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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Software Requirements

    • 3. Getting Started with Adobe Premiere

    • 4. Setting Up the VR Project

    • 5. Free 3D Assets from the Asset Store

    • 6. Setting Up the VR Environment

    • 7. Lighting the Scene

    • 8. Character Animation with Free Motion Capture Data

    • 9. Animating the VR Camera

    • 10. Recording the VR Experience

    • 11. Bringing it all Together in Premiere

    • 12. Uploading VR Video to YouTube

    • 13. Reviewing Your VR Video

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About This Class

About This Class

Hey, I run a VR YouTube Channel with consistent high views and engagement and I am going to show you how you can make your very own VR content. 

This is a beginners course, but the results will be outstanding. We’ll be using Unity and Adobe Premiere. In this class, you will learn the basics of Unity 3D, which you can also use for video game development. No coding knowledge required. I will also teach you how to use Premiere Pro to edit VR videos. By the end of this class, you’ll be set to start your own YouTube VR Channel. 

Lessons Include:

Creating VR Content with Free Assets from Unity

Getting started with Unity 3D, which you can use to make video games or YouTube videos alike

Editing VR Videos in Premiere Pro

Animating in Unity

Lighting in Unity

Whether you are into computer programming or into creating media, this class will suit your needs. Take a plunge into the world of immersive filmmaking. 

Looking forward to seeing your project, 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joshua Hurtado

Filmmaker and Computer Science Student


Josh Hurtado is a filmmaker who graduated from USC, the top film school in the world. He is currently pursuing a masters degree in computer science, and is passionate about emerging immersive technologies. He runs a VR YouTube Channel he's deeply passionate about. 

