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How to Mine Cryptocurrency on your Gaming Desktop or Gaming Laptop

teacher avatar Charlie Kang, Everyone should be able to invest.

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Intro for how to mine crypto on your gaming PC

    • 2. My background in cryptomining

    • 3. Why mine crypto and minimum GPU requirements

    • 4. How to install and use Ethminer

    • 5. How to create your Metamask Ethereum wallet and link to Ethminer

    • 6. How to install use phoenix miner and check if you are successfully mining

    • 7. How to tweak your GPU settings to maximise mining hashrate

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About This Class

A simple cryptomining guide from someone who was once a cryptomining newbie just a month ago. More specifically this is a guide on how to mine the Ethereum coin. Which is currently still mineable using GPUs that has more than 4GB of onboard VRAM.

Most gaming desktop and gaming laptops has a GPU that fulfills this basic requirement, hence we can make use of the time when we are not actively gaming, video editingĀ or zoom conferencing, to mine the Ethereum cryptocurrency and earn some passive income for ourselves.

codes for Ethminer start.bat file:
*please remember to amend the Ethereum wallet address and mining pool URL, unless you want to mine your Ethereum to my wallet for which I will thank you very much!






ethminer.exe -P stratum1+tcp://[email protected] -U -R

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Charlie Kang

Everyone should be able to invest.


