How to Make a Crib-Sized Triangle Quilt | Jennifer Baxter | Skillshare

How to Make a Crib-Sized Triangle Quilt

Jennifer Baxter, Lindy J Quilts | Designer | Blogger

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12 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Triangle Quilt - Introduction

    • 2. Class 1 - Quilting Tools

    • 3. Class 2 - Fabric Selection

    • 4. Class 3 - Fabric Preparation

    • 5. Class 4 - Cutting Triangles

    • 6. Class 5 - Laying Out Your Quilt

    • 7. Class 6 - Sewing Triangles

    • 8. Class 7 - Sewing Rows Together

    • 9. Class 8 - Pin Basting

    • 10. Class 9 - Quilting

    • 11. Class 10 - Trimming the Quilt | Making Binding

    • 12. Class 11 - Binding


About This Class

Our course will take you through the entire process of making a Baby Triangle Quilt. 

We will show you:

  1. Supplies you will need
  2. Fabric requirements
  3. Fabric Preparation
  4. Cutting Instructions
  5. Layout Tips
  6. Clear Sewing Instructions
  7. Joining Triangle Rows
  8. Pin Basting
  9. Machine Quilting
  10. Trimming the Quilt
  11. Binding

Our classes are broken up in bite-sized step-by-step videos so that you can watch at your own pace.  Our goals was to get straight to the point and show you exactly what you need to do to accomplish all the steps necessary for finishing your quilt.

You can watch a class repeatedly until you are ready to move on.

If you follow each of our steps, you will finish a Crib-Sized Triangle Quilt. 

Here’s What You Will Not Get From Our Class:

You will not be forced to watch us cut and sew an entire quilt!!  Uh, boring. 

We really tried to condense our course into easily digestible segments so that you won’t be forced to watch us cut 100+ Triangles, pin 200+ pins, or quilt all those seams.

And I know this will be hard to believe, but Mom and I aren’t professional actors!  We are real people who really love quilting, and we want to share the quilting love with you!






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Jennifer Baxter

Lindy J Quilts | Designer | Blogger

Hi!  I'm Jenn, co-owner with my awesome mom, Linda, of Lindy J Quilts.  We design beautiful and modern quilts and quilt patterns.

Mom and I started up our shop and blog late 2016 and we just recently created a class for SkillShare.

We are based out of Dunwoody, GA – just north of Atlanta. We are life-long sewing enthusiasts specializing in quilts and handmade gifts.  We feel quilts are wonderful and special gifts.  Quilts are so versatile!  They&rs...

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