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How to Make Thumbnails


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5 Lessons (32m) View My Notes
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Google Is Your Friend

    • 3. Making the Thumbnail

    • 4. Social Media Preparation

    • 5. Templates (Bonus Video)


About This Class

A class meant to teach how to make and edit thumbnails, as well as some tips for uploading thumbnails on social media platforms.


1. Intro: I un ban. And then this course I'm going to show you guys how to make thumbnail not just for YouTube but for like you can apply to Instagram. You can apply. You think such at, I think Snapchat's. You can also apply to things like Twitter and what not? No, I mean, hopefully you guys enjoyed it. Costs are basically be going over some simple tech niks. Where to get your images from how important logo placement it's and images and what? My only not be back for your video collect bay, but it's not collect bay on the information. You can actually get jet by the thumbnail because you can actually give so so much information just by the time they have and how to set your thumbnails apart. But I did be a local place man. I know I mentioned logo placement frankly, earlier by it. Actually, a very important thing and you'll learn wider is in this course 2. Google Is Your Friend: Okay, there's the foot step to making in any thumbnail is Google is eel. But I doubt you could be like but vamp, I just capture, you know, screen chop my own video. You know, a portion of my video that the thumbnail playing it simple. Now you can incorporate that into your thumbnail if you want. Like, but simple what this person might be doing. You know that the fine come now, whatever by it to the better thumbnail and the death had images incorporated. So basically, when making a thumbnail, you always want to keep I'm stuff out yet PNG, PNG piled a nice like, um, like, yeah, searching for P and G pile. If you can find a PNG file that night or a fire ally image like that would be clipper et collect. But if you can't, that's okay too, because through the power further shop or wherever you're editing, program it. We could cut along that maybe you let anyone get rid of the big chains. You could along that because remember, they don't know what they did, you know, image. Look. So you know you would have to do it. Save this hell compere ended 28 till you're fine. Something that you like now it's not guaranteed that you have to. You all you know, use like a 1,000,000,000 different images. If you want, you could go the fully and G. I mean in P e and G. Sorry effect. What you wanted like that A bunch of magic. The gathering in G stuff out there. So be a wanted just a PNG a PNG, a Jetta transparent pile in K. Theo Curia, like Bethea could make ET. This is already a PNG, but personally, I like images like this. You know, uh, you know, images where you have to actually out that stuff yourself. The reason why I like that. It's because of the simple fact that if you pay out to yourself, you connect actually often time Don't know why I went there. Hey, out. It looks cooler. I mean a beyond it. This doesn't look bad at all. Maybe that's something I would do You keep in mind that don't maybe as bloody it just having trouble loading for whatever reason. There we go. It loaded. And that actually looks pretty. Course. So I probably combine it with something else. I say I within the Jase Goblin deck. Maybe I'd combine it with this. That also an important thing. We're looking for images. Don't just look for something that I policing. I'm pleasing it. Good. But you want to have to make sure relate you want you're talking about in some way like it By making a J stack. I'd include Jace. I'm eating magic to gathering at an example, because at what? Going to be at an example, doing that home. I'm video making tell yet. And keep in mind the more images that you don't want. Like image overload for one thumbnail. And imagine spending like 23 hours on one thumbnail. Not very efficient, but at the same time you don't want just, like download this Probably a thumbnail color. The more unique your images, the banner for you. Did you remember that? The more you need your images, the Betterton for you, Google and definitely your friend because like today I want a specific Jay's you know, Google gives me recommendations. Asked away Jace that day. I want him fine, but that did the lube lights up. I did a try to picture and further shop or be If I can't picked in footage up, I'd go with something else because, like, a Ted pits it, Blais. I probably go with this, you know, just play around it that they have to be Google. You can art you something off Piermont. Like tell you you're being are yahoo something like that. But that such brother are your friends. Okay, get the images from it. Whatever. Like a teddy. You could go old school and to take a, um, nao problem your kind match and edited that way. That might be fine for the