How to Make a Ring with Absolutely No Tools, only a Computer, Using Rhino 3D | Alex Moore | Skillshare

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How to Make a Ring with Absolutely No Tools, only a Computer, Using Rhino 3D

teacher avatar Alex Moore, Adventure or Nothing

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Intro Skillshare

    • 2. Lesson 1 Downloading Rhino 3D

    • 3. Lesson 2 Opening up Rhino

    • 4. Lesson 3 Ring Sizes

    • 5. Lesson 4 Starting to Build the Ring

    • 6. Lesson 5 Sweeping the Rail and Measuring Distance

    • 7. Lesson 6 Filleting the Edge and Exporting to a

    • 8. Lesson 7 Uploading to Shapeways

    • 9. Conclusion Skillshare

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About This Class

In this class you will learn the very basics of the 3D CAD software, Rhino 3D, to design a simple wedding band style ring. At the end of the class, I show you how you can use to have the ring 3D printed and sent directly to you. 

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Alex Moore

Adventure or Nothing


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1. Intro Skillshare: Hi, guys. My name's Alex. More from Gold pin Peat design. Thanks for taking my class today. In this class, you're gonna be learning how to make your very own ring or wedding ring without using any jewelers tools whatsoever. Only thing you're gonna be needing to use is your computer. So to do that, I will be teaching you some very basic skills on a three D CAD design program called Rhinoceros three D. I'll show you how the download that program for free, using their trial period that they offer. And then also, once you make the ring, exporting it to a file that you can then upload to the website called Shape Ways, which is a company that three D prints your file in a variety of different materials from plastic all the way up to gold. So if you want to get your ring printed in different materials, you could do that. They finish it up, send it right to your door and boom. There you go. You're done. So in this class, I'm teaching you how to do all those things I'd love to see. If you put your examples of your work, just upload them to the class projects. And if you have any questions, just let me know. Get in touch and helping check out some other courses and more courses on jewelry making on the way as well. So have a great day and we'll see you soon. 2. Lesson 1 Downloading Rhino 3D: Okay, guys. Welcome, Teoh. First lesson, I guess. Um, So the first thing you need to do is, um, like I did here. Just want to Google and tucked in Rhino three D. It's gonna come up here. Okay, Try it. Boom. Um, And here we go. Complete install. Going to download it. It depends on what you have if you have Windows or Mac, but a few when I just tested out, you get to see 90 days toe test out the whole thing, which is pretty good. Um, pretty good. Test time. Um, so yeah. So once you once you download it and install it, um, we'll go to the next video and show you how we get started. 3. Lesson 2 Opening up Rhino: All right, guys, welcome back to the next class. Lesson number two. So when you open up a rhinoceros, this is was gonna come up and what you want Dio is gonna go over here the templates and it could be appear, but you want to scroll down to get to small objects. Millimeter double click that, and it opens up to this panel here on. Basically, we got these four panels. Um, with there are different viewpoints. So this is actually our top viewpoint. So let's if we were looking from the top down, um, this perspective, um, shows like you're different angles. It's like kind of like a on the 45 degree angle or so, and you can kind of adjust it. Um, from there, this is the front of your object, and this is the right side of it. Um, c four different. Few points there. Um and then, if you just the book, click on one of those, it will go. So you only have, um, 11 showing double click, and it goes back to the fore or you have up here as well can just quick to the different views that you would like or back to the fore there. Okay, um, so there's lots of lots of commands over here. I don't want you to get too caught up in. Those were only going to use in a few, um, in this lesson, and we won't think that second. Yes. Well, abuse in a few of those that I want to confuse anybody. Um, but yes. So there's there's opening it up. We're not right now. Get into your viewpoints. And then we will get started on the ring making in the next video. Cool. See, then. 4. Lesson 3 Ring Sizes: Okay, guys. So before we actually get started, um, you need to find out your ring size for whatever finger you wanna make a ring for. Um, and the easiest way in the most precise way is for you to go into any jewelry shop and just ask him to measure it and they'll they'll check your size. Um, if you don't want to do that an easy way, um is to take a small piece of string and kind of wrap it around your neck, Aled, and then market with the end of the string meat and then pulled apart and measure that piece of strength in millimeters. But there's lots of videos online about how to do that in a precise way. But the most precise, I would say, would be to go into a jeweler and have them check it. So once you know, that depends on what your at so some some shops. We'll give you like a letter. So the British or Australian or here in New Zealand, it's letters. Us. Canada is these