How to Paint Curly Hair - Step by Step | Banashree Das | Skillshare

How to Paint Curly Hair - Step by Step

Banashree Das, Digital illustrator

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6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Line Drawing

    • 4. Adding Colors

    • 5. Changing hair color instantly after finishing your drawing

    • 6. Painting Curly Hair The Easy Way


About This Class

Do you want to learn how to paint curly hair? If yes I promise you will find this class helpful. In this class I am going to teach you How to Paint Curly Hair. I will walk you through the complete process and also share some tips and shortcuts I find really useful, which can make your process less time consuming. I will publish two more classes for Straight Hair and Wavy Hair. To take this class all you need is a digital art program installed on your device; PC, Phone or tablet whichever you use will work just fine. And of course you need to have some basic knowledge in digital art. If  you are a beginner make sure to watch my classes for beginners digital artist to get started right away.

 You will learn :

  • How to draw Curly Hair 

  • How to color Curly Hair

  • How to change hair color instantly after finishing your drawing 
  • An easy way to paint Curly Hair 

Materials you will need :

  • Drawing tablet,Desktop or Laptop ( With a Digital art program 

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1. Introduction : Hey, guys. Disses bonus tree and welcome to my class How to paint Carly here. So if you want to learn how to paint Curly here, then I promise you will find this class helpful in this class. I will walk you through the complete process from sketch to finish and also share some tips and sort goods that I find really useful. So by the end of this class, you will learn how to draw in color curly here Then how to change here color instantly. After finishing your drawing, I also have a little bonus for you. I'm going to show you an easy way to paint guarded here. I didn't want to make this class very long. So for painting straight hair and wavy here I will be publishing two more classes for now. To take this class, all you need is a digital art program installed on your drawing device. And of course, you need to have some basic knowledge in digital art. If you are a beginner, make sure to what's my classes for beginner digital artist to get started right away. Now let's begin our class 2. Class Project : for your class project. Draw a character with Curly Here. You can find some inspiration on my Pinterest port. Find a link in project dates. I will be sharing all the class projects on my instrument story. So to get fit big and get featured on my instrument story, make sure the submit your projects along with your instagram handle. 3. Line Drawing: first created layer and name it sketch, then draw the overall shape up here when you start drawing, focus on shape instead of focusing on adding details. Next, we will add some details and draw the hair looks. This is how you can draw here. Locks easily. Consider what sing several times if required. Girl here is mostly coiled or spiral sipped, so it consists up locks of hair twirling and interlocking with each other. You can try in slightly different ways as well, like this, then, at a new layer on top of the sketch layer and name it hair looks now based on how curly you want. Draw the locks as the logs interlock with one another. You don't have to make its girl perfect, but try to make the turns for the same direction to make it look natural. - If you end up making it too messy, like mine, lower this layers a pass iti and create a new layer on top. On the new layer, you can outline some of the girls. It's not really necessary. However, it will make the locks more distinguishable. - Once done, merged all the three layers 4. Adding Colors : create a new layer underneath the sketch leer and the meat based color blocked the complete hair shape with a solid color. Using a solid press now create a new layer on top of the base color earlier for shadows in highlights because slightly lighter colored than the base color and paying the highlights as shown, the word escapes layers a pass ITI, if needed. Wherever a girl is born, did words the light source being the highlights? Stare and on the other side, off the cars being the shadows. Now I'm repeating the same steps for the other side. - Once done, smart, gently saw the colors blend in. If you are a pro, create user and need help with planting. What's my classes on? How to blend colors Inappropriate to know which default process to use inappropriate you can. What's my glass getting started with appropriate march? The sketch layer with the saddles and highlights layer after changing its blend. More to multiply lower capacity before you march, Or you can also delete the Sketch Lear, if not needed anymore. Now add one more layer to empty days on top. Upset does, and highlights select a lighter color than the last highlight color and a small girls as soon in the video with a small sized gross smudge a little to make it look soft. Now create a new layer to add shine with a lighter highlight color went over the province. Day down Highlights as shown. Next, blend the colors working on the details layer, and now I'm back to the signed earlier to make it more signing. Repeat the same steps, but with a lighter set up the highlight color, you better not overdo it if you would like to keep a natural look. 5. Changing hair color instantly after finishing your drawing : on a new layer on top. Block the complete here ship with the color of your choice, then change ben more to color now use hue, saturation and brightness to adjust the color to your liking. If required, you can go back to internal ears and make changes or Regista pass ity for hue, saturation and brightness as needed. And do it based on your preference on the once you were done, much the Color Lee Erste's and turn on flipping Mosque for the layer on top. That is the one we created two genes here. Color. If you need to make any minor modifications or at more details. First Haida clipping mask that will avoid any probable color difference and then work on the merged earlier. Or create a new layer above the merged layer and underneath the clipping mask. - If you used a separate layer for the extra details, feel free to merge it with the base hair layer. Now you can change here color instantly by changing Cue up the color blind mood layer on job, and if the hair looks tell with the colorblind mood Lear, you can change it to overly, which will make it look brighter. Also, make sure the and just a pass ity. You can always add more highlights later if you like just a few small strokes with Lighter said off the highlight color air soon and we're done. 6. Painting Curly Hair The Easy Way: first lay down and outlined, reminding the hair shape, then love the shape with the salted color. Darker colors are preferable. Early here normally has white spaces around the ages, therefore pain, so you can see the big round through the gaps at some more small girls as shown and make any modifications as required. Next, big. A lighter set off the base color and paint some stroke Like in the video. It's an easy but effective with at the Dales took early here, then at more small curls around the ages to get an organic Luke, if you want to make it even more shiny. Er, he was a lighter color and makes them strokes with a small first the same way we did earlier to 80 dates, and it's done it.