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1. Intro for how to mine crypto on your gaming PC: Hi and welcome to the view. So this is a video regarding on how to use your gaming desktop or gaming laptop in order to fit in liters queries of crypto mining. And more specifically how to cook to mine the coin called Theorem coarser ETM right now is at a very high price. So he's riding along high along with the Bitcoin wave. So speaking right now I think the theorem is 4 thousand as of the poem making these videos about thousand eat close to about 1090 USD criterion. Okay? So it's pretty high priced. And because of this high price or everybody wants to get a little bit of action. Or some people by some viewers like yourself might be thinking, How can you start crypto mining? Because you've heard about it and you heard it, could DO mining. Bitcoin, Ethereum is booming, but you're not sure how to get into it. So I'm going to show you a very simple way, just a simple gate, short and simple game. Do you on how to mine material Manion giving desktop, all your gaming laptop. 2. My background in cryptomining: Well, let's start at the of intro on my background in crypto, my name basically I'm a newbie and crypto mining. So I only learned about crypto mining and Ethereum mining last month. When YouTube, sorry, I think I think probably I looked into a little bit of videos regarding cryptocurrency and YouTube started to recommend me videos on how to how to mine cryptocurrency said I wasn't going to a few guides and an apical up. Pretty straightforward. I could actually start just boost based on a few guys, I could start mining within the day. So I really started. But the mining. So basically this is from the perspective of someone who has nevermind crypto before and started the discovery. So there's like a newbie guiding a newbie, so to say. So I want to be in Quito mining one month. So my journey than has been I started crypto mining on my gaming desktop, which my desktop computer which I had 2017 Super, which is a decent mid tier gaming graphics card. So I started mining on it for about three weeks to a month. And I realize that yeah, the money is about I think about two to three weeks actually as a minor that cover two tweets. And I see that it helium starting to communi Sida, the money is real, so to say. And based on that ice, from then on, I actually took a little bit from my savings and investor B of my savings into building another Rick, actually I purchased some use, might've bought some new motherboards as far as we use my all power supplies they had lying around my old RAM and started assembling new systems to buy more graphics fats to add on to create my own little mining weeks. So as of now I'm, I actually purchased another for new forms or new graphics cards to add onto my little mining rig. So I have a separate mining rig that's running that's separate from my own so-called giving desktop does dedicated to my encrypted criterium cryptocurrency 24-7. So in total, I've currently have five graphene Scott, so five GPUs. They are Kearney mined material around the clock. And from this f2 and humanitarian there is this efficiency. They coined mega hashes per second. So out of that, so the total five graphics has combined the mind about 200 mega hashes per second. This 200 mega hashes per second later probably have screened issue about the profitability of it based on Corinthian pricing, I believe they should be earning about 20 USD at D, which is approximately in a month, is about almost about six hundred, six hundred USD a month is pretty good pretty good site income. So to see, based on the interstate. So obviously I invested quite a few thousand dollars of my own savings into creating, buying that extra four graphics cards and also buying that extra might've bought power suppliers and so on and so forth. But that is beside the story. So there is, if you want to get more serious in the crypto mining, you wanna invest more money. And I also probably have to add a guide on how to do further mining rigs to expand your mining capability, to really take this more seriously, to earn more income from Crypto mining. But basically, my Virgo is that I'm a newbie. I just started critter mining a month ago and I discovered how easy it was and just wanted to create this video to show fellow viewers and fellow students here let, it is something that your graphics card, your computer should be an asset that you should take advantage of, especially during this booming cryptocurrency prices. You could mine cryptocurrency while you're not using your computer, anybody can do it. And you also helps you participate in a cryptocurrency system to help to decentralize or we call the cryptocurrency mining. So you're helping out the system in general and you're being rewarded for it by getting some cryptocurrency yourself, which you can convert to cash to use to purchase your own photos, graphics cards, or to subsidize your other expenses, how you want to use your caches. So basically that's it. So I said so. 3. Why mine crypto and minimum GPU requirements: Why mine cryptocurrency. Why might it to remember very simple Faculty staff, your crony, If you are owning a gaming laptop or gaming desktop now your graphics card and a system that you have with you, it's actually an asset which you can and so-called passive income in a way, not really passive because I mean, yeah, you staff them wanting money did the temperatures from time to time, but generally you don't have to work for it. You just leave it on. And as long as the temperature say in check that you can't just mine and anew from which you can convert any cell to cache. So first and foremost, I want to preface by saying that to mine, theorem, you have to have the sun graphics card or your laptop has to have a decent graphics holidays and insight. What I mean by decent will be that because of the tombs, quote, it actually needs the graphics card to have more than four gigabytes of memory. More than four gigabytes of memory in order to 4. How to install and use Ethminer: Let's start with the actual guide. So I'll start off with this is a guide on how to mine bacterium via mining