How to Make a Tin Can Man: A Fun Recycle Craft Project | Peggy Hazelwood | Skillshare

How to Make a Tin Can Man: A Fun Recycle Craft Project

Peggy Hazelwood, Fun and Learning Go Hand in Hand

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8 Videos (19m)
    • Introduction and Welcome

    • Lesson 1 Getting Started Making a TCM

    • Lesson 2 Preparing Arm and Leg Materials

    • Lesson 3 Add Legs to the Tin Can Man

    • Lesson 4 Add Arms

    • Lesson 5 Add a Handle

    • Pick a Tin Can, etc

    • Tin Can Man Project and Closing final


About This Class

Make a tin can man and have a fun conversation piece to hang in your kitchen or to set on a shelf. You can even hang these guys outside. They look great out in nature!

This easy recycling craft project is perfect to make with children. This project is great to do with a Scout troop or activity for a sleepover or slumber party.

Even big kids love making tin can men. Collect those bottle caps and keep your favorite food can and get cracking!





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Peggy Hazelwood

Fun and Learning Go Hand in Hand

Crafting and Writing

Hi! I'm Peggy. I enjoy crafting and sewing, and I also love to write and have so many years of experience with the written word that it's second nature to me. I want to share both of my loves with you!

I just added a new class in my Writing Basics series. The class is great as a refresher on spelling words that sound the same but are spelled differently. Make your writing better and maybe even error free. Check it out!

Many of my crafting classes...

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