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How to Manage Your Personal Energy To Improve Your Quality Of Life - Burnout to Breakthrough

Youshaa Motan ☯, Founder - The Digital Branding School

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8 Videos (10m)
    • Welcome Video

    • Introduction to the class

    • The 80 to 20 Ratio for governing energy

    • How to Identify burnout

    • How do you manage your energy?

    • Conclusion

    • How to use the worksheet

    • Outroduction


About This Class

Too many people are living their lives on default, chasing fast money and faster cars, status and material possessions which govern so much of their time and energy that they start to suffer from burnout from chasing all the time.

Let’s be honest. If you’re currently not enjoying your life, and you’re not waking up every morning with a sense of excitement, you need to do something about it.

Master a simple 80/20 principle that you can implement in your daily life to enrich your energy levels right now!






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Youshaa Motan ☯

Founder - The Digital Branding School

Hi! I'm Youshaa - Follow me right now on Skillshare!

I'm the founder & Online Teaching Developer at an innovative online marketing company - The Digital Branding School, a membership site where we sell 1000's of licensed royalty-free digital products such as software, online courses, plugins, ebooks, audio, graphics, templates and more that you can download, rebrand, resell and make moolah, keeping 100% of the profits!

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