How to Make South Indian Style Cheesy Noodles in Just 5 Minutes - A Different Shade to Noodle | Sharomena Aarthi | Skillshare

How to Make South Indian Style Cheesy Noodles in Just 5 Minutes - A Different Shade to Noodle

Sharomena Aarthi, Bio-Medical Engineer

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4 Videos (14m)
    • What is this class about? - First step into the class

    • Gather the Ingredients. that you'll need

    • Start cooking your Cheesy Noodles - Part 1

    • Start cooking your Cheesy Noodles - Part 2 and How to finally present your dish with simple ingredie


About This Class

A recipe has no soul and You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe. One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. 

Sometimes.. We love a bowl of noodles more than our partner at midnight.. Noodles is always a dish served for a hungry men as it is simple and faster to make. It is the only dish which makes all Men feel proud as they could say " I know Cooking and I can manage even if my wife is not in home" 

How long to eat the same boring Noodles?

Why don't we add new shade and texture to our Noodle and make some innovation with it?

I could hear music in my heart when I say the word "Cheese" Diet or Weight I don't care, Cheese is always my favorite. So Why don't we add Cheese into the Noodles and add extra flavor and taste to regular boring Noodle. 

Also, South India is famous for Delicious Cooking Recipes. They make Tasty as well Healthy dishes. So I am going to teach you tasty, Yummy, Delicious as well Healthy Noodles in this class.

Come on, Take this class and make a new style of Noodle and Fill your Tummy with Yummy South Indian Style Cheesy Noodles. 





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Sharomena Aarthi

Bio-Medical Engineer

I have started my professional journey in the year of 2007 by joining Bachelors degree in the stream of Bio-Medical. I am more passionate about learning the functions and anatomy of human body and at the same time I had an interest on designing some devices which could assist human. So my combined passion on electronics and medical field made me choose Biomedical Engineering.

During my course of study I have presented more papers and projects and also rewarded for the same. It encourag...

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