numbers here. And then, as you can see, the French and Russian, German, Japanese and Swiss, all different ways to check ring sizes. Um, so I'm about 11. Someone go down here us and Candace, and scroll down. Now you just Google for, like, rang size charter. I'm something like that. This woman just ring sizes. That Cho was website that came up and I go down to size 11. There we go. That's my ring size. Then I'm gonna go over this column which waas the diameter and millimeters That was his 1st 1 So 20.68 So see here inside diameter in millimeters going down. Size 11 over here. 20.68 millimeters. So I'm just gonna jap that down. So I remember it. You should do the same because you're gonna need that when we started. So 20 0.68 is the ring size that I'm going to go for. Cool. Very good. So that's how you check your, um, diameter of your ring size also via or another way you could do it is you have another ring . Um, you can measure the inside diameters of that. So it is with the ruler putting across the center of the ring, making sure you measure the end of the middle in the end of the metal there, it's Let's inside bits. Um, not the outside of the ring. So in but inside of the circle parts. And that will give you a year millimeters diameter as well. All right, so that's that video. And, um, we'll see you back in Rhino in the next one. See you soon. 5. Lesson 4 Starting to Build the Ring: Hey, guys, Welcome back. So let's get started on making a ring. So here I got the main screen open again are four for views. Um, so the 1st 1 what I want to do is I want to go to the front view. That's where we're gonna work right now. Now, you'll see, we have in the center with this x x iss, which is read the y axis, which is, um, why? Oh, sorry. Actually, it's X and said, Percy, um, forget a different ones. So this one has all three of them. Top six. And why? Said an ex and they're so back in the front view. Um, and each one of these boxes represents one millimeter. So that's the scale that we're working on is quite small. Um, and here's the 00 point on the quadrants, Um, right in the centre zero. So first thing I do is when we make this ring today, the ring is going to be kind of a rectangle shape. So it's a rectangle that kind of goes around in the circle, and then we're gonna do is call the Philip on the edges to make it a bit smoother. um, unless, um, sharp and aware. So makes a lot more comfortable for people to wear. Um, but you'll see once we get the picture going. So, um, I want my ring here to be six millimeters wide. If you wanted a little bigger, you do it Smaller pence on what you like, but it is the width of the ring stuff. I have my ring hair. This ring here is six millimeters wide that way. So that's what I'm talking about. Um, So what you're gonna do is over here, you have a bunch of different symbols. So this one's actually the rectangle, and there's a bunch of the choices if you hold it down, but it's easier go to the command line and just start to type what you want. So they got rectangle. That's what we want. Okay, so I know. So my I want my rectangle to be 60 millimeters. Why, um, in the thickness? Uh, probably my ring. I want about a millimetre and 1/2. Uh, probably don't want more than two and probably not really less to less than one. Um, for it. So what I wanna do is the most Can't start here and go over to know it's 123 Just gonna click that care. Um and it says on the left side here, you'll see it has other corner or length. So I want that to be a 66 millimeters and you can see automatically made it six millimeters wide. I can't move. It can only do the thickness of it. Um, there So And the reason that's only goes told between one is because I have the grid snap on which snaps it to the grid lines. Now, I turned that off. You can't have it a lot smaller if I wanted it to. But I'm gonna keep that on for right now and, um, hit. Enter over here for the other length. And then it says the whip. So what's what am I with the be? So when I went to be one point five millimeters return. There we go. So I get my rectangle there. If we just go to perspective, you just see it's kind of floating around there. Okay, So very good. Back to their in all few points. So that's looking at it from the right side down here, back where we started from the front. This is the top few in the perspective. So now what I want to do is go to the right of you like that, Okay? And I want a circle. So here's a circle. Um, with the center radius what we want. There you go. That, or, like I said before, you can just type circle pops up. Okay, Center of the circle. The point is gonna be zero, which is down here. Done or return, and I won't mind It started typed in here. Just checked it. 20.68 Done. And boom. It puts my circle there. So this is gonna be the huh? Where my finger goes through When you wear the ring, go back perspective. You can see it there. It's kind of floating, but see how the rectangle is above the circle. We don't want that. We want to move it down. So we're gonna go back to the front view, and we're gonna type, move, select object moves when I click the rectangle. Uh, move point to move from. So we want to move this middle point here. Um, it says midpoint there because I have midpoint come and left. Um, check there. Faces in the way. So you take that off. I want to show up. Anyway, we're gonna move from there. Says move to way. Want to move to the end