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How to Make Soup Dumplings!

Renee Chan

How to Make Soup Dumplings!

Renee Chan

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7 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Soup Dumplings Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1: Soup Filling

    • 3. Lesson 2: Meat Filling

    • 4. Lesson 3: Wrappers - Kneading Out the Dough

    • 5. Lesson 4: Wrappers - Rolling Out the Dough

    • 6. Lesson 5: Filling in the Wrappers

    • 7. Lesson 6: Steaming the Soup Dumplings

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About This Class

Join Renee for an online class featuring a classic favourite recipe - soup dumplings!

Learn how to make the soup dumpling wrapper and fill it with your favourite meat filling! 

In this class, you'll learn how to:

  • make a soup filling,
  • make a meat filling,
  • make a regular soup dumpling wrapper,
  • and fold soup dumplings!


Soup Filling

  • water
  • gelatin
  • your choice of bouillon: meat or vegetable stock
  • ginger 

Meat Filling

  • pork
  • ginger
  • Chinese cooking wine (preferred) or regular cooking wine
  • pepper to taste 
  • salt to taste OR True NOSH’s Hoisin Sauce


  • bread flour (preferred) or all-purpose flour
  • water

Lining for Steaming

  • carrot (alternative for parchment paper)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Renee Chan


Hello, I'm Renee from True NOSH Kitchen: The Sugar Substitute Institute!

