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How to Make a Great Talking Head Video (even when camera shy)

Lucy Lambriex, Photo & video teacher for the camera shy

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13 Videos (25m)
    • Intro: what to expect?

    • How to engage your audience

    • How to work with fear and nervousness

    • Disarm your inner critic

    • How to remember your story

    • Let's make a cheat sheet

    • How to connect with your viewer

    • A good volume and pace

    • How the body can support the mind

    • How to use a second camera

    • Watch yourself with kindness

    • Practicalities

    • Class project

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About This Class

In this introductory class, you'll learn to improve your video presence, even when you are camera shy.  You'll learn tricks to work with fear and nervousness, and your inner critic will be surprised by your approach. 

This is not a technical class, but more of an exciting journey through your mind and body.

After doing this class and after practicing, you should be able to show up in front of a video camera and make an authentic talking head video.

Flawless? I hope not! Let's keep making mistakes.

Please join me in the class project and I'm happy to give to feedback and advice.

But first: join the class and enjoy the ride.

The music in this class is by Tom Beek.

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Love Lucy's candid teachings! I am a camera shy and nervous public speaker but her class has been helpful in providing practical ways to break out of my critical mindset.
Love this class! I really love the "Disarm your inner critic" section. I also do some similar things sometimes. I visualize my emotions or some memory to monsters and give them some names. Then, I gently put them aside on the desk. An I say to them: "I didn't forget about you, just ask you to sit by my side for a while." I think this method always comfort my emotion a lot!
Charles Yang






Lucy Lambriex

Photo & video teacher for the camera shy