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How to Organize Your Procreate Brush Library

teacher avatar Marlena Larson, Journals - Planners - Self Improvement

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to Organize Your Brush Sets in Procreate

    • 3. How to Make Your Categories Stand Out

    • 4. How to Create a "Favorites" Brush Set

    • 5. How to Combine Some of Your Brush Sets

    • 6. Thank you!

    • 7. Update: Original Procreate Brushes

    • 8. Intro To Organizing Within a Category

    • 9. How to Create a Brush Stamp Part 1

    • 10. How to Create a Brush Stamp Part 2

    • 11. 5 Creating an Organized Brush List

    • 12. Brush Share

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About This Class

If you’ve been using Procreate for awhile, chances are you’ve accumulated a large collection of brushes.  

(If you’re new to Procreate and want to try a quick and easy project, check out my course on creating colorful doodle stickers in Procreate.) 

If your brush library looks anything like mine, it’s a massive list of brushes of all types and for all purposes.  Talk about overwhelming!

I found I was not getting much use out of most of my Procreate brushes since I had so many and they were just sort of randomly in there.  I didn’t even remember which brushes I already had.  

I found myself only using a few favorite brushes, such as the 6b pencil, monoline brush, Lisa Glanz Instant Artist Brushes, and some others.  

I wanted to get more organized so that I could get more use out of my brushes without wasting time looking through the whole list each time.  

Recently I started organizing my brushes in a way that works for me.  I’m pretty happy with how this turned out so I decided to share with you in this course!

In this course I’ll show you three ways to organize your Procreate Brush Library so you can get more use out of your amazing brushes!  You’ll learn how to 

  • Create a “Favorite Brushes Set”
  • Combine Brush Sets
  • Organize Your Brush Sets by Type

As you’ll see, I organized my brushes into the following categories:

  • Lettering
  • Watercolor
  • Painting (all painting types except watercolor)
  • Textures
  • Crayons (which also includes charcoals and markers)
  • Stamps
  • Patterns
  • Kits
  • Grids and Templates
  • Sketching (pens and pencils)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marlena Larson

Journals - Planners - Self Improvement


Hello, I'm Marlena and I blog over at where I help people to take control of their lives by using journaling and planners to be more mindful each day.  As a psychologist with a busy practice, I have relied on journaling and planning to manage my own goals.  I've found that making journaling fun keeps me motivated to open my journal each day.  I absolutely love using stickers and other creative journaling techniques to help me to stay consistent and to enjoy my journal.  

