How to Paint A Hibiscus Flower in Watercolor | step by step Tutorial | Paint Academy | Skillshare

How to Paint A Hibiscus Flower in Watercolor | step by step Tutorial

Paint Academy, Step by step Art Videos enriches you

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5 Videos (33m)
    • Introduction

    • Coloring Petals

    • Coloring Leaves

    • Coloring Background

    • Coloring Flower Bud


About This Class

Painting Hibiscus Flower in Watercolor.

In this tutorial, you can learn how to create flower petals in watercolor. As well as we're showing leaves painting and how to color the background.

So we hope that by seeing this full tutorial and practicing you can easily do this painting.

Here I've used Handmade Paper, Camlin Artists Watercolors and Squirrel fur brushes.

Color List:-

1. Permanent Green, 2. Lemon Yellow, 3. Cobalt Blue, 4. Gamboge Hue, 5. Sap Green, 6. Mauve, 7. Prussian Blue, 8. Burnt Sienna, 9. Scarlet Lake, 10. Viridian Hue, 11. Yellow Ochre, 12. Crimson Red,13. Burnt Umber.

We have create a another course about Watercolor Materials. From which you can find out as a beginner you will use which Paper, Paint, Brush, Palette. And that will give you an idea of exactly what do you have to use. Here is the link-





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Paint Academy

Step by step Art Videos enriches you

Paint Academy is an art organization where group of Indian artist teach different mediums of art.

We teach various art mediums like Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastel and Ink & Pencil works. We're making art videos on You tube. But those videos are not narrated, not fully described. So of now, we're making narrated videos as well as discussion on the several new techniques on this platform to help learners.   

We started with watercolor in Skill share and very soon we'll...

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