How to Make a KILLER Youtube Banner (to Grow Your Subscribers!) | John Nkume | Skillshare

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How to Make a KILLER Youtube Banner (to Grow Your Subscribers!)

teacher avatar John Nkume, Netpreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Making a KILLER Youtube Banner

    • 2. Why Do You Need a Professional Banner ?

    • 3. Key Elements of a Youtube Banner

    • 4. Creating The Banner Part One

    • 5. Creating The Banner Part Two

    • 6. Leveraging Your Banner for MASSIVE Traffic

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About This Class

Your Youtube banner (also called channel art) is one of the most important and crucial elements of your Youtube channel, and can be used to dramatically increase the number of subscribers, and to drive traffic to your website.

Your Youtube banner is the most visible element of your channel, and in essence the front page of your channel.

Making a professional banner isn't hard - yet the advantages of having one are numerous.

  • A good Youtube banner can turn visitors into loyal subscribers
  • A good Youtube banner can drive traffic back to your website or social media accounts
  • A good Youtube channel can give you brand recognition and make you stand out from other Youtubers

A good channel art can also increase your Youtube video views.

So if you want to increase your subscriber base and grow your channel to new heights, jump in and enroll!

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John Nkume



Hi Guys

I recently joined the Digital Marketing Academy here on Skillshare and will be hosting all my classes there.

I am Sharing my Skills & Secrets in 4 Classes!

1. Pimp Your Social Media Page Series: #1 #2 #3

2. Internet Marketing Series: #1

3. Website Design Series: Coming soon


Hi Guys! I am an Economic research analyst by profession currently working at Deloitte South Africa. Besides my day job, I am an affiliate marketer and netpreneur. I am always looking for ways to monetize content and grow my online business. Here is the complete list of all my the Skillshare classes I teach:

In my quest to build my online business I have learnt quite a lot an... See full profile

