How to Make Workplace Accountability Cooler Than Your Competitors Do | Stephanie Angelo | Skillshare

How to Make Workplace Accountability Cooler Than Your Competitors Do

Stephanie Angelo, Helping People Master Their Goals.

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10 Videos (49m)
    • Introduction to the class

    • Lesson 1: What is workplace accountability & what are the advantages

    • Lesson 2: Some numerical illustrations/what it costs the organization / a few survey findings

    • Lesson 3: Examples of Accountability in the Workplace: putting it into perspective through stories.

    • Lesson 4: 18 Advantages

    • Lesson 5: Reciprocal Accountability

    • Lesson 6: What one company did (example for Project)

    • Lesson 7: Workplace masterminds - the benefits/how they work

    • Lesson 8: Walk through of project

    • Lesson 9: How you get “bragging Rights” & Final thoughts


About This Class

You have to be creative and innovative when it comes to affecting human behavior.  In this seminar we’ll stimulate the most effective ways of ensuring and supporting individuals’ accountability – and reveal the many measurable benefits to the company. Accountability is important as one of the most effective forms of ensuring and supporting employee’s expectations. Not just any accountability, like you normally would expect: but Reciprocal Accountability; what happens when you hold the same people accountable to you as they hold you to themselves.  When you’re in Management and Human Resources the core of your purpose is to further the vision, mission and values of your organization. We’ll do that through accountability – and we’ll make it cooler than your competitors do!

(This Class has Previously been awarded HRCI and SHRM Re-Certification Credit)

Positive results of accountability

  • Employees feel more engaged and happy at work
  • They feel like there are outlets and increased opportunities for open and honest communication
  • They feel increased competence
  • Feel like the employer is flexible by allowing them (and financially supporting) time for mastermind group participation. Particularly if it’s not a workplace mastermind group but one that is separate and has no coworkers.
  • They feel trusted, more motivated and committed


Benefits to the organization

  • Accountable employees advance the mission, vision, and values of the organization
  • Accountable employees help create measurable change
  • Positively effects the culture of the organization
  • Helps support strategic goals of organization – most of which can be measured, counted & documented






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Stephanie Angelo

Helping People Master Their Goals.

Hey there!  Get to know me a bit - and soon I'll get to know more about you in your class projects and community discussion!

I'm a Mastermind group leader for enterprising people in a range of industries, from marketers to designers, financial planners, and physicians. 

I enjoy unique talent for connecting people and creating collaborative relationships that result in quantifiable growth. 

For fun I like to do just about anything that allows her to be outdo...

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