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1. Soup Dumplings Introduction: Hi. So welcome to the true nosh kitchen. I am Renee, a registered dietitian in Vancouver. Bc Canada Thanks for joining us today on. We're gonna tell you how to make a soup dumpling, and this is a healthier version. I'm registered dietitian. So I'm gonna promote how be eating and we're not going to use any sugar as all my classes are all process. Sure Free. I'll use fruits and vegetables in my cooking if needed to be sweetened. I'll add some fruits, either drive ins or fresh ones. And because my father passed me from diabetes a few years ago on my whole focus off. True, Nash is about helping people prevent diseases like diabetes and heart disease. So today we're being soup dumplings and to learn and teach Also a little bit of language in my classes in Chinese soup Dumplings is called Xiao alone about Xiao Long Bao or Cantonese . It's Cee Lo OK, I am actually from hall call. My parents are in and I was born in Canada, but I was raised growing, growing up great, raised speaking, casting. He's growing up and I learned Mandarin in schools. So I'm trying to teach both also So Xiaolong elementary or seal about Cantonese, All right. And the direct translation is actually a very funny thing. It actually mean metal basket fund. So this is a little basket, and the one that goes inside is called shallow bow or seal about, Okay. And the word bile actually just means anything that it's wrapped or a bun or can actually mean like, a little hot, too. So that's kind of cute. You don't have a little basket you think is a big basket or esteem it on top of a plate on it doesn't really matter what you steam it out on a will. Turn out justice. Fine. OK, and then the other things that we need for today, I'm going to go over some of the utensil and ingredients that you're gonna need. So you need some ginger, a spoon greater or a knife you can use to mince your ginger. I have a carrot here to lay down on top of my steam basket. So then my dumplings won't stick to whatever I put it on. If you don't have a carrot, put down a parchment paper. Those work really, really well as well. Don't use wax paper. It's gonna stick. Parchment paper is the best bet for not having your dumpling stick to the plate or the basket. Okay, and then you'll need a rolling pin. I like to use one of these cylinder type really pens. This is made from bamboo. You can use whatever. Do you have any more of those pie ones with the handle? I have kind of bored spatula with a big mixing bulled and then a smaller mixing bull for my pork. I have some lean pork, and here pork and Chinese is called Jewell Row in Cantonese and juicio in men and answering . Cantonese is geo. Mandarin is to row. Okay, Mandarin, more time with Duro and Cantonese is geo. We have some offer this flower, or you can use breath are birth. I was actually prepared is preferred because it's got a higher amount of protein than you conform. More truly texture. Rappers with perhaps, I have Chinese cooking wine is called. Shall she cooking water? Kouadio. I have a West Onda I container that best my water and soup in. I have a pots where I can heat up soup, base some gelatin on some salt and pepper and use white pepper because I like the taste. And usually Chinese food recipes call for right pepper, and that's all it's that you need for the shallow bow, our shall bow making and then some steaming devices of a big pot. I use a track with this with some water that goes halfway up. If you don't have a part like this, you can use a pot, and then the steamer basket can actually fit directly on top of this, and the steam will go through and cook dumplings. And if you don't have a rap, you can also use a bowl, a really big bowl. Flip it upside down, and that could be a platform for your plate that goes on top of your steamer. And as long as the lift fits, you're good to go, OKay? 2. Lesson 1: Soup Filling: eso for the suit base for our soup dumplings. Today it is going to be some water. I have some vegetable stock, horrible young. You can use whichever bully on you once. If you can find Corker chicken, that's fine. And then as the home version, we're not going to spend three hours boiling pork bones and pork belly down to a very small portion, and then you can freeze it or or put it in fridge or overnight, and it turns into jelly. Instead, we're going to use some gelatin. This is kind of a cheap way, but it is more like that the way to same time. So you can buy one of these guys at the grocery store, and each packet will tell you how much at this says wonderful packet will assault if I two cups of liquid. So I have one couple liquid. You're just gonna use half a pack of liquid, and this water is about room temperature. Could be a little bit more warm if you like, and we're just going Teoh. Mix it in. Teoh the water so it dissolved before adding it to a pot Teoh warm up. All right, so once it's dissolved, we can actually add the will young. Also, And for this, I'm gonna add about one tablespoon of sock. Okay, It doesn't really matter how much you use, but make sure that the packet of jealousy correlates to the amount Wait you're using All right, so I'm going Teoh back and put it in a cots, and we're going to put it on the stove to warm up and in back here. When I put it on the stove on about mediums to low heat on, I'm just going to make sure that dissolves in water on wait until it's sort of bubbles and boils. And then we're going to shave in a little bit of ginger. So I just a piece of ginger here. I let wash it really well with the vegetable scrub. And I don't you bother appealing because I think that the skin is a lot of nutrients, especially antioxidants and fiber in it. We're only using a very small amount. So I'm just going to use a one of these graters or if you have a micro plane, do that and just shave it into the box, and we're gonna only add about half a T suit, ginger, because we're going to put ginger in the filling as well, so make sure you're scraping that all in. All you need to do is to make sure all the powder have integrated into the liquid, so dissolved and comes to a very, very small oil. And then I'm going to turn off the heat, and this is going to the fridge for at least two hours. Or, if you can put it in the freezer for 30 minutes or less. Shit, solidify pretty quickly. 