How to Make Plarn (plastic yarn)

Flavia Wolfe, A Happy Creative

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5 Videos (20m)
    • Making Plarn

    • Gathering Supplies

    • Cutting Plastic Bags into Plarn Pieces

    • Creating the Plarn

    • Plarn final thoughts and tips


About This Class

Plarn is fun yarn created out of cut up plastic bags. In this class I will teach you my method for creating plarn and a few tips to help you in preparing you plarn for use. 





Flavia Wolfe

A Happy Creative

My name Flavia Wolfe. I live in Texas with my husband, two (growing fast) boys, and two dogs (breed unknown). I am a Creative and have a BA in art from Westmont College. I enjoy learning new ways to create and express myself through art and crafts. I like to draw, paint, sew, quilt, papermache, crochet (of course), build small things (in my garage)... hmm, is there anything left? Oh yes! I am learning to be a better knitter and work with stained glass.

I homeschool my two boys and that keeps me very busy. So, I have to work to have time to do things that are creatively fun for me. Crocheting is something that I can do in those quiet moments (they are sometimes few and far apart).  I have taught my oldest (Connor) how to crochet and we are working on increasing his skills. My youngest (Preston) is not at all interested in crocheting, but has started to drawing more and works on his kids cross stitch project. 

 I recently started a new blog, there is not much on there yet (it's coming soon, i promise) so please suscribe or check back in with me soon. I have a few website with items that create to sell, right now the main one is

My main focus for classes here on Skillshare will be centered around crochet, but I will occasionally have classes on other fun projects and crafts that are great for kids. I will have crochet classes ranging from beginners to master (Can anyone really be called a master? there is always more to learn).  I will offer a left handed version, for the crochet classes, that will be published a few days after the original class is available. 

To go along with my crochet classes I just created a new facebook group called The Crochet Club, this is created for those who want to get in touch with other crocheters, ask questions, post picture of what they are up to, or links to other things crochet related. Please come join and chat.

Come join me in one or all of my classes. You may be like me where crochet is something you pick up, put down, get tired of, or get inspred by. I think that this can happen in any area of art and I hope hat you will be inspired to take some time for yourself and you family to be creative. 

Here is a list of my Skillshare classes (only one at the moment, but I working on others). I will update this list as I publish more classes:

Thanks for visited, I hope  

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