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How to Make PROFESSIONAL YouTube Thumbnails in Adobe Photoshop

teacher avatar Michael Que, YouTuber, iOS Developer, and blogger

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Quick Selection Tool

    • 3. Blur

    • 4. Finding the right colors

    • 5. Strokes

    • 6. Outer glow

    • 7. Drop Shadows

    • 8. Custom Font

    • 9. Black box under text effect

    • 10. Gradients

    • 11. Brightness and contrast

    • 12. Hidden Effect

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About This Class

Course showing how to create/make enticing, appealing, and clickbaity youtube thumbnails by showing you popular thumbnail techniques that the biggest YouTubers use. You will get a big takeaway from this course whether your a beginner in photoshop and thumbnail creation in general or have experience in Photoshop and is already running a small YouTube Channel

Welcome to the course where you will learn YouTube photoshop thumbnail techniques that every YouTuber uses. Seriously! I guarantee that the most popular YouTuber will at least use several of the techniques shown in this course. If you are a new or currently struggling YouTuber, use this course to up your thumbnail game and quickly grow your channel. You do not need prior knowledge of photoshop or graphic design to get a big takeaway from this course. This course will teach you some of the most basic techniques that popular YouTubers use to get started on creating engaging youtube thumbnails. So what are you waiting for, let’s jump right into the course!

This course will serve as a guide for informing you all the techniques of thumbnail-making that YouTubers have been using for years, and in addition to that, do a complete step by step of all the techniques. Since we will be showing just individual techniques, a big grasp of photoshop is not needed. By the end of the course, all these techniques will be taught to you, but you will have to incorporate a combination of all these techniques into your thumbnails to see a difference. 

I am always open to answering questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So go ahead and ask away and I will do my best to try to help every individual. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Michael Que