3. Lesson 2: Meat Filling: so are filling for the soup dumplings. I do teach a vegan option as well as a free version. You can watch that in another class. But today I'm just going to show you what I do for a regular soup dumpling, which is clean pork. I'm gonna the four, because definitely lower in saturated fat. This is about £1 of lean pork in a mixing bowl. And then that the same ginger I used for the stoop. I'm actually going to use about one tea spoon for any pound of meat. Okay, so what's again? Careful. Your fingers were going to shave the, uh, ginger directly into the pork. And this helps, Um, your nice. So you can actually use a a greater like this. And if you don't have one, just go ahead and mince it really well, with a knife and a cutting board so you can make sure that the ginger is very, very miss. Okay. All right. So about one tablespoon of ginger goes into work, So when you go out to restaurants and eat a lot of times, you don't know what kind of porky years writes. It was actually a lot easier and healthier to buy some pork at home. So this is about one tablespoons of ginger, and then another really important ingredient is your Chinese cooking wine. This is a shall sheen cooking life or a hot Theo. You can use a little bit of regular wine if you don't have a home. Was Chinese cooking wine? But I will show you This makes big difference. Do you see that? It's a little caramel ian color. It smells also really nice. We got two tablespoons of the Xiaoshan or Kouadio cooking. Why, Okay, that's it. If you don't know where to buy, you can also look on mine. I'm sure they sell it online in a lot of all nine grocery stores as well as local Asian grocery stores should have it at the Chinese sauce. All right, so now we don't have any salt or sugar or pepper yet. So what I'm gonna add is a little bit of white pepper, and I'm gonna add about 1/4 teaspoon that so I'm just gonna eyeball it that I basically did about five rounds of the grinding into the pork as well as a little bit of salt. So I make a line of Asian sauces, and I don't use any salt in their in their semi so and, uh, gluten free soy sauce in here already. I'm gonna go ahead and add a tablespoon of my no added sugar hoisin sauce, which actually has apples and sweet potatoes and caramelized onions in here instead of adding salt. And it also actually adds a complex flavor to the pork, so you don't have to actually add anything else. And I'm going, Mr that really well, all right. And if you don't have my sauces, you can go ahead and add a teaspoon of your favorite salt to the sea salt or Himalayan pink salt, and that's all add into our meat marinade. And in the meantime, the shoot that we made ISS solidified, and we're also going to take that out. Once we see that it jiggles is going to just look like a clear jello. A lot of people mix that in with the pork, but what I dio I do something different just to make sure that there is a lot of soup in the dumplings, I actually scoop AMC spoon of soup and put it on top of filling. Okay, so we're just gonna makes the pork really Well, we're just gonna let it marinade for about 10 minutes. And that's the perfect time for us to make the dumpling wrapper. And today we're going to go over a regular meat wrapper. And if you guys are going free, don't worry. I will also teach gluten free version off the wrapper, and we're gonna do a different feeling for that class. So this is what you get introductory class to soup dumplings. And I do want to teach you the irregular whole wheat. It's our whole wheat flour version off the record. Okay, so I'm mixing all the ingredients, and I'm just gonna let this guys sit for 10 minutes before we use it for filling. 4. Lesson 3: Wrappers - Kneading Out the Dough: So let's start with the rappers. After we marinated pork and put Theseus in the fridge, we have time to make the rappers. I'm using a bread flour today if you don't know. But if I go ahead and use all purpose fire, I'm just one cup. Okay, One cup will make you about I would say 25 to 30. Soup dumplings. It depends on health and you roll these times. And I mean the thinner it is, the better it is to showcase your skills. Right. So one cup of all purpose or bread, flour And then I'm actually going to turn on my cattle and make sure it boils before I add in the water. So how much water you tell me? You asked me. I'm gonna add about half a cup of water and to one cup off our You actually have less. But I rather at a little flower to my working surface to need it off before I changed them into robbers. Right. So wants the cattle boils. Water in the kettle is called sure in Mandarin or sorry in Cantonese. Now you can order water any Chinese restaurant, so it's really should be really boiling before you put it into one cup of So it's definitely boils. I'm gonna use the same company. Gonna feel it half way with boiling water. Okay, back on and poured in after you. Gordon, you're gonna use your spatula to mix it around. It is gonna look like there isn't enough water. But given some time, flower is actually really funny thing. If it's too humid in your kitchen, you won't need that much. I'm talking only like one tablespoon less. And if it's too dry in your kitchen, you might end up adding one more teaspoon or tablespoon of liquid. It really depends on how much moisture is in your air, because flower actually does absorb some of the moisture in the air. All right, so it should look like a pie crust if you made a pie crust before. But if you haven't, you can go ahead and take a look at mine. It should look like there is not enough water, but give it a chance. So I'm gonna start using my hands now going to take all the flower off my stash low, and then I'm gonna squeeze my dough together to form a dough ball, and this could be it's too warm. So if you wanna let it rest a little bit before you use your hands so you're making sure that you're not hurting yourself because the dough is too caught. You should wait about 2 to 3 more minutes. Okay, So what