How to Make Seitan! High Protein Food Source for Vegans & Vegetarians | Dr Rahul | Skillshare

How to Make Seitan! High Protein Food Source for Vegans & Vegetarians

Dr Rahul, Fitness & Nutrition

How to Make Seitan! High Protein Food Source for Vegans & Vegetarians

Dr Rahul, Fitness & Nutrition

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11 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. My Guide to Everything you Need to Know About Seitan

    • 3. What is Seitan Flour? Where Can I get it From?

    • 4. Ingredients You Need to Make Seitan

    • 5. How to Make the Seitan

    • 6. My 2 Different Methods of Cooking Seitan

    • 7. 5 minute Microwave Method

    • 8. Traditional Boiled Method

    • 9. How to Make Delicious BBQ Seitan Ribs

    • 10. The Final Product

    • 11. Final Information

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About This Class

Welcome All!

This class goes through how to make Seitan also known as Vital Wheat Gluten and a popular meat substitute

Seitan is fantastic HIGH PROTEIN source for Anyone but in particular Vegetarians and Vegans

It is usually very expensive and hard to find in shops but I teach you: 

  1. About Seitan
  2. How to Make it Cheaply at Home
  3. Different Ways of Cooking it 
  4. How to Make Vegan Seitan BBQ Ribs 

Hope you all enjoy making this and message me for any questions or tips!



