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How to Overcome Your Money Blocks

teacher avatar Jonathan Robinson

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Intro: What You'll Learn

    • 2. Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

    • 3. Your Vision of True Wealth

    • 4. Connecting With Your Purpose

    • 5. Finding Your Pep

    • 6. Turbo-charging Your Motivation

    • 7. Finding Leaks in Your Money Balloon

    • 8. Overcoming the Biggest Leaks

    • 9. The Hot and Cold Game

    • 10. Getting Feedback

    • 11. Avoid Stupid Mistakes

    • 12. Final Words of Advice

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About This Class

  • How to Overcome Your Money Blocks

Do you struggle to make a good living or find yourself often worried about money?  

Jonathan Robinson has taught over 100 million people how to have greater abundance on shows such as Oprah and CNN.  In this “greatest hits” of simple ways to overcome money blocks, you’ll learn:

  • Why some people are like money magnets, while others subconsciously push money away
  • How to become excited about making money, and how to use it to make your life happier and healthier
  • How kindness, outstanding service, and a sense of mission can be great tools on the road to riches
  • How to let go of negative associations to being rich, and instead use money to take great care of yourself and all those you care about
  • How to avoid the most common financial mistakes, and use the money saved to make more money

Money can’t necessarily buy happiness, but a lack of money can certainly buy misery.  By overcoming your previous limitation in making money, you’ll be able to take even better care of yourself and all those you care about.  When you enroll in this course, you’ll be opening up whole new possibilities for your life and career.

