How to Memorise A Song - 6 Strategies to help you Sing with Confidence

Jayne C Norrie Vocal Coach, Vocal Coach, Choir Master, Entrepreneur

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2 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. How to Memorise a Song

    • 2. How to Memorise A Song


About This Class


I know many of you feel pretty daunted when you think about memorising songs.

It feels pretty overwhelming eh? Where do you even start with a huge task like that?

I think of memorising is a bit like a muscle, it gets easier once you get used to it and have a strategy in place which you know help you.

You might be struggling with memorising songs, but this guide will help you.

In here you have 6 strategies that I personally use when I am memorising a song. They are tried and tested by me, hopefully they will help you a lot too.