pools. So maybe I'll just summarize ways a mining pool. So in, in simple terms, a basically to mine a single material on your own, it's highly inefficient. Unless you have very large GPUs that you have a lot of mining rigs that you have, or maybe allow us ascii minus, that means our hardware there's dedicated to just my knee theorem that is very efficient, but they're also very expensive. And as you have those big amounts of how Aereo disposal, mining one, YouTube them on your own. It's probably quite difficult and quite inefficient. That means you can probably take you up to light. You can run your mining rate, let's say or giving PC 24-7 for like maybe up to two to three months. And until you finally get lucky and you discover e1, e2 theorem, and that theorem is all yours. But it can be 23 months, it can be maybe up to half a year. So we took the efficiency of mining one Hume on your own, it's pretty difficult. So instead, what people have come up with is what we call mining pools. So here in this website I'm showing you is eeta So this is one of the Ethereum mining pools. If you search for material mining pools, Let me try services for ETO mining pools, there are quite a few. They are like Nanopore. There are guides on why the best material mining pools. So you can see that spark Bu eater mine after pools by the pool, HIV on two minus, there are many, many therefore with this is from obese, who is obese in China and so on. So there are many mining pools in the book. Basically. As you can see here, the activity_main impose CPU as well as ITA mine. The two largest they have. Stock with itself has 93.4 tera hash per second in terms of network hash rate. And Itamar has 9.3 Tara HashMaps again. So right here I'm going to show you how to start mining from ITA, my doll. So it's very simple. You don't really need to create much. So you can see here it's OK. Just come over here and as this link clicks, start mining. So very simple guide to show you how to connect or disconnect your mining server. The various of us. So we have an Asia server, Europe, US East, and US West. This various survey addresses the strengthened pot alternate stratum and SSL port. Then in this case, you need to put in your username or your address and the password, you can just leave it empty. So I did. And just knowing this obviously you you will need mining software to download to your gaming desktop or your gaming laptop, and you need to run it. So this mining software needs to be running 24-7 in order for, for them to meet use of your graphics card or your CPU to do crypto mining. There's the few recommended here for Nvidia as well as MD. So in this case I'm running and video. I'm running a 30-60 TI, which is a video that these are 0s graphics cut. And they are truly recommend that one associates T-rex if minor and Phoenix minor. So I'll show you how to run IV minor and Phoenix minor. So for example, let's say if we click on each might, it directs you to the page where you can download the latest stable version of each miner. So the latest version and stable measure each miner is minus 0.18. And they are, they are the coup divergence. So could attend, good, it could. And i 0.1. so you can download the liters could aversion. So it says Windows MD 64. So unless you're running a Linux system or a diamond system, you want to download the Windows version. So that is for if you're using each miner. So, so let's see if you have downloaded if minus 0.1, it could attend Virginia just unzip if you go into the folder. In this case, my photo is empty, so I may need to unzip here. And this is, so this is a disclaimer and a warning for anyone who is actually going to use your, who hasn't already, the West was thinking off or has decided to use your computer to krypton. When is that? By nature, by the nature of this crypto mining programs, they are considered and malware and a virus, so to say. Because what crypto mining software does is that it uses, it takes control of certain parts of your computer, has a CPU or your, your GPU graphics processing unit, which is its thickness, takes control of your video card. Or in certain cases you, so you can use your CPU, so take control of your a computer. Your CPU processor uses the resources to connect to a mining pool and use it to do various books to, to resolve crypto mining puzzles, so to say, to do calculations acquired mining puzzles. So by nature of the program, which is to take control of some of your computer parts in order to do a work and then divert that work to another external Internet address, pilot nature, it is considered a virus and a malware. So definitely your virus, your anti-virus software. That means there'll be nurse defendant or in this case I'm using Avars antivirus. It will detect and it will block windows, sorry, victor mining software. So it's definitely will block this software. So hence, Well, I would suggest is you disable your antivirus software, for example. I usually disable it for like ten minutes before I'm zipping any of these crypto mining software. Or if, in the case whereby if you do not disable the antivirus, right? Basically the antivirus bubble pop up saying that the block, this EXE or they blocked that because they are considered as malware or trojan. Yeah, which is a Trojan is, is all form of virus. So basically they will consider such crypto mining software has Trojans, Trojan viruses, or malware, and your antivirus software will block it. So you could imagine if I had a disable antivirus software or you can allow exceptions to it. So what happens in my antivirus software is, let's see, let's demonstrated. Okay, so let's enable key and K. So let's try unzipping this again. And we'll just show you guys what's going to happen, right? False. I guess to oh, okay, didn't block K. I already added exceptions to this particular EXE. So hence that is why it doesn't block it. So my point being is that if you were to get certain pop up that say that yes, blocks are then EXE, reconsider Trojan or malware. So you just have to go to your virus chess, navigate to your virus shares. See if I can here. Okay. So you can navigate to your virus chess and basically select whichever EXE there has been.EXE or so-called virus. Basically which crypto mining software that has been blocked and select it and add an exception and restore it. So that's what we can do if you're using if minor. So I have to preface this by saying if minor has compatibly the latest version of F minor, which is 0.1. version. Step, the job I want to check it out again. Kids here. Yeah. So the latest version there is a stable version 2, which is the 0.1 version, has in compatibility issues with the liters and vignette that serious cuts. That means somehow it is, it doesn't have, doesn't have the update that goes to take advantage of the latest hardware from the series of video cards yet. So hence, if you are using a tissue is carts you might not be able to use if minor, but it should work perfectly fine with audio and video NAMD cuts, such as the RX 5700 series AMD cuts and video. 