background, but you're still need, like some or ground stop something to catch the I because chances that it someone interested in your video content They looked at this particular screen like billions of time because they play the game themselves. No, you want something different and I'll show you guys that defense in the next video. Hopefully you guys enjoy this bush in up the video. Definitely. You know, like I said, we'll go into your friend if he can't find a p and G. No problem. You can inject, and it it in being a part of your shop while editing image editing Bergen you use You will not believe how much different it makes. We could keep in mind people. People don't know the original image it and like you're so there. Now you can keep their eternal images. FB you want for it? Reference which it actually uh, very good thing Dio and yeah, that talk out for the video. Capture your guy in the next video. 3. Making the Thumbnail: Okay, so now we're going to look at sort of what things are most important to do when making thumbnails, how important and I detail can be. Even though you don't think anyone will know, Just think that should pop out. Think that blend together. Think that don't blend together making things work even if they don't lend together. Okay, though some might think, Oh, it didn't easier than putting PNG's on top of beginning G. Sometimes there is a lot. But in this case, um, I bet you can't guess how many actual, you know, images that it took to make this like this and let Attila count them. 123 or five. Sex? Yes, Sex are beyond it. I'm actually kind of proud of that one, because, um, I'll get to that in the moment. But we'll quick because I just thought of it. I want to mention to you got that you got might see that this is indeed further chop I'm eating. But it doesn't have to be further chop you to your A the editing program that you know how to use and what not? And I want to be telling you guys a quick tip with this layer. Okay, Lay in 98. But first, let's get into it. The other two original images OK, do you can teach seeds with her? They have a dude that getting like I have to attempting for her web. And then the cat often hit. Now I'm so your c o a fam. You can't just the do that. I would able to do that for now. I'm a bit, but for the most part, I'll tell you what I did. Keeps a like that. But the mud pie, I actually actively, I don't even think I used till. I think I that either one But see, the thing about making outlined are huge. It I have to do like the rap. Whatever. Right? And see their copy on that. They cat there. I didn't have Teoh like you. The aerated toe makes a bunch of be chaos in a depiction. Not to make too much. Nina. There we go. I keep everything in the ray thing like I did and then that when I ended up, But the cat, I just then went in you the transformation tour to, you know, spinning around. Get him exactly on their I deleted. I mean, you know why you erase it toe once again. A great, like some detail that would cause it to not look like it Part of it. Now, I got pretty lucky with image, because if you look at the image, it's very similar style, right? Do this. I mean, not really by the atomic cat. Kind of Is it kind of like the tall, um, half so color watercolor. You know, I type thing. So that actually worked to my advantage and that kind of stuff you have to look for if you did, to know any better. I placed the cat hit the cat actually does look like it block now. Need to be to a demo for, you know, people to know, like, vague information like it's the magic, the gathering image, By the way in Katie or guy did to know that that's it s so it gives people a little bit of a mention. The cats there when the cat even gives information, the character they give information in the world of together. But they appeared together in the your kind make a pairing look as natural as possible which I think I pulled off Penley. Well, what this? That the logo Dez Another logo fitted the logo for one of my you know, one I cannot that totally a very important that you'll make it so keep or, you know, know exactly toe people recognize it to you. Your uniqueness. Now that's it. Applied to something like YouTube, for example, what I'm talking about, You know, people know it to you. People recognize it to your people. Look in there, feed. And they're like, Oh, that thumbnail looks awesome. Oh, I reckon I'd one of his videos that one of her videos, that one of their videos. That's what your ultimate goal is to be recognized from the thumbnail people that know you are more likely to work. Look on that because they're like, Oh, I know that person that pet in the core or people who don't know you at all. They're like, Oh, let t it, uh, black and white that the cat and yeah, look click on or did Cat lover. Hey, look at that cap. Looks kind of cool. Let's collect, You know, just think like that in the court that did the name of the game at the gathering arena. It very important that that actually stand up because