of the circle? There, There. Now there. Touching se. That was very important, because the next step, Tom, is what we're gonna do just in the next video. See, then. 6. Lesson 5 Sweeping the Rail and Measuring Distance: All right, So, um, here we are next video we've just built our rectangle built our circle And now when you do is make the ring out of that. So in the middle of it, no go. So the right click well rotated around that, Um So to make this into a ring moving you to do is what's called a sweep. So we can either go to top here. It's a surface sweep, one rail or the command mind. Sweet one. Same thing. Enter select the rail. So imagine it's like a roller coaster. It's gonna sweep around on the rail. So, like the roller coaster, you have your track. So here's our track Click on that, and then it goes to select the cross selection curves. This are cross section selection curve kind of highlights. So, you know, that's clicked. It done. Okay. Done again. And this pops up, um, close. Sleep. What? You want to click and then click Sweep. There you go. That is your ring. So let's look back at our views again. So here's our top. You, um, perspective got spin that around, see what it looks like from other from angles. Looks pretty good. Um, from the right side and from the front of it. Now, if you right click on here, that's the wire frame that's like these ones shaded. Give us that view. So if we shaded this one, it's gonna look the same. But on the right side that tell me what side to side, um rendered because it like a more three d on the view that making changes to look like different metals like gold or silver. This is like a plaster one. Um, ghosted. It's more See through X ray, Do anything. I barely no different technical. So it's kind of like a technical technical drawing of it. Artistic view. King. There we go. It's like a and drawn version been drawing. So it was just different viewpoints. Um, I prefer shit shaded like that. There we go. I'm very good. So, um, what I want to do now is going to write, and I just check and make sure my ring is the right diameter. Some of distance, so type in distance return. I was gonna go in that first point here. I would bring my line boy there to enter. Um, and there we go. 20.68 You could see down down there. So it's the perfect size. Perfect size 11 When it prints out gonna be really close to that into whatever material you get, it printed A So, um, I think we're nearly done. The next video. We're gonna finish it up, um, and fill it the edges and not show you that in a second. So see in the next video. 7. Lesson 6 Filleting the Edge and Exporting to a : All right, guys. Welcome back. Um, so we're here with our ring, Um, and so it's a pretty, um, sharp edges here. If you wear that, it's not gonna be too too comfortable. So what we're gonna do is we want to do is called a fill it. So here's the command for Philip here. Um, click and hold. Got a bunch of them. But if you just go to there, we go talk to start talking. Philip, we want to fill it the edge. So we get return, um, under next radius. That's where you gonna put how much of a curve? Um, or how much of the edge? You kind of take offs. Let's just dio let's just test it out and I'll show you put to their That's gonna be a lot . So we're going to come back and redo that. So about us one to show you I'm so done to Oops. So, yeah, So what? You do that click on that edge, click on that edge, spin it around a little bit. The track panned fingers track bed that edge and that edge. And now see what it does. Yeah, so down again. And it takes off so much that it kinda messes it up so it doesn't look very good. Um, it's not really what we wanted, but much. Let's go back. Um, fill it edge again. Um, let's go 0.5 this time, Bruce. Again, The 0.5 click on there. Click room in the, uh, that there. Um and, uh, and there you can see what it's done is kind of rounded it there. So it's actually not too bad that actually doesn't like tt bad to have a mind that so it's actually leave that like it is, um, or another one that I've done before. You want a little less? So you just play with the wait, what you like? So let's go back again. Take that back commander and said, um, fill it. I want to point is a 0.1. That's hardly any Oops. You're sorry. Wasting time. There we go. Um, so 0.1 shows you their 0.1 0.1 point one done. Duh. Take very little off there. So it's not gonna be to to, um, cut off the edge around it. Let's say we want something in between 0.1 and 0.5, so fill it. Oops. Her Fill it. Edge hit. Return must do 0.3. This time. That's a good when I like. We'll head down to get rid of it. It was doing so bone 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3 So they're all the wearable edges on dso is not gonna cut your come into your hand or anything when you're wearing it would be nice and smooth. So it done done again and that Phillips here edges their court nicely. Very good, co. Um, now you can see it's got this line here. That's our circle we initially made. We don't need that anymore. So you just click that you see this pops up cause it's doesn't know what we're what we're clicking on. We want the curve, not the police surface. So when the curve you click that highlights it. Um, and this this gumbo thing can adjust it. Just sit. If we need it to, we don't need to, but like this one will move it out of there. We just want to delete it. So he had delete