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How to Motivate Yourself and Others

Lawrence Miller, Lean Management Coach

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20 Lessons (7m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Hierarchy of Motivation

    • 3. The Power of Purpose

    • 4. Social Motivation and the Radius of Trust

    • 5. Situational Motivation - The ABC's

    • 6. Situational Motivation - Why it Works

    • 7. Lean Culture and Motivation

    • 8. Fact Based Definitions

    • 9. Types of Positive Reinforcement

    • 10. Keys to Intrinsic Motivation

    • 11. Targets, Goals and Objectives

    • 12. Schedules of Reinforcement

    • 13. Analyzing Performance Problems

    • 14. Modeling and Appreciative Inquiry

    • 15. The Balance of Consequences

    • 16. The Power of Immediacy

    • 17. Reducing Poor Performance - To Punish or Not?

    • 18. Coaching Part 1

    • 19. Coaching Part 2

    • 20. Summary


About This Class

There are two keys to success: competence and motivation. And, most important is becoming competent at motivating yourself and others. That is the purpose of this course.

I have authored more than ten books and the key to getting books published is simply the self-discipline to sit yourself down and write! I have been CEO of two companies and consulted with more than one hundred major corporations on human performance. They keys to improving motivation and performance are well known. In this course I have distilled the science of human behavior down to the essential practical lessons that every entrepreneur and manager must know and practice to succeed.

The topics covered in the course include the following:

  • Sources of Motivation
  • Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation
  • The Coaching Kata
  • Optimizing Social Reinforcement
  • Developing a System of Motivation
  • The ABC Model of Managing Behavior
  • Using Reinforcement Schedules
  • Is it a “Can’t Do” or a “Won’t Do?”
  • Managing Yourself. The Biggest Challenge!

Course Objectives:

  • To gain mastery over your own behavior and to maximize your influence over your employees and associates.
  • To learn a model of analyzing and solving human performance problems.
  • To optimize all sources of motivation. You will learn an inclusive model that includes a) spiritual motivations, b) social motivation, and c) situational sources of motivation and methods to apply each to your own life and within your organizaton.
  • To learn to apply the science of behavior management to yourself and others. This includes the ABC model of identifying antecedents, pinpointed behavior, and consequences that reinforce the behavior.
  • You will learn how Lean management (Toyota Production System), is both a technical and social system and how it employees the forces of motivation to engage and optimzie human performance.
  • You will learn the "Coaching Kata", a simple and proven method of coaching others to improve specific skills and behavior.





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Lawrence Miller

Lean Management Coach

For the past forty years Lawrence M. Miller has worked to improve the performance of organizations and the skills of their leaders. His expertise is derived from hands on experience creating change in the culture of hundreds of organizations.

He began his work in youth prisons after recognizing that the learning system in the organization had exactly the opposite of its intended effect - increasing, rather than decreasing, dysfunctional behavior. For four years he worked to redesign th...

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