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How to Make Pizza (HINDI)

Gayatri Devi

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2 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Pizza Recipe


About This Class

Hey Guys welcome to my classes..

How are you all, i am going to show you how to make Pizza. This is Italy food or snack and please you try this because it's so taste.

I hope you like this lesson!


1. Introduction: Or meditator or care say, well, hmm, Subiaco milk cheese burst speeds up percent heck, any omega T cell liberty that they're licking, hurt me banana Jack table. So 3e is with cheese, consider least Mill baking. Jessica India Bina when kicker hurricane that Hamlet when I engage cheeseburger speeds up the except the bodies are there buddy that he can say banana, it's me east we needed Datalab for degas or fuller, we achieved she's stable availability or taste is fantastic. Hello stops. So big a word person dagger a week later. So we should look at ikea or the handles to CAPM the car will purge the cheese. We actually ended up archaea. 2. Pizza Recipe: To go so recipe should regard this upset by Linda Ham, Luke cackling at base benign gig hermetic cheeseburger speeds Evan unequally menu happening, but athlete or per occupant Manetho siding retained to be the card, the basic TCA, those too many up and Hannah teams with high COP metta is the Malika read Joule hotel like books or gram gas bus, app Jildaki happened and we are Tommy is the MLK or SEC tail Jakarta, Matlab, GIS, Athenian, many app but in a intimate gene Italia Schocken who seek excitement among di la Hayek term much aboutus macaca In gave baking powder dialing, gay or sashimi baking soda dialing. Many upper team tooth HM, much baking powder for HCO3 HM, which baking soda AND Canada soda is the Malika. I'm always immagine confuses your thinking. A little MRD difference care. Those two baking powder joule that will combination with baking soda or ache acid, aka DJ sneaky cream off data at home via Yeah, favorite citric acid Olbia was sick as ethnic conflict when reliable, they're baking soda, Joe would normalize CDU, we're medulla Canada soda. Okay. Yeah. Fair meta soda, baking powder, UK, OSC, did women Malaysia, bizarre MY baking powder, Abu Dhabi were equally packet minimise Liga or your baking soda hotel, Yaphet, Canada, Soto, then we're SE packet, may me liga, tho those two main app called Herbert detail, the VA, baking powder, baking soda decay by remained many up at tinge of hygiene much baking powder or HSI, too much baking soda. Don't know columnists modality has achieved in a mixed cutting of those to heart say, we'll skip out, hmm, no Guzman, the heat Dowlding, many upper inner bizarre, lucky that he is the Malcolm Renoir gravity-based the markers that Theo Gray problem and he IG as Europe cables girl McCarty, the HEA here you have it put on in the year to aura charities OL tag or those two to acquaint you outta Hendrick, the Madame Lagarde, the heat Doll girl, JCC, Apata legato going up the QV, Qi Jiu ATA, Henan pokey hydrocarbon nega or exome fluffy when Ava Camry mid nickname is a Muslim and Muschelli area Lake in Java. But now going select the blue eagle rays Missy instant east, the camera, those three hopper, obese, you are to have many legato. Leah, hey, licking your helicases, suck, Tortosa, tight hit or miss me cackling or the heat dialing in many upper AIG tumors, the he orderly, hey, you seek a south Mammalia up at Hannah though Thomas, Dale damage or Rudi, and those two essential Pizza Hut modes have a marimba, nega, Viejo RTI, those boys club go achieved that. Protect, protect corona need Cornell MATLAB up whisker charts, IP, entrepreneur click, Continue essay, mixed category currents going up Giotto's quiescent Georgia set protects octyl, Yaphet, hotkey or P10 only say it's called double the Bucher need cursor Theo, objects of too many. Joanna heck, yet they are currently I have obvious cocoa, a desk twist, and he the NIAAA didn't. Amartya carts UCLA for Tahoe w0 HMO gathering a P7. And gay was clearly a manuscript in his security updates up to only 16 into banality, dosage level IQ that after a Hindu or a kisses you house correlate curling a GQ Qiang YAGNI at the Vienna, he can engage the upgraded cheese with Ian and literally, we're behind ecology ag. Basically use your IQ is some pneumonic yea or doing search. Ok, IANA, MATLAB. The hijo, he said is go home, look. Patella BellKor seeking into vapor. If kids are going up a hill is a Bernoulli roti based the markers that fail the many upper archaea eukaryota Hannah is QuickCheck, NACA, India Hayek, the hay will lie his circle. I want Lucas could bailing hay, sukha, meditator, cheetah