As life has become more stressful this year, I've turned to creative pursuits as a way of staying healthy.  Although I've never considered myself a creative person, I've fallen in love with creating art on my iPad.  I am obsessed with using Procreate and... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, this is Marlena from where I blog about planning and journaling and self-improvement. And I created this class because I love working with Procreate to create lettering and stickers and all kinds of good stuff. But I found that I had so many brushes that I didn't know what I still had. The list was gigantic and so I spent some time and found some ways to organize my brushes. And I thought it would be helpful for me to share this with you as well, since I'm imagining that other people also have a hard time organizing their brushes. If you're like me and you're easily distracted or you lose focus or forget what you're doing. This should help you. I would love to see as a project, what kinds of categories are ways of organizing your brushes. You find most helpful from this class. And if you come up with different ways of organizing brushes, I would love to see some screenshots because I think the more we can work together, the better able we are to control the madness. That is, these brushless. 2. How to Organize Your Brush Sets in Procreate: This is Marlene enough from a pen and a purpose. And one of the things that really frustrates me about procreate is my brush library. And so I just started to try to organize my brushes better. I've purchased a lot of brushes. So most embarrassing how many brushes that I've purchased. And it's just one giant hot mess of a list. Okay. And so I was getting kind of frustrated with us. And so I decided that I was going to organize my brushes. And I thought I'd just do a quick video in case you're also struggling with how to organize your procreate brushes. So it's just going to create a new one. So what you can see here is that I've created some categories and I need to figure out a way to make them stand out more. I put little emojis in front of them, so I have watercolor lettering, Soyuz capitalize, two textures, painting, templates and stamps, and then patterns. And so I'm going to add a new one. So what I do for this is I'm just going to brush library. You scroll down like this so that little plus sign shows up. And then someone to click on the plus sign. And then I'm going to name it with my keyboard. And I'm gonna put a little emoji in front of it. And I might actually change these to all be the same or something so that it stands out more. But I'm just gonna put this little green dress because it's cute. I don't have any method to my madness at first I was trying to say, oh, it's lettering. So I'm going to put a pen in there and watercolor. So I'm going to put whatever this twisty thing. So I'm starting to make it look like what it was, but that didn't work out for me. So I put those little dress and then I'm just going to add here, I'm going to put Skechers or sketch. So that's the name of my category now. And so I'm going to move that down because I think underneath the lettering like and then the importance to me, I'm really working on triangular and lettering and sketching. I'm going to put After that. I am hesitant because I'm also trying to do more art and water color, but I feel like sketching typically is where I'm going to start with art. So I'm gonna leave that there. And so then what I'll do is I'll find where I was at. So I'm about right here because that's where I was like, where do I put my pencil? So I have this ultimate toolbox pencil with all these pencils in him. I'm going to move that up to the little dress one that I just made and put that right underneath there. And so you can see my pencil. I'm gonna put all my pencil type sketchy brushes right here underneath sketch. And then I'm gonna put all my watercolor type brushes underneath wallet watercolor. And then I'm going to put all my texture type brushes underneath textures just so that I can start knowing where to look for things when I'm doing a piece. Usually what happens is I'll start and then I start just scrolling. I forget what I even have. And it just feels like overwhelming and like a mess. So I'm hoping this will help me to feel a little bit more organized so that if I want to say do some lettering, I can look through. And only up to here so far, looks through my different lettering brushes and see if there's something in particular that I want to use. Another way that I organize my brushes and I got this from Lisa glands is that I have a folder called barebones. And within bare-bones, it's going to have some of the ones that I use the most often. So I use the 6B pencil a lot when I'm starting out. And then I also use this monoline brush really frequently as well. So I'm gonna put that actually appear. So I'm gonna keep that at the top because I often need to use this monoline brush. And I like to just know where that is. Otherwise, I'd probably put it under every single category because I use it a lot. I hope that's helpful. Hi, I'm sure I'm not the only one who's just like this brush library. It's making me crazy. In the next video, I'll show you how to make your category stand out more to make it even easier to find your brushes. 