I'm doing is I'm squeezing all the pieces of dough together, and it should easily and form a nice ball like this. Okay, so one of my hands is completely covered with flour, but then it does form a really nice piece of dough like this. It still does feel a little bit of dry, but go ahead and start meeting once it's become a peace. Ah, whole piece of dough. So what I'm doing in the bullet is unfolding and 1/2 and compressing it, I'm not sneering at the very bottom. I am just compressing the dough to make it more dense. Okay, so every time compressing, I fold it in half. Amusing my body strength to do this. And once you get your dough strong enough, I'm staying strong enough because you're building protein into the dough. So as you need more gluten forms and those of you who are interested in taking the gluten free version. Putin does not for in the dough. But I want you to kind of understand the principles that we're talking about today. More given more protein more chewy, your dough is gonna be And three the next class. When you take a free version of this with me, you can understand the differences and using different types of flowers. All right, so, as you can see, I'm almost done. This takes about five, 28 minutes of meeting, and your dough should come together really, really quickly. The more you need it, the cleaner your bowl is gonna be and cleaner your tans is gonna be OK. So I'm turning the bull also, as I am compressing the dough ball into mixing bowl. And as I turn it, I am cleaning off the sides of the mixing bowl to get all that flour incorporated into my piece of dough that I am creating to become the dumpling wrapper. Okay. All right. If you have a kitchen aid, you can go ahead and throw this in the kitchen A. But make sure you keep an eye on it because it does make your kitchen aid wobble, and it should only take five minutes of meeting. I mean, you can't really over need with your hands. You might overnight with the kitchen aid, but if you tie me, you would know that it's not really worth it doing in the kitchen. A. Because there's a lot more steps of cleaning, and it's less fun. Must you really, really like to use mixing mixture? Okay, so after all the ingredients have been incorporated and you needed a few times, it's gonna look like a really nice round and dense piece of dough that's ready to be turned into wrappers and you can see my mixing bowl. It's super clean, and your hands is relatively clean cost. Okay, we're in. Unless the no rest for five minutes and I'm going to check on our soup base. Deceive it solidified. All right, 5. Lesson 4: Wrappers - Rolling Out the Dough: So we're letting the deal rest for about five minutes. It should look like a very nice round, smooth piece of dough before he stopped meeting. And I've gone into the fridge to check on my gelatin. So this has been in the fridge for about two hours. If you're really in a hurry, you can put this in the freezer about 30 minutes. But make sure you don't forget or else it turns really, really hard. And you should go like this to make sure that it is Jello. Shake it to make sure it's a jelly form. Okay, we're gonna put this aside and make sure you have a teaspoon so you can scoop out the gelatin when you have made the rapper's. The meat is also marinating for about 10 minutes, and now we can start making the robbers. So the same flower when I used to dust the bottom of my work surface okay, just a little bit. And this whole thing is a bit too big rates. So I'm gonna take a knife or you can actually just rip it in half. Um and we're gonna work on a little bit at a time, okay, So what? This feels like people's Pillsbury dough ball, and it's actually really fun to do. All right, So if you have a knife, go ahead and grab one. Get a nice, smaller. Okay? Just kidding. All right, So this is gonna Cleveland and half also put the quarter on the side, and what we're gonna do is roll it out into a sausage, more like the size of your fourth finger. Okay, on it's gonna be easier, actually, in the palms of your hands. And you wanted to look like a hot off. Okay? And this is the fun part. All right, so this is kind of besides that. You want off your hot dog shape, and it's good a kind bounce back. And that's when you know that there's enough Putin in your dough. I'm gonna cut this in half, and then a gown and another half on, then a probably into three. So one and three. Okay, so this is one way of doing, or you can just chop chop truck into small pieces of dough like this. So this is quite huge. You can take your time rolling these guys out. Okay on. Do you want to start rolling yet into a size of the biggest moral you've ever played with. That doesn't have to be perfectly round. So don't go crazy with doings. Too much rolling, because we also need to save some time. Andi, eat right. Okay. All right. So some of the smaller ones, you can probably consolidate into two big ones. Okay, so these air good size and ready to start and play with. So these three I'm gonna make into to just find a great size right now. All right, So 1/4 of the dough makes 123456789 10 11. All right, if you want to do 12 I'm sure you can. Also, but to start off with 11 is great. Make sure that there's flour on your kind boarding as well as flower on your rolling pay, and I'm gonna choose one. Pavel, I'm gonna call us the trouble on the rounder. It iss the better, but obviously it doesn't really matter. I'm gonna tell you why. So you're gonna roll out a little bit and then turn it half turn and then roll again. You don't want to roll all the way to the end because then it's gonna be too thin. Okay, so the size doesn't really matter. It's about fitness that matters. Okay. And, um, you noticed that most shown bar soup belting restaurants kind of compete with the fitness of their wrappers and to see basically their customers judge health in the rappers is that means the yeah, their skill of their chefs are Okay, so she this rapper is almost done. If you are a beginner, you should stop where it is kind of see through, Ray. So if you kind of put this rapper against the light and see if you can see the backs onda of your fingers so it will see through it, we should be