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1. Intro: What You'll Learn: Hi, My name is Jonathan Robinson. Congratulations. I'm watching this program by watching it and using the simple suggestions I discuss. I'm confident you'll end up with a lot more money and more importantly, a lot more joy and even deeper sense of meaning in your life. So little about me. Professionally. I'm a psychotherapist and author of 12 books. I've also been a frequent guest on Oprah, CNN and many other shows. But personally, I want you to know them basically like you, someone trying to be happy and often challenging world and someone who wants to make a good living without having to sell my soul or work myself to death to do it. I'm grateful to say I've been fortunate making money, but that wasn't always the case. I remember being so poor that I couldn't afford my electricity bills. It was a dark time. Hey, I warn you, there's gonna be some bad jokes like that in this program. Anyway, Soon thereafter, I became homeless, living in my car. Well, nowadays I'm a millionaire, but I know a lot of friends who really struggle with making a good living and having a good time doing it. If you're like them, I think you'll find this course fun, fascinating and most importantly, very practical. 2. Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck: As you know, money and our ways and making it are a big part of life. No, money is not everything, and it can't necessarily buy you happiness. But lack of money can sure, by you misery in my own life. I eventually realized there were a lot of things I want to do in life, and almost all of them required money. So I made a vow to become a millionaire. Within five years, I read books. I took courses. I set goals, but I failed. It actually took me 10 years to go from nothing to a millionaire, but because I aimed high, that was still a pretty good result. Now let me give you a few simple suggestions to make sure you get the most possible out of this course. To begin with, I'll occasionally ask you to do a simple exercise, such as write down your answer to a question. It's really important in order to get the most possible out of this course that you participate. So if you don't already have a place to take notes or type things out, be sure to get that in place. Second, it's best if you imagine you're looking at the whole subject and making money as if for the first time. Now, of course, we all have belief systems built up around how to make money. But belief systems are short for B s belief systems. They're not the truth. So in this program, I'm going to ask you to experiment with some new ideas. Some of these ideas will work great for you. Another's won't. That's fine. Take what you can and leave the rest. 3. Your Vision of True Wealth: If you want to get rich, it helps to define what your exact target is. I learned the importance of defining your target in college, where my roommate was a great basketball player. One day he challenged me to a game of one on one basketball. I first said, No, thank you, since I knew he was a lot better than me. But then I decided to use my brain. I said, I'll play your game On one condition, I get to bring any one ounce gadget onto the court and place it wherever I want. Well, he agreed. So he went out to the court and I got my one ounce gadget. It looked a lot like this and I placed it in a strategic location, namely over his eyes. And then I said, Let the games begin now. Admittedly, it was still close, but I beat one of the best basketball players in L. A. Because I knew exactly what I was aiming for, and he did not. So if you want to hit your target of gain rich without losing your soul, it's good to define what that looks like. I'm going to help you do that in several ways. But first, let me tell you what looks like to me. So to me, being rich means that you have plenty of abundance and happiness and love in your life. Now, to create such a life, I believe you need three ingredients. First ingredient, you need some money. But you already knew that. After all, you don't see many homeless people beaming with joy. A second key to riches is to feel grateful every day for you already have. In a certain way, feeling grateful for all that you have is the fastest get rich quick scheme in existence. Perhaps you've heard of the law of Attraction. In case you haven't it basically states that like attracts like if you want to get rich, start by feeling abundant by being grateful for all that you currently have. That feeling of abundance will actually help you to attract mawr. Now a truly grateful person doesn't even get upset when a bird craps on their head. Instead, they're grateful that dogs can't fly. It might take your moment to get that one. Anyways, an easy way to tap into gratitude abundance is to ask yourself the question. What could I feel grateful for if nothing else, if you don't have a toothache today, congratulations. Feel grateful for that. Several years ago, a friend of mine came back from seeing a guru in India who, according to him, gave him a magical mantra for feeling overwhelming gratitude. I asked him what this mantra was, and he told me I'd have to go to India to get directly from the Google. Well, I knew the importance of gratitude. So I flew all the way to India so I could ask this guru about this amazing mantra. And after a couple of days, I finally got a chance to talk to the Google. In his deep ending accent, the guru said to me, Ah, yes, my mantra is the most powerful mantra. He leaned in to whisper it to my ear. He said, Whenever possible, repeat the following words. The mantra. I give you other words. Thank you. I looked at him. I said, Thank you. That's it, he said, No, that's it is the mantra you have been using and that makes you feel like you never have enough. My mantra is, thank you, not that's it. That's it would take you nowhere. Well, I was pissed off, so I gave him a sneer. I said, Well, thank you. Well, he sneered back of me. He said, Thank you is not the