3. How to Make Your Categories Stand Out : Hello, it's really NFL my pen on a and just wanted to update you on my brush organization within procreate. And I showed you in my last video how I was thinking about doing some organization of my millions of brushes since it was very overwhelming and I couldn't really keep up with what I had. And so what I did was create different categories within my brushes here. So if you want to create a category, so for example, I have letter here. What you would do is you click on this little plus sign and then you can name it using your keyboard. And what I did with all of mine as I put star, star, the name. So whatever the name is, and then I put Star Star again. And that's that. So then I would I moved this wherever I wanted it in terms of where would be the best for me in terms of the order in which I tend to use things. So I've lettering and then I have watercolors, textures, things like that, which are the things I use most often. So if you want to get rid of, as you just said, this little button and delete it. You can also share it, duplicate it, or rename it. But I'm just going to delete that one because I don't need it. So what I have here at the top, I have brushes that I've created, and then I have barebones, which I talked about in my last video is the brushes that I really use a lot. And I sometimes just want to have them so that I don't get overwhelmed by my list. Lisa glands, instant artists is one of my favorite, favorite brush packs. And so I also put that at the top. Then I have my categories. And as you can see, when I scroll through, now that I have the double stars, it's a lot easier to pick out. My category is previously I had them as just little pictures, but these stars really helped me. So I have lettering brushes and then I have sketching brushes, which includes things like inking or pencil. Thing is you would do a doodle with I have under sketching, they have water, which is watercolor brushes. And I didn't write out all of watercolor because I want to be able to see that the four stars on there. So I did sometimes make it a smaller word. Some of my brushes did come with little icons on there. And for now I'm leaving those on there. I might remove them if they're distracting from my titles. Texture are things that add that glorious texture to your artwork. Of course my favorite are always Lisa glands brushes. So that at the top there. And then the next one is paint. So this would be any kind of paint. So other than the watercolors, so oils and acrylics and I have some splattered, a bunch of different kinds of paint. Then I have crayon, which means markers and Kranz and past styles and chalk and all sorts of things that would be used for like coloring markers. I think I said that already. And then I have templates, which are things like calligraphy guides, letter builders, grid builders, so things that would help you to make your composition. I put that there. And I've kits, which is when you buy some sets that comes with a whole bunch of different variety of brushes. So there's murderers and paint and stuff like that. I just kept those. In this kit section, rather than splitting them out. And then things like, like this botanical illustration fits that description I just gave. But it's also something that comes with directions and how to create these beautiful botanical cells. And so I just kept that in the kids section. I'll make it easy for me to find later. Magic brushes is also like that. And I don't, I don't know what it looks like. It does amazing things. I haven't played with that yet. So I kept in the kids section so that I can go back to when I want to stamps. Are those stamped things where if you go on your paper, it's going to stamp it out. Oops. And then I also have patterns, but I only have one item in there, so I might get rid of that. But so this would be a patterns like here's a sidewalk. So I like this as texture to psi might move it over there. I just haven't decided yet in terms of where this might go because it's essentially one of those repeatable patterns. So it's pretty cool. But I do only have one of those that I'm drawing, which at least the glands has some drawings that you can do. So it's like the buildup of a drawing. So you have the knack of birds and years of animals and stuff like that so that you can have a base to kinda start from when you're drawing your critters. There's also a human one I think, and birds. So I have those and then I have a section for glitter or metallic galaxy brushes, things like that. And then I have all of these ones that come with procreate. I left the ones that come with procreate down here because I want to remember which ones those are when I teach classes on the skill share or in other places, I'm not making my own brush and I wanna be able to tell people which brush to you is from this free pack. So I'm leaving those as they are. I did take a couple of them and duplicate them. So if you click on this little thing, you can duplicate it. And then you'll have to sketching. And I moved like the sketching, inking brushes up into the sketching category on my, my new category list. So you can do that with paint and stuff like that. But for the most part I would leave these alone so that you can remember which ones actually come with procreate. It comes with a lot of really great brushes just on its own. But it's so rewarding to just Russia's even if you don't use them, I don't know why I feel that way, but I end up doing that. So just wanted to show you this update where I did put these stars there to make everything stand out a little bit more. I really like this so far. It was kind of a pain because I have so many brushes, but it was rewarding to see which brushes that I have into sort of play around with them. I like testing out brushes. And I now feel like if I was going to do an art piece that I could go between my brushes without taking a really long time trying to figure out what I have. 4. How to Create a "Favorites" Brush Set: Today I'm gonna show you how to create a bras hat that has your favorite brushes in it so that you don't need to continue to try to find the brushes you're looking for each time you want to switch a brush, it's important that you create the SAT to only have the brushes that you use consistently so that it's not overwhelming. One of the things that can happen very quickly with procreate is that your brushless can get out of control because there's so many wonderful brushes out there and there's no great way to organize those brushes and learn this tip from Lisa glands and her skill share class. And so I wanted to share with you how to create your own list. So I call mine the same as her, which is barebones. And in there I have brushes that I like to use. So I'm going to create this from scratch and just show you how you would do this. So the first thing you would do is you're going to create a new brush set. And you do that by clicking the little plus sign. And you're gonna rename your brush. So I'm going to name this one favorites because that is what goes in here. So I typed up Favorites and now it has that name. There's nothing in there. So what I'm going to do next is I'm going to go through some of my other folders where I know that my favorite brushes are. I've created some brushes, so I'm going to first go into my brush. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to find my favorite ones. So I always use monoline. What I'm going to do is move this into my favorite brush folder. But in order to do that, the first thing that I'm going to do is duplicate it. I don't want to just move it from the folder because I liked to continue to have it in its original folder. So I'm going to duplicate it. So you can see there's monoline and monoline two. Then I'm gonna stick my finger on it, hold it down until it does that. So it became separate. Go up here, I'm gonna click with my other finger on favorites, and it opens that and I just put that in into my favorites file. So if I went back, you can see it's still here in the mine folder. My mind folder has a lot of stuff in it, so it's already kind of overwhelming, right? So if I wanted to find another brush that I really like, I might go into. No, in my bare bones folder here, I have 6B pencil that is also one that comes with procreate. So it would be in way down at the bottom. If you don't have a million brushes, it's not that hard to find, so it would be under sketching. And then I could go and I could see this technical pencil, swipe it to the right, duplicate it. And then I'm gonna take the one that's 6B pencil One. And I touched it, held it down until it came apart. And then I'm going to scroll way back up to favorites. Click on favorites with my finger and opens the folder and I'm gonna drop it right in there. So let's say that I wanted to do a whole bunch. I'm gonna go to bare bones. I'm going to select the ones that I want to this one. And then I, actually, what I'm doing here is I selected one and then the other ones I want, I'm swiping to the right, like just gently swiping to the right. And I'm just going to pick all of these up at one time. And you do that again just so you hold it down until it comes apart. Click on favorites with your other finger, and then just drop it in there and you can see it dropped into my new favorites folder. So that's how you create your new brush set so that you just have your bare bones, the ones that you use often in this set. 5. How to Combine Some of Your Brush Sets: I'm going to show you how to collapse some of your brush sets in your brush library so that you can have a less overwhelming list of brush sets in your brush library. Now don't get me wrong. You're still going to have a giant overwhelming list of brush sets and your brush library, which is why I am recording these videos to show you several different ways to organize your brushes better so that they're easier to find. This is something you would do in the event that you have several brushes from the same designer that have the same function. And it just makes sense for you to have them all together. So for example, I have a brush set that I purchased on design cuts that is a bunch of Fleurus stamps for calligraphy. And it came with, I think it was seven or eight different brush sets. So a brush set is like these lists. So barebones favorites, mine, it came with like seven different ones. So it was like flourished from the top, from the bottom cross stroke. And I just felt like to me, I'd rather have them all in one list, then have eight different things taking up my list because the list can get overwhelming really quickly and, and honestly minus still overwhelming. But anyway, one of the things that I do for my brushes to keep it a little bit less overwhelming when I'm working is to have a folder at the top that is the brushes that I use the most. So that was my bare bones brush. And I've been moving it to be Favorites recently. So I am going to move everything from bare bones to Favorites, and I'm going to show you how to do that. So in the brush set that I want to move everything from, I'm going to select the brushes so I have the top one is selected, so you select it by touching it. And then you're going to select the rest of them by sliding over slightly to the right well, while touching them. So your touch and slide over until they all turned blue, touched the whole thing, hold it down until they all when you move your finger, they move around like that. And then with your other hand, you're going to select the brush library that you want to move everything to. And you can tell it's on that one because it turned blue. And I'm going to slide down or wherever I want to put this. And I'm just going to drop that in there. And then you can see that those are all in the new library now, and they're no longer in there. The bare-bones librarian. If I click on the barebones library, you can see that there's nothing in it. I'm going to get rid of that library and now I have one less brush sat in my giant list of brushes. And so I click on the little procreate sign there, that little calligraphy looking thing. And up comes this menu. I'm going to hit delete and then delete SAT question Mark, can undo it. That's all right with me. And I'm going to select delete. So now I have one last set of brushes in my gigantic list of brushes. 6. Thank you!: Thank you so much for watching this class. I hope you found value in it and I hope you're able to control the madness that is, your brush list in procreates. If you came up with some new titles or categories, I would love if you would share that with the rest of the class and leave a screenshot of your category titles. Or leave a comment in the discussion section just to let us know what your ideas are for organization. The more ideas we have, the better we'll be able to organize our brush library. Now that you're all organized, it's time to go and create something. I hope that you enjoy this process and I look forward to working with you again in the future.