How to Make and Use a Gratitude Jar | Natasha N | Skillshare

How to Make and Use a Gratitude Jar

Natasha N, Create the Life of your Dreams

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5 Videos (18m)
    • How to Make & Use a Gratitude Jar

    • Your Class Project

    • Materials Needed

    • Making your Jar

    • How to Use your Gratitude Jar


About This Class

Welcome to "How to Make and Use a Gratitude Jar!" 

In this class, we will be making a simple, yet lovely, gratitude jar and discussing how to use it effectively to develop your attitude of gratitude. A daily gratitude practice is key to seeing the glass 'half full' and leading a fulfilling, joyful life.

I really hope you decide to enroll in this course and begin making gratitude a part of your daily routine!








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Natasha N

Create the Life of your Dreams

Hi, everyone!

I'm Natasha, a weightlifting yoga teacher on a mission to help you live a more creative, conscious life!

My love of teaching and learning runs deep; I have a Masters of the Arts in Teaching, am a registered yoga teacher, and am a certified life coach. I'm honored that you're here and hope you consider enrolling in my class. =)

Please visit my blog, The Artisan Life, for craft tutorials, printables, yoga practices, and more!

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