I'll tell you what it looks like if that, Uh oh, let's yet it me like, let's say, But they we tend up this. It doesn't stand out that much. Let's say we made a even worse and that even less that not what we want we don't want now. Yes, that looks cool. Which is another trap, by the way, written. I tell you, it's another trap because that looks core. That's something I'd be like. Hey, it looks cool. That's looks height. I want it. It looks awesome. Let's do it because it really doesn't look. Or but that's not what you want. Yeah, what you want is it to be people to be able to actually read it? You're looking at an up close version of it. In reality, most people would see about this size, maybe even down to decides what people will see, and they feel have, like, something like that. People going to ever let trouble reading it. So, yeah, it looks cool like this, but coming, you know, it's not very practical. Same for your personal logo right here. Like it buy under death, too, but lend too much in with the background and everything. It just one of the thing. You don't want the lending in too much. I don't know why that the pair I get Sabit playing around with something, but yeah, you can see that how I did that in that's it's very important. Now the check. I want to show you guys. It's a simple trick, which is a deity. Right now I have this at 10% opacity. You can move it up or down, depending. But look, it added that simple. You may not know this A big change by actually to the I. That wasn't already. It would become like a little more of a You know, both of them go together type thing, you know, kind of like making it more, think more natural. Okay, kind of like picture. Like we've been through that same experience at they. It may like I did. It may look like nothing to you, but but let's again go smaller. There we go. OK without wet it. It's just a little tip. The subtle differences and what that we got. Make sure we're not covering up. Ah, logo because they actually make the logos more a little more notable without being like a nauseous leaned out Because you know that the last thing we want let's actually make our magic logo obnoxious in the lee. No detectable. Okay, so we want this, Mac, and that's right. You can You can barely even we get any more. And let's say, for example, we want to make it noticeable, even. Or we add something like this at this, you know? We did, you know, and everything we can on they think. Well, you don't want that. You don't want that all you want to be noticeable, but you don't want to be in your face. Okay? Very important. You don't want to be in your face in the a m that actually all I have, but this hip in particular 4. Social Media Preparation: Okay. Staying on where we left off. Now they did the same exact time. Nail at the left Image as you can see the mom. But But there is something that we are going to be First, we're going to put it back here back here, but we are going to make it. Did good everywhere else, OK, because places like tell you one pretty young integrate him. You'll have a website you want. You don't want your YouTube logo to be there. So impolite. Just there we go. By the being by the boom. There you go. Let's say you don't want magic together and you're going to be buried there that to eighth that to And then there you have bad again. If you don't want me to be, that rates Belfort them Teoh. And there you have now for two meeting. You don't want a cat, be there. You cannot relate to Cat that the original but how it was, um I did the court dropped out to live in nominally stretch. Ok, tell hit the thing. Do you concede that dimensions here because you don't lie? Actually, still, that's something you don't want to. You don't want to do that? That the last thing you want? That's that, actually, did our sell you out? That is okay. This as an actual logo. Do you think anyone would like, like, on I want to know I could have done that. I'd be like Like they're making a what? Not to do video. I metin like I mean thing I went to my cooked on that. But the reason I am telling your guy if that mud Lee, because of the fact that they don't want todo get you to think you can do more, you can. I actively don't know how that worked now, But it did, so whatever. Okay, anyway, no, that is just what you get condemned. It is that simple logo straightforward. Don't have the way about having your own logo. Don't have to worry about any longer. Do you did something like that on Instagram Ana Now I would be careful ejecting deaths by itself because you know, with it up the Callisto whoever that I walk into originally by my trite, it might think that you're trying to take credit for it. So I don't lead Teoh. Try to keep some You know some logo in there. Like maybe a leak. The Met together go so people know it is our other but company that pretty relaxed with your muting their images and thumbnails. It, um I m in it. Really? Promotion for the company, basically. But yeah, that did something to keep in mind like