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How to Market Yourself to Greater Wealth

teacher avatar Jonathan Robinson

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Intro: What You'll Learn

    • 2. The Myths About Marketing

    • 3. Getting Very Specific

    • 4. Making an Offer They Can't Refuse

    • 5. Referrals and Emails

    • 6. The Power of Free

    • 7. How to Sell Yourself and Your Skills

    • 8. What I Learned from Oprah

    • 9. Creating Passionate Fans

    • 10. Learn From Experts

    • 11. Final Words of Advice

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About This Class

How to Market Yourself to Greater Wealth

If you want to achieve financial success in any field, knowing how to market yourself effectively is absolutely key.  Jonathan Robinson has reached over 200 million people on shows such as Oprah and CNN.  In this “greatest hits” of marketing methods course, you will learn:

  • How to get referrals from clients or great reviews from your employer
  • How to give customers or employers exactly what they want—so they’ll sing your praises
  • How to make offers that people can’t refuse
  • How to effectively sell yourself or your products so business is always overflowing
  • How to avoid wasting money on advertising, and use what really works
  • How to create mutually beneficial connections with people who can help your career

 Packed with practical tools and immediately useful insights, this program will help you to take your finances and career to a whole new level of success.

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1. Intro: What You'll Learn: Hi, My name is Jonathan Robinson. Congratulations. I'm watching this program by watching it and using the simple suggestions I discuss. I'm confident you'll end up with a lot more money and more importantly, a lot more joy and even deeper sense of meaning in your life. So little about me. Professionally. I'm a psychotherapist and author of 12 books. I've also been a frequent guest on Oprah, CNN and many other shows. But personally, I want you to know them basically like you, someone trying to be happy and often challenging world and someone who wants to make a good living without having to sell my soul or work myself to death to do it. I'm grateful to say I've been fortunate making money, but that wasn't always the case. I remember being so poor that I couldn't afford my electricity bills. It was a dark time. Hey, I warn you, there's gonna be some bad jokes like that in this program. Anyway, Soon thereafter, I became homeless, living in my car. Well, nowadays I'm a millionaire, but I know a lot of friends who really struggle with making a good living and having a good time doing it. If you're like them, I think you'll find this course fun, fascinating and most importantly, very practical. 2. The Myths About Marketing: because marketing is so important now it is. It's also very detailed and complicated. A person can study just one marketing needs for decades, and this section will be doing a quick overview. Is several marketing methods in just a few minutes? My hope is that this quick overview will give you an idea of what marketing tactics are out there. And if one appeals to you, you'll do your research and become an expert yourself. So the first thing to know about marketing involves giving you some good news and then some bad news. I'll give you the bad news first. You could be a great employee, or you can have a great product or service. But if you're not good at marketing yourself, you'll likely never make much money. Now the good news. If you're great at marketing yourself, you'll likely do well no matter what you do for money or how good you are at it. For better or worse, marketing has become a major major factor and how well you do financially. So what leads to being good at marketing yourself well, To begin with, it helps to get rid of false ideas about it for example, you probably heard that if you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door. Nothing could be further from the truth. All you'll have is a great mousetrap and no customers. Here's another idea about marketing that's totally untrue. Paid advertising is the key to great success in reality. Advertising your product or service is almost always a total waste of money unless you do it in a smart way on Facebook or Google, which will cover later. So what does work when it comes to marketing yourself for a product? I'm glad you finally asked. Well, here is some basics. First, know who your customers are if you work for someone else? No. Who's the person most responsible for your promotions and know exactly what they most want from you. When I've worked for people, I have usually asked them the question. What are the three most important things you want from your employees? I always made a point of giving my employers what they wanted, and in return they gave me a lot of promotions. The Basic Law marketing is to find out what people want, whether they be your boss or your customers and give them exactly what they want. Unfortunately, this is not what most people dio. Most people say they want toe offer a certain product or service, and then they see if they can find someone who pay them for Let's ask backwards. It's much more effective to find out what people want and will pay money for and then figure out a way to sell it to them. Let me offer a humbling quick story about this. I'm really into the field of positive psychology and happiness. So several years ago, I create a seven hour audio course about how to be even happier in life. It's a great course, and you can find out about it. My website finding happiness dot com The problem is, people don't want to pay 40 bucks for a course on how to be happier, so it's done very poorly. So in trying to learn from my mistakes, when I set out to create another course, I asked 20 my friends what they would pay money to learn out of