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1. Making a KILLER Youtube Banner: Welcome to the course, guys. And this course I'm gonna show you how to make YouTube Channel art like a pro will be using free tools and you do not need any graphic design experience at all. If you want to get more subscribers to their YouTube channel, having a really good YouTube cover would take you a long way, and it will really help you. So what you waiting for and wrong now and learn how to get a lot of subscribers to your YouTube channel today? 2. Why Do You Need a Professional Banner ?: Welcome back, guys. So the first thing I would like to tell you before we get started is why you should have a YouTube cover banner or channel art, whatever you wanna call it. So you want to have a YouTube cover because, firstly, it helps you to brand you and set yourself apart from millions of other YouTube channels out there. When anyone sees your cover, they instantly recognize you. Having a YouTube channel banner makes your channel mawr interesting, and research shows it significantly increases your number of subscribers, a number of views your video gets. Simply put, a YouTube cover will help you show off your brand. Create a course of YouTube presence and market whatever you're offering Maura effectively. But it is easy to make guys you don't need any fancy graphic design experience, and I'll show you how to make one like a pro. If you stick around for the next 10 minutes 3. Key Elements of a Youtube Banner: The fact that you made it to this lesson means that you serious about doing business online . I'm not gonna show you how to make a YouTube banner like a pro Before we start, I would like to show you guys a good example off a YouTube banner. So this is one of my favorite YouTube channels. Video influences you can see under banner. They've got a call to action area here directing visitors to the website and most of the social media profiles. That's very important in a huge banner. Also, you can see the picture fits well within a given space on their channel, and it's not inconsistent. I've seen bad pictures on YouTube channels where you've got only half the head showing or text overflow because it's overlapped over the, um, I located space. That's a big no no. You want to do that? That immediately turns off people and people won't take a channel seriously. One other thing. When you minimize the Web browser, you can see that the channel are two changes to fit the space a score, but smaller. You see you. So the art, the picture that you put in has to be responsive to the size off whatever platform your visitor is browsing from. I'll show you how to do that as we go along. 4. Creating The Banner Part One: So let's say you have a channel on skin care and you'd like to add channel are to it. The first thing you want to go and do is log into your YouTube account. I'm already logged in. Once you log into your account, then you just go and click on my Channel tab on the left panel. Then at the top right corner of your banner, you find a pencil Aiken that allows you to edit Jovana. Go ahead and click on the pencil icon and click on the Edit Channel Art button. This pops up a window in the window. You're going to go down and click on the link that say's how to create Channel Out. It opens up to a page that gives you the official YouTube guidelines on channel art. You're gonna go and scroll down to the Image Guidelines section and click on image. Guidelines were Channel are then about the video you wanna go and click down. No channel are tablets. This will automatically download the template to your computer. Once the Donald is complete, you're going to find it in your downloads order. Find the foul in your downloads folder and extracted on your desktop side, it's easy to access. Make sure that the father that use from this folder is the fireworks foul and not the photo shop foul. Once you've extracted everything, we're going to go to Pic Monkey and start editing our banner. So go to pic monkey and press the edit photo button. The good thing about Pic Monkey is that is the Frito. There's so many other tools out there that do a similar job, but I found pic monkey to be really good for YouTube banners. Go ahead and press the open button, find the far edges down order from Google images and uploaded to pick monkey. Once the upload is done, this is how I should look like in pic monkey. Next, you're gonna go into Google and look for a picture wallpaper off background or whatever you want to put on your YouTube banner. You can also use your own photo, but make sure you use ah, high quality Chris picture and you follow the specifications I'm about to show you. So let's look for a nice YouTube background that's relevant to skin care because we're making a skin care channel, so go ahead and click on images. So whatever picture you guys decide to use from Google, a quick tip is to make sure that it has a pretty big size. I personally go for pictures with a minimum size off 2560 by 1440 pixels. You can change us search settings to give you the exact size. So I found a picture I like, and I'm going to save it somewhere can easily find your my computer. Once you save your image, you can go back to pick monkey When you unpick monkey, try to familiar rises off with all the top buttons on the left panel by exploring around. Pic monkey is very easy to use under straightforward to once you figure out where all the different effects are. When you're scoring around, you notice some of the effects, have a little crowd on them. Those and therefore paid men was only, and you have to pay if you really want to use them. But everything else is free and honestly, you don't really need. You don't really need to pay for anything to make really cool banners. Another thing to note is that You can use whatever funds you want, as long as it's on your computer. So guys take time to familiarize yourselves with all the effects on the left tab, as will be using them quite extensively in the rest of the lesson. Now that we have all our resource is ready. In the next lesson, we're going to start making the actual channel banner. 