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1. Class Introduction: Hey, I'm Josh and I Rana be our YouTube channel. And I want a tissue how you can create your very own br content and start your own you to be our channel bres cup right now, with some channels getting thousands of subscribers and some videos getting millions of views. This is our beginner scores, but the results will be outstanding. We'll be using unity and Premiere Pro to create our project. Luckily, you can use both free by the end of this class will be set to start your own you to be our Shannon and be a part of the growing trend of your tools and immersive. Really. Now we are ready to preview our video injured, too. We just have to select it. And once we click play, we'll see that we are b R. If you want. I just go to four k. It looks better. And that's it. Thank you so much for, uh, thank you so much for joining me in this class. I hope that you learned, um and I hope to see your projects a bloated and watch them 2. Software Requirements: first, we're going to Donald Unity type Unity into Google, and then we're gonna shoes, click on Donald, and then we're gonna accept terms, and we're gonna download the unity hub. Since I already had done it before. I'm gonna get a this message, but I'll just override it to show you guys, and then we're gonna run that unity hub. Hello, Access. And then when you first open unity, you won't have ah version of unity installed. So you what you have to do is at a version, you will add the latest one, which would be to us in 19.2 point zero F one at the at the moment of recording. And then you click next. And then you have to a shoes, uh, Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 and documentation. And you could nest. And then you agreed to the terms, and then you're done. And by that point, you'll have unity installed on your computer. Afterwards, I advice you guys to go back to Google and then to get and then to look for and then to look for unity. I d. And then create a unity i e v. Once you feel that your information and you have an i d. You will be able to download AH lot of free assets for the Unity Assets story, and this range from three D models to environments which you can use in your games or brutal reality videos. 3. Getting Started with Adobe Premiere: we're going to be using Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the final rendered VR video from Unity. I recommend you get this retrial if you don't have Premier uh, me. It comes with a lot of programs angering photo shop. 4. Setting Up the VR Project: Now that we have unity and solder on computer, we're ready to start a new project. We're gonna be choosing three D and then we're gonna shoot, type out skill share br and then you have to shoot stuff our location where you want to save this project and we click create. We wait for unity to load. Once in unity, we are going to go ahead and go to the assets section, and then we're going to right click and create four folders we're gonna name the first folder Characters, the second folder Environments. Then we're gonna name the next one script and the final one render textures. After this, we're ready to set up unity for 3 60 video company recording. To do that, we're gonna go into rendered textures, double click on the render textures on that folder and then right click and then create render texture And then again, rather texture and a final time render text We're gonna be naming the 1st 1 Que mop on their score left and for the savings we're gonna change it, Cube. And the size we're gonna change it to for nineties 40 96 by 40 96 this is going to be the resolution of the exported video, and it has to be an exponent off to. So this is to top our of Taub. I really now, for the next round, your texture, we're gonna do Cube my on their score, right And again, Cube 40 96 by 40 96. And for the final one, we're gonna name it ECU erect. And it's gonna be again 40 96 by 40 96. But this time we're gonna choose from the drop down menu to the once we have that we click again on assets, and now we go to our ah, we we kick on her main camera, we're gonna have to add a script, that camera. And don't worry if you've never used to unity before or our family recoding I have provided the code for you guys and the script, and we're gonna be. Then, once you download the script called create stereo cute maps, we're just gonna drag and drop to this creeps folder. Once it's there, you just drag and drop to the main camera and then click on the main camera and you'll see now that that creates steri acute map map script appears. And now we just have to first click on the lock icon so that the inspector window left and disappear. Once we click on the assets, then we're gonna click on Render textures, and then we're just gonna drag and drop the appropriate texture with the corresponding, uh, section. Now we're ready to record BR videos. So now we're going toe uncheck the create Stereo Cube map script because this is very intensive on the hardware and he will slow down the computer. 5. Free 3D Assets from the Asset Store: Now we're going to be downloading the game assets from the Unity Assets Store. We're going to click on the assets store tap and then search for some be and the first result that comes up we're going to be using the first I resold, it comes up now we need to import, download and import into our scene. Now we search for horror hospital and we gonna sort by price low to high again. Ah, free asset is PBR Hospital Horror Pack. Now we're gonna import and then important to the scene. Now we're going to keep everything tidy by dragging and dropping the psalm bees into the character pick and the horror hospital into the environment. Next, we're going to be setting up the scene. 6. Setting Up the VR Environment: Now we're ready to set up the scene. We're going to drag on the environments where the before they're all the way to the hospital horror pack section, and then we're gonna have drug and drop the scene into our hierarchy, merging the Seaney in two hours. Now we're gonna select the main camera, and we're gonna start learning how to move it around the scene and place it in the place that we wanted to be for our scene. In order to do that, we're gonna clicked over you and drag and drop through with the pointers we can see in the BUE port in the scene view what the camera sees in the lower of right hand corner. When we have placed a camera in a place that we wanted to be, we can go ahead and live there now to move around the scene we can we can use the scroll, will to go forward or back, and we can click the scroll will to pan. Alternatively, we can right click impressed over you to go forward or right click. Impressed s to go backwards or right click. Press A to go to the left and D to go to the right. It depends. You can use either option. What? It's whatever feels most comfortable to you. Okay, so now we go up to the camera, and then we can, uh, see how we can still move it around. But now, if you want to rotate it, you press e. And then you press the green marks in order to rotate it along the horizontal plane. We