How to Make Pastry Dough and Bake an Apple Pie Just Like Mom!

Judy Kahansky

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8 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Mixing the Pastry Dough Part 1

    • 2. Mixing the Pastry Dough Part 2

    • 3. The Easiest Way to Make Pastry Dough!

    • 4. Best Gluten Free Pie Crust Recipe - Make it from scratch!

    • 5. Preparing Mom's Apple Pie - Easy Apple Pie Recipe

    • 6. Easy Pie Crust Recipe | Rolling out the pastry dough for perfect pie crust

    • 7. Easy Pie Crust Recipe |Trimming the pastry dough

    • 8. Building Your Perfect Pie


Project Description

Learn to Make Pie Crust and Bake Yummy Pies!

This is a Baking Experience. Learn to Bake a Pie Step-by-Step with an Experienced Pastry Chef and Baker.

  • Baking is very creative
  • Receive Experienced Advice on the right baking equipment
  • Use Ready to print Shopping lists for ingredients, recipes
  • Save time & $ by adding pastry and pies to menu planning and your freezer
  • Learn the right way to Mix Pastry Dough
  • Discover the secret tips to Rolling the Pastry – turns out right every time

An Easy and Fun Course to Learn Everything You need to Make Pie crust and Baking Yummy Pies.

In addition to learning how to make pastry and bake a pie, we'll learn about shortcrust pastry, a little history, and the most popular uses today. You will make pastry dough and bake an apple pie right along with me in the course. We will talk about menu planning, and how making savory and sweet pies, can quickly fill your freezer with healthy delicious meals – saving you both time and money.

I will teach you helpful tips to get it right the first time – mixing the dough, rolling your pastry, and pulling an aromatic, scrumptious pie out of your oven – not a soggy, gooey mess! After years of experience that includes baking hundreds of pies, I have applied continuous improvement principles and refined the process. You will learn how a little organization can save lots of time!

What this course includes

I designed this course for beginning cooks, however everyone who is curious about baking – or just wants a new experience will have fun. This course will take you from learning what equipment and ingredients you need to a finished baked pie.

I have provided you with templates for shopping, what baking equipment to get, and ingredients to stock your pantry with. You will learn how to make pastry two different ways. All of the recipes we cover in the lectures are included in the resources sections – for you to print out, including BONUS recipes for you to try and my new ecookbook - Easy as Pie RECIPES!

You will be mixing pastry dough, learning helpful tips and tricks and making your pie right alongside me, in my kitchen!

Completing this course will enable you to expand your cooking repertoire, baking pies for school bake sales, hosting dinner parties – offering a home baked pie to the next neighborhood pot luck. It will be time to show off your newly acquired skills!

At the end of the course you will be able upload a picture of your beautiful apple pie.  


You may even decide to become a pastry chef and bake pies as part of a catering adventure like I did – or run a pastry & pie business. Really, the opportunities are endless. Join me in my kitchen today!

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