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How to Make Vegan Fried Chick'n Burger

teacher avatar Good Life with Gan Vegan Cook, Vegan recipes by Gan

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Welcome! Introduction

    • 2. Pickled cucumber

    • 3. Mayonnaise

    • 4. Burger bun

    • 5. Fried chicken

    • 6. Caramelised onion mayo

    • 7. Assemble Fried Chick'n Burger

    • 8. Thank you!

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About This Class

Discover how to make crispy, juicy, and yummy fried chick'n burger with 100% plant based ingredients!

Welcome to the Vegan Fried Chick'n Burger class! I am Gan, a vegan cookbook author and video content creator that lives in Rawang, Malaysia. I am so excited to see you here joining this class!

This class covers everything you need to know about making your very own vegan burger. The recipe of all the components, including the bun, mayonnaise, patty, pickled cucumber and sauce, as well as how to assemble them together, are demonstrated in this class. 

You will also receive a coursebook that includes the full recipes! (Find it in "Projects & Resources)

By completing this class, you will be ensured to make a vegan fried chick'n burger successfully and impressively!

Hope you enjoy the class and welcome to onboard to the YUMMY VEGAN BURGER journey!

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Good Life with Gan Vegan Cook

Vegan recipes by Gan


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1. Welcome! Introduction: Hello, welcome to begin fried chicken burger class. I'm done. I'm a vegan cookbook author and creator of good life with gun. Good luck with gun is a place where I share my passion for vegan food to people around the world across social media on Facebook, Instagram, and also YouTube channel. So I actually started up a beginning Cafe in Kodak in w sub I when I was when I just finished my degree. And later on I had decided to come back to my hometown in west malaysia, KL, to further develop my culinary skills and knowledge, I really enjoy making food. I also love to share with people how to vigor nice food they used to enjoy as a non-vegan, fried chicken burger is definitely one of our favorite food when I was a non-vegan. But within your own vegan, fried chicken burger can be challenging because there are not many recipe out there. And many of them require some really on an assessable and practical steps or ingredients. Making your own VM bug at home is so much more satisfying. You get to control the ingredient that you use, what you wanted to put in the food and also adjust the flavor according to your liking. I really hope that this class would be an informative, interesting, and inspiring class for you to start making your own vegan burger. So here I'm sharing with you how to make this ligand fresh chicken burger with really easy steps and also simple and budget friendly ingredient. I'll bring you through all the components, starting from the band, the patty, the big goal, the sauce, everything for you to make a really satisfying and yummy began fried chicken burger. I can't wait to share the recipe already, so let's get started. 2. Pickled cucumber: In this video, we will make a easy pico cucumber. Let's guess that the stability we need to prepare Java sterilizing it, at least a link to a website where it will teach you how to sterilize the jar properly in, go check out the website. So while the job is waiting to be drying, you can prepare the cucumber by cutting off the both ends of YouTube Kummer. I also like to rub the N of political will like this just to get rid of the bitterness. And then you want to crash and pills to costs of golly. You can also add different herbs and spices, like mustard seeds. And surely, just to get a more complex flavor of the Tacoma picker by our lady kick my simple. So in a sauce pan, we're gonna prepare brine by adding in some white decisioning, organic cane sugar and Himalayan pink side. Give it a stir. And then you want to go this brine or medium heat until it starts boiling and you get all the salt and sugar dissolves. When it's bottling, remove it from the heat. And then now in the sterilized channel, we're going to place our to convert. So depends on the size of the cucumber. And John, my jar is about 450 ML volume. And so I need to cut my cucumber it just a little bit. And then adding your gallery curves and fill the jar with the pecan. Brian covered a John. And then you want to place this jar in the refrigerator to pico for about one week before it's ready to be used. So this is how you will looks like the color has changed and it has become Taney sour and has that very refreshing pico flavor that I make an easy pico become over RC in the next lesson. 3. Mayonnaise: In this lesson, you will learn how to make this ag and creamy Vn Maryanus. To start with, we will need to prepare a 125 ML Simon. You can also use other Upon basement like email. But soviet works the best for me so far. And then you need to prepare 250 mLs of digital I am using so far are here. If you are looking for either auction, please read the notes to find out which will work for this recipe. You need to add in soy milk into the blender. Then any whole grandmaster are Dijon mustard. Like salt. You can also use normal fault, but I like black socks because it has that Ag, flavor. Then adding some garbage Sarah, to give you the sweetness. Running if all of these ingredients a few paths to combine, not decided and put a vinegar first because of an ego is going to clutter up the soy milk. So we added at the last. So now you want to put your planner to work over low speed and meanwhile your strings in your vegetable oil. These steps will help to orient the Samir Khan by an emulsified together. And it will give you a really creamy consistency that you would want for my Yannis. So once dunce, that's when we were going to add a bit of brown rice vinegar to give you that timeliness. And also just take an OK the thing a bit more. So this is the consistency that you will achieve. You can use this burnish recipe for any other recipe that ASP Ramayanas. And it works really, really well with recipe like cost law, salad. Or are