How to Optimize Your Podcast With Eye-Catching Episode Titles, Show Notes, and Cover Art | Almost 30 Podcast | Skillshare

How to Optimize Your Podcast With Eye-Catching Episode Titles, Show Notes, and Cover Art

Almost 30 Podcast, Top-rated podcast & global community

How to Optimize Your Podcast With Eye-Catching Episode Titles, Show Notes, and Cover Art

Almost 30 Podcast, Top-rated podcast & global community

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7 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Welcome To Your Course

    • 2. Your Project

    • 3. Write Episode Titles To Attract Listeners

    • 4. Write Clear & Compelling Show Notes

    • 5. Monetize With Show Notes

    • 6. Create Beautiful Cover Art

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Do you have a podcast and want to know how to attract more listeners? This course is for you! In this course, we're talking about how to optimize your podcast through your episode titles, show notes, and cover art. These are so important because they will be the first things potential listeners notice about your podcast. They are key for attracting listeners, and if you do them right, you can actually triple your audience! 

By the end of this course, you will know how to:

  • Write episode titles to attract listeners
  • Write clear and compelling show notes
  • Monetize with your show notes
  • Create beautiful cover art that stands out to an audience

Looking for more guidance on how to launch, market, or monetize your dream podcast? We have comprehensive courses at

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Almost 30 Podcast

Top-rated podcast & global community


Hi, we're Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik! We're the co-hosts of the Almost 30 Podcast, a top-rated lifestyle podcast and global community. 

We started recording Almost 30 on our closet floors, and in just three years we've grown into a top-rated podcast with more than 20 million downloads. 

We’re so passionate about podcasting because it changed our lives, so we want to help you build the podcast of your dreams. That’s why we created the PodcastPro Program to give you all the guidance, tools, and support you need to launch, market, and monetize your podcast. You can learn more about the program at  


