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How to Make a European Style Plum Cake

teacher avatar Ilse Fodor, Professional Private Chef

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

In this class, I will show you how to make one of my most favorite European desserts, Plum Cake.  This recipe calls for Italian plums... which are only available in early September (on the East Coast of the US)... so it's a seasonal treat.  (If you don't have access to Italian plums, you can use whichever plums you have available to you.)

I will also show you a neat plum-scoring technique that will make your cake look especially uniform and appetizing.

Meet Your Teacher

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Ilse Fodor

Professional Private Chef


Hello, I'm Ilse. I spent years as a professional private chef baking and cooking for many different people with many different tastes. My specialty is pastries and desserts. I especially love to make traditional European desserts (sometimes with a twist or two) and I'm very excited to teach many of my techniques, secrets and tricks to make these professional, classic desserts.

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1. INTRO & INGREDIENTS: Hello, this is Elson. I'm going to show you how to make my favorite European style plum cake step-by-step, and so on. 2. PREP THE PLUMS: A paring knife. He'll cut them open and forward at 0, then remove the pit. And then he'll cut each have in have and forward it open. But doesn't cut all the way to rule, choose enough so you can unfold it. At the start of a journey. 3. MAKING YEAST MIXTURE: Okay, you're warm the male. But the path to convey melted the one hand and thick craze, not above that, because it will destroy the power of the male testes into the milk and other mixture. You can also test. Before you put the ease into this mixture. It's a good idea to test with our candidate Tom. I'm at that Sanat than 100 days. It takes just a few minutes to dissolve completely or almost completely that I got. 4. MAKING THE DOUGH: You know, make the Lemon test from one lemon and then put the flower into the bowl of a mix. But the Doha, and you add the cinnamon when egg and the East mixture and Victor TO union DO tell it's smooth and releases easily fund a bowl. You can do this also by hand on a cake board. Covered the bowl with plastic and let it rise for one hour in one place until it doubles. 5. ROLLING THE DOUGH: Your crease. A cookie pan that spec enough with cold. And you put TO center and sprinkle it with a handful of flour. And then you distributed thereto the toe roll pen. I use a small one because I can manipulate easily around the PAM. It will be very 10. You can also sprinkle more flour if you need. Cover the entire pan hopefully evenly. That small rolling pin is very helpful to get the input of colon us. The purpose of this section. 6. ADDING THE PLUMS: Okay, Now, just strip it the plums evenly over the entire DO each time you put the plans town peracid, just the little bed in through the door, not hot but kids, and let them fed and layer them evenly and tightly. So the entire sheet will be covered. Problems. These Italian lumps, I feel they are the best for this recipe. But you can use adopt lumps, feel, refer. These plants are usually only available in September, early September. So it's, for me, this is what I call a seasonal cake. Because there's fruit is only available at one season. At the, actually it doesn't take clung to cover that take when she'll have to plums, read a cut ten of our echoes really quickly. And then you have it all covered with dark plums. Leave it and showed the dough rise. Sure. Muddled bad day again. 7. BAKING & APRICOT COATING: Now, bake the cake and a preheated oven at 350 degrees for 30 to 35 minutes. Via the cake is speaking, you model one cup of upward CAD CAM, dilute a little water and cook it. Del, doe as smooth page. The minute the cake is coming out of this TO YOU, pays the entire cake. But the IPv6 cut mixture that the brush and make sure you cover the whole cake. And then you'll love it. When it's cold, then you can start slicing and Gooten up with a good appetite.