How to Master Social Media Marketing Like a Pro | Edin Chavez | Skillshare

How to Master Social Media Marketing Like a Pro

Edin Chavez, Changing the world one photo at a time.

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10 Videos (1h 42m)
    • From Underdog to Social Media Superstar

    • Goal Setting and Cleaver Ways to Use Social Media

    • Who is Your Audience

    • Where is Your Audience Being Social?

    • Where is Your Audience Being Social? (Continued)

    • Rocking Your ROI

    • Maximizing Your Exposure

    • Your Social Media Strategy On Fire

    • Tools to Use For Fun and Profit

    • Putting it All Together


About This Class

Discover How To Use Social Media To Drive Targeted Traffic, Build Brand Awareness & Sales

Did you know there are over a dozen key ways to use social media to grow your business? It’s true. Most people only know about a handful of ‘em… but once you know them all, then you’ll be able to create a strategy that fully unleashes the true power of social media!

Next, we’re going to find out who your audience REALLY is. Once you have this insight, you can create a social media strategy that’s designed to really CONNECT with them and deliver GREAT results for you!

Discover the 7 best social media sites on the planet and exactly how they rate in terms of benefits such as traffic and branding.

How to maximize your content and get more created faster

How to get more likes, more shares, more comments and more viral activity

How to get more leads & more buyers clicking through to your site.

How to grow your social media channels using your existing visitors.

PLUS+  How to automate and optimize as much as possible along with links to over 30 tools to help you with content creation, tracking your results, and automated posting. These tools will save you time, make it easier than ever to manage your social channels and help you get crazy good results from your efforts!





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Edin Chavez

Changing the world one photo at a time.

I am a Commercial Photographer based out of Miami Beach Florida. Some of my clients include Nikon, National Geographic, Corona, iHeart Radio, Volvo, Curtis Stone, Andrew Zimmern...

I have had the honor and pleasure to work with some incredible people in the industry and my love for the art continues to grow. I teach photography workshops across the glove and share what I know with others. 

Thanks to Skillshare now I can help more people across the glove with one platfo...

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