Meet Your Teacher

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Dr Rahul

Fitness & Nutrition


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1. Introduction: Hi there and welcome to my skill share video on hand to make say ten. My name row I may UK medical doctor, fitness advocate, and passionate about healthy and nutritious vegetarian and 70K in food. And in today's culture class, I'm going to show you how to make the fantastic ingredient, that is say, time in just a few simple steps. And often, as we're sharing, Reagan's, typically Gauss, where do you get your protein source from? And I will show you how to make this really versatile ingredient that's not going to be very, very high in protein, but also low in carbohydrates and low in fats as well. It can be used in so many different ingredients and in different food types. So I really hope you enjoyed this. And we'll talk you through what's a kinase Exactly, and the steps in making it different ways that you can make it. And also how to cook it as well. 2. My Guide to Everything you Need to Know About Seitan: So this is myeloid to everything that you need to know about the fantastic ingredient that is, say time. So we're going to cover some broad topics. Firstly, what is say time? Where does it come from? What it is made out of? What it tastes like? Some of the other common meat free alternatives. What the impact is on the environment, and how did they actually compare nutritionally? So what is a time? Say time, which is pronounced FAY 2n, has actually existed for many centuries. And it was used as early as the sixth century in China as replacement in chinese noodles. And it is made from wheat, but has no equality to properties like bread at all. And in recent years, it's had a huge demand in Western culture. And this is in particular because of a lot more people becoming begun having a plant-based diet and also reducing the amount of animal product consumption. There's also more of an awareness of the environmental impact that consuming animal products can have. And say time is a great Meat substitute. And I'm so people can get the taste and texture of having a meat product without any of the other negative connotations. So where does it come from? Well, Satan is actually made from gluten, which is the main protein that's found in wheat. And the storage in wheat flour itself is all washed away. And then this leaves behind the high protein gluten flour. So you are literally left with protein flour that you can then use. The taste. Well, I will describe the taste as a savory taste is very similar to a Portobello mushroom. But more reportedly said that actually absorbs the flavor that is cooked in and adding flavoring to the flower, as you will see later, also gives it a great depth of flavor. And once it's cooked, it, it takes on this flavor. And it develops into this always meaty, spongy texture, which is why people like eating it so much as a meat free alternative. So these are just some of my top picks of me free alternatives. Obviously we have trophy which is well-known. There's also tempi. And there's a huge rise now in these commercial soy-based products. And some of the key ones that enjoy this isn't chicken. The cone range. And wolves would lead the plunger fringe by Tesco, which has a great variety, is low cost and tastes absolutely fantastic. And there's so many different companies available nowadays, meatless code that beyond burgers and the list is literally endless. And I, and I will say that if you're looking to try different products, then give it a go because you definitely find something that you probably enjoy and didn't even realize actually existed. It would be interesting just to cover what the land use is per 100 grams of protein and the impact it has on the environment as we start to become more conscious about this. So if we look right at the top, lamb and Martin and beef take up a huge amount of land and are very intensive, just 400 grams of protein. If we work our way down, then is some of the dairy products, cheese and milk. And then there's some knots, poetry, eggs and legumes. Right at the bottom, we have terrific prunes and peace. And either 400 grams they have, and they take up such a literal land space. And this is just something to give consideration towards. As we all started become a bit more environmental conscious. And we realized that we need to change our eating practices in order to live a more sustainable life because the world simply won't be able to cope otherwise. Perhaps one of the most common questions is where do you get your protein tools from as anyone who is and problem-based or vegetarian or Vg. And I'm other stories interesting to recover cross at this point, which is by Patrick Vaughn Berman, who is a vegan strong man and form a bodybuilder and features in the Netflix documentary game changes. So if you haven't seen that, then it's worth having a look. And and he was asked, how could you get a stroke? Is that dogs without eating any meat? And is also gravity is have you ever seen an ox eating meat? And this is just to give consideration that there's plenty of large and muscular animals in the animal kingdom. You are actually old prom based. So this begs the question then, what is actually the protein content in each of these different sources and other will be interested in just to cover I just feel the broad ones and also compare it to chicken, which is often seen as one of the best protein sources. And you can see that this is all for a 100 grams. So if a 100 grams of chicken that was oppressed, fill it the 0 carbohydrates and 24 grams of protein. If we compare this to say, time, Satan has 7.7 grams of carbohydrates per integrands and contains an incredible 80 grams of protein, which is absolutely fantastic amount. And I think 1 worth noting is that Satan does like losing, Which is one of the amino acids required. So if you are consuming a lot of, say ten, then it's important to supplement this either through and consuming other legumes or plants or other sources. Or you can also look at consuming supplements in form of tablets just to make sure that you're completing your full amino acid profile. So now that we've got a very good and broad understanding of all the topics around, say ten. Let's go on to the main part, which is cooking. 3. What is Seitan Flour? Where Can I get it From? : So this is the main ingredient, the star of the show, which is the wheat gluten flour. And this is what you need to buy a really. And I've got a huge bulk packet here, 25 kilos, which will definitely lost me a few months. But, and you can buy smaller packages and 500 grams or Keeler. And this is available online and also in health food stores as well. 4. Ingredients You Need to Make Seitan: So let's go into the main part, which is, how do you actually make the say time? So I've got my goodness prepared. He already, we've got a 100 grams of the gluten flour, which I showed you earlier. And this gives a fantastic 80 grams of protein for only eight grams of carbs and approximately seven grams of fat. And this would be before approximately two meals. But of course, you can adjust the quantity depending on how much you want to make and, or if you wish to patch cook it. So for a 100 grams of gluten flour, I am going to add 250 milliliters of water. And you can adjust this combination again depending on how much you going to make. I'm also going to add some other ingredients to the flower. So we've got some nutritional yeast. And again, this is available in any health food store or online. And this gives the set of knotty and cheesy flavor to it. And, and alongside this is high in vitamins and also very high impedance as well. And not only can it be used in this way, can also be used in, for example, pasta and is often used. He substitute. I'm also going to add to the flowers some chili powder and some tunic, and finally, some mixed hubs as well. These are just flavors that I enjoy. But of course you can adjust wherever you want depending on your taste preference. Some other ideas are including some soy sauce to it. You may wish for more suite of labor, for example, or even some savory flavors. So let's start to add our greedy. So I'm just going to add a sprinkle of the east face, some chili pinch of turmeric and just mixed types. I don't have any specific measurements for this. I've just added a pinch for everyone. And just because just based on experience and also, I know that this will give sufficient amount of labor. Of course, if you're making a because smaller quantity, just adjust how much you want. Again, based on taste preference. 