the 20 people. Guess where 18 of them said you got it. They pay money for a course that taught them how to get rich without working themselves to death. Voila! I just the course for you. So what I'm saying is that the best way to make a lot of money is to find out what people really are willing to pay money for, then get a skill or product that fits that criteria and then sell it to them. Or to put it more simply, if you give people what they want, they'll give you what you want. 3. Getting Very Specific: Fortunately, nowadays you confined very specific audiences willing to pay for almost any product or service. For example, I have a friend who's made a bunch of money teaching cats to use a toilet. Well, with the targeted marketing possibilities of Facebook and Google, you can find extremely precise audiences who want what you offer. We'll talk about how to do that later. But for now, just know that you need to know the needs of the people you hope to get money from. Where do they think, where do they want, What difficulties do they face? Where do they spend their time? And most of all, how can you best reach them? If you know such things, you're well on your way to offering them the product or service they'll happily pay you good money for. So if you can interview your employer or potential customer, find out exactly what pains um and do your best to give them what they want. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs don't specify who their ideal customer is. Instead, they think everyone on Earth is their customer Wrong. You want to know exactly who is your best customer, the more you can paint a picture of your typical customer, the easier it will be to find them. Here's an exercise for you. Right out description of five specific things you imagine about your ideal customer or, if you work for someone five things about your employer. So based on what I imagined about you, my customer, I create a program that would satisfy what you were looking for. Fortunately for me, there's a lot of people wanting more money now, Once you have a clear sense of your employer your customers needs, then the only question is how best to reach them. Previously, I said that advertising doesn't work well, but let me add a caveat. General advertising doesn't work well, but highly targeted advertising can work great. Fortunately, sites such as Google, Facebook and Amazon can target your potential customer with amazing precision. If you want to reach white women aged 30 to 35 who live in California and have kids and work full time, no problem. All you have to do is Google and type in buying targeted ads on Google or Facebook that will take you to their respective websites, where they have great tutorials on how to find your audience. how to write good ads and how to track the results you get. Finding your market and writing effective ads is no simple thing. In fact, you can hire people who do just that for a living. Yeah, all the information you need is available on the Web. Now, if you own a business with a website, you want to consider how to increase its page ranking on Google. This is called S E O R. Search engine optimization. Often, people hire experts in this area because it's so complicated and has so much competition. There's an old joke that says, Ah, where is the best place to bury a dead body? The answer on the second page of Google because no one ever looks there. So my advice is, if you want to be listed high in Google's pages, hire someone who knows what they're doing. You can often find such a person at Freeland sites such as up work dot com for relatively little money 4. Making an Offer They Can't Refuse: in the marketing business, there's something called marginal network theory. Where that basically refers to is the fact that a satisfied customer might be worth much more than you can possibly imagine. For example, let's say you're a house painter who charges $2500 to paint the average house. If you paint that person's house every five years, then that would mean over a 20 year period, your netting $10,000 from them. Let's say they love your work and recommend you to three friends and each of those friends hire you and then recommend you to three more friends. That would mean that based on a single satisfied customer, you'd be netting $130,000 over a 20 year period. Now, if you knew the next satisfy customer who walked in your door would give you $130,000 of business over the next 20 years, how would you treat them? Probably pretty darn good. Well, this is not a made up example. I coached a house painter to get referrals from each painting job, and over time he had so much business that in seven years he went from netting $28,000 a year to making over $700,000 a year. How well, my suggestion. He began offering $500 cash for each referral that turned into a job he got from his customers. That would still leave him plenty of profit, but it also led to a ton of referrals. Soon he hired a bunch of house painters to paint the house is because he was gained so much business. Nowadays, he works part time managing a staff of 40 painters while he just rakes in the dough. One marketing idea and his whole world changed. Now the way you can follow in his footsteps is to do two things. First, make your customers and offer they can't refuse. For example, if you work for someone else, you might offer them a deal that if you do a special project or whatever, they'll give you a raise or bonus or percentage of new profits. If your business could benefit from more referrals, offer some kind of incentive for each referral you get. It could be a gift card or cash, or even just a free hour of consulting with you or some other incentive of your choosing the absolute best way to get new customers or businesses through referrals. But even if you give great service, most people are hesitant to give referrals, so you have to offer some kind of incentive. But once you have referrals porn