mantra. You must see it from your hot many times a day. So when you eat good food, say thank you from your heart when you see your child or sunset or your pet, say thank you and soon you will be filled with gratitude. You know what? As long as you say thank you from your heart, many times a day for the little things in life. This technique actually works. You can always feel grateful for little things like access to clean water, the Internet or friend or pet that you love. Try it for yourself and you'll see its power. And once you feel gratitude for your current life, it will make it even easier to attract Even mawr Abundance now third ingredient to creating a life of riches is to tap into the power of love and connections with people you care about, so make sure on the road to riches you don't travel alone. After all, many of the best things in life are absolutely free and worth every penny When done right, The three ingredients I talked about of money, gratitude and love all support each other to create life of joy and riches. So, for now, remember to say thank you throughout your day from your heart and treat the people in your life like they're the key to your happiness and riches because they are. 4. Connecting With Your Purpose: Another major step in becoming rich is to get in touch with your specific motivations for making a lot of money. Sometimes making money is hard work, and if you're not clear as to why you want to do it or how it will improve your life, you may just give up really easily. So what purpose or reason do you have for becoming rich? One way to easily tap into this is to write out what I call your ideal obituary. But before I go into that, I want to tell you a true and amazing story of a man named Alfred. Many years ago, Alfred was flipping through the newspaper and saw that in the headline with his own obituary, The headline proclaimed that Alfred was a merchant of death and he's now dead. Well, it ends up. The Alfred brother had recently died in the newspaper had mistakenly thought that Alfred had died well. Alfred was horrified and was understandably shaken by this obituary. After some moments of coming himself down, Alfred knew he wasn't really dead, so he asked himself a key question. The question was, if I could be known for anything by the time I really die? What would I like to be known for? Well, Alfred thought about for a while and then decided he wanted to be known for great contributions in the areas of science and literature and even world peace. Why not? So Alfred? Last name Nobel started the Nobel Prizes, and by the time he died many years later, he was indeed known for his inspiration and his ongoing contributions to humanity. So if you want to stay on target in your life for at work, it helps to define exactly what you want to be known for. Do you want to be known for your generosity to your family or your travel adventures, or perhaps helping the homeless? Deciding in advance what you want to be known for is a great way to connect with a deep sense of purpose. Now, any sense of purpose you come up with and feel good about is better than none at all. But a sense of purpose that includes how having riches could benefit other people is particularly powerful. For example, you may want to positively impact your kids or your community or even the entire world. So once a session is over. I want you to type or write out your ideal obituary. Simply take a couple of minutes to write out what you want friends and family to say about you at your funeral. Since this is your ideal obituary, you can make as lofty and as amazing as you like. But be sure to include how being rich will help you to achieve your deepest dreams. For example, many years ago, when I was living in my car, this is what I wrote. Jonathan was a man who inspired and taught people the very best ways to create a life of peace, abundance, contribution and deep feelings of love with her family and friends. Since he was able to afford all the best workshops on personal and professional growth, he was able to present thes best practices for very little money to tens of millions of people. Hey, when you write your own obituary, you can sound pretty good. While the amazing thing is that despite starting from nothing, my A deal obituary has actually come true, and so can yours. Writing out your ideal obituary and how being rich can help you to achieve it can be challenging. But even a quick and dirty one is better than none at all. You just need toe, right? Whatever comes to mind for a couple of minutes later. If you like, you can edit it and make it even better. But for now, right out. Your answer to what you want to be known for by the time you die and how being rich can help you to achieve these deep dreams. Do it now. 5. Finding Your Pep: Please don't watch this section until you've written out your ideal obituary, at least for a minute or two. Okay, I'm trusting that you've done that. Now, in this section, we're going to talk about tapping into enthusiasm, and you're positive reasons for making money in order to stay motivated for the long term, you need pep. In this case, Pep PP is an acronym for purpose, enthusiasm and positive associations. You know, when you have a clear sense of purpose, you can endure almost anything. For example, a parent will do almost anything for a sick child because they feel a strong sense of purpose for caring for their child. Likewise, you may have to endure some rough spots on the road to riches, like being a job you don't enjoy for a period of time. Or you may have to work a lot of hours building your own business after all, and entrepreneurs someone who has often been defined as working 60 hours a week for themselves in order to avoid working 40 hours a week for someone else. But you're clear as to why you're working so hard or why you're working a job you don't like it makes it a lot easier to endure. Trust me. Sometimes you're gonna hit roadblocks or short term failures in your moneymaking endeavors . But failure isn't