How to Optimize Your Daily Fantasy Football Lineup with Excel and VBA

Jordan Williams, Excel/VBA Teacher for Fun, Useful Projects

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14 Videos (48m)
    • Introduction

    • Data Input

    • Data Validation

    • Filter Data Paste

    • Filter VBA

    • Button Assignment

    • Transfer

    • Transfer1

    • Formulas1

    • Pivot

    • Finishing Touch

    • Formulas

    • Sorter

    • Solver


About This Class

This class is for all skill levels in Excel as it is a step by step process.
This project is designed to teach you valuable skills in Excel and VBA while working on an interesting project that will impress your friends and family. I am not a proponent of spending hours on definitions or really trivial things that have no real world use. I believe in doing the work to learn something.
In this class, you will use IF formulas, Data Validation Tools, SumProduct formulas, Macro Recorders, and VBA editing. This class is designed for those that are interested in the functionality of Excel and not the theory.






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Jordan Williams

Excel/VBA Teacher for Fun, Useful Projects

My name is Jordan Williams. I have a Master of Arts in Economics from the University of South Florida (2014) and both a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Florida Southern College (2011). 
By day, I'm a Revenue Forecaster for an electric and gas utility. I'm still a young professional that is constantly learning, but what I have definitely come to learn is that pairing a knowledge of Excel/VBA with business acumen makes for a great skillset... It also makes life so much easier because you're able to accomplish tasks at a much more efficient and effective pace. 
Outside of that, I'm a normal sports loving guy that uses Excel in my everyday life. I recently wrote a Kindle Book called How to Optimize Your Daily Fantasy Football Lineup with Excel 2010 & 2016 if you're ever interested in other ways to use Excel. 
My goal is to teach people how to effectively use Excel for interesting projects. I won't lean so heavy on the definitions because actually being able to do the work is much more important than boring definitions. 
I hope you enjoy my classes and please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] if you have any projects that you need an expert to work on.