in, you've basically made it because each new customer can then give you even more referrals. And soon you have exponential growth happening in your business. That's how my painter client grew his business so fast in the next section I'm Going to spell are exactly what you can say in an email to satisfied customers, to get them to give you plenty of referrals. But for now, I want to introduce you to another powerful marketing strategy. I call it the power of Free. It's really simple. If you want to get more customers knocking on your door, just offer them something free, such as a free book or a free 20 minute call, or a free video talking about a practical solution to their biggest challenge. Whatever people love free, don't you? The advantage of free is that gets people to take the first step in the first step toward your product or service is the biggest and hardest step. Once a connect with you through a free offer, you have a very good chance of getting their future business. You can even combine the idea of the total value of a customer over many years with the power free. What does that look like? It looks like an hour rages offer to get them to talk to you. If a satisfied customer camino over $100,000 of future revenue, then you can offer them something pretty great for talking to you or trying out your service. That first time you might offer anything from free coffee maker to an hour of your time to a free gift card at a day spa There. Once you've connected with them, give them great service once or fully satisfied, it shouldn't be hard to keep them sending you even more business. I throwing a lot at you. For now, you might think about what free things you can offer new customers or what great things you can offer previous customers to get them to send you referrals. Once you have a couple of things in mind that could work for you. Move on to the next section, where I talk about exactly how the word things to get maximum referrals 5. Referrals and Emails: So we talked about how, in this day and age of too much information stimulation, nothing could be word of mouth advertising. Ie referrals. But even if you give great service, people are often too lazy or distracted to actually get referrals, so you need some way to go demand action. I found that the most successful way to do that is to send satisfied customers what I call a time limited, personalized email offer. Now let's look at that term time limited, personalized email offer. That's a mouthful. First, there are the words Time limited. You want to say your outrageous offer is only good for a limited amount of time, maybe a month? Why? Because if you don't, nobody will ever act on your offer. You know those infomercials that say, and if you act now, in the next 10 minutes, we'll send you free shipping and $20 off your order. Well, you can call five years later, and they'll still give you free shipping and $20 off. But they say that because they know that if you don't call in the next 10 minutes, they'll never get your business. So any offering make needs to be for a limited time to help spur people into actual. The next words in time limited personalized email offer are the words Personalized email. We're all subject to too many emails nowadays from advertisers. So you want any email that goes out to be, or at least sound like it's highly personalized to the person who's reading it. So let's say you're a massage therapists and you're emailing and offered to pass claims. You might start off with a personal greeting such as, Dear Frank, I'm wondering how your backfield since the last time you came in for a massage, have you been doing the back stretches I showed you then, once you've established some personal connection so they don't think they're receiving some kind of mass market email, then you can include paragraphs about your time limited offer. You might say something like as a massage therapist. This is my slow season. Therefore, I'm reaching out to you to make an outrageous offer for the next month. If anyone mentions that you referred them to me, I'll give you a free massage. Then, once you mention your offer, you can even say your rationale for doing this. You might say something like, Well, since you've had massages for me, you know how much they help people feel better and even overcome physical limitations by getting referrals from past satisfied customers such as yourself. My hope is that once people feel the benefits of massage for themselves, they'll also become ongoing clients by giving a rationale that makes sense. People are more likely to feel like you're being honest then, to make it even easier for your client to make these referrals, say something like the following. I know you're probably very busy, so I've made making these referrals as easy as possible. All you have to do is copy and paste what I've written below, throw in a couple of your own words and then email that to a bunch of your friends and family in three minutes. You could probably send this email to 10 people that you know and maybe even end up with 1/2 dozen free massages. It's a win win for everyone. Then conclude your email with a reminder about the time limited nous of the offer and your gratitude for them being your client and letting others know of your services. Finally, Once you sign your name, have a template right below your name, all written out for your client to copy and paste to send to their friends and family. So what should you put in this template? Well, of course, you should write what works for you and your particular service but can help to have an example. So here's one possible approach. Dear Sarah, I'm writing you because I have a friend who is an amazingly good massage therapists. Recently, she told me that she's offering new clients $15 off her normal fee of $80 for the month of March. As someone who has to deal with a bunch of stress, I thought you might want to know about her. My massage