about not falling down. Failure is what happens when you don't get up again. The good news is that if you feel truly good about what you'd use extra money for, that will help you to stay enthusiastic when the going gets tough. So I have a question for you. What would you do right now with an extra $30,000? Or how about an extra $300,000? I really want to know. As soon as this lecture is over, I want you to write out your answers to those questions in detail. And when you do, I want you to be incredibly specific. Don't just say something like I'd travel and then I'd buy a new car and put the rest in the bank instead. Say I traveled to Maui for three weeks and I'd buy a two year old Honda Civic, and I put 9000 in a money market account. The reason why it's important to write out your specific answers to what you do with an extra 30 or $300,000 is it will help you to get excited about making money. After all, money is just green piece of paper with dead people on it until you know exactly what come by and how will add to your life. Now some people say money is not the key, the happiness. But I always figured if you had enough money, you can have a key made. I've used minute great mawr love, inner peace and contribution in my life, and you can do that, too. As long as you're clear, the way you'll spend money will be beneficial to you and those you care about, you'll feel more deserving of making money. So when you write out your list for what you'll do with an extra 30 or 300,000 bucks, be sure to include items that are truly fun and meaningful to you. Don't just put all this money into a bank instead, use the bulk of it to make your life better this year. Okay, now is the time to take a couple minutes and write down exactly what you do with an extra 30,000 and an extra $300,000. Do it now 6. Turbo-charging Your Motivation: Hopefully, you feel excited about what you plan on spending your future, Richards, on having specific positive associations to money will definitely be of help. Well, here's another trick for you. Involve me money. I'm actually going to show you how I do this one. Let this dollar represent the lone individual trying to break three their monetary limitations and let this 100 represent all the inner and outer forces keeping you stuck exactly where you are. Well, I'm good put, though. $1 inside the 100 and it feels kind of trapped. But if you know how to magically escaped these limitations boom. No problem. Of course, this is not real magic. In slow motion, it looks a little bit less impressive. 123 like that. But you can create money, magic by turbocharging your motivation. And this next method I'm going to give you works almost as well as magic. The exercise is called the Dickins Pattern because it comes from Charles Dickens, the guy who wrote the story about Ebeneezer Scrooge. If you remember that story, Scrooge was a guy who had his whole life transformed by having three ghosts visit him during the night. The first ghost showed screwed all the pain his miserly ways had caused him in the past. The second goat showed him all the ways his cheapness was causing him pain. Now and finally, the ghost of Christmas future showed Scrooge all the ways he would continue to experience pain if he didn't change his ways. Well, seeing all the suffering his behavior caused him and the people he cared about, Scrooge decided to completely change his behavior. Well, I can't send your three goes to help motivate you to change your ways by can suggest you do something almost as powerful. When this lecture is over, I want you to write out just for a minute on how having a lack of money has caused you Pain and limitation in your past include things you've missed out on or things you weren't able to afford for yourself and people you cared about. Then for another minute, right out how the lack of funds is frustrating for you. Now what can't you do? Because you currently just don't have the money? Finally take a minute or itude right out, or type out how If you continue to lack money, it will cause you and your loved ones pain in the future. Now, I'm not suggesting you do this because, I mean, I'm suggesting it because it will give your brain a very powerful message. You see, we're always trying to move away from pain and towards pleasure by reading your short essay A few times, it will be creating a powerful, subconscious message that will motivate you towards greater wealth. Although the method is simple, it's extremely powerful. But of course, the hard part is writing down the essay. So how motivated are you to get rich? Are you willing to do small actions like writing for three minutes to escape from a lack of money? By writing out your answers, you'll help create even more motivation to move forward. Now, once you've done this, you'll have completed a key to creating wealth. What I call focused intention being totally motivated and having a focused intention is like one wing of airplane. Of course, if you only have one wing, you'll eventually go around in circles and crash so another wing is needed if the airplane is really gonna sore and that wing I call letting go once you've done your part with these exercises, your job is to simply go and trust that magic will happen. After all, you've done your part, so there's no need to worry. Focus. Intention. Followed by letting go is a time tested technique that leads to incredible results. You'll soon see. But before you can let go, you wanna have your intention be charged and focused. So be sure to answer the three questions I previously listed. Once again, they are one. How has a lack of money caused you difficulty in the past? Two? How is a lack of funds causing you and the people you care about to miss out on things now and three, If you continue to not have much money, what would you miss out on in the future? Right out your answers, Then reward yourself with a well deserved letting go break and then watch what magic starts to take shape in your life. Answer the questions now 7. Finding Leaks in Your