could app is could barely get those too many upper Jacqueline me Bill in GSA disco, patella Bay, Leah, hey, is he say's you Hannah who played key size Quixote, J, Mei ij no, interrupted seven, I don't go through MATLAB, ego up spring form kept in delete_one again noise key here, eat cake eating. And those two update Hawaii. Yes, a bunch at the and there are papers here available and he had heard me, Koshiba, Nieto sloppy at highly maybe when asset TO plate may be monastic to query problem and he Ag, they're happening made up Purana Card, High-speed Zika video, they cutter to minuss. Maybe Plato may have an atta. The steel plate when you call a problem the EA, EA, those two up Luis ISACA is could barely giga Josiah is kept Latest the molecule Rio, who skip out that Coca-Cola are PJ0 plate, Anna, scope, dyadic and upper Degas Butter case that they can also process. Bother me getting AIB up, Dixit 30K, yea Joham lookup. Bella ATA is combining both but love a law to yada, yada, I would look cackling, target him curling gay or SCO Hulk associate killing gay. Was sip a hilly it 2D6. Keep data on those two borehole. But I'm Lukas, you roti NOT bugs Athena, the vapor RBA could cheaper too much kilo J the managers should rule me is may help us, us sukha Mallet LDA, market participants it though, or if it hmm, Lucas me up now. But LA, LA, LA, pizza gotta cycling gay, southerner, HE seqnames those two up go low flame PR is cosec ninja Prentice my Boolean and skip out epic scope palate, the giga, high flame permit sake ICA is Guam nucleus, middle, NumPy have Oba jacket or pnea. But hello causes seek Lee J as a 100 and JPEG or Atana bathroom ASM, MATLAB software a or Misko for liquor 60 TO 90 nanometer at NYU School. Many smears, other Golden's part of being a unique I lay her TAC Qurta, Yeah. My school in a college town up geoprocessing will disrupt process, start curl that their joy occurred. Heiko goddamn Guernica, many apathetic buddies, Eddy currents, the Melaka yep. Coap Brennan, Sarah Button is the multiperspectival just mapping the canula classical, your buddies Eddy, Joker, hijab Nixon, three snowmen, amok, dial them up, joke a multi-age and among her many square and unlike Bug bees Vargas was, it's the molecule. We will skip it. You see a torus and La, la, la, la REM Muslim manuscript bees were baking her namaste the molecule, say he maybe Keck around Muskoka, heme dalda outfit is cohere Kazaa fare la Duma, yea, like Burke and not our cologne or Mata is Q0 put up a new cackling at those two, except editor like ng-hide, Radon-Nikodym, any guess HIV, limp, but on credit, the heck, problem, get Hickey. I'm going up. Ye Jiu plate had direct recto. We now know Mockito put two ACO, Nietzsche, SAP copy judge, or do citywide care, Huike, Diego nama, kinda Yap, epidemic. Saic took Harabagiu, eager gusto. Scalia attackers acted when I set up the Allies care products have Terman's up steel cup holder, accept Theo query metallurgy item approximate to just say Anna, come say combos, 18 inch high, diverse agenda MCU PR Autonomy heat will fail, fail Kuru per i up to 40 secretory B is thermal conductivity. Yaphet up, keep us either way. Sr ring cutter, WHO? Your cookie cart anaemic. I'm not that Bizkit cart anaemic Alma Mater passe part I had to make a Hayes the molecule around document bought time say Yeah, he's the malloc around to AKG SCO corrupt corral. I would look for divert cackling AS mentor can like either E or if you just go HIV limpet ceremony, they engage, Jephthah, come look pizza when Ollie was probably pants half minute to luggage Ag, The Many happening chocolatey chocolate, you open it up in a MCAR test sprinkled cursor TO MCI Jakarta a goes to a school, can flatten the Hebrew there. Miss Flood, Voltaire, MATLAB, Joham, L-O-G, kiki Rudy when animus thermal Kurt denovo, RTA, you schedule gay apps, rumors to ComEd lab-based Amal cursor, collegium Aeneas who come either delicate is covalent and start cleared the apnea how-tos say yeogiyo ATA, Hannah Dorothy Hezbollah, histor, its gone lapel, eHealth, ISAF will skip BAD Hmmm, luggage and monkey carta yell at our credit score, filing a mug egotistical there crispy texture out that those two beads image of bads other check their faces, those soldiers size, Onitsha, Yap, KP Zeki, take EBU, he say's Quixote GI Joe's ice cap cut GFP plate here. So yeah, permitted, you know, Inskip, late announcement, macaca term butterflies. I let them what cheetah, both important processor those to my boyhood Barker Heyne, repeat seven, not downward. Ig-nobel Bourget onto cout epithet. Well pizza nickel titanium plate, say Wolbachia bug data or if it bought mosquito the economy to a butter chicken. Vega is me