YouTuber, iOS Developer, and blogger


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1. Intro: welcome to the course, where you will learn Photoshopped some new techniques that every YouTube users seriously. I guarantee that the most popular YouTubers will all have used at least several the techniques showing this course. If you're a new or currently struggling, YouTuber uses course up your thumbnail game and quickly grow your channel. You do not any prior knowledge of Photoshopped or graphic design to get a big take away from this course. This course will teach you some of the most basic techniques that popular. YouTubers used to get started on creating, engaging YouTube felt nails. So what are you waiting for? Let's jump right into the course. 2. Quick Selection Tool: Hello, guys. Today I will show you guys how to remove an object from a background or how to select a certain object from a picture that you want. And so this could be useful if you're trying to find an image for your thumbnail. But it also has other stuff in the image. So you can go in and select that specific object or if you download it image and it has a white background, you can use that as well. And finally, if you want out of stroke to a stern object, you also have to do this. So the easiest and quickest way to select an object is to use a quick selection tool. So right now, right right here. If it's not showing this, it is showing the magic wand to all you have to do is hold down to it and select a quick selection tool. So I know we have this layer selected, and now I'm just gonna go and show us how to do this. So all you have to do is simply just go over the era you want to select and they will automatically do it for you. So full of shop is really good at doing it. It sometimes it does myself. And if it messes up, all you have to do is hold down ELT while you select that area toe undo. So they were. So I just undo diesel acting in that area. There we go. And so, yeah, I mean, it's not gonna be completely perfect, but for the most part, it does the job find. And also, if you're missing like a small part, it's usually fine because, uh, the thumb no itself is going to be very small and the object is going to be even smaller, so people really aren't going to notice that much. So right now we have basically this selected, and right now I'm gonna show you all turn their way. If you want to make the selection really precise, so we want to do is going to go to the two above, which is the magnetic lasso tool. And this is probably the quickest manual way to select things. So all you have to do is just start here and it's gonna it's kind of like it a quick selection tool, except you do have a lot more control over There we go. So, as you can see, I'm doing very precise over here. So I think the outline here. So it's a very precise tool, but I don't recommend using it because sometimes it could just take way too long. Okay, so going back to the quick selection tools. So right now, once you're done with your selection, all you have to do is command. See when you have the later selected and then Commander V to paste it in. So there goes around. Now we have two layers and of course, control C and control the MPC. So now we basically have the object selected, and we can just, like, drag out. So there we go. So now we have this object, which we can at a stroke or manipulated any other way. So there we go. That's how you select an object out from a background. And after you're done, you can just go in and remove the previous image. And there we go. So now we have this rock selected out from the image 3. Blur: all the guys today, I'm gonna go into show you guys how to blur things in photo shop. And this is mainly useful if you're creating some sort of background. So right now, say, like you're blogging and you went to the beach and you can have the photo of you at the beach for the background, and then you can go in and blur it out, and then add the other text. That's usually how youtubers do backgrounds or say like, you're talking about a topic and you have that product or something like that in the background and you have a blurred out so that the Texas focus instead. So I mean, backgrounds vary a lot for what kind of videos you're making. So right now I'm gonna show you this video right here. So this is actually one of my videos, but basically this they'll know I made was just really simplistic. I had a Xbox controller, a connect button, and in a Windows icon and in the background, I just had the windows, wallpaper, default wallpaper. And the reason I did that was because if you're looking at this video, you immediately know that you're watching something about connecting to windows and stuff like that. So it's a really good tool, Teoh. Let your audience no what you're making. But obviously this range is ah lot from what kind of content you make because there's a lot of YouTubers with the lost subscribers and views that just literally take a picture. So this is going to vary a lot with what kind of videos you're making. But I'm still gonna show you guys how to blur it, just in case you guys want to do something like this. So right now I'm gonna show us. So the way you do it is pretty simple. So right now let's say I want a player, this image and used as the background. So the way you blur is very simple. You have the layer selected go to filter, blur. Gosh, Schindler. And then you can go in and turn up and down the planet blurriness. So there we go. And now you can, like, change attacks. Like, uh, I went to the beach. Right. Some like that. I'm gonna make that smaller. So, like, something like this, Obviously this is not going to be a thumb. No, but As you can see, you can out whatever elements here you can use the stroke use Ah, outer glow. Stuff like that make your text, get your other objects in. But the background is very important. But using a image as a background and then blurring it is a very good technique to use. So, yeah, that is how to blur images in photo shop. 4. Finding the right colors: Hello, guys. Today I'm gonna go and show you guys how to find the right colors for your text, for your strokes, for your outer glows drop shadows. So right now, Matt Austin Evans Channel and one of his videos is about the Xbox, Siri's X and for the outer glow right here we can see that he's using this sort of Xbox green color to fit the overall thing. So again he has a green color over here, a green over here overall. Just bring that Xbox color scheme to his thumbnails. So how do you do that? So say, I want to find the color of the Xbox. I could go on Google, and sometimes you'll find websites like these that gave you the colors. Or sometimes you