Money Balloon: now, a second aspect of having a firm foundation is to make sure there aren't any leaks in your foundation. So here's analogy feel. Let this balloon represent your expanding wealth. This balloon is 99% intact but does have a small leak in it. Look at what happens when I try to blow air in it all. The air quickly finds its way to the leak. Now, in order, get this balloon to expand. I could try to blow faster or harder, but the smartest thing to do would be to seal the leak in it in a similar way. If you want to expand your money balloon, you want to discover where the leaks are. If you're like most people, you probably have a psychological block or leak that can keep you from becoming wealthy. If these blocks are allowed to work in the dark, they could make the accumulation of rich is almost impossible. As a psychotherapist, I soon learned that people of all kinds of issues around money they have issues around feeling deserving or feeling shame, or even negative associations around being rich. I know I did well having all these negative links to money is a bit like trying to move forward in a car. Well, still having the emergency brake on. So in this section, I want to help you clear out your negative associations about being rich, so you'll have fewer leaks in your so called money balloon. When I first began my journey to become rich, I realized I had a lot of negative associations to becoming rich. I thought rich people weren't spiritual or were selfish without making money would be drudgery or a ton of hard work. No, no, that sounded very good. It's very hard to move forward towards something you feel negatively will impact your life . So the first exercise, I suggest, is that you bring storm all your unconscious negative associations to making money or being rich. Do you think money is really the root of all evil or that will turn you into a selfish knob ? Do you think you'll have to sell your soul to make it rich? What did your parents think about money, and how might you have picked up on some of their beliefs? Take a minute and write down any negative associations you may have about making money and becoming rich. If you want, you can simply write down brief phrases like rich people are selfish or making money is hard. Once the sections over right for just a minute, any negative associations you may have to making money or being rich that you have picked up from your parents or just living your life. Take a minute and do that now. 8. Overcoming the Biggest Leaks: Hopefully you saw that you have some negative associations to being wealthy, but we want to floss out those negative s oceans right out of your brain, leaving you with an abundance mindset. So just being aware of any negative associations you have and how they're really not true is helpful. They're just outmoded belief systems or what I call B s. Now, let's look at another thing that maybe a leak in your money balloon. I've noticed that a lot of people feel shame around money like there a failure for not being rich. Hey, being rich doesn't mean you're a good person, Nor does being poor mean you're a bad person. The money game is like the game monopoly. Just because you win or lose in Monopoly doesn't say anything about your character. That just means you may not be good at the game. This program is mostly about how to get better at the money game. By watching this program, you'll soon know the rial rules for winning at that game. One key to winning at this game is to feel really deserving of being rich. So let me ask you, do you truly feel deserving of being rich. If you don't, that will be another leak in your money balloon. So how can you get to this point where you feel truly deserving of being rich? Well, my guess is that if you're taking the time to watch this program, you're a pretty country interest person. You don't want to sell your soul to be rich, so you're not the type of person toe lie, cheat and steal to get there. Well, that's great news, because there are some bad people out there. But you're not one of them. I'd rather you be rich and some person who has a lot less integrity. Another way to tap into feeling deserving is to look at what your ideal obituary said after reading it. My bet is that you'll see you're trying to use money for good purposes or look at what you'd spend money on if you had an extra 30 or $300,000. My guess is that nowhere on that list have you said that you want to use your extra money to put a Jacuzzi in your private jet. More likely, you want to use money to add some opportunity to yourself for those you love. That's great. Don't you think that you would use money in a better way than some billionaire just trying to buy an extra airplane to show off? Now, final way to tap into feeling deserving is to get clear on how your extra money could help people other than yourself. Some of the things I really enjoy about being rich is I get to buy a nice gifts for friends . I get to hire people I respect. I also get to donate money to worthy causes. If you think that you'd use money in that way as well, then that's great. I hope you make a lot of money because you use it in a way that's beneficial to people. So repeat after me. I deserve to be rich because I'd use money in good ways. I can't hear you. Well, I hope you're thinking. I hope you use your riches in ways are truly life affirming. 