you just use it as a condiment to spread on your Burger Barn or egg sandwich. This works really, really well. Remember the read another date of when you're making this so that you know how long you have been keeping them ionised. This should last you for about two to three weeks. Well, that's all for this lesson. I'll see you in the next one. 4. Burger bun: In this video, you will learn how to make a V and Bogan band by hand out over the urban recipe. You didn't need a mole to hold the sheep, but please follow the recipe and steps to achieve the best result. Firstly, at 14 gram of water and 60 gram of Copan may smoke into a gas at two gram of yeast and stir to these off. You want to make sure you use really cold milk to prevent a yeast from blowing when you're in a mixing bowl at a 150 gram of breadth-first two gram of salt and 20 gram of granite sugar. Risk to combine, grow sugar will give you a smoother don't and abet the texture in the end. Pointer use mixture into the dry ingredients and mixed with a spatula or chopsticks like it it makes until thereafter o is fun. Transplant adult to a clean working counter and start needing stretch and all and pulling back like how I did in a video. Repeat this motion for a full ten minutes. Didn't want bequest ugly and difficult to handle in the beginning, it is normal and don't be quick to add fat if you find it too sticky at the spring of flat at a time to have. This is how the Darwin look after two to three minute, after five to six minute adore because smoother and stretch here. After seven to eight minutes. When ten minutes is reached, the texture will be more elastic and smooth. Now for in 12 grams of big and butter and continue to need four or five minutes. If you are using vegetable oil, make sure to do the steps in a bowl. The dough will be kind of separate that in the beginning because the eye has not been fully emulsifying. Just keep needing and it will become this is how to draw look after one or two minutes. After four minutes, it should be well combined. Now, please door in a bowl and cover it with a den tower or sling rep, please the bow in a one place to prove for 45 minutes and do a becomes double in size. This is how it looks after 45 minutes. You will observe that the gluten has been fully develop. After the first proofing, transferred a door to a clean working surveys and deflate the door to remove a specific air. Now divided door into four portions. That door should be around 218 gram, so each ball should be 70 gram. You can use a measuring scale or simply cut the door into four equal portion. Covered them with a damp towel, and let them rest for 15 minutes. After 50 minutes, gently deflect the door and fund them into four round shaped box. Push the edges to the bottom, rotate and repeat until you get a smooth and Raul bowl. Gently pinched the bottom to seal the door and then place them on a line beginning tree. And using a silicone baking sheet here. Please, the baking sheet in your oven without turning me on for 30 to 45 minutes to prove the band until doubling in size removed a bunch from the oven. Be careful at this stage because the bonds are extremely FOR Jiang. So do not tap the tree, preheat the oven to a 180. The resources, meanwhile, carefully brushed abounds with Simon for glazing the sprinkle some sesame seeds on top of each been. Pick the bounds for 16 minutes until the top has become golden brown. Remember to rotate the tree half-way through. Once time is up, we must the bands from the oven and let them cool down completely before Cerf toast abandoned stuff with her favorite polar petty. Before we end the video, there are three notes that I hope you will take note so you can pause the video and read. So this is how you make a V again. But if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section and I'll try my best to answer you. Now, let's move on to the next lesson. 5. Fried chicken: In this video, you will learn how to make fried chicken patty. So to start with, I would like to introduce to you this tofu call traditional tofu. The texture is in between soft and firm tofu and it casts a very good texture that is similar to chicken. So what do you need to do is you need to discard the water from the box and then freeze them. So you should freeze them onto frozen issue to about five to six hour, tall him for hours and freeze. Again. You need to friezes twice to remove all the water as much as possible. So now you put the TOEFL in-between your pumps and press against each other to squeeze out as much liquid as you can. You don't have to worry the TOEFL chromosomes apart because at this stage they have already become very spongy. So this is an optional step to give it that chicken flavor. And these always on chicken stock in the warm water. And then soak the TOEFL into the water for at least 30 minutes to really get a TOEFL absorbed the chicken seasoning, these will give the TOR for a very juicy texture and also a very chicken like flavour. It's optional. So while waiting you can prepare the better. So in a bowl, adding flat garlic powder, salt, black pepper, some water in soy milk are any ad upon mismatch of preference. So use always combine everything together until you get a fake better like this. Big and shall play, make the coating. I'm adding in flat garlic powder, salt, black pepper. Nutritionist giving very good umami flavor. And then so smoked paprika. Just use of foc to combine everything together. So not a tofu has been, um, so K in the chicken seasoning for 30 minutes, you want to use your hands to squeeze out as a safe liquid and then transfer them to the better. So I'll cover them and put them in the fridge for another 30 minutes to marinate. So after a few minutes we're ready to code and fried tofu. You want to prepare a rack with a plate underneath to catch on associative law. And then you want to lay the TOEFL and the coating on the countertop. So it's easier to work with and drip a few teaspoon off, the better into the flat to create that crispy beats on your TOEFL. Now, take out the TOEFL from the marinade, squeeze gently to remove excessive marinate. Place it in the far coating and just make sure you want to court really well on the