have to find them on other forums that people ask and talk about. So right now we have a website that tells us the exact hex code. But say what happens if this website did not exist? Well, what we have to do is go and look up a just a Xbox like a logo, something like that. And then so we go to images and we find the sort of color that we want. We could go with something like this or a newer logo. There's of something like that. So I'm gonna go and choose this, and I'm gonna go in and download and import this to my Photoshopped project. Okay, so right now I'm at my Photoshopped project, and as you can see, we imported the logo right here. So say we want this color for my text. Now, of course, we also have that website that we can access. So a good way to get the exact color without knowing the exact hex code from a website or anything like that is to use the eyedropper tool right here. So right now, if we want this green, we just select the eyedropper tool. And if you don't see it, all you have to do is hold down and then select the eyedropper tool. So maybe sometimes it gets hidden with the other stuff. So now all you have to do is go in and click on the color you want. So I'm gonna cook on the screen. And now we have this color safe. So if you double click here now, we have this exact hex code and you can copy it just in case you lose it. But anyways, now we can go in and get the Texan. So let's go and type something, and it will be automatically in this green color. So like this. So there you go. Now we have that color. And in case maybe you lost a color somehow, right. You can always go here, click here and then paste in that code and click. OK, so like that And this is very important. If you're trying to find the right color for your overall theme for your text, your drop shadows, some like that. Sometimes you want to find the exact color of whatever brand or something like that you're talking about. And that, overall just makes your videos seem like is talking about that specific thing because you have that overall style and theme going on with it. 5. Strokes: So hello. Today I'm gonna go into show you guys. They take me no as strokes. And it's pretty commonly used him on all type of YouTube content. And it helps to highlight the elements in your thumb now and it drives more clicks. So right now we're on the faze clan channel, right? And we can see that in a lot of the thumb that was They actually have strokes. So in this time, not a shoe is has a stroke. They have a stroke right here. They have a stroke right here and right here and right here. So, like, they've been using strokes pretty commonly. And now we can also hop onto rice comes channels. Right now we can see stroke right here. A stroke right here. A stroke right here. Ah, yeah. I mean, there's a lot of strokes here, and we can even see it on Ryan. He goes channel. So right now we can see a stroke around the text, speak stroke right here. And right now, I'm just going to show you, uh, even in a tech channel like Austin Evans, we can see that there is also a sort of stroke around here here. Although he's not exactly using strokes, what he's using here is a technique known as Outer Glow. And I'll show you guys that in the next lesson. But as you can see, using the outlying around the elements in the NFL knows is very lucrative. You guys should definitely learned this technique and using your own thumbnails. So right now I'm gonna go and show you guys how to do it. Okay, so right now I'm in a photo shop project, and basically what we're gonna do is go ahead and add outlined outside of this Minecraft block. All right, so the way you add a stroke is you right? Click on the layer. It's like landing options. And then you just select stroke so you can change the color right here. Uh, usually a lot of people do white or black on it. Also sort of vibrant colors as well. Like some people would do pink. We have some. Some people do read, too. Um, yes, yellow as well, so you can sort of choose it for yourself with the theme of your thumbnail. But that's just personal preference at that point. So for the purpose of this video. I'm just gonna go and show you pink, actually, So something like that. And so right now we have the stroke done, and now we can just change the size we can increase it or decrease it right here. So there we go and pretty much everything. Make sure that your blend bull is on normal and the position is on the inside. And you can also change the opacity. Although I I recommend just keep it, keeping it at 100 at all times because there's really no use of turning it down. So next I'm gonna go and show you guys have to do the same thing with text. So right now we have a text right here, and what I'm gonna do is right click blending options stroke again on, and we're gonna going to turn down the size of this because the font itself is very thin and we're gonna change the color to someone like, uh, black. And then it all changed with text color, toe white. There we go. So now you can see that we also have a stroke on the outside just like that. And of course, we can also turn it up more if we want, but because this fund itself is right then and can't really do much. But as you can see, that's how you had strokes to texts and objects. 6. Outer glow: today, I'm gonna go and show you guys had to do an outer glow. So what is an hour glow? You might ask? Well, right now, if you look at this thumbnail right here, this is an outer glow. This is an outer glow and were on course, Linus Tech tips channel. And here's a quick difference between the outer glow in a stroke. So in this terminal, right here, you can see that this is a stroke and it on here. This is an outer glow. And in this case, the outer glow definitely looks more elegant than stroke. The stroke just looks Ah, little bit just weird, I guess. But you're gonna have to test out your own object that you're adding a outlying for because sometimes the outer glow can actually look kind of weird compared to the stroke. So you can just sort of experiment with what looks best. So we're gonna go ahead and be creating this outer glow right now. Okay, So I'm back here in full a shop, and I have the same Minecraft block that we used to create the stroke. So let's go ahead and get started with this. So the way you enter outer glow is use like the layer right click lending options outer glow and make sure your blend modes on normal and Europe acid he's 100% and you can go in and change the color. So basically, what I'm gonna do is last time we imported a certain color code. So we're gonna be using that same Xbox color for the glow. So go in and change the color by clicking here and then pasting the color code. Or