How to Master Drawing Cartoon Animals " Easy and Fun " Your Cartoon Animals Squad Pack !! | Fady Rizkallah | Skillshare

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How to Master Drawing Cartoon Animals " Easy and Fun " Your Cartoon Animals Squad Pack !!

teacher avatar Fady Rizkallah, Cartoonist and Caricaturist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Dog Body Mass Types

    • 3. 2 Legged Dog

    • 4. Practice 2 legged dog

    • 5. Dog Practice 4 Legged

    • 6. Bonus Penguins

    • 7. Bonus 2 Elephants

    • 8. Big Bonus Various Animals

    • 9. Project

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About This Class


Draw your cartoon animals Squad easily!

In this 20 minutes class Fady will show you how to draw cartoon animals in such an easy way. 

Its like a step by step tutorial that teaches you drawing animals by starting with simple shapes like circles, squares, rectangles .... etc 

He will start by teaching you dogs various body types then will show how to change your dog character just by changing in pose and body shape from smart to goofy to bully .. etc 

Some fun and entertaining class, easy to follow and will take your animal drawing skills to next level. 

This is Fady's 7th class on Skillshare, hope you enjoy it.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fady Rizkallah

Cartoonist and Caricaturist


Hello, I'm Fady a freelancer Cartoonist, Illustrator and Caricaturist based in Cairo, Egypt.

I have started illustration since a very early age and ten years ago I worked as a full time  Art Teacher in an American School in Egypt, after that I became a Freelancer artist.

I do several art styles and I use several mediums yet my passion always goes to Cartoons and Caricatures. 

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1. Intro: There is nothing more fun than drawing cartoon animals. Specifically in this class, I will show you how to draw cartoon box. I will show you how to draw different types and body shapes of cartoon bucks. How to draw four electrons, have to go to lack dogs. And also as a bonus videos, I will show you how to draw different animals as well. And in this fairly and a freelancer, cartoonist, cata, catalyst and innocence treated, this is my seventh class by skill share. Yes, then six plus before. And this is my seventh. If my reference in this class for the drawing and the material loss, Christopher Hart in his great book by mangers, Book of cartoony. This class is pretty interesting and fun and easy to follow. Just bring your pencil or your digital tablet. And then Joe, with me. 2. Dog Body Mass Types: Okay, and this lesson, I'm going to show you how to draw four types of the dark buddy mass. Whether it's the, it is skinny or athletic or neutral, or chopping water just by modifying the backbone line and on the opposite line, the blue line of the dog. By modification or by modifying these two lines, you will be able to change the shape, the body of you, doc. Alright. The skinny dogs has two parallel lines. It's curved upwards, afforded the backbone line and the medulla. And the athletic GCG body shape is, consists of also do lines for direct online. It's curved in worse the body, while the bendy line has a little bit curve inwards also the buddy, but it goes from it's thick, CMS from the chest area and it goes gradually thinner while you are growing the part of the rear end. So you can present it of which has a foot, big chest with a thinner waist size, neutron dot body shape as a very slight curve in the area of the back and relatively little bit dropping Billy, but not too much from the belly line. And my favorite dude is the chubby dog. His belly is very dropped as if it's grabbing the line of the back downwards. So as you can see, the line of the vec is curved inwards the body, because the body is too heavy, that grabs the line of the back inwards. 3. 2 Legged Dog: In this lesson, you will learn how to draw five types of two-legged dog. Classic, stole with goofy, smart, and the boolean. Let's start by drawing the head. And as you learn before that, we always use the basic circuit chips. So for that, we will draw an offer. For the body. Will draw an oval or a potato shaped smaller over for the nodes and an overload. So for the year, for the library, we are going to make it a little bit like edit table should bear in mind while drawing the front leg. That adding up to the viewer is a little bit longer than the hands of this guy is short one and the tail end in a pointy shape. While drawing the slow with a guy, I will keep the same head of the classroom, but the body will be totally different as it will be a much more longer lengthen. The legs will be, as you can see, much more shorter and the hands on some much more longer than the classic. Why would remain the same as it is in the castle? Funny and the clumsy dot friend that messes up all around the house and drops some Prussian system in the furniture. Nothing new Unless you have to pay attention that his rear end is a little bit going backwards. But for the body lands it will be like medium and too short length, and the legs will be medium-sized lags that tailed would remain as it is, but the trick is in the arms and the hands and hands-on. As you can see, it's all around curvy and the closed inwards. But welcome to Ms. Tokyo's doc or Mr. Smart. He's also known as Mr. Short. His buddies short, his legs are shorter and shorter. The only non-core to his buddy is his droopy ears, but the head will remain the same, as well as the nose, the same as the other three types of the duct. Nozzle glassware, the bully. For the first time in this lesson, we're going to change the hatching from an open to a circle. The buddy is true. Have the legs cannot bear the weight of this body. So little bit squeezed and shore. What the big brown loads are shorting. This guy is ready to defend his territory. So we're not to get closer. 4. Practice 2 legged dog: After we have practiced in the previous lesson how to draw for lacked dot. Now it's time to practice how to draw this funny guy by drawing very simple, basic shapes. First, you draw an oval for the head and the smaller oval for the body connected with the neck. Place that positioning line in the middle of the head and the bottom of the head placed islets from the bottom of the right eye of the dog, draw a rectangle and it ends by the bottom of the other. I bear in mind that the body and the leg is pretty short compared to the size of the head and the ears. Again, do not confirm your lines by Inc. unless your done with the assertion lines and you feel satisfied with it. This one too is very easy and fun to practice. Just pause the video and do it yourself. 5. Dog Practice 4 Legged: So here is an example or a practice in how to draw a third leg dog, her waiting, get a corner and have it finding Luke. As you can see first, we will start by drawing a rectangular shape for the head to very simple rectangle. And for the buddy is a cathedral like for the tail, as we used to draw it, the 0.84 rectangles for the head, for the legs, I'm sorry. And then we confirm the assertion lines with some inclined. In the third coordinate right off the head. I placed the line for the eyes. For the headlines. I just drew some exposed pointy lines out of the body that representing the hair of the dark. It's very simple. Pause the video and try it yourself. 6. Bonus Penguins: In my coming bonus videos, I'm going to show you how to draw. Topping wins. One, a child, and the other one is an old ora mature one. I will leave you with a very minimal commands, but I will give you a small tip for the child being when you will draw a big head, why folded the old one? You will draw a smaller head with a bigger body. I will leave you with the drawing. Tried to practice it yourself to make the most of it. 7. Bonus 2 Elephants: My second bonus video for you is how to draw cartoon elephant. This would be a different day. As you can see, I used a reference photo for irregular African elephant, but in this time, I will show you how to extract the basic shapes of the reference voltage. And then you drove back at your paper. But with some modification to the lines and the shape, you will bring in pretty lies and of building loop for your cartoon elephant character. Stay with me. I will not make any voice generation. I will let you explore how to play with the basic shapes and fine tune it to bring the most out of stay with me. Right? Yeah. Okay. 8. Big Bonus Various Animals: Why would the biggest bonus vdu ever? You will learn how to draw a cow. It gets out a GED, a big, another dog-like shade. One of them to watch and build the index here once you get into trouble. Okay? In the first place. 9. Project: Project made easy. Just begun animal, whatever kind of animal they like, maybe your favorite pet or any animal. I'll just draw it in a cartoon way. Just use the simple shape we have learned in the class and then grow to yourself and do not forget to share it with us or fellow artists. A chance to check out your artwork to learn maybe from you, or maybe to criticize your work. And let's make it like a competition dark here, just shared with us and have fun.