9. The Hot and Cold Game: Well, now we're going to look at knowing what to do to make money. Many years ago, there was a book written called Do What You Love and the money Will Follow. But the truth is that doesn't always work. For example, I love getting massages. I've never figured out a way to make money getting massages. If you want to make money doing something you're passionate about, you need to be smart about. So I'm going to give you analogy that should help you along your path to riches. Do you remember the hot and cold game you probably played as a kid if you don't remember it ? It was basically a game where you left the room and friend hid something like this pen. And then they would tell you if you're getting warmer or cooler as you moved around the room, eventually you'd be red hot and stumbled upon the pen. Well, imagine that life is playing the hot and cold game with you and your moneymaking endeavors . Our lives are constantly giving us feedback as to whether we're getting warmer or cooler and finding are right livelihood. Now life gives us these messages in two ways. first by how something feels every time you're a job that feels boring or depressing. That's life saying You're phrasing, baby, try something else. Well, life also gives us feedback that we're getting closer or farther away from our right livelihood by the results that we get from what we do if you create a service and suddenly everybody wants to hire you for that service, that's a universe saying your red hot baby keep going in that direction. On the other hand, if you create a product or service that no one is buying, that's the universe sane. You're getting cooler, do something different. Unfortunately, most people don't listen to the feedback they received from the universe. Instead, they stay at a dead end job or their agenda blinds, Um, from seeing that something they're doing doesn't work or isn't getting the results that they need. You've probably heard that the definition of the word crazy is doing the same thing over and over. The expecting a different result. Don't get lost in that trap. Another thing people do that keeps them from getting valuable. Feedback is they don't make any move at all. If you play the hunt cold game, but you don't move in any direction. You don't get a new feedback as to where the target is. It's better to move in the wrong direction than none at all. After all, if you move in the wrong direction, then at least you know that it's not in that direction. So rather than waiting for a voice from heaven to tell you toe do this, I think it's better to take a series of small steps and listen to the hot and cold feedback you get and then take your next step. Based on the latest feedback, you received my own moneymaking endeavors. I like to think of each thing I do for money as an experiment. I try something. I see if it works. Over the course of my life, I probably have tried 30 experiments. Well, when experiment wasn't successful, I took in that feedback and quickly moved on to something else. When something was successful, I milked it until it was completely done over time. By listening to the input I received from how things felt and how good of results I created , I was able to pinpoint what I'm really good at and how to make money from it. But it was a process. This usually doesn't happen overnight. The good news is, if you really get good at listening to the feedback your feelings and the world gives you, you can greatly speed up the process of finding a way to riches that feels good and does good. 10. Getting Feedback: You know, I've learned that sometimes people don't know themselves very well. By definition, we can't see our own blind spots. But these blind spots can cause us big problems. So what can you do? Well, one thing you can do is tow. Ask for feedback from friends or mates or co workers that you trust if you're brave. If you want to save yourself a lot of time and money, have the courage to ask for pointed feedback from people you trust. For example, you could explain to a friend I'm trying to get a handle on what Keith me from making a better living. But I think I can't see my own blind spots. You're someone I trust. Would you be willing to tell me what you think keeps me from being more successful in my career and more successful in my ability to make money? I'm going to repeat that question because it's very important. Would you be willing to tell me what you think keep me from being more successful in my career and my ability to make money? Now I know this is not an easy question to ask a friend or trusted co worker But would you ask if they immediately gave you $500? We'll probably. Well, the information you gained from this little exercise will likely help you make a lot more than $500 over the course of your working career. I once assets of a friend, and he said, You're not more successful. Is a speaker because you act immature and you dress like you're 14 years old out. At first I fought back, telling him it shouldn't matter how you dress. But truth be told, when I started dressing nicer and acting more mature, guess what? My speaking career literally tripled overnight. While this exercise is not easy, it will give you very valuable information for free. If you want to save yourself years of hitting your head into walls, I suggest you do it with at least one person you really trust. After all, the only knowledge that can hurt you is the knowledge you don't have. So right now, ask yourself, who really knows me, who I trust, who can give me a good answer to the question. What keeps me from being more financially successful, Then once you have at least one person mine asked him that question sometime this week. Be sure to reassure them that you really want their honest response. It may sting that also may very well save you years of effort or hundreds of thousands of dollars. So be brave and ask for feedback sometime this week. 11. Avoid Stupid Mistakes: you know, one of the things I like about the world of money is that gives you undeniable feedback. If you're foolish with your money, your bank account will reflect your lack of wisdom. Now, if you're smart, you'll try to learn from your past mistakes with money. Or, if you're really smart, you'll try to learn from other people's mistakes. So in this lecture, I'm going to briefly mention six of the most common mistakes people make when dealing with money and how to avoid them. Admittedly, I wish I had heard this lecture many years ago. It would have saved me a lot of money. I've done all of the mistakes I'm about to mention, and they've cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don't let this