20 thousand city such as your 2080 is your 20 sixties or you're 1660 supers and so on. That there should be no problem with those cuts. So for if minor, Basically what you need to do is unzip. So in this case this is RD and zip to a local drive. Okay? So for example, once you have unzipped your 0.01. a could attend, you will see a bin folder. If you go in, you have Kronos and if my EXE. So what I recommend is we reorganize this, copy, this entire folder. That means from the Kronos and if minor EXE to afforded AT easily access. So in this case, I put it under my Lucas C Drive and I put it under h0 folder. I just call my folder if order for short and it's under bid, right? So, And there'd been this Kronos as if minus. So there is this extra power that you have to create, which is start dot BAT file. So basically how to create this as pretty simple. First and foremost, i'll show you via this empty folder here. Just right-click, go to new and you can create a text document. Write text document. I can start BAT dot dx t, k. And you can. So these are the, oops. Okay. So these are the values that you need to put inside. So in this case you need to k. So these are the things that I need to put inside. So probably tried to have a document of folder where you can just copy and paste all these values, which is a set X GPU underscore for 64-bit PTR 0, Thanks GPU max heap size 100, set GPA, you sing objects, one, GPU mix. A lot the same, one hundred percent, one hundred. So this following one, if minor dot EXE minus p, stratum one plus TCP. And this part, this part will be your wallet. And okay, so this wallet, I'll get to it later. And this is your so-called your book on him, which is actually optional. But for me I just put my work and industries and this sign. You will get this as well. So this is your mining pool address which we had earlier. So if we go back to it, OK, this is the my input address. I'm from Singapore's on mining from the Asia server. So this is the address this should be copy, copy, paste it into here. And this is a semicolon followed by a strengthened partnership or 44444. And you have minus u minus R. So basically if you're using NVIDIA graphics card, then this year's levy as minus r If you are using AMD graphics card just to minus g. So basically I did not come up with this guy. So this is, there's a simple guide that I followed actually online. I follow this guide from gigabit gaming, big shout out to its channel. So I should follow from here. So something that I want to add while you're creating this fall, right, where you're creating this stuff dot BAT file. In this case, I put start dot TXT. You have to deceive, changed certain windows settings in order to create this BED file correctly. So if you go to type on your Windows, tap on it, tap on your windows and you put fat folder explorer options, just typed folder, you have far explorer options here. Click on it. The general view and so shear. So and view this View tab under File Explorer Options. Make sure you uncheck this box. Hi extensions for known file types. You have to uncheck it, find k so that you can see that once I disabled, let's say I rename this file and I removed that txt from it. He will change to a BED file. Then you can change to fall this way and you can click on it. And you can put in the values which I mentioned earlier. So if you do not, so by default, windows actually has the option and evil. So you have to go into a file folder options and unchecked that particular option before you can easily created this startup BAT far software startup VAT vow is created. Usually what we recommend in order to run this will be to go to your command prompt so you can click on your Windows logo again, or pressing the Windows key type cmd, which will run command from. So from command prompt, you want to navigate to this particular folder, which has your eta mine dot EXE inside. In this case, CD slash. Cd slash will direct you back to your C drive so you can see the slash slash bin. So this goes to the folder which in my case stores Maya ITA, mydata EXE. So you can change this accordingly to wherever you have, where you have decided to store your data, mine dot EXE SUR sure, Kronos folder. And then to run my program, you have to type stack dot DAT and you press enter. So this will run. So in this case for mine, there should be an error because as I mentioned, if my mind sorry, if minor is incompatible with the latest that disagrees cuts. So I'm running at 30-60 TI here you can see that there are errors and 0. Ok. So in order to close this mining software, you have to press x. And of course the Sino as well. I mentioned if you're antiviruses enable, sometimes your antivirus will pop up with a warning that says that this F-minor.EXE is malware or Trojan virus and is deleted. So you have to move to your virus shares. Click on select it and add an exception and restore it and run this dot-dot PAT again in the essay. 