can point it at any direction. And once we choose direction to point at at, we can live it there. Now we're gonna be dragging are some be into the scene, We're gonna double click Ah, the characters folder and then some be and then prefects and then drag and drop the some be into the scene We can rotate in the sun, be by clicking a We can move the some be, uh we w And then we can re Seiss We'd are next. We're gonna be looking into lighting are seen 7. Lighting the Scene: Now we're going to adjust the lighting to our liking and worry, too, that we're gonna click on the hierarchy under directional light acid and then in the intensity we're gonna be, ah, lowering it in order to look at all the lights available in the scene. We're gonna go into the hierarchy into the search for when I click on it and then type out light. This will give up, give us all of the lights in the scene. So now we can just select the ones we want to change. We're gonna be decreasing the intensity of this one and the intensity of the one in front of us to get ah more Ah, moody air scene. After doing this, I don't forget to save your scene as you go off through these were ready to start animating the scene. 8. Character Animation with Free Motion Capture Data: Now I'm going to teach you guys how to complex animations For those of you who want to have those in your project. First, we have to get another asset from from the unity acid store called Modern. Some be free once you download, you import that into unity and wants to import it. We have to rename it, um, modern Sambi to tell them apart from the other some. But we don't want it. And then we drag it into the characters folder. And then what we have to do is we go. We click onto the modern simply folder all the way to the some be rig prefab acid. We right click and we showing Explorer, and then we copy the location of the file. Now we have to go into mix Imo dot com. This is a free program you can use. Um, if you just have to make a free adobe account and you can use this for free. This is where we're going to be rigging and animating our characters and also getting the motion capture data in order to animate them. Now what we have to do is upload our character. We just click upload character, select director file. And then we will paste the allocation that we previously copied. And we will go and choose some be rigged. And then we will open that. And then Maxima will process the file and it will automatically detect the reading for our character. Once a character is processed, we click next and next. And now we choose the animations Weaken search for here to add to our character. So we will do chrome and we will choose somebody Crawl Now we will ask These are shoes in place so we can animate this movement in unity And then we'll click download. Now we will choose format fbx for unity with the skin and 30 cents 30 frames per second. Now we'll click download Next, we're gonna be looking up somebody, and we're gonna issues some B idol. And then again, we're gonna click done deal FX for unity with skin and 30 frames per second. We're going to download now in unity. We're going to bring in the Sambi animations. We just download it. We're gonna drag them into the Assets folder and then into the Characters folder. Afterwards, we're going to go ahead and open up the characters holder and click on this icon and then going to the some be crawl I can't animation and then you're gonna click control de on PC And then you're gonna do the same for the Sambi crawl for the sun Be idle We're gonna go to some be idle control de Now we're ready to animate are some be using mixing more and unity You're gonna go and get some b crawl, select And then we're gonna drop it into the scene and then we're going to rotate now, as you can see the character, it's meat missing the texture. How we can apply it is we're gonna go into assets character. Modern Sambi materials. Okay, so now we're going to texture are some be with the materials were gonna select material 03 and drag it to the face. And now if you guys wanna see better, you can just turn off the light with this light icon and this will allow us to see what more did to what we're doing and my material five on the shirt. And then I'll be the transparency for the arms and we go to the back and then for that legs , we're gonna do some B H Q material four and for the pants material for Al Video. Now that the character is textured, we can turn on the light again In order to add animation to the some Be We're gonna go to our trembling and then we're gonna dragon dropped the some be Rick Somebody crawl into the Temerlin and then add animation track Next we're going to right click on the Temelin and then add from animation clip And then we're gonna choose the crawl animation that we ah got from the file And now we can test it by clicking on the space for And we see the dining mation is there. Before we move forward, we have to go into project And then we have to go to the animation files that we God from the downloads The slum be crawling the sun be idle We click I bought them We're gonna loop time and lube posts So we're able to animate them with more control Same with the sun Be idle love time Look post No! We go back to the tempering and we click play We see that Dan Imation use their Now if you want to combine toe animation clips, we can that easily by just right clicking, choose from animation clip and then we look for some be idle And now we just kept overlap the files And if we click play or the space bar, we'll see that both clips are combined. So with those two things now we're able to basically animate the whole scene just by combining pre made animations. We just need one key component which is moving the some be around through the same. So in order to that, we are going to drug and dropped again the Sambi rig into the temple ing and then at another animation track. And now we're gonna choose the some be We're gonna press the red button and we're gonna move him slightly. And now that we have a Cree frame, we can just choose another time, like two seconds, and then we're gonna move him forward. And now we test it at the animation and we see that the Sambi moves you both animations, the mixing one and the one we did in unity. Now, if we want the somebody to stand up at two seconds We just bring in the sun, be idle and both animations air combined. So now we use heat again the red button too record. And now we click the space bar to test our scene And now we click play. So as you can see, you can do a lot of fine tuning to get really accurate animations. For example, if you were to do that the transition faster or if you worried to the transition captain slower over time. Now that you know, these fundamental concepts you are able to animate are very complex things inside of unity . 