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1. Welcome To Your Course: Hi, I'm your instructor, Christa Williams and Lindsey since Sick and I, My Coast of the almost 30 podcast created almost 30 when we were navigating the transition from our twenties tour thirties, and now it's expanded to a global brand and community of women all over the world. Almost 30 delves into topics like wellness, entrepreneurship, spirituality, self development, and it's really here to help you navigate any transition in your life. Lindsay and I actually started recording almost 30 podcasts on our closet floors. We had no idea what we were doing, but in three years we've grown the podcast to millions of downloads from all over the world were usually on the iTunes top charts. Overall, we sit in the top five and Health and Wellness, and it's really a global brand and community that were super proud off. We're really passionate about podcasting because it's truly changed our lives, and that's why we created your podcast pro to help people launch row and monetize the podcast of their dreams. Any resource is that you need related to podcasting can be found at your podcast pro, and we're so excited to support you on your podcast journey there were giving the still share community a sneak peek into the Your podcast pro program by showing you how to get amazing show notes episode titles and cover their key for attracting listeners. If you do them right, you can actually triple your audience. By the end of this course, you're gonna be able to write clear and compelling show notes. You'll have beautiful cover arts, and you'll also have episode titles that excite your listener to tune into your show. 2. Your Project: in the next video, we'll do a deep dive into writing compelling and concise episode titles. Once you watch that lesson, let's put pen to paper Brainstorm three episode titles, put them in the project gallery and let's comment and encourage each other. Let's do this. 3. Write Episode Titles To Attract Listeners: when thinking about which podcast might interest you. If you're scrolling your feed, your going to first look at the title. What words are interesting to you? Is it the guests that they have on the show? Is it certain topics that you want to know more about? Think about this. When you're putting out your podcast, you're going to want to leverage keywords or important guest names or titles and information that is going to be attractive and interesting to your ideal listener. By using specific keywords, you can increase the likelihood of your shows being downloaded by at least three times. It's really important, and we've shown such a difference in our show success. When we're leveraging popular keywords for our titles, you're gonna want to make sure that your title is not too long to descriptive or misleading . People will lose trust in you if you have certain keywords in your title and you're not addressing them on your show. Because people's podcasts are usually on their mobile phone, the title is gonna be scrolling across the screen, and you're gonna want your listener to know what the show's about within the first few words. So don't make it too long. We also suggest trying different things and see what works for you. Maybe it's having the guest name in the title. Maybe it's not. Maybe it's finding specific keywords that are relevant to your podcast category and having it there. Try it all. I also wanted to share with you a few examples of good podcast episode titles and not so good podcast episode titles. If we were thinking about Podcast Pro, one of our titles would be how to successfully launched a podcast. We know what you're gonna get from listening, and it's enticing to a listener that is your ideal demographic, someone that wants to successfully lunch a podcast. Not so good Title examples would be Episode 40. People don't know what the show's about. They don't know what episode 39 was about, and they may not be interested. Toe Listen, just based on number of episodes, a good way for you to track which podcast titles air working and not working is to check your lips in stacks. Are there certain key words that people are downloading more often than others? This can really help you to tailor your titles in the future and make sure that you're making content that's relevant and exciting for your audience, 4. Write Clear & Compelling Show Notes: Now let's talk about shown ups. And I think when people start thinking about their podcasts and putting it on apple or Spotify or wherever they're distributing their content, they often don't think about all the work that goes into the show notes. So the show notes will go on the website portion of your podcast and are important for driving traffic via ASIO war listeners from any of the outlets which you shared your podcast. There are some things that you're gonna want to make sure that you have within your show nuts, and the first is a summary of the podcast episode with 3 to 5 bullets on what the episode is about. So people know what they're getting if they tune in and listen. One of my favorite ways to open up your show notes on your website is to have a pull quote . Pocho is a great way to showcase some of the content that was in the episode in an engaging way that can even be share a bill on social. If you create a graphic for your pull quote, people can share it on Twitter instagram, and it can get people really excited about what they're going toe. Listen, Teoh, In addition to your pull quote and your summary, you're also going to include any references to any articles or music or other podcasts. Anything that you said you were going to put in the show notes. Make sure you link it here. This is also a really great place. If you reference older podcast episodes, you can get people interested and engaged with older content by referencing it in episodes and linking in your shops. 5. Monetize With Show Notes: one way to monetize, and one way to make your partners really happy is by including discount codes or filling links in your show Nuts. So say you're working with a partner. Your 1 to 1 include discount code information for whatever the product is and then affiliate link information. If you are a part of affiliate program, this could help you drive traffic to their site and inherently put money back in your pocket. 6. Create Beautiful Cover Art : Okay, Now we're gonna talk about your cover art for your podcast. It's really important that you feel good about your cover art. It doesn't need to be perfect. And we don't want it to stop you from launching. We've had three different versions of ours, but you really should feel proud of and love your cover art to get started brainstorming. We suggest that you look at the podcasts, take a look at the other podcast that are listed and see if there's any consistencies and what you see most are clean. Most are simple, most are bright, and most are really easy to read. They're actually not as complicated as you think When you're really looking at it. It seems simple, but we want you to remember that this art is going to live on people's phones. So when they're at their desk or driving, or when they're showing your podcast to their friends, you're gonna wanna have art that is attractive and representative of the content that you put out for your podcast are we recommend that you stay away from anything that's graphic, controversial, lewd, inappropriate, and we suggest that you don't put the word podcast on there. It's simply a waste of space. People know what they're downloading. We can't stress it enough that when you go to the Apple podcast store, you can see a lot of the podcasts listed on there have very, very simple art. Most of the time, it's really clear font with a simple background. Some of the biggest podcast just have the name on the cover for a lot of podcasters. They want to include a photo of themselves on their podcast art. If you do this, we recommend that you get a professional photo taken, that it's clear and that it represents you. We also suggest that if you need help, enlist a graphic designer. You confined ones for really cheap on fiber and up work. Or you can use 99 designs, and they will give you a lot of options that you can feel really confident about when you share your podcast. Some free resource is that you can use for your cover. Our include Can va designer stencil and snap. I'm your podcast artwork. The text needs to be legible, so you're not gonna want to use a sand Sarah front. This means with feet so times the Roman will not work because it's not easy to read, and we don't suggest you use script fund definitely not capitalized Script fund. And if you are using a script fought, make sure it's big enough for people to read. These include Futura Ariel and really clear font without feet. I know it sounds silly, but it makes it so much easier to read when you're looking at your podcast. Art. If you're working with a designer to help you with your cover art, even send them a mood board on Pinterest that has your colors, designs, bonds, textures, things that you love and want to include on your podcast cover art. I would also suggest that you send them these tips and information that we're sharing with you today so they have a guideline to use when creating your art. Podcast feeds contain artwork that is very specific sizing, so at a minimum, your podcasts art needs to be 1400 by 1400 pixels, and at its largest it needs to be 3000 by 3000 pixels. We suggest you compress the file so that it's much easier to see and looks better when you view it on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop. In addition to those stipulations, it needs to be 72 d p I in PNG or JPEG format, And just a note after podcast will change these dimensions when you're viewing it on your phone, on your desktop or on your computer. 7. Final Thoughts: Thank you so much for joining me in this class. You're now ready to optimize your podcast with amazing show notes, beautiful cover art and enticing episode titles. Remember? Sure, you're amazing Episode titles in the Project Gallery and let's all support one another. And remember, if you're looking for more guidance on how to start, grow and monetize your podcast, we have everything you need at your podcast. Pro dot com. It's a comprehensive, step by step guide for any podcaster to build the podcast of their dreams. Thanks for joining. I'm so excited for you.