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How to Make an Animated Movie

Morr Meroz, Character animator

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15 Lessons (2h 7m)
    • 1. How to Make an Animated Movie (a general roundup)

    • 2. Writing a Script

    • 3. Storyboarding

    • 4. Creating an Animatic

    • 5. Modeling and Rigging (part 1)

    • 6. Modeling and Rigging (part 2)

    • 7. 3D Animation Pipeline

    • 8. Making a Previsualization (Previz)

    • 9. Camera Shots and Angles

    • 10. Animating

    • 11. Lighting and Rendering (part 1)

    • 12. Lighting and Rendering (part 2)

    • 13. Editing and Color Correction

    • 14. Sound Design

    • 15. Finishing the Film


About This Class

Hello Skillshare students!

I’m Morr, I’m an animator and filmmaker. I’m the founder of Bloop Animation, an animation learning blog / YouTube channel.

In the past year I have made an animated short film and documented the entire process with detailed video tutorials and articles on the website. Today, especially for Skillshare students, I’m bringing all the information and content of my work process together as one complete course for free.

In the course I’ll take you step by step through the entire creation process. From coming up with ideas to exporting the final film.

I’ll explain how I modeled the characters, how I rigged them, my animation process, color correction, editing and even sound design.

These videos were originally released on the Bloop YouTube channel and will say stuff like “subscribe” at the end of them, which obviously you can’t do through this site, BUT I invite you to follow the channel at and watch our many other videos and tutorials about the making of animation.

Also check out the website at for more articles, recommended products and books for animators, demo reel guidelines and our famous Animators beginners guide.

I hope you'll enjoy this course, but more than that I hope it will inspire you to make the film you always wanted to make. Have fun!

- Morr





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Morr Meroz

Character animator

I'm Morr, a 28 years old animator based at NYC. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts (majoring in 3D animation), I started my career as a character animator, freelancing in various studios around town.

Despite loving what I do, I felt like it's not enough to work for other people, and that I HAVE to keep doing my own thing. What started as a YouTube tutorial channel has quickly evolved into the Bloop Animation blog, a platform on which I can share my work with a great audien...

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