do it with the water flicks brush in a new layer in on outside the flower. We lowered the capacity and something this part with this Mostow. - All right, we're done with the first flower. This is the one with more details, but simple on delicate and In case you want to know how to export your final thing, you can go to options, then share on export to J. That's it. Now let's go for the next one. 4. Digital Watercolor Flower 2: now for this flower, we're going to need another plan ready to use. If you want. We can make your own flower or you can doll oh, along with the Dexter's in the freezer section. They are flying off the flour and going to pay so you can follow along. Once you insert the ugly, make another layer below deck. And don't forget to name your layers. This time we use the wash brush. We'll pick a color now position yourself in the outland layer and go to the selection toe in the automatic mode, not the freehand. After that, we start selecting the better if you create an outline yourself to make sure the line is complete or you will select the entire canvas. Three. Step off one better. Once you're done, you can see this select area in the world. One. You're only going to be able to paint in the white section. We go to the empty layer and start to bathe my sections, blocking in areas of color. We're watercolor, have mixtures off color, so for this style you can have up to three or four colors, all in the same range for different ones, too. great contrast in this flower. We won't use this Mostow because the brush already has that wash soft Look. - Now , if you hate the outlying, you can see the finish. Look, you can make the stem on. Leave it like this, but we're going to add some gold texture. But first, we're going to finish this time. Repeat in the process, - bring the outlying back and inside the gold texture that you can also download. - We move it around until it covers all the flower and we make a clipping mask. You can see the gold texture on Leah places outline. After that, we just have to add the watercolor paper texture like we did in the previous one. And don't forget to put it in the blend mode. Linear, burn, help. You can see the picture, its serialized, especially with the go out play. Unless we had some weather spot with the same brush brother flicks on that said for the second flower. Now let go for the last one 5. Digital Watercolor Flower 3: okay for this final flower will use the same technique off the 2nd 1 But this thing will use the same brush and no gold digger. This kind of flower is much more lose now with not such a fine shape. More like a really watercolor again, I'll give you an outline to follow along. Don't forget to download to make this coupling when I did waas rob a riel watercolor flow er and use the flower as a reference for the out night. Stop inserting the out lying again on Great in a new layer. Willow, take your collar on the water color rush. Go to the outland layer on behalf of the selection toe. Always in automatic, Start selecting the pedals. Once you did that, go to the empty layer. I'll start playing. Make us strokes along the campus after that, creating new layer and repeat the process with a different color. - Wait , go back to the first layer we paint on. Start planning with this is for a more stuff. Look off the first layer. Now we make another layer for the leaves with the same brush, and we put different greens with some You know, we had the outland layer uncertain The paper picture in Linenberg. And again, we have a few water spots with low opacity and self pages on with With this one. Now I'll see you in the final lesson. 6. Final Thoughts: Thank you so much for getting this far. I hope you enjoy the class. Don't forget to share your flowers and follow me on Skillshare for any updates on your breath.