How to Make an Educational Video Essay

Sam from Wendover Productions

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About This Class

From the guy behind Wendover Productions and Half as Interesting, learn the steps behind creating a successful and interesting educational video for the internet. 

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I'm about halfway through the class, really enjoy it so far!
Very informative course. There is just a couple of things I want to mention. Images with a Creative Commons ShareAlike license can only be incorporated into a video that uses the same or similar license (eg. other CC-BY-SA versions [3.0, 4.0, etc.]), otherwise it's copyright infringement (of course, you can also ask the creator for permission). The CC-BY-SA license says that a compatible license is required when used in "material subject to Copyright and Similar Rights that is derived from or based upon the Licensed Material and in which the Licensed Material is translated, altered, arranged, transformed, or otherwise modified in a manner requiring permission under the Copyright and Similar Rights held by the Licensor." In this case, the video has a separate copyright; it is copyright infringement if the video created doesn't use a compatible license (and doesn't qualify as fair use). Other great sources for public domain and Creative Commons images/videos are flickr (can be searched by copyright), virtually all U.S. FEDERAL (not state!) government-created content, many foreign governments use CC licenses, and Wikimedia Commons (the source of media for Wikipedia) organizes content into categories, eg. "Category:Airbus aircraft at Orlando International Airport", which can be searched for images.