site. And then make sure you have the a allele, the beads on the tofu as well. Now prepared an iPhone frying. You wanna feel a saucepan or a part with vegetable oil up to three to four inch tall so that it's deep enough for you to fry. And then to test temperature, simply drop a beat of the fly into the oil and CIF start bubbling. You can place your tofu in the oil and stack frame. Don't worry too much about the temperature because this is not me, this not she kid. Tofu is not wrong, is CO from the insight already. So would you need to do is just to make sure that you get that outer layer, that crust, skin, golden brown and crispy like this. So for the temperature of the R, If we don't have a thermometer, just like me or you need to do is just to make sure that it's bubbling when you put items into it to fry and is not smoking. When he stopped smoking or temperature can be too high and you will end up with a burn black dot TOEFL Patty. So this is the colour and lock that we want for the Betty is crispy flavor for an insight is really, really juicy. The key of this recipe is to double frees the TOEFL to give it that texture and to marry needed in the chicken seasoning as well as the better to give it the juiciness and flavor. So I would definitely suggest you not to skip them. Anyway. I'll see you in the next few lesson where I will share with you how to make the sauce. And economists are that you can create this delicious tofu chicken burger. See you in the next lesson. 6. Caramelised onion mayo: In this video, you'll learn how to make this caramelized onions sauce to self-weight burger. Firstly, you need to dye some onion because we're putting it in a sauce so you wanna make sure you it ties it into small pieces. And then you want to sauteed anew with a bit of vegetable oil. So you wanna make sure their kids jury under the onion has become brown and caramelize. It should look something like this. Once the anions caramelize, remove it from the pan and set a satellite it could up in a bow, adding some begin neon is washed ashore. Sauce. Tomato sauce. How sorts of preference? Dowry syrup to give it a bit of sweetness, some smoked paprika for extra spice. And then you just want to mix it. And then adding the caramelized onion and combine. So there you have the SaaS is very easy to make. And then can Soviet and your burger, you can also use it as a dipping sauce for your fries. So they are sourness, sweetness, saltiness, spiciness, a lot of different elements to give the sauce very balanced flavor. That's how you want to make a good sauce. So that's how you make the caramelized onion my Yani socks. And I'll see you in the next lesson where we will learn how to make a pico cucumber. 7. Assemble Fried Chick'n Burger: So now that you have all the components ready, we're going to build the bug. To start with slicing onions, Sydney. Saltiness, anion with a bill of oil over medium-high heat until the translucence and solve. This is to remove the spiciness of the onion, but brings out the sweetness of the onion. You don't want to overcome his journey. Keep that crispiness. Once it's done, just set it aside. And then you want to slice off because lengthwise so that you get a bit of because in every bite and they're not falling apart. Next sleep, the burger been open, spread some vegan butter, any IAAF preference? Olive oil. And then you want to toast the band until they're crispy and golden brown. You can also toss it in the oven, prefer toss it on the stove is easier and faster. Once its Gordon Brown's press some caramels and in my Yanni sauce. Because the total Patty, ONE sauce, some saute onions, some sprouts, Miguel of green and fresh. And then put the crown on. There, you have it, the burger stand. Repeat the same steps until you have finished all the band and the petty. And they are ready to solve. This burger recipe has so many things, so many different components to make it more complex and a very satisfying Berger. The texture is meaty, juicy and you have ten years from now because from the Maryanus and you also have the freshness from the upper far, from increased speed, as well as the crunchy sauteed onions. So I really hope you enjoyed this recipe. And if you make this recipe, Remember to tell me on Instagram or Facebook. 8. Thank you!: Congratulations on completing the class. I'm so happy and so proud of you. Thank you so much for joining this class in really means a lot to me. I'm so happy that I'm able to share and teach on this platform. And thank you so much for supporting this class. Anyway. I'm sure that yeah, watch all of the videos are ID, so it is hard for you to lay your own Reagan fried chicken burger. I am very excited to see your creations. If you find that making all of component at once, it's challenging, don't worry, you can start by making the picker Cucumber for us because it takes one week, at least one week to complete. And then by the second way, you can start making your own Ramayana. And then the bugger bond, and then the Patti and as Amber everything together. And you can capture the pictures of your process and put it in a discussion section where other students can be motivated. And I can also, you know, look at your creations and if you command and if anything about the recipe for freedom lift command to and by the time when you have your end product, remember to post a forethought in a discussion session, our love to see, you can also post on social media, tag me on Instagram and Facebook so I can like and share your creation. I can't wait to see your own and fried chicken burger anyway, if you enjoyed and teach and deliver a message, and remember to follow me as future so that you'll be notified when I have a medium class coming soon with more free region recipes and Reagan lifestyle, walk for inspiration. And stay connected with me on Facebook and Instagram and DME. If you have any questions and don't forget that you can find all the information, the detail recipe in the cost both. So download that and referred to it when you're making your own being fried chicken burger. I guess that's all for now. Thank you so much once again for joining this class. I'm gonna hope to see you very soon in the next class. Bye.