How to Migrate Your WordPress Website to a New Host for FREE in Less Than 30 Minutes | David ✏ Ault | Skillshare

How to Migrate Your WordPress Website to a New Host for FREE in Less Than 30 Minutes

David ✏ Ault, The Writer Teacher

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9 Videos (30m)
    • An Introduction to the Course

    • A Look at Host Migration

    • Duplicating Your Website

    • Uploading the Archive Website to the New Host

    • Configuring the Database

    • Installing the WordPress Website

    • Changing the Nameservers of Your Domain

    • Assigning the Domain to the New Hosting

    • The Final Step


About This Class

This class takes a look at How to Migrate Your WordPress Website to a New Host for FREE in Less Than 30 Minutes.


Have you ever had problems with the company that is currently hosting your WordPress website?

Perhaps your site has been down a lot recently?

Or the customer service leaves a lot to be desired?

Maybe you don’t feel you are getting value for money anymore?

Or worse still, perhaps your yearly hosting costs have suddenly skyrocketed without any warning?

This actually happens a lot with hosting companies. Once they have got you on board, they think you will probably stay with them come what may! and so many hosting companies just stop trying.

The reason they are able to do this is because many website owners just consider it too technical and far too much hassle to migrate their website to a new host - a new host that does care about getting your business.

Well, what if I was to tell you that it really isn’t that difficult to migrate your website to a new host?

And that I have actually created a 7-step tutorial that will you walk you through how to migrate your WordPress website to a new host in less than 30 minutes !!!

So why don’t you join me in this class and learn how you can quickly and easily move your WordPress website to a new host that is right for you!





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David ✏ Ault

The Writer Teacher

Currently, on the How To Publish An eBook website, I am giving away a FREE online course for anyone who is interested in making a living (or at least a part-time income) from self-publishing.

I also teach classes about course creation, online learning platforms and teaching, and recently, I launched the Writer Teacher Facebook Group as a place where self-published authors and online teachers can hang out to discuss how to make a significant income from your writing throu...

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