relatively a good fitness, and then it should be a little bit bigger than the size of your palm. And that's the robber size that you want to strive. Teoh, get Teoh in your first rapper and see Doesn't matter if it's round or oval or square or even triangle. That's fine. It just needs to make sure that's big enough and okay. And now we're gonna go get or pork and we're going Teoh, start feeling so well to that close up so everybody can see what I'm doing 6. Lesson 5: Filling in the Wrappers: Okay, So now I rolled out a few to start off with. I'm gonna take the 1st 1 that I have done just that. Stop some of the flower and we're gonna just use it on top off are cutting board or working surface to make life easier. And the pork has been marinated for about 10 minutes. That should be enough time for us to use it as feeling eso Since is this size you want to make sure that your 1st 1 you don't overstuff it. So right now I'm gonna get about a tea spoon. It's worth of chilling, and it should be is round as possible. Okay, you're gonna put that in the middle off your rapper and what you want to do with spoon or even with your finger. Just poke a little bit of a div it into the middle, Okay? And that's where our gelatin soup is going to end up. All right, so now I'm going to use a spoon and just scoop up about a teaspoon worth of jelly suit jelly and put it on top. Uh, the meat and the div. It will likely sit there really nicely without falling off. And if it's a little bit too much, you can take some of that soup off Too much feeling well, not help this. Okay, so you don't want to use some much feeling as you think a regular dumpling will need because the soup needs room to melt later when we are, um, cooking it right. So now you want to take one end. So see that I left about one inch all the way around the rapper. Another good indicator is to make sure that the rapper will fold all the way up souls. My soup is came down here. Um, so all sites just kind of make sure that the rapper kind of hugs the, um, the dumpling. All right. And you can start by taking one side, and it depends on your dominant hand. You can hold it with your left or to hold it with your right. I'm left handed, so I'm gonna hold it with my left hand, and then you're going to shift your right hand about one centimeter to the side and then taking that one center murder and folding it in an s shape into a pleat, and then you're going to use your forefinger and squeeze it in between your thumb. All right, once again, slide and then fold it and then bring it into the middle and squeeze. And then you're gonna do this about 15 to 20 times. Okay, doing this very slow. Make sure you squeeze these trying to see you see, the all the pleats are sticking together is because I squeezed pretty hard each time I bring the pleats into the middle. Okay, so we're getting close to the end of our rapper. What you want to do is to gently turn you're dumpling and make sure that all the sides have been crimped and nothing will basically break apart. And some restaurants actually leave this whole like this, and it's their signature in the restaurant. If you like to do so, you can go ahead and do that because the soup I will not evaporate. But if you like to close it, what you want to do is to crunch the top together, make sure all the rappers are secure, mean all the pleats, air secure, and then you can pluck off the top because there's a lot of dough on here and pinch off the talk with your nails and slightly a just and mold. The top two look like nothing happened. So here you go is your soup dumpling and we steam it on boiling water. The suits gonna melt and you're going to have a beautiful soup dumpling at the end of the day. Okay? And if you choose to put it in a scene where basket, put it on top of a carrot just like that And you can put about five more on here and we're gonna do another one just so you guys get the hang of it, I'm going to keep it on my cutting board on. We're going to just put about one teaspoon worth of feeling in here, and it should be relatively small. Don't go crazy with feeling, and then you're gonna poke a little bit of the whole or David into that meat and then scoop about one teaspoon worth of gently on top and then lift one side with your finger, your forefinger and thumb, and then decide the other hand about a centimeter next to it and start pleading it. Fold and squeeze, bring it to the center and squeeze and as you turn the dumpling. It gets easier each time. And I like to have a little bit of flower under me. My dumpling to help turn it as I fold and squeeze. Okay. Okay. So there you're gonna become a pro with the soup doubling in no time. Okay, so there is a 2nd 1 and your whole is gonna get smaller and smaller each time. If you want to keep the whole, you can just let it go like this, Or if you don't want to let the soup evaporate or come out, boil out, squeeze it tight and you'll get a little bit of a tip like that. Just use your nails or a knife and take that dough off. Squeeze it tightly. And now you have another beautiful soup dumpling. You can put it on a plate like that also depends. And if you have a steamer basket, our plate and they both look fine. You don't have to use a carrot. I just like the care because it gives a really nice contrast to the dumplings you can use back Troy cabbage, parchment paper. As I said, it'll be perfect. 7. Lesson 6: Steaming the Soup Dumplings: Okay, so now we have the water is boiling, so it's perfect time for us to get our dumplings and put it in the middle of the steamer and then get a top. Uh, got to cover it. Okay. And then once it's covered, you can put the lid back on and time it for about 10 minutes. Okay, in 10 minutes later, we will open it on. Then you could use one of her turn ash dipping sauces. Or you can just use some Chinese black, the *** to use it for dipping. Our soup dumplings. So the soup dumplings, air done. I'm gonna turn off the heat, and then we're going to take off the lid. And this is the big reveal. Careful your hands. And there you go. So you don't want to overcome them. The soup will explode. But look, the super's shoot quite all intact, and we can get ready to eat