How to Make Mind-Blowing Design Graphics for Your Viral Posts, Videos, Themes and Courses! | Dr. Scott Brown | Skillshare

How to Make Mind-Blowing Design Graphics for Your Viral Posts, Videos, Themes and Courses!

Dr. Scott Brown, Investment Expert and AACSB Finance Professor

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10 Videos (41m)
    • CL1 An Introduction to the Canva Free Graphic Production Template Driven Environment

    • CL2 Using Canva Custom Design Templates for All Your Professional Graphic Projects

    • CL3 Tapping Professional Creative Power of Layouts in the Canva Design Work space

    • CL4 Utilizing Canva Elements in Your Creative Graphic Designs for All Your Fun Ways

    • CL5 Packing Punch in Ad Spaces with Canva Text Designs They Won’t Believe You Made

    • CL6 Giving a Stunning Backdrop to Stage Your Graphics with a Canva Image Background

    • CL7 Uploading Images From Your Drive to the Canva Environment is Very Fast and Easy

    • CL8 Downloading Graphics From Canva to Your Drive For Use in Your Social Media Post

    • CL9 Example Changing Out a Placeholder Image of a Udemy Course with Custom Sizing

    • CL10 Bonus Lecture Maximizing Your Odds of Success for Udemy Black Friday 2016


About This Class


How to use Canva to create virtually any dimension graphic you need.  This course will teach you how to dramatically reduce your graphic design expenses by doing-it-yourself.  





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Dr. Scott Brown

Investment Expert and AACSB Finance Professor

Dr. Scott Brown is a finance professor at the AACSB Accredited University of Puerto Rico. He is a nationally recognized academic researcher in portfolio management, market micro-structure, and corporate finance.

All of Scott's SkillShare courses are designed you to help you add specific skills to your resume list of competencies.

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