5. How to create your Metamask Ethereum wallet and link to Ethminer: So here I'd like to show you guys how to create crypto currency or TOM wallet. So what I would suggest is to use method class. So meta masses. There's a Chrome extension for mathematics which is pretty easy. Civic. Who go such format the mass. That's a download. So on key. Then you can click on the download. Chrome, iOS and Android app I saw. So I have the iOS app as well as I would, I suggest if you are using Google Chrome to install mathematical form. So if you click on this and follow the instructions, you install the meta mass extinction, which I already have. So in this case, Mathematica works as a wallet and I'm not afraid of showing you guys wanna address and so on and how much I have here, because the good thing about cryptocurrency is that nobody can steal from, even though they know your currency wallet address, they cannot steal from your address. They can only deposit to your address. So in order to initiate any transfer of cryptocurrency, always you have to send it to another cryptocurrency wallet or another person's cryptocurrency wallet address. So it's pretty simple. You don't have to worry about showing your address and so on. Ok. So basically when you create your meta mass, in this case, let's show here. So this is my mathematics wallet. So I've already created, I've just left it as a countable one and you have your metal mass it you in mala address here. So if you click on this, you know, copy this. And if you go back to the if mine, so this is the start dot BAM file for each miner mining software. So this particular part, as I mentioned earlier, would be your material cryptocurrency wallet address. So I will just copy and paste. So basically from here, let's copy this and paste it in this section, right? So if you want to use this particular, if you want to use everything at this particular address is fine. That means you'd just be mining of cryptocurrency to my wallet to which our say, thank you very much, but you don't have to. So basically you want to change this particular wallet address to your own wallet address. And the rest of the parameters you want to adjust accordingly. And basically or once you have it or adjusted, you want to save. Or you can say if S picture it, startup.js says, OK. So once it saved, then you can run it by going broke into command prompt. So click on the window. So oppressive Windows Key go into command from navigate to the folder which you have your IV minor software. So in my case, I have it on C Drive. Ii folder, Dr. E. Folder. And sorry, I then CD. I have E drive. Okay. I've in C Drive II folder and bin folder. Okay, so I have it there. And to run your crypto mining software, just need to type the bed found images. If you stopped up VAT. And it will run. So in for if my if minor it is incompatible with the betas NVDA, that issue is cut so you can see that there is aerosol could an error and so on. However, this IV minor will be should be perfectly fine if you're using odor and video AMD series, such as the AMD 5700 series or earlier. This five seventies, eighties, fifty six hundred fifty seven hundred fifty seven. Or those should be fine in terms of AMD cards. If you're using audio and video cast such as video like 20 serious cuts like previously I was using if minor or my 2070 super, which perfectly fine. No issues. Or they're using the 16 sixties Super 66 CT IS there'll be no problems of using each miner on debt as well. Or if you're using even those Nvidia Pascal once you viscus layout 1010, $0.70 of DTI is 1080. Eyes your 10-16. Those should work fine on IV minor. Ok. So basically you can see that it's not working for my tissue is cast as why the hashrate shows here is 0 hash per second. And the other closeness software is very easy. Just click on the X to close it. So I'll show you guys. 6. How to install use phoenix miner and check if you are successfully mining: So alternatively, what I personally like to use is since I've got the disused Phoenix minor. So I'll show you guys how to install and configure Phoenix minus here. Personally, I use a phoenix minor. And if you click on the link for Phoenix minor, it directs you to this Bitcoin forum and you have to scroll down to find a link to download the software. Give me a moment here. So it's under this.1 quick style. They can now finish mine a five-by-five c from here. So you can click here which value to this so-called this folder. And you can download fixed Soviet using Windows. Just download the five-by-five, sees it fall. Or if you're using Linux, you can download the line X version, so on. So just always use the latest version. So in this case, five-by-five sees the latest version of feelings minus k. K. And we have it here. Okay? So there's a series of files here, which is this. You don't really need to concern yourself with what files I hear. The most important one would be this stock may enter dot file. So we want to right click on it and you undo at the correct. So unlike if my inner fees, My name is slightly, slightly more user-friendly in a case whereby I have already set give this parameters to you. And you have to yeah. So they have certain notes as well on how you should add this. So essentially I replaced the AEF address with your own 0V Walla address in the minus WL. Triple one is written in. So for example, there reset Phoenix minor dot EXE and have this dash poo and SSL. So they have poor one and pool to generally I'll remind from one single CPU is fine to leave a second pool option there. But personally I delete this entire line, either the poor Tool and I'm mining from the Asia one that Azure poor as well. So example, personally I'm mining froms, living in syllabus on my name from Egypt boo. So there's the address which under copy and replace the copy and replace this address with copy and replace this address with my ego one. So each I want you to And this is the triple five is to SSL pot, which you can't leave it there. So your one at address should be here. So in this case they have this this is Phoenix mine as well, that address or you want to do. Keep this address. You'll be mining cryptocurrency and eating them to Phoenix minus founders address, which do thank you very much, but you don't have to do that. So in this case, you want to replace this with your own bitumen will address. So as earlier shown you a guide on how to create your own meta mass wallet. And you have your metal mass will address, you can copy it. Put this part. So after this minus W L option, you want to do copy just