5. How to Make the Seitan: Next, going to add the water into the bowl. You notice it's almost creepy texture to it. And next part is just to mix it all up. You notice that it starts to clump together. And so that's why it's really important that you really mixing all of the different areas together. And it will start form this almost I would describe as a as a porridge base. If you find that there is excess water that or you may have added too much water, then we're going to do is just to train off. Because you really want a nice sort of You want your, your flower and you order consistency to be dry and not very watery. So was taught to do then is not to knead the dough together. Just like this. And as you can see, the Horrea, because I want water to drain out. And so it can stay together. And as you start to do this, you will start to discover that it becomes a lot more firmer and firmer and starts to get a little bit more stretchy and dissolve elastic consistency towards it. Again, if there is excess water, you can just train the off. And you really want to try and squeeze in as much as possible. And I find that the more that you actually need the dough here, then the firmer, the texture you get. If you prefer a very, very soft, soft Satan, then you don't need to do this for quite as long. And I'm really, you just want to get a good feel of it. And as you can see the texture over there, it will become the soonest robbery and elastic consistency and that's what you're looking for. So we need to get for about five minutes now. And you can see that the texture has changed completely. And it's got this robberies of smooth, elastic feel to it and actually becomes quite tough. And if you haven't had any tumor to a, then your ILS to collaborators to looking for the same consistency, the sort of rough, spongy, elastic feeling there. And I'm going to feel that you really don't need it anymore. And then that's when you know that it's done and it's called this firm elastic feeling to it. There's also some wonderful aromatic smells coming through. So once you feel that you have done enough, we're going to leave it to rest for approximately ten minutes before we start to cook it. 6. My 2 Different Methods of Cooking Seitan: So we've loved, are told to rest for approximately ten minutes. And it may have expanded a little bit, which is completely normal, and announce the term, choose which method you wish to use to cook. It would advise trying both methods where you prefer. So the first method is, we're going to use microwave to cook it. This is a very quick, easy, and simple way to lots of different, say, time in a very short space of time. And Sally want are used woods everyday of the week really just to get all my meals done quickly. The second method is by boiling the say time and as a more traditional method of doing. And again, this gives a slightly different consistency towards it. So see which method that you prefer. And for the microwave method, I am going to microwave this a 100 grams of gluten flour for a approximately three minutes. And that's on 900. What? Microwave. And while you start to see is that the Satan starts to balloon up and expand. And this is as it starts to cook and it's completely normal. Derby worried about it blowing up or exploding everywhere. And this is just as it starts to cook gradually and expand and stretch. 7. 5 minute Microwave Method: So I've just transferred it into a circular dish and placed it right in the center, right to be microwave. I find that this is really important because and helps to expand the flower in a nice, equal and even manner. And also makes it easier to cut and cook with afterwards. So let's give it a go. So as mentioned, you should start to see the same time really expanding C, y replaced in the center of the plate, and it really starts to balloon up and starts to cook, is completely nomos either be worried about this. Once it's finished cooking. You will see that the expansion that we saw before, it started to shrink partially as it starts to cool down. Um, you'll still be very hot at this point. So just leave it to code for approximately five minutes and then we can get onto the next stage. So it's finished resting now and is ready to be enjoyed. And this is the first method using the microwave method. And I found that this gives you a much more chewy texture. And of course, again, if he wish for a much more firm a texture that you can always leave it in the fridge overnight. So let's cut into a now, you see this home, this lovely soft. Now I lie to you and cut you up into strips. And I find that it's easier to just to add to a saddle pad put into a sandwich. And I'll also show you just how to grid as well if you do want to make into movies. So smoky flavor and I get that. So ribs feel to it. So let's just try by now. Well, sometimes succulent flavor to it. My mouth is just continuously Woodward. Wow. So can either be enjoyed in this way. You can add some chilis rules to it, or soy sauce or any money that you wish to enhance the flavor. 8. Traditional Boiled Method: So this is the second method in which to cook the zeta and probably the more traditional method IBC online. And so first of all, it's the same process we want the, say 20. We had this sort of Derby consistency so that you can really solve square root n is recoiling and allow it to rest there for 15 minutes once you have an needed it. And so we are going to form the stock here, and that's gonna give us the main flavor. So we've got some fresh coriander here. Also add some garlic and ginger paste. And then I've got these garlic, ginger and chili flakes as well. Premium, of course. And we're going to add all of these into a stock and let it boil for about an hour or very low heat. So I've added all my ingredients in and was really essential is that you want the water to be just covering the say time and put you on a heat. So that is just boiling away on just a very, very minimal here. You don't want to boiling too much because then the texture becomes very, very robbery. I'm just no nice at all. And so yeah. And get it so that the water is just covering the say time there. And yeah, just keep staring it basically, I've added you can add whatever ingredients you want to stock and you can try different flavors as well. This is just something that I lived tribal often I mix up either some tomato is peppers. You can also add some vegetable stock as well, and this will give a completely different flavor. And what happens is that, as they say, time slowly boils. It will start to expand and it will start to take up all of the natural flavors around it. So there's been a boiling away nicely now. And you can see that it starts to form, solve almost spongy sort of consistency there. And so that's exactly what you're looking for as the, say ten starts to cook very slowly and starts to absorb. Buddha is wonderful flavors. And, and the important thing also is just to keep moving it around because you don't want it to burn and stick to the base. So now that the Satan has been allowed to rest. And you notice that it's called this lovely firm consistency to it. And it's funny, ready to enjoy. If you want a move Fermi texture, leave it in the fridge overnight and then cut into it and also marinated in some sources world if you want additional flavor. And you can also store it in the freezer overnight. If you either batch cookie it or want to cook it the next day or at a later date. And, and again, you can marinate it in some sources as well, just to really soak up and enhance those flavors. So let's continue now. And you can have, well, the small end. Just the incredible quick taste. Well does absolutely incredible. So that's one way to enjoy it. You can eat it straight away. And I'm also going to show you another way where you can grill it. Also check out the method of microwave in say ten if you want to cook it in a much more quick method. And, but if you're going in a large quantity, then our suggests and that this method may be a bit easier for you. 9. How to Make Delicious BBQ Seitan Ribs: So too good of your say time and make it into a nice old ribs consistency. And we're going to use a graffito on a high heat. And I'm going to use just a couple of sprays. And I like to use the fry light on coll colleague calls pride as less calories and more healthier, but above all you prefer or whichever flavoring. Fees praise of that. Once your oil has heated up, we're ready to place the strip zone. Wonderful seafood. And this is why I like cotton and quite thin strips. And while avoiding the microwave method is better for days because you get a much thinner consistency. So just important just to keep keeping on how he and you'll see that they have round up very, very nicely, is going to be across. Give that monopoly. And smoky flavor. Of course, depending on how firm you want to make it. For. Longer or shorter. By point that these are great alternative, has begun ribs. And so is a versatile and easy to cook with it as well. And only takes a few minutes. So we'll just let that cook for lifted and should only be done. 11. Final Information: Well, those are all the steps to make this a tan and you're good to go. And I really hope you enjoy taking part in this class as much as I did and making it. If you're unclear about anything or if you have any further questions, then please drop me a comment or a message. And I really look forward to you incorporating this into your meals. And feel free to also check out my other school share videos where I cover other really healthy, nutritious, high-protein, vegetarian and vegan meals.