if you don't know what color you're gonna pick yet you can go in and select a random color for now. So right now we have this glow right here. Two things dictated. So first there's a size. And then there's a spread so I usually like to do is have a small spread, but in a big size. But that kind of depends. If you want something that's more like a stroke, you can change the size down, but add more spread. So, like I so that's almost like a stroke. So you consider experiment for Linus what he does their team definitely makes it more like a stroke instead of a glow. Of course, he didn't experiment to see which one works for you best. So yeah, that's basically how you apply in our glow. 7. Drop Shadows: Hello, guys. Right now I'm going to go and show you guys how to do drop shadows and drop shadows also serve as a tool to bring your object mawr toe life and make it more through that dimensional. And it could just make your thumb now overall more interesting. So let's go and get into it. So the way to do it is go ahead and right click lending options drop shadow. And that is basically so now I'm gonna go and change your color to black. I'm gonna turn down all these things right now so we can start from scratch so the size will be more of a perspective of how much drop shadows actually applied. And then the spread is like how much color it actually has. So you go, You should go ahead and leave that pretty low and then distances how far away the drop shadow is from the object so you can go in and play around with that. This object isn't really the best example, because it's a circle and with the drop shadow, it looks kind of weird. But seven objects do really well with drop shadows, and you can also have an angle to see. Ah, wish direction attraction was gonna be Are so guys, That is basically how you do drop shadows. 8. Custom Font: Okay, guys, today I'm gonna go and talk about custom funds a little bit with creating YouTube thumbnails. And the thing is that every single youtuber has their own sort of fund for their thumbnails . I'm gonna go to Rice comes Channel because he has a really nice looking, unique fund. So this one right here, some like that and you'll see, like every single youtuber will have their own unique fund. When you're just starting out, you're not gonna be able to find your unique font yet. And it's gonna be a lot of searching and stuff like that. So what I suggest is that whatever area of content, you're looking at a finer related youtuber who has a big falling and try to Google like what kind of fonts they're using and just test it out on your channel. And also this is what I do sometimes. So I have a tech channel. And sometimes if I'm talking about Apple or Microsoft or something like that, I'll look up the company. So like apple and in font, right, someone like that. And then you usually built to find the fund just with a quick Google search. Sometimes it's in forums. Sometimes it's in a bunch of other places. You just have toe sort of look through. So this is the Apple farm right here. Sometimes I like to use that because they're fun is just really clean for the kind of content on making. Okay, so say you do something related to where Rice comes. Does you can go in and check out his phone right here. So if you just look up whatever the YOUTUBER is and look up fund, okay? And so there's usually a form of people talking about it. And so right now, let's go ahead, go over here And there we go. Someone hasn't done fighter and that you can go in and go over here. She would have place and you can go in and download it. It's very easy to download. I actually have installed this find myself. So I'm not gonna go in and download it on camera. But it's super easy. It's just literally a couple of clicks and you're good. Ah, and their works the same way on both windows and Mac. Okay, so right now I'm on empty Cage D's channel and I want to sort of find the fund that he's doing right. So, like these funds right here, I think they look pretty clean. I might be interested to getting them. So I look for is m v k h d fun. And then let's see what kind of results we have. So, um, right here, this is an identified font from his logo. And let's look real quick between this and his logo. So, like, if there's a big difference And to be honest, I think he does use the same form for his logo and, uh, titles in his thumbnail. So I'm I'm just gonna go in and down with this. Okay? So I guess the fund is not there. Um, So let's just go to other options. So right now this does look like what he will use. So I'm gonna go on down on this farm right now, so it's really simple. Open it. You can go ahead and just install it like this stall Funt. And there you go. As you can see in my font book, I have dozens of different funds. Like when I'm talking about different stuff. So if I'm talking about Samsung thing right, I have a Samsung font does the Siegel you I is what Microsoft uses. This is apples. And sometimes if you're really liking a fund that you two are used, you can literally just just a message them, like asking them. Hey, you know, like wolf font you're using. And if they have a smaller falling and they look at their messages sometimes you can you get a reply like this one, for example. I asked a youtuber about it. He has maybe around 100,000 something subscribers. He had a He had a lower falling on Twitter. So I was able to just at him and he responded right back. So now I know what kind of fun he's using. Eso Yeah. I mean, you can always just look around and you're like a fund that YouTuber is doing. You can go in and ask them about it or look it up now. There we go. So, like, we have his fun right here. So I think the name was some big noodle. Some like this. So right now I'm gonna go and test it out, live on camera. I have actually never tested this out yet. So one thing Another thing to know is that you can also change the distance between the text. So I'm gonna have set that to zero so that we can have a default. So there we go. I mean, this looks pretty clean as you develop, you'll probably find a good front yourself. But if you're just starting, it's good to you. Just look at other funds and try to experiment with that yourself. And then later on, maybe, Ah, once you have a bigger following, you can try to explore your own font and use that for your videos. 