Boom. There it goes on. We do the same for our rectangle. Click up there. No, I don't want the whole thing. Now. No one those same. There we go. So this comes out. We just want that curve, that square rectangle. He made that square with the rectangle once it's yellow. That means it's highlighted. Yeah, good curve. Do it. And there we go. So we're left with the ring on. What we need to do now is export it. So I was gonna go to file export. Um, And what what's your name? That we condemn it as my ring. He'll share whatever you wanna call it, and you want to export it as an STL file ST. Louis STL. Thrown from ST Louis. I'm betting my STL file doesn't mean ST Louis. Just a a stereo lithography file, something like that. So click on that, Um, there you go. Same to my desktop. Export it. Okay. Keeping those binary and it's exported. Okay, so the next one is I'm gonna show you how you get it printed and sent to your house. See you soon. 8. Lesson 7 Uploading to Shapeways: Okay, guys, welcome back to the last video. Uh, so as you could see your I'm open to my web browser, um, to a Web website called shape ways dot com. And what shape ways is is a three d printing on demand service. Um, they print in a variety of different materials. Um, and they send it anywhere that were also they send it to your straight to your door once there, once they're done. So it's a great little service. They do. Um, if he's not signed up with them, then you need to do so Teoh, get your stuff printed. But once you do that, just go. This little icon next to the shopping cart brings up my shape ways. Um, and do you want to get upload our design? So that's bring it in STL file that we saved earlier, and it's kind of open it and analyze it and make sure it's OK to print, but that's going to take a couple of seconds. I was gonna pause it to keep you from getting to board, and I'll be back in. Yeah, when it's done, see you in a minute or in a second. There we go. We're back. I told you only be a second. Um, so it's upload our ring. We have view of it there. What? It looks like we're gonna be printing. And if you look under here, it says the slept material. So that's where we choose a different materials you want to use. Um, normally, there's a few other choices. For example, they know my half gold in there as well. Um, and a few other ones. Platinum, I think. Um, but because of the whole cove in 19 situation is going on. I think they're reduced in their capabilities to do their castings and different metals on all of the metal salute. Just have a few that can change from at the moment. So maybe by time, um, you watch this class and do the class that they passed the Kobe 19 and everything works out all right on their back to back to normal, helping? Not too long. It's now the middle of many when I'm recording this so on. This is there are just two choices at the time during that time that were doing it so you can see different choices are different prices. So depending on what you want. Um, this treaty materials guy that click on that will take you to a guide that tells you what's the difference between all these different materials. You can see this s a light plastic $45 but actual silver sterling silver is $47. So it just depends on what year, What you're looking for. So steel aluminum for brass with gold ish color. Um, bronze. Obviously, um, it's like a darker the darker turns board brown and the breasts and then silver and then steal. So if he was may I probably choose the silver because it's probably the, um the best wearing for rings, I'd say, um or if you do this in half gold, that's always an option to depending on what you want. Um, but anyway, so say I select the silver. So sometimes, like I said, pre Cove in 19 they had met more options like he had a couple different choices in the Polish. So you could do the high polish where it's really shiny, like a mere almost, but because, like I said, they're reduced capabilities. They don't have that option at the moment. So you can only choose natural. Well, she is that something that's already there. Add it to my cart room. So there's another one. Ring that ahead in there. Um, I record this earlier. So anyways, got to those rings that they would do if I wanted that, Then I would go the check out Now fill it all my address and details for payment, and then, boom, they send it off and you'll get a few weeks later. So it's pretty cool if you guys do that, make sure to take a picture of it and put in the projects. Kind of uploaded to the projects. Um, part of this class. I could have a look and or just do a screenshot of your rhino three d kind of view viewpoints. And I could see your design, but anyways yeah, Thanks again, guys. Hope you enjoy the class and onto the conclusion 9. Conclusion Skillshare: Hi, guys. Welcome back. Hope you enjoyed the class. Don't forget to post your examples of your work or if you actually get the rings made and put a picture up in the class projects. I'd love to see what you guys have made and when you get them back from shape ways. Also, if you have any questions in contact may through skill share or on my website gold pan pete dot com. Also instagram at Gold Pan Peak enough to connect with you guys. So thanks again for watching. And if you're interested in my other videos, make sure to click. Follow and you'll be informed when I post new ones and you look forward to hearing from you guys have a great day by