this, I could say. Then tear on instagram with, you know, capture. Oh, I really recently started playing magic together. No. Oh, look at what new debt I have now in magic. The gathering. Oh, you know, I could be on my website with a deck profile. You know, a number of things. Where? Ad If I had, um, this I wouldn't that I mean, I could still buy what would be the thing, because this logo literally just had one herb ESB voice, which is to black people know that this is one about videos on the YouTube, Very impactful. But in this video, we were actually looking more at, you know, bearing on other platforms, like in the website. Like I said, inte graham, I keep mentioning and the graham open over and over again, and that because I actually need to keep up with my in game on. But But anyway, and that works with any image, any image, it any logo Deano, the logo that they find to you in the seven people that it won't be your pity on you. Don't not telling. Needed for anywhere other than YouTube. I mean, you can keep it if you want, by all means, but this is looking more like a YouTube thumbnail with this. Where? Ed, if I took that off, There we go more. Uh, everywhere out, thumbnail. You're happy, Your magic. The gathering arena logo. So people know that it Matic the gabbing arena. But you kept it like this. Fine about people might be like, Okay, with this, let's let's you'll have, like, a and the grammar or whether dedicated directly to magic the gathering, then all of the Apollo a tent. They know what that is, but yeah, that that I've actually ramble, done quite a bit and at all I have foot that section and yeah, that's really actively all I have. Hopefully you guys haven't joined it Course, hopefully it has helped deal in some way, shape or form of Hopefully it made me realize how important logo placing it and everything . Then catty guide hopefully and the teacher hopefully you guide enjoyed later 5. Templates (Bonus Video): Okay, I'm back again for a quick video opponent video, Whether you might call it. I know, I know you're patted courts would done. I already had made the outro and everything, but I forgot one important thing with from Make your life so much easier. Peter I template Okay, a template. Now, when you like, for example, that go on this That's one of my other Your two channels or project to be a color I walk on at the A. T. This is the same for everything, but because they did the template I'm able to just in the simply you know, whatever I'm working on, you did so Oh, okay. Okay, but yeah, well, whatever I'm working on, I'm able to do it right out the M EDS. Change the name and there we go. And that the template making a Templar. It's easy. Your foot project. Just say bad ad appears to be or whatever That saving, as is in whatever video fogo editing. You know, whatever photo editing Ping Yulia like that part temple, The project we did is back a bit, I believe, but, you know, I actually used the thumbnail t I actually that didn't want them. That example where totally looks better, by the way, in the clock, Because I'm going to give it the illusion of like you knitting hurts like a puppet. No, but no. But yeah, this is a example over all. Of what? A template. It I have. I have these here. I can just swap out the images. These they hear my longer. Stay here static and definitely I have these. I even have the other colors. Yeah, I have full colors there for when I need to. I can swap them out. How? At the 5th 1 when I need the fifth color, but yeah, that what a Templar is When ever people refer to a template that makes life so much easier . Especially if you're making thumbnails for the deal games and stop and make feel like some of Jesus. Now it be making some nails, like real life. You you can still use a template of sorts. You just need to swap out a few more things, but yeah, templates. Very good. A lot of people units them, I assure you. I'm telling, definitely, you know. And like I said, are you guys do it. Save it as a file that saves with off the layers. Oh, and I didn't name any of my layers, but you might want name somebody like it's OK. Not are. I'm going to like this. That the Templar at the anti I have template for different games. I polite because I mean, of course, Do you want your thumbnail to look a bit different for every game that actually the lug apart other you can t There is an ongoing theme. You no longer in the game bottom, right, My local top, right? You know, just that hole in the uniform thing I talked about, you know, across all the ability of its people, recognize that it's actually me. So people recognize stuff and then maybe a little bit that I appealing to, you know, I popping catches people, eyes, something like that. And yet what that said, that is, that time I got actually and the now that did actually the end of the courts. Hopefully it helped Theo out some even a little bit. Even that helped you out a little bit. I'm happy for you. I'm glad you clicked on it. Glad I could help. And the leg