5. Creating The Banner Part Two: so the first thing I'm going to show you guys is how to make a border board is a nice because they help you to center people's attention, toe whatever text or images you put inside within the borders. So first you're gonna click on the overlay button, which is the batter fly on the left panel. Then we're going to click on the geometric button, and this button has different shapes within it. The shape we used for our border is the rectangle, so you just click on it and drag it into your screen so you can see this shape is quite flexible. You can resize it how you want and move it to anywhere. But let's put it in the middle by screen and you see the overlay window. I moved to the left hand side in this window, This color one and this color to what you want to do is make colored too transparent by making color too transparent color, one becomes our border. As you can see, you can make the border whatever color you want and guys, your border can be any shape you like. It doesn't have to be a rectangle. You can also use the hearts or doodly hearts effects as borders the same way we use the rectangle. Once you happy with your border, you can go ahead and add text to it to add text. You just go to the left panel and click on the T. I could. Then you click on the front that you like and press add text. If you don't like the points you currently have, you can go to the funds dot com and find one there. So many funds there, and I have put the link in the project section if you want other front options. If you are no resize your phone size, make sure you highlight all the text before you do. Otherwise it won't work. Same applies for color. You can also change the size of your fund by making your frame area for the front Bigger. Now, to make sure that you don't have text or images that are cut off on your banner, make sure that everything that you would like to be visible is within the grey area that say's text and local safe area. Then, once you're happy with how your text looks like you can add overlays from the overlay section, or you can upload your own custom overlays. I would like to upload my own custom overly, so you simply go to the butterfly. I couldn't again and add your own. Once you satisfied with adding your overlays, you have to erase the parts of the overlays that appear outside the text and local safe area. So go ahead and you make a brush size a bit bigger. And he raised out the sections off any image that are outside the safe, the safe. So once you've done your border and your text and you've inserted all the overlays that you want, you can go ahead and add a background. To do this, you need to go on the left tap and click on the magic wand, which is the effects option. Then you're gonna have to scroll down and look for the drawer option. Once you find it, click on it and make the size off the brush as biggest possible and make the opaqueness 100%. I'm gonna make a clean white background with a brush. You just erase everything. You don't really have to use a white background, but I find it works best with most backgrounds you find on Google images. Once you've done drawing, click on the little great like I could, which is your texture. I couldn't and then press apply draw and then click on the your own tab within the texture section and go find the war paper that you saved earlier from Google images. Once you find it, you just click on add. Let's open it. Once you've uploaded the background, you can play around with the settings to enhance its look and few conf aid it out. You compare under the saturation and you can move it around all to your liking. Now I'm happy with the way my banner looks currently. Once you happy with yours, you can go ahead and save it. You just press save on the top bar. But remember, before you do anything you need to press the apply button. Then you go press safe and make sure when you saving you select J. P. G. This is because if you say that as a PNG foul is gonna be too big toe upload to YouTube, also make sure you do not exit pic monkey and tell you 100% sure that you happy with how your banner looks within YouTube? We cannot go back to our YouTube channel and upload I saved banner. Make sure you and check the auto enhance button. You can find the YouTube has checked it already. Then you can adjust the crop off your banner. And once you happy, you click and select. And there you have it a perfect YouTube banner. So this is just an example, guys. So now we've done that's pretty much all there is to it. Guys. Very easy. Now you know how to make abandon like a probe. In the next video, I show you a pro tip to get extra traffic to your website using your banner. Guys, if you have any questions or comments, don't forget to leave a review or started discussion in the discussion section. I would also really love to see your channel are. So please go to the project section on post a link to your YouTube channel or an image or YouTube Bana. Once you have created one, don't forget. Check out the next video for the pro tips on how to get extra traffic using your Bannon 6. Leveraging Your Banner for MASSIVE Traffic: I am not gonna show you guys a pro tip That can really help you to get a lot of traffic to your website as a YouTube subscriber base grows. It's actually quite simple, but a lot of people overlook this, So the first step to implement this is to press on the settings. I could be lawyer YouTube banner. Then you go and activate the customize your channel layout, option the press safe. Then you go and press on your pencil icon at the top, right corner off your YouTube banner, and then you click on Edit Links and then you scroll down to the custom my customized links section. Then you're gonna click the add button. Here. You can add any of your social media pages and links to your website. You allowed to add up to five links, and this shows as a court action button on your YouTube banner. Let's go. I had an ad, a Facebook link and a link to a website as an example. I'm just got gonna add any random Facebook page, for example, purposes, once you've done, you can click on time. But if you look around, you also have the option to add your email address and what country in It's a click and time when you see on the bottom right corner of your YouTube banner to link Sapir. These are quarter actions for your subscribers to go to your website. And as your subscriber base grows and they see this and they really interested in your content, they will want to find out more about you, and they likely to click on your links. They can see this link links to the Facebook page I put on. So now if your website wasn't installed properly, it just redirects you to your YouTube page. Let's try and see what strong? Yeah, So normally YouTube want Ah, four link address, including the http for the link toe work you can see now others are Internet. Aiken on your courter action now your link should be working properly. They're perfect. So this is a small change to your YouTube banner, but it can have a massive impact on your business. I hope this course was useful and helped you guys. Please do not forget to leave your review and post a link of your channel at in the project section of this course I'll have a look and give you feedback if any is needed. I'm gonna be releasing Mawr courses soon. Unuseful skills to help you improve your business online. So stay tuned and watch this space.