therapist name is Michelle, and she has truly made a major difference in my life. My body feels fantastic every time I leave her office and by telling you about her services , I'm hoping that she could make a difference in your life. She can be reached at blah, blah, blah number and blah, blah, blah email. You owe it to yourself to see what she can do for you. Remember, if you want the $15 off. Be sure to book an appointment by the end of March. If you have any questions, feel free. Teoh. Call Michelle or me, and either of us would be glad to tell you more. I hope you find her magical touches helpful, as I have warmly Joe, that you may be surprised at how effective this is. Forget any new business. In fact, I warn you, don't send an email like this out 200 satisfied customers at the same time. Or you may end up with a couple 100 people calling you during the next week and overwhelming your business. Now the great thing about this approach is that it works great. It doesn't cost you any money out of your own pocket and the even cement a bond you have with your satisfied customers. Also, onesies referrals. Try out your services. They may also become loyal customers for many years. One massage therapist I know use this approach to quadruple her income and clients within four months. That's pretty darn good. So adapt this approach to meet your specific situation and needs, and then watches new customers start calling you and breaking down your door 6. The Power of Free: according to a recent scientific study, a read a magazine quote. People respond very well to free stuff. Unquote duh. I could have told the scientists this and saved them a bunch trouble. However, what is not obvious is that there's a huge difference between giving away something for free and having people pay a nickel for something. So how can you make use of the power of free? For one thing, you can write articles or newsletters where you offer useful information and get that away for free. For example, I write a blogger on my finding Happiness dot com website, where I have articles like 10 ways to Feel Better. Quickly, people read my blog's or newsletters for free. Then, if they like what they read they often by my books or contracting with me for speaking engagements or coaching services. Now, another way to make use of the power free is to offer something for free on your website. If people give you their email address in return. This is often called a funnel system or ethical bribe. For example, if people go to my website finding happiness dot com and they give me their email address they get a PdF of my favorite simple happiness hacks. If you're in business for yourself, having an email list of potential customers is a great way to market yourself about once a month, I send a newsletter to my entire email list about practical ways to have less stress and better relationships. By sending this information out periodically, it keeps reminding people in my services, which often turns into business opportunities. Of course, you can find a lot of information about funnel systems for websites and what makes for a good ethical bribe on the Web. Now let's get into the area of free advertising. In my opinion, free advertising is better than paid advertising for two reasons. First, that's free. And second, when a newspaper or magazine or online review of your services appears has greater credibility than paid advertising. So how do you get such favorable publicity? Well, first off, you try to understand what these media sources are looking for. In general, they're looking for what pleases their audience and what will grab their attention. If you're trying again a magazine, consider writing an article that would be interesting to their readership. If you want to get on TV or newspapers. Consider how you can connect what you do, what's currently in the news. For example, if you're an accountant, it's the beginning of April newspapers air looking for articles on tax deductions that most people don't know about but giving TV shows and newspaper stories that would be of interest . I've managed a gallon Oprah, The Today Show, The Tonight Show as well as appear in USA Today in Newsweek. And all this advertising didn't cost me a cent, but you've got to stand out from the crowd. You can't give media something boring and expect them to cover you. Which brings us to the idea of creating a headline for your business. What is your attention grabbing description of what you do in eight words or less? I don't say how to make more money while maintaining a balanced life that's boring. Instead, say, get rich well, selling your soul or don't say why learning to meditate is a good idea. Instead, say how Meditation Con's Save your life in your marriage. It's helpful if you sound a bit dramatic. Hopefully you get the idea last but not least, ah, final way to make use of free advertising is to get positive reviews online in either Yelp , Amazon or other online portals to get great online reviews. First have a fantastic product or service, but that's usually not enough. If you have access to your customers email address, it's a great idea to email them and ask for a review. Now in your email, simply say you'll give them a free something or other. If they tell you they gave you a review, for example, I want you to review this program. If you do, give me a review. Write me at I Am John R. I. Am Joo and are a well dot com and tell me you reviewed my program and I'll send you absolutely free a document titled The 12 Questions for Creating Instant Intimacy with Anyone. These questions can quickly create an amazing connection with a friend or lover or even a coworker a child. So please write a review and write whatever is true for you. Then email me that you wrote it, and I'll send you these 12 questions that will instantly lead to great connections with anyone done network. I hope so. I hope you not only write a review for me, but I hope you