going up childhood tail will have asset takeaway problem in AIG. The A-bomb Luca occurring Aegean Luca Bella, RTI, Hannah, cool SQL per regularly engaged. Much luck. By lemma is Clinic Mikhail item checklist say, or if it, I'm Luke Egypt played here, will scale per transfer occur then gave up the case in many SCO fold, Kircher, Hotmail, Laker, you skill per transfer curve. The next step in those two album look cackling a skew per a cheated a CHE, the benignly equity, a chutney winning in a PWR taboos other Fu nigger chances who shot their Jesse roti fool the inner vessel bought by a full data TO Hamnuna's coupon. That's either a CHE, the banana da, boom, look at getting A's Gilbert keys, Laker, anger, many bird. But under those two you do cheese slice at the E naught our processed cheese at the most upset banana, a Chavan divert lake Investment Board ingredient WHO recipe book, la mujer, beads have anonymity and IntelliJ at there who search how many castle Jackie's case had been at the IDA ci spread out then a bizarre me go veranda caveat, multi-brand caveat there is, gets out the natural result in 80% of chat there, MATLAB, just subcu bizarre AKA hotels, Diana, restartable, cool, Burnyeat. I like integral search, haven't I'm atherosclerosis. We had those two. The asthma, you haste the Malika round go brand cause leukemia Parsi pariah paralyse. You only package or Moscow Coulter is Cooper's boating Gemma shrug their town or if it is going look filing a escape or put up cocoa EB Wu processed cheese cheese laser technique is you're running. Yeah. You keep FLSA you skin that had Mirabeau nigger muddle of NGOs key spread amongst the malloc arena. Again, they're releasing heat cheese module there, Elijah, those two Gianluca key spread Joham, my notches that are highly electronegative dancing, making too many leg Bocconi May Bonnie akin Ju Hua Wo Uchida Qian Gua PKU essay, he'd apnea. I've got my senior healer who willow trees, nickel naked chances of Jang gay, whom locating a June rookie, say k rho t, Hannah, Joey, Medicaid, OTA, millipedes, Zika Tiki is keopi erecting a or if it cone essays MIT Pinsker, they engage into their knickers. Athenian majo carta, UCSC, Asad shade the camera with me that the equivalent oven Luca rage apparatus looks sake it in a row, Tiepolo's Kobe located the greater than get package. Oh haha, I've wouldn't equal pi. We're not care with a food nigger chances who's out there? Those though? Hey there naked with Hmm, no-go scale per sauce Bernanke, instantly, I'm looking pizza alleles or zoom medical person, their SAP examine, MATLAB x2, Jada cheesecake, pizza o then o Smith OSI spicy sauce, a chill at theatre maniac. But victim much tomato sauce. Leah here will take us hath no many. Hm, much chili sauce. Lee, I am much many upper shares one source, Emilia here. Or what tomato lesson, HUD voila flavor lion, Nikkei, many hiker seismic pizza sauce be Dahlia had pizza. So scheduler API happen to oregano be doubts at 30o will become cured. They got those though. I've met the nucleus CQ, but mixed Kirkwood achieved that I fell out the JDK, those two Hanukkah Jo Sauce, I vote they are hosts UK A-bomb Lucas Q per cheese fell adding gay, many upper, a multi-brand come mozzarella cheese is the molecule a year Buddy Holly packet. Add those two up normal Valley package with the molecules that TO your pelvis a gutsy via the EEGs worst pizza oven edit or under the homogeneity is collicullus jaggedy opened. We're quicker dialing. It goes to our graph, Joe, to come the leg, ISOC Teo mozzarella, cheese, KA-SAT stuff may happen. Charities, we diagram, let up AIG Jesus, the multilayered nature, how to map could recommend current Maki up yea, Britain neck. Each ISA is the molecule row cookie, snip, LAC Duomo cheese, mix it up Bretagne naked, you get go over n PhD is based on markers that Theo. To tell you those too many homemaking duties can mix currently, I haven't looked at getting a scale port topping, erecting a topic map which based the molecular sectors you up. Cool person though many upper Piazza, Leah heck on Lyle's in leverage Lee I have b less than leverage leah here or lives Lia Jue upto person the worship is ten markers at 30o, many topping a cheated, a scalable fell at the head of mice coupon hierarchy, faith orgies read data, Jaap de joy. So those though that are codec nutshell to objects that do financially PupCo data on those to escape on a map. Could butter, LeBron, I'm hot. Jeroo react Child to silicone breast system molecules actor, Yeah, fair gloves spends at the Likud many apnea hot dog could use k or sati may either up or down vertically IF IT kitchen gloves is the molecule. The other hygienic need at a kooky, get em, had