happen to you. If you can avoid making money mistakes, it will greatly accelerate your path to riches. So common mistake number one getting into severe credit card debt Once you are a lot of money on your credit cards are a lot of money on student loans. It can be really hard to claw your way back to being debt free. Credit card debt is especially bad because the interest rates tend to be so high the antidote. Pay off your credit card as soon as possible. Or, better yet, don't get into debt in the first place by promising to pay off your credit cards each month . If you don't have the money to pay for something, then don't buy it. That feeling of lack can actually motivate you to work harder to make more money. Common mistake number two. Making loans to family or friends If you have a big heart, it could be hard to say no to a family member, a friend asking for a loan. But such situations rarely go well. If you decide to give such a person alone. Do it, knowing there's a good chance you'll never see the money again. Common Mistake Number three Point A lot of money into bad or risky investments tapes. I got great stock tip for you. A great startup deal that you're gonna want to know about when you hear words like that run in the other direction. We all want to be on the ground floor deal that's going to make us millions. Unfortunately, this is a tried and true way to lose your shirt don't let the promise of great returns or get rich quick schemes lead you to the poor House deals that sound too good to be true are indeed too good to actually be true. Common mistake Number four. Paying too much for things that you can get a lot more inexpensively. For example, I know a friend who recently paid $10,000 for an online Internet marketing course in which the same information was available in a $10 book. That's $9990 of wasted money. So my advice is to shop around and do things like buy an almost new car instead of a new one or a book or a cheap online course rather than a super expensive alternative. Such shopping for deals can save you a bundle of money. Common mistake number five Falling for some kind of scan There are so many scams on the Internet these days, but for only 49 95 I can show you exactly how to avoid them. Just kidding. Seriously, you really do need to be careful to avoid someone ripping you off. If you're naive, you'll fall for things that will cost you a lot of money before you give your credit card to someone promising you eternal health or real estate for no money down, Be careful. And lastly, common mistake Number six. Not knowing how to invest properly and inexpensively. We'll talk more about this later, and I'll provide you with a simple way to maximize your investments. The truth is, if you invest your hard earned dollars impulsively, you'll likely end up with much fewer dollars. So for now, just know that there could be a huge difference in how rich you become simply by choosing good versus bad investments. Now, to avoid all these mistakes, it's helpful to consult a certified financial planner when making big money decisions. You can find one in your area by googling CF P or certified financial planner. At the very least, ask a knowledgeable and trusted friend for their opinion before making a big financial decision. Or get a book that details more information about the topics. A hand. If you can avoid these six common money mistakes, it will be like giving yourself a substantial raise. Don't gamble with your money By learning how to avoid foolish mistakes, you'll get to your goals of abundance. Ah, lot more quickly and with a lot less heartache 12. Final Words of Advice: Unfortunately, information and inspiration are not transformation to experience. True transformation. You need to do some work you need to make some goals. You need to do the exercises and take small steps week after week. One more thing that can help you on your path is to find friends and family who also know of these principles and can support you in your efforts. Therefore, be sure to tell people about this program. I'd love it if you would write a quick online review and recommend it to friends. Of course, that would be helping me out. But if you can surround yourself with folks who have taken this course, you'll be better able to support each other to encourage you to recommend this program to others. I'll even offer you a reward. If you write to me telling me that you recommend it to friends, I will send you a document called 10 Trends for Making Money in the Future. This document details how changes in the world and technology are impacting careers and how we make money. Just email me. I am John are a well dot com that's I Am Joo In our air will dot com, telling me you've recommended this program and I'll be happy to send this bonus to you as a token of my gratitude. Although it may take some time before you have a lot of money, just taking the first steps in the right road can feel really good. Have you ever been lost driving around and then you finally get clear on where you are When you first realize where you are, you're no closer to your final destination. But at least now you're headed in the right direction, and just being headed in the right direction feels really good. If you like this program, you may want to learn some of the best ways to tap into a balanced, rich life of love and happiness. For that, I can highly recommend a couple of books, and by some strange coincidence, they just happen to be books that I wrote. What is called Find Happiness now and the other is called More love Less conflict. You can learn more about my books and other programs at my website finding happiness dot com. You may also enjoy my other online course called Triple Your Memory and reading Speed in one hour Once again. Thank you for watching. And remember, getting rich is more like a marathon than a sprint. So stay balanced for the long haul and enjoy the process. I'm personally wishing you the very best of luck and hoping that you give it your very best take care.