create your own way to ask for reviews and get people a simple incentive for doing so. As I mentioned before, reviews and referrals are the best ways of getting new customers, so create a system for making sure you get lots of them. Give your customers and incentive for helping you out and everyone wins. If you can schedule a time right now in your calendar for sometime in the next week to complete this task once it's done, you'll be amazed at what comes back to you. Schedule it in your calendar right now. 7. How to Sell Yourself and Your Skills: whether you work for yourself or someone else. To some extent, you are a sales person now. You may not think of yourself that way, but even if you work for a big company, you have to sell your value to your employer. Unfortunately, most people don't know much about selling a service or themselves, so I want to cover some of the basics here to begin with, when people ask what you do, it's a good idea to have a one minute commercial that sells your unique contribution in a single minute. You should be able to tell someone what service you provide, why it might be useful to them and why you were qualified to offer it, and, finally, how they can take the next step in knowing more. So if I were to sell my coaching services, I might say the following when someone asked me what I dio. Well, I'm an executive coach that specializes in helping people quickly make more money while maintaining life balance and great relationships. I've written several books on the subject that, thanks to Oprah's testimonials, did really well. Often I can literally double a person's income in a year when they make use of my services . If you want, I'd be happy to give you a free 20 minute consultation on the phone to discuss the hidden opportunities you may be missing with next Tuesday afternoon. Work for you now. I did a lot of things there. I want to focus on the end of my little speech when selling yourself for your service. You always want to make sure that people can take the next step and possibly working with you. So in this case, I suggested a free consultation. I even suggested a time for us to do that consultation. Now, you may think that sounds a bit pushy and no, it is. But if you truly believe you can help people and I feel I can, then you want to make sure they take action. After all, if they don't, they'll be missing out on a great opportunity. Now. Another aspect of selling is getting people in touch with the pain of not using your services and the potential pleasure of hiring you. So once again, in my case, I might ask two simple questions to a perspective client. I call these questions the downside question and the upside question because they focus on the downside of their current situation and the potential upside and making use of your services. So once again, if I were selling myself, the first question I might ask a perspective client is how is the lack of financial abundance causing you stress in your life right now? Well, that's basically asking them What's the downside to your current situation, then the second question, I would ask, is if you could double your income in a year. What potential positive changes could that mean for you and the people you care about by asking these questions? It helps people to evaluate your services in a way that is likely to lead the toe hiring you rather than you trying to convince them of your value. Your questions. Get them to sell themselves on your value. Finally, whenever you're trying to get someone to hire you or promote you or use your services, you want to reduce their risk as much as possible. That's why I believe in offering money, back guarantees and free consultations and no risk offers to get people to take that initial first step. So if you're asking for a raise at work. You can even do something like, say, Well, Mrs Employer, if you're not fully satisfied with the work I do in the next month, then I'd be willing to go back to my previous job or salary. Now, of course, in reality, that's not likely to happen. But by showing your willingness to reduce their risk, it makes it easier for them to say yes to your request. Selling is a big area now. We're not going to cover the whole subject in five minutes. Whoever I do want to impress on you the idea that there's a lot of great methods and ideas to learn in the arena of selling yourself or your services. I encourage you to read a book or two on the subject. And when the time comes to sell someone on what you do, you'll be well prepared. For now, consider writing down your one minute commercial, so be already for you when you meet a perspective client 8. What I Learned from Oprah: a big part of marketing yourself successfully nowadays is creating good business relationships when you get right down to it. How good we feel about ourselves and how rich we become is largely determined by how much people like us and trust us sure, having specialized skill and knowledge help, but they're not enough to become wealthy financially or emotionally. Oprah Winfrey provides a good example of what I mean. After all, I wondered how this extremely poor African American woman who have been raped twice by the time she was 14 ending up being a billionaire in the most loved person on earth. We'll by watching her up close, I got a clue. The first time I was on her show off camera, Oprah told me how much he appreciated the story about my dog in my latest book. She then proceeded to ask me my dog's name and how he was doing. I told Oprah my dog's name was Rama on that. Unfortunately, he was currently suffering from occasional seizures. Well, Oprah, listen very attentively and then said, I'm so sorry to hear that I'll be sure to pray for him. That was our entire off camera conversation Well, Two years later, I'm on her show again to promote another book. And during the commercial break, Oprah comes up to me and says, Good to see you again, Jonathan. By the