those through butter to sort I will be so che many up new only you say he is Membertou fell at the Eco Naomi Java to be attacked Hannah, MATLAB metadata will happen many Smith, but I got the, I got high ego colon down or fit escape open Hamburg up NetBeans that at the end a, the answer at Hagar, those two SRP tool is the molecule rega or fluid is could have these year for tau foot high flame per hm, no scope, Buckeye angular bookbinder, minute Kelly, a. Licking it problem GAVI, those to mitigate ikea agentic says to Duke Elijah league, AIG scale wages a GAP zed obey men who see Tim CALEA. Now obviously a good pizza went around JDK light anti-gay bug process, but you could say me or those two licking, map way Borg bedded tip Shaker, they tell me happened, my Yap affairs data Bailey down. May make a bud medical, yada, AGI bizarre made UP zombies. You CB when asset theory those two to up as a pizza shop is complete, say cartilage GA, naked by the API skew, but Apaches spread like I'll EJ, we said aka DJ is Copenhagen sage Abkhazia cheated or fit it up, collegial, tease, worst pizza, Hannah will bizarrely pizza may say V1 j omega made again Ashoka AIG, but I got up yet chronic or login nunca, my pizza is banana, two bars and ambush kilodelta, the weaker realm I remember when I was your pizza base a is called transfer coronal opened 18 kilo per month plate Cooper who separately miniatures that are Butter like alia at how those two up MySQL per Kakar chief called luma subsequently car take the SAT. We'll skip by the Humberto gives me G spread, philandering, gay, egg doubt up Barra working many upper Nowinski plate is the molecule could aegypti many Caribbeans and miss out in case the molecule athe, those two reason kx ky homologs have VSCO folder Cortana open a CoRoT lacquer that Gao De Qi ski size Hulk, ISI Tokyo jot the year. We'll see these N cubed, which is MNA, as you happen, knowing skew plate is the molecule EDA T spread philanthropy by the many skill. But I'm lucky puck IV rho t, that is the orifice. Macaca, Bronco NIMA, Pamela around tacky ego ATA, Hannah, who achieved at each epoch J bought my chances will take equilibrium nickel j, that will be cool in the heat over their abbeys match either upon e legato TO a fiercely up Dixit to mace mic I say press Kircher case quasi-linear around who skip ads, makes McCarty message, hey, the code of them are beach maybe shaped curve is take our equivalent circuit chances 0 Geng Gai, buck IGA process to save me at the speed curve that don't map before tougher. Pizza sauce when arrow will skip out. Hmm, lucas cooper, Teasdale being gay or topping reg being gay. Gerbil dose to last me a job process and a butter leg. Anika is cuz skip MacKay, Diego, Mexico, resumes McCall cooker butter Nagar around up to altough you Harper, Hannah. Do the metonymy, Lockerbie legacy to MATLAB up documents do really J2, THE Malacca to be legacy to, yeah, if it they'll be like I said, they are same effect middle Jagger of make accurate autonomy, a pizza co-secant IQ later conquered heme field, say bought mainland. Who haha Raj, those rebar shoot Columbia reciprocal cortico, my co-occur rescale put up not pizza rubbed down, or if it fertile effort homologous meant have catalogue either gay or fair fish SIP under a minute. Kelley School sake they engage. The anarchy goes to flame higher Athena to Bob by a submissive 10k API chances read their essay is me. Good agenda TO PR, many scuba theta minute Kiva, check here the uvula, ESA, the carousel to your AD which you get those two Mab is macaca, donkey, Ian Graham, Graham henna to a-b EMA is coupon Holocaust pizza or they're going to diagram, we seek out the flavor Joanna already Guernica will under Dr. La data, afoot offered him Lucas missing me calling it Romania, but he just spatula. They can charge o what I will say many op-amp. Second nick alia, but another app, a chastened enlightenment ghetto. Yes. A Heaney College at their desk at the end. Okay. Yeah. Those sludge open-loop bazaars, that pizza order curtailed thess minute divided at the exit to me, 18-minute talk bouquet out the remainder of 18-minute when a Hebrew King, a Tokyo over Moodle Jagger, her cheese video Henan The Fighting Knickerbocker failed ag within a minute about the API scope Carter checkers like peo. Yet they Kay, I'm no, concurrently went to work at Jaime. Cheese was pizza. Will cool the Yara. She's pulled the plug. Barea who ASR team a unknown DUG spread of Nadella Hannah will be Bill Bigelow because we're going to iron nickel Hakone to try equity the recipe, those two benign yeast key behead Bina oven or taste to echo EB banana. Yet tasting them were poor. I got other app you build cool essay, try Coronado.