control V or piece, you're all address that would be sit. So triple 01 is your weakening. So I like to form, I will call this instead. And you can leave the POS file there. So once you have edited this, you should save it. Save the file. And that's it. So that once you have saved the file, you have configured the o address as well as your wallet address, basically are all set. And in order to run this is the same processes running IV minor as well. So what I would first like to do usually is I would I will cut this whole folder and place it somewhere. There's easy to navigate. So for myself, I like to put it under my C Drive. And I have created my folder, ie just what he QAM. And in this case a crater codec for pH to put all my Felix minus office here. So for example, if you paste it here, personally, I usually want to rename this for exam. I rename it pH of one for example. And you have your files here. So in order to run this, you could double-click on here to run it. But sometimes they'll be there'll be certain errors to in, to run because yeah, there might be some errors if we run it. I'm not entirely sure, but maybe you could run as administrator. Yeah. So usually to run this program to the.bat file, yeah, you can double-click on it. But I found that there are certain issues which it doesn't run even when they're running SMS reader for example. So what I would suggest instead is to go to the command prompt. Navigate to the folder, how navigate? Yes, it tech CD slash. And this is therefore the address. So for in my case I pull it, I know my 0V order after the C drive and put it under H1 and you press Enter. So once a intifada run that file got stuck, and this coal miner dot t. Okay, so I've figured out the problem. As you can see here, that not deficient did not pop up. But I just like I mentioned earlier, my antivirus software has actually blocked the Phoenix minor as they consider it a malware. So in this case, in order to Re-enable it to run it, so you have to check that. So this was a vast free anti-virus. So vc for your own antivirus software, it might be slightly different, but BC of the goatee of Irish chess check the deleted. So the one that was quarantine or deleted by antivirus software. And you will see in this case is the felix minor dot EXE, and you have to restore an exception to it. So let's see. I should have been stored. So it was restored and I need to bring it. He got he got blocked again. So we can see that once I've tried to move him into my correct folder, it got blocked by the antivirus software again and you'd restart at deception. So a simple way is when you are running this crypto mining programs to just disable your antivirus. So in this case, for Abbas, I can disable it for ten minutes. While I run all this crypto mining soft crypto mining software. Because who I mentioned earlier, by nature of crypto mining, which is to take control of your graphics card or your CPU in order to do something in this case is to calculate crypto mining algorithms and hashes and send it to an external website address is by Nietzsche, malware or virus, which is why in your antivirus software will block it. So whether crypto mining is actually safe for your competition where they actually have real malicious malware insight. Nobody knows for sure. So personally I have mine cryptocurrency for only a month, but there's no adverse effect so far. Are negative effect like nobody has taken from what I understand, nobody has taken control of my computer or posted, malicious or stolen my theatre or anything, but I can never be sure. So you have to wear, you might cryptocurrency, you have to bear the risks that you are actually running malware and malware and viruses on your computer in order to make cryptocurrency key. So we have, we start our Phoenix minor dot EXE and we have our start might not bet file. So we can just double click on it to run the BED file. In this case, my firewall blocked it, so I want to allow access for the Phoenix minor just crypto mining, mining software to access to my firewall key. So you can see the yellow is working now. So these feelings might not ask or knee running under this command, command prom file. And you can see the, Yeah, there's forty four, forty four, forty four mega hashes. So S been running. So normally the 36 CTI honest stock settings should be hashing around 50 something mega hashes per second, but be ski because I'm running OBS software to record this video. So it does take a little bit of GPU resource away by running OBS and doing the recording. Hence, the hashrate is. So it is actually possible to be doing graphically intensive jobs such as light recording something on your computer using OBS when maybe live streaming or maybe you are playing a game. So you can see that finally got it to work, because previously I was using the Europe of address, which I should have reconfigured to my ego one. So once I configured it to the nearest server, which for me is Asia, I'm able to get it to work. So how do you know how do you know that is working as you will see if chef found and it will show the actual difficulty of the if and the checks up to how many milliseconds. So when you have a successful shares and nothing's mine at your update here, shares 1-0-0, so there's one successful share. So you've have rejected shares, it will reflect in the last number here. So in this case I have another share which is 32.2 giga hash she has accepted. And so, and so you see that this number, so you have to running things, might you have to see this or if she found this green words in order to know that your crypto mining software or your GPU is actually properly mining. Because if you do not have this share found there certain issues whereby even though your graphics card is running, It's actually not, is actually not crypto mining properly. It's not mining is not connected to the pool properly. So in that case you might want to change a different server. So among the BED file, maybe they use different glutamine server or maybe switch to use a totally different CPU as well. So maybe my Edomite CPU is incompatible with where you live. So I want to use another pool and you can just