way, How's Rama? I didn't know what to say. I couldn't believe that the most powerful woman on earth would remember a brief conversation from two years ago. So I looked at her. I said, Who's Rama? She responded. He's your dog. He was having seizures. Last time we talked, I prayed for him. I'm wonder if he's doing better. I was dumbfounded. I told her that indeed he was doing better. And then I asked her, How do you remember that conversation? Well, by now the whole audience was watching our interaction, and Oprah said to me, Well, it's an interesting story. After I had a stillborn child after being raped a second time, I felt pretty worthless. So I asked myself, What, if anything, do I have going for me? Well, she went on to say, she realized that she really cared about people, so she vowed to show her empathy and care to whoever she interacted with. Then Oprah surveyed her studio audience and said. Seems like that turned out pretty good, don't you think? I'd say it did indeed, turn out pretty good. Oprah is known for being very caring and trusted, so people have want to support her and do business with her. She didn't need any fancy degrees to be successful. She just need a stellar reputation as a wonderful person in business and in life. If you can create mutually beneficial relationships, you'll be a success. Once people trust, you don't want to do business with you. If their initial experience of working with you or buying from you is highly positive, they'll come back for more. So the question is, how do you go about creating great business relationships? Well, you already know some of the basics. Be kind, be trustworthy, be reliable, be effective. But the next few lectures all go into specific techniques and stories of how beneficial relationships are created and how you can use them to be even more successful in your business and in your life. 9. Creating Passionate Fans: did you know that the top 1% earn about 26 times with the average family makes? It's not fair, but that's the world we live in. In fact, in every job category, the top 1% earn vastly more than the average person with the same career. So if you're in the top 1% of massage therapists, you'll likely earn more than 10 times with the average massage therapist makes. So how do you become one of those in the top one or 2%? Usually, it's not matter of having much greater competence, although that can help. In most cases, it's a matter of two things. Greater marketing skills and a greater ability to give truly outstanding service. So I have a question for you. Do you give outstanding service to your current employer or customers? Was there any hesitation in your answer? If so, the answer is not a hell. Yeah, paper. Oh, do give outstanding service tend to understandably stand out, and it's people who stand out who become the top wage earners in any field. So how do you give outstanding service and stand out? How do you create passionate customers or employers who think you are truly amazing. Well, the short answer is you go above and beyond the ordinary, and you find out exactly what your employer or customers most want and you give it to them consistently and effectively most the time. What people want is pretty obvious. They want to be understood, they want to be treated well, and they want you to give whatever they're hired you to dio. But in my opinion, it's the little things account I once asked Paul or Fela, whose Kinko's copy shops were bought out by FedEx for over $2 billion. Why his copy shops became the most successful in the world, he told me. Well, I didn't know much about running a business, so I figured I tried to connect with my customers. I'd ask them about their dreams in life and offer them some tea and cookies as their copies were being done. Well, this tea, cookies and carrying approach lead to people coming back for more copies, and soon he was a CEO of over 800 copy shops. If you wanted copies done, his shop stood out, but offering friendly, caring service and tea and cookies. That's all it took. I once was a job in which I got six promotions and pay raises within a single year. How'd I do it? Well, I stood out. I saw a need and filled it at the time. The CEO is a gigantic Oakland Raiders football fan. Well, I wasn't really in the football, but I noticed that every Monday morning at staff meetings, he'd asked if anyone had seen the Oakland Raiders game. And each time people would say no. Well, I started watching the games just to be able to talk to him about, um. Then every Monday morning, I'd bring him the coffee he like from down the street and we'd sit in schmooze about the game. He loved these talks. Then we soon became best buds. Well, not surprisingly, Every time a possible promotion came up, I'd apply, and he choose me to be in that position. I more than doubled my income within a year just because I gave the boss outstanding coffee and camaraderie he really wanted. You may think of this as blatant manipulation and in a way, it waas and I suggest you get really good at now realize that in this type of manipulation . Everyone wins. I got more money and my employer got what he wanted. Great coffee and engaging friendship. It was win win. So what I'm saying is you want to look for little opportunities to stand out in a way that creates passionate fans of you and your work. When you do something, that's even a little thing that's above the call of duty, people take notice. If you do these things consistently, good things will happen in your career or your business. 10. Learn From Experts: If you want to get to the top 10% or even the top 1% in any field, I'm going to let you in on a secret. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Learn from the experts in your field who are in the top 1%. How they did it. How did they rise to the top? What traits or skills or marketing techniques did they use to get to where they are? Then you may be asking, How do I learn these things from these experts? Well, I'm going to give you an amazing technique for getting their secret methods. Ask them. I'm serious. I managed to personally ask everyone from Deep Pocket Chopra to Tony Robbins toe Oprah Winfrey how they got to be so successful in their field when I haven't been ableto personally interview such folks. I've bought their books in which they explain how they rose to the top. It's not rocket science, but most people failed to learn from experts, and therefore they don't achieve the same results of them. So, for example, if you're a coach or personal trainer trying to make more money, you should find the most successful coach or personal trainer you know of and asked him out to lunch, then find out exactly what they did to right to the top. In most cases, people love being asked how they became so successful. If you pay for a nice lunch and ask them for their help, most people are more than happy to help out. Now, in some cases, you may have to buy their course or book to find the best methods. But many cases I found that it really wasn't necessary. Here's another great tip. There are two secret resource is I've used that have often given me amazing information. Perhaps you've heard of them. They're called Google and Amazon. You can literally type into Google or Amazon the most obscure thing, and you'll find 50 books about it. For example, if you type into Amazon marketing for lawyers, you get over 70 books on that one subject. 70. Fortunately, you also get reviews on each book, and only one of the books had over 60 reviews and all of which were five stars. That's a book you want to start with if you're a lawyer and you can do that with virtually any field or any challenge you may be facing. Someone has devoted 10 or more years of their life to learning how to do what you want to dio. If you could get that info for $15 you can save yourself 10 years and a lot of heartache. As the best selling author, people often ask me how I got on Oprah. Well, I found someone who'd been on Oprah, and I asked him out to lunch and I asked him how they did it. When I needed to raise $45,000 to make an educational video while living in a car, I got a book on how to raise money with no collateral. I read the book, and this method worked just for your information. He basically said to come up with a sleep marketing packet explaining why your product will make a ton of money, then give it to anyone who has money and offer them a percentage of the profits for people who give you money up front. Well, I had to give away 70% of the profits to the investors. Hey, I got the video made and they and I both made a ton of money. Now, if you work for someone else and you want to get a raise, how should you go about it? We'll ask an expert as someone who has gotten a raise from the same employer, how they did it, or go to Amazon and type in how to get a raise into the search bar. By the way, you'll we have 32 books to juice from. So I'm basically saying is that if you're the right information or methods, you can rise to the top in your field. But you need to find people who have already done it and copy what they dio. Fortunately, that information is out there if you're willing to pursue it. So who do you know who might be able to help you with their expert advice? It might be a rich friend or a successful co worker or family member, or might be an expert whose book you buy. Whoever it is vowed to yourself to find the inspiration and information you need to get to the next level of your success. 11. Final Words of Advice: Unfortunately, information and inspiration are not transformation to experience. True transformation. You need to do some work you need to make some goals. You need to do the exercises and take small steps week after week. One more thing that can help you on your path is to find friends and family who also know of these principles and can support you in your efforts. Therefore, be sure to tell people about this program. I'd love it if you would write a quick online review and recommend it to friends. Of course, that would be helping me out. But if you can surround yourself with folks who have taken this course, you'll be better able to support each other to encourage you to recommend this program to others. I'll even offer you a reward. If you write to me telling me that you recommend it to friends, I will send you a document called 10 Trends for Making Money in the Future. This document details how changes in the world and technology are impacting careers and how we make money. Just email me. I am John are a well dot com that's I Am Joo In our air will dot com, telling me you've recommended this program and I'll be happy to send this bonus to you as a token of my gratitude. Although it may take some time before you have a lot of money, just taking the first steps in the right road can feel really good. Have you ever been lost driving around and then you finally get clear on where you are When you first realize where you are, you're no closer to your final destination. But at least now you're headed in the right direction, and just being headed in the right direction feels really good. If you like this program, you may want to learn some of the best ways to tap into a balanced, rich life of love and happiness. For that, I can highly recommend a couple of books, and by some strange coincidence, they just happen to be books that I wrote. What is called Find Happiness now and the other is called More love Less conflict. You can learn more about my books and other programs at my website finding happiness dot com. You may also enjoy my other online course called Triple Your Memory and reading Speed in one hour Once again. Thank you for watching. And remember, getting rich is more like a marathon than a sprint. So stay balanced for the long haul and enjoy the process. I'm personally wishing you the very best of luck and hoping that you give it your very best take care.