How to Make Plarn (plastic yarn) | Flavia Wolfe | Skillshare

How to Make Plarn (plastic yarn)

Flavia Wolfe, A Happy Creative

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5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Making Plarn

    • 2. Gathering Supplies

    • 3. Cutting Plastic Bags into Plarn Pieces

    • 4. Creating the Plarn

    • 5. Plarn final thoughts and tips


About This Class

Plarn is fun yarn created out of cut up plastic bags. In this class I will teach you my method for creating plarn and a few tips to help you in preparing you plarn for use. 





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Flavia Wolfe

A Happy Creative

Flavia Antoinette Wolfe died this morning (06/25/2018) at approximately 2:45 am PST.

Original Profile:

My name Flavia Wolfe. I live in Texas with my husband, two (growing fast) boys, and two dogs (breed unknown). I am a Creative and have a BA in art from Westmont College. I enjoy learning new ways to create and express myself through art and crafts. I like to draw, paint, sew, quilt, papermache, c...

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