google for ITER mining pools where you can see there's a wide variety of them out there. And yeah, so there's a wide variety of EQ and mining pools here. So if eta mine doesn't work for you, you can always try spot poo, poo or other pools. And you can see which one works best for you. But basically, for your crypto mining software, for your GPU to be successfully mining, you have to be able to see this. Let me trace growing up k. You have to be able to see this Greenwich. If you're using Phoenix might not either. If she found she had difficulty and a share accepted. You want to check the status of the minor. So in this case, if you click on this minor address and if you copy your acumen, wanna address into this minor address, press enter. It will show you your crypto mining dashboard, which is pretty straightforward. In this case, we are mining to eta And that's why eating my dough is able to track the traffic that goes through them. And to my so-called My deuterium crypto currency Kabbalah. So getting back to update here, key in this case, I have so corny I, my giving CPU is currently running. And this hatchery is not from a giving CPU. So my gaming CPU, you can see here that hashrate, There's currently forty two, forty three, forty one, right? So it has not added because this is the other woken him. Am I giving CPU inhibit fit 25. So you can see there is not affected here. But generally for ITER minds mining dashboard, it takes approximately about at least five to ten minutes to update. So the value should pop in here about ten minutes later so we can, for them. 7. How to tweak your GPU settings to maximise mining hashrate: And meanwhile, let's talk about how to. So if you're running your graphics card to mine, we will want to also talk about how to maybe do some appropriate Overkalix in order to maximize your efficiency. And you want to lower the power draw to minimize the power that is used up by your crypto mining software via your GPU. So you can just google for what we call MSI After Burner software. So this is a free software is by MSI. I believe EVG has a similar software that precision X1. Personally, I have not really used to EJ precision X1 before, but I've been using MSI After Burner for more amongst a year, so I'm quite familiar with it. So you can just download afterburner. They would download a zip file and you can unzip, and so on. So I believe I should have. Ok, let's unzipped is key. So you can just run MSI afterburner setup and install the MSI afterburner accordingly. So basically I already have MS after burner installed. And this is what this software does, is basically it can allow you to tweak your graphics card settings. So you can trick your powers. Your temperature limit, power limit temperature limit, your core clock, and your memory clock of your graphics card, as well as the fence BS1 is quite a useful software. So we're going to use this to do certain overclock to our graphics card to maximize our mining efficiency. So in this case, when it comes to mining efficiency, you will want to actually check out a lot of online resources. For example, let's see, right? We can go for 36 EI over lot for mining, right? And you will have a lot of, so you have, you will have a lot of results. So basically on YouTube as well as on Reddit or law, the crypto mining forums. A lot of crypto minus FAD saw, figured out they have done a lot of extensive testing and figure out what is the optimum kinda overclocked settings for almost every video cut you could imagine that exists in the market. So in this case, let's just go to the first link. For example. You can see a check if you have it here. So for example, this, this website they recommends power limit of 60%, cocoa of minus 500 and memory clock of plus 11100 or 2200. So in this case, the 2200 is actually for another thing, if you're running HIV OS. So maybe I'll create another gate for that next time. But basically parametric plot 11100 and a fantasy around 70%. So we can use this as a general guide to four eater mining. So if hash ETH, ET hash is the so-called the algorithm for it, this is decided setting so a theorem. So if I'm running other cryptocurrency software for example, and this website is is Kapow and 147 mega hashes per second, 190 watts desk, different settings. So the good thing is, is that a lot of crypto mining websites enthusiasts out there, they actually have done a lot of testing and they figured out what the optimum overclocked settings in under four different kinds to maximize efficiency for different kinds of cryptocurrency that's out there in the market. So in my case, let us see whether this overcrowding books as well. I want to preface this by saying that although things are unique for each particular graphics guy, like you might have the, another 36 DTI, that might be even same brand as mine. I am running a auras gigabyte, auras mustard might have the same graphics, but I will overclock settings. Overclocked settings might be different because when he boils down to it, the ability to overclock it still depends on silicon silicon lottery. That means it depends on how, whether you had just happened to have a very powerful, very good silicon in your GPU and in your memory chips. Or you might just lucked out and have slightly inferior memory chips on your particular GPU, or slightly inferior silicon on your particular GPU, then that case your, your overclock, your maximum, maximum over crops might be different from y. Ok, so as you can see here, so I have to do this recording from my mobile phone simply because if I'm running OBS on my given PCE lowers the Hashmi. So I can't get the maximum hashrate possible. So you can see the plasma over clocks here, which is 60% power lemon, as well as minus 201,300. The memory clock, MSI afterburner, Kearney, I'm able to achieve around 61 mega per second or my 36 DTI. And if we scroll up to see earlier, so earlier because we were running OBS And it was under Settings and mega hashes warning about the something 4440 ish. And you can see that as I run the overcast have effectively, and I have quick OBS, some using OBS on my given PC, I've maximized my hashrate amount, 61.5 mega hashes per second.