How to Make The Best Coffee, Anywhere, Anytime (on Any Budget)! | Ben Ahrens | Skillshare

How to Make The Best Coffee, Anywhere, Anytime (on Any Budget)!

Ben Ahrens, Ben Ahrens

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8 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Epic Joe Intro

    • 2. Welcome

    • 3. Equipment & Methods of Brewing

    • 4. The Importance of Quality

    • 5. Making EPIC Ice Coffee

    • 6. Creating Your Own Signature Coffee

    • 7. Thank You!

    • 8. Joe vs Wild

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About This Class

Let's get one thing straight here... I LOVE coffee! - But I had NO CLUE how to make it tast good. Every morning I'd just click on my drip coffee pot and slurp down whatever black stuff would come out - blach! SO, I set off on a quest to learn as much as I possible about coffee: what makes a good coffee, where to find the best sources, how to brew it in all different ways, what gear you need and what you don't! and so on.... Now, demystified the principles, I can confidently enjoy my beloved black beverage in its' highest quality form weather pulling an esspresso shot at on a handmade Italian La Pavoni, or brewing an 4 cent cup on a $9 aparatus in the middle of Central Park!  - Weather you're a coffee lover like I've become, or just want to impress all your friends and consistantly brew and enjoy the perfect joe anywhere, anytime - this course is for you!

Fire up your boilers. I'm stoked to brew with you! - Ben Ahrens