9. Black box under text effect: Well, guys, today I'm gonna go and show you guys how you can add a sort of black box behind your text to make your text and all more. And it is one of the many techniques that you can use to star your text. So let's go in and get started. So right now we're in a Photoshopped project, and as you can see, I have a text right here. So the way you want to create it is going to open up your rectangle to us. So right here, if it's not a rectangle toe going to hold down and then select the rectangle toe on and change the color to black, and then you can go in and just drag it over the text and then dragged the layer beneath the text. So it's something like this. Of course you can experiment with different colors. I find that, um, why in black works the best. So something like this, this style really works well. And of course, you can also experiment and trying to find different colors to use for the text and the box , and just to find some new color combinations. But that is it that is a quick tutorial that is just one of the many styles he can use to make your text stand out. 10. Gradients: are you guys today? I'm gonna go and show you guys had a minka Grady int like this for your texts and stuff like that. And just learning about Grady ins overall can help you out when you have to do that for other elements as well. But majority, we're just gonna be going ahead and doing that with text Now, these type of style of text, I would say, has been going out of style within the last few years because it's seeing as sort of click bait and stuff like that. However, if you, you know, use it correctly, I think it's still ah, very good style to use. And it does drive clicks. It's still really good to learn about Grady ins with text, and you can also use it for other stuff as well. So I'm just gonna go in and jump right in and show you guys how to do it. Okay, so right now we have this text right here, and so to make O'Grady in all you have to do is right. Click lending options select Grady and overlay. So I know already have to sort of custom Grady int going on. So Let's go and reset that. So all you have to do is click on this right here. We're gonna be working from this and then collect Grady in right here, and you can go in and start editing it. So what I want to do first is to go ahead and just delete the orange here. So this is a top, and this is deep autumn. I'm gonna go ahead and track the yellow all the way up here, and I'm just gonna go in and change this orange to a little lighter. So maybe something. So maybe something like this. So, as you can see, you know, this is basically done. This is what I think Ma's does do for his thumbnails. Obviously, you can also change it up a little bit, find that right color. But anyways, that's basically how you do ingredients. And you can use this for a bunch of other stuff as well, if you need it. 11. Brightness and contrast: guys today. I'm gonna go into show you guys dictatorial on turning of your brightness, slash contrast and also even saturation. And right now we're at Dante D M Channel, and he is sort of a gaming youtuber for kids. And if you look at his thumbnail, you can see, like elements like thes definitely after brightness turned up. And this is just one of the many techniques to make your thumbnails more appealing. And I'm gonna go in and teach you guys how to do this right now. Okay, So right now I'm in my Photoshopped project. So the way you turn your brightness is go ahead and get that specific player. Go and click on the icon at the bottom here as, like brightness and contrast. And here you can go in and adjust the brightness. So right now I have a white background, so it's not as clear. So I'm going out of black background. Actually, there he goes. So I think you see, the brightness is definitely up. Uh, and you can also adjust the contrast which also makes it stand out more. But make sure to not overdo it again. Just keep it at a sort of minimal levels. So, no, I don't recommend really turning up the contrast too much. But if you wanna blow out the brightness a little bit, you know, it does help out with your thumb nose looking more appealing. But if you really want to go ah, hard with that, you can go ahead and also add a huge star saturation and you turn on the saturation. Um, yeah, It's also going to really make your thumbnail stand out or whatever object. Stand out and make your overall thumb. Now stand out a lot. So there you go. That's how you turn up brightness. Ah, and contrast in photo shop. 12. Hidden Effect: Hello? Today, I'm gonna going to show you guys, have you ask and hide things. Um, I'm gonna show you guys exactly what I mean. And I'm just gonna look up like I got my mom a car, and it will probably get a result. Okay, So, like, that's what I'm talking about. So, like, you mask something black, and then you put a question mark, and then it's like one of those click big techniques that you can use so force as we saw, we saw face rug with the car, and now we have the shoes right here. So, like, basically, I mean, it's also people are using this technique less now, but, you know, it's still good. You should definitely try on your channel If you make videos like this where you're, you know, showing something. It's a clever technique, but, um, it's starting to get used less now. However, I'm still going to show you guys it nonetheless. So let's go ahead and get started. Okay, so right now we got our mind car block right here, so I'm just gonna go in and use my quick selection tool from earlier and select the layer on where you're going to get this block. And now basically, all we have to do is we get some sort of paint brush like this. Um and we said the color to block And it's going to say if you start painting on it, it's gonna ask you going to rast, arise it, click OK, and then you can just start painting it. And since we have selected, you can't actually pink outside. So you can just pretty much do this. I'm gonna make this bigger. So there we go. So now we have, like, a black box and also Sino since this block in particular, it has a lot of like different elements. If it's something that smooth that you can easily do, you can actually just use the paint bucket, which would save you a lot of time. But in this case, because this block has so maney like little elements, it's going to take more time. But anyway, so right now we have our block right here. So I'm gonna go ahead once you're done, used any of these tools that are used for selection and you can just go in and right click and select and There we go. So now you have this block. Now all it takes is let's go and get a question mark right here. Uh, I'm gonna change the color to White so I can see it. There we go. So some like that they I mean, overall, this itself is not really a thumb. No, I just want to have the text there. Just sort of give you, like, a template of how we would be used. But anyways, so yeah, basically, that's it is pretty simple, and it's pretty effective, so you can go in and try it out herself.