9. Animating the VR Camera: Now we're ready to start animating to that. First we go, we're gonna going to window sequencing tenderly. We're gonna drag the tenley next to the council. Then we're gonna click the main camera right click and then create empty. We're gonna drag the game optic up and then we're gonna click it and rename it Temperley. We're gonna click on the timeline tap next to the project window and then we're gonna click . Make sure that I'm Lane is highlighted the game acid timeline and then click create We're gonna name it timely. And now that we have a 10 lane, we can start animating we can grab remained camera and, uh, drag it into the Temple Lane window and then at animation track. Okay, so now we just click on the record icon and we click our camera. We clicked away to move it, and we just move it slightly to get a key frame. And now we can move it to the final location that we want it. We click on the gear first to switch from frames two seconds so that it's easier for us to know. Ah, the time that is going to take for the animation. Let's choose five seconds and moved the camera, uh, to the front, so it, uh, dollies in. So now we can test emotion by clicking the space bar, and that might be a little too fast. So what we can do is first click against a record icon and now go into window and go into animation and go into the animation window and then crab the animation window and drag it next to the A 10 million. Now we go back to highlight the timeline ass it, and then we can double click the main camera, our click. And now what we can do is scroll back to some out in time and just drag out the last key frame for you to go slower. And now we see that it goes. It's going slower. In order for us to see how that will look, we can just go into the game asset. Um, but now we see that we have another comer of you in order to fix this. What we do is going to search, and then we search camera and we see that the hospital seemed that we important has a camera off its own. So what we do is we selected, and then we just click delete. Now we have the camera that we want. So now, again, what we do, we go into, uh, tumbling and we click. Um, we we are click on that template, and now we press pause prison space where we can see how this will play out. 10. Recording the VR Experience: Now we're ready to record the BR scene. So what we have to do is go to window and go to package manager, because first, we need to get a free recorder. Um, app by unity. Now we're gonna click on advanced and show preview packages. Afterwards, we're gonna go all the way to the down and find that unity recorder package and click on install. Now we click out of the package manager, and then we go to the temporary we right click. And now we see that we have in unity Editor recorder timeline available. We click recorder track. We right click and add recorder clip, and then we extend, withdraw, click and drag to the extent off our scene. Now we have to go back to our camera main camera, and we have to check the Create Syria Cube map script. So we're gonna since we're gonna be using it Now we go back to click in 10 lane to throw to see the timeline again. Well, we're gonna be switching the settings for the family. We're gonna switch the frame rate from 16 to 30 afterwards, gonna click on the record clear we're gonna switch from animation clipped image sequence gonna switch to PNG for higher quality. We're gonna leave the name, as is we got. You have to choose a new folder to save these Be our experience too. From the capture we're gonna change from Gabe you to render target texture from the drop down we're gonna shoes at correct. And now we verify the resolution is gonna be 40 96 by 40 96 which I believe is eight k, which is good for BR. And after doing all of these, we just click play. And now our experience is going to render out and these will take some time. But afterwards we can move on to the next step in editing the scene in Premiere Pro. 11. Bringing it all Together in Premiere: not in premier. Let's create a new project and it's called it skill share. We are project. We're gonna leave the settings as they are gonna click OK, now, in the import media being section we're gonna double click and we're gonna issues the file that we exported our image sequence to and then click on image sequence and then open. Now we're gonna drag the file into the timeline sequence. Now, in order for us to watch this NVR, we're gonna have to click on the plus icon. We're gonna have to driving. Drop this tub will be our display into the to it Click. OK, now we click it and we see that it's nbr. Now we're gonna change the sequence savings we're gonna change from 29 97 30 because that's what we shows in unity. And now 40 96 is correct. But right now we're showing in lower solution for preview purposes because it's very intensive for premier. We click. OK, but in the end, we're gonna be exporting two of the eight K resolution and how we click. OK, we click, OK, and then we just render into out. Now we see that the beauties. In fact, Bure and it's working correctly. It's now if you want to add titles or lovers to the video, what you do is that first, to import the image from Facebook from, um 40. And then you drag and drop the image above the video. And then you go to the effects and search plane two sphere, we are playing to Sphere. We drop in dragon dropping to the image, and now we can just move it around by going into the settings effects settings and then rotate projection and then projection pan. And then we can scale it. Also, if you want on on the settings, make it be or small. Now, again, we render this into out. Now we're ready to export the sequence. So now we're gonna go into file export media and the best export settings are match source first. Then we living at age 264 preset at that adaptive high between. Then we're gonna check out there because there's no audio in the video, but they can be we're going to render it maximum depth. And then we're gonna check video East br serious topic over under and 3 61 80 Then we're gonna shoes, use maximum, render quality, and then we're gonna name the file and choose a location, and then we will click export, and then will be set to are in the next video upload to YouTube. 12. Uploading VR Video to YouTube: Now we're ready to upload our video to YouTube. We're gonna go ahead and click the create a video or post, and we're gonna upload our video. I'm gonna go ahead and make it, uh, an unlisted video. Now, we're gonna wait for the media to absolute and well, that that's that. We're just feeling our information. I'm gonna just call it Ah, the our project. I feel the description and your tax I'm gonna be making. And you also class series on marketing your obedience and getting the most ah, Web traffic to your videos to get the most abuse. If you're interested, please let me know in the section in the common section. After doing that, we're just gonna after filling up on information, we're just gonna click done and wait for the video to upload and process 13. Reviewing Your VR Video: Now we are ready to preview or video in YouTube. We just have to select it. And once we click play, we'll see that we are in V R. If you want. I just go to four K. It looks better. And that's it. Thank you so much for, uh, thank you so much for joining me in this class. I hope that you learned, um and I hope to see your projects, upload it and watch them.