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How to Make Kiss Cut Planner Sticker Sheets

teacher avatar Emily Cromwell, Illustrator + Surface Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Setting Up Your Sticker Sheet in Photoshop

    • 4. Setting Up The Cut File

    • 5. Cutting Your Sticker Sheet

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About This Class

In this class I will teach you how to make your very own kiss cut sticker sheets! I will be using a Silhouette Cameo to teach this class. This class is recommended for beginners and anyone wanting to learn how to make sticker sheets! We will start off with going over the materials needed, and then I will walk you through the steps of setting up your sticker sheet in Adobe Photoshop, how to format and save it, and then we will move over to the Silhouette Cameo Software to get your file ready for printing and cutting.


I'm really excited to be teaching this class, and I really hope you enjoy it! Creating kiss cut sticker sheets is especially great for anyone wanting to open a planner sticker shop online.

I can't wait to see everyone's projects, so be sure and post them in the Projects section so I can take a look at all of your beautiful sticker sheets! :)


Thank you so much for watching! :)

Meet Your Teacher

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Emily Cromwell

Illustrator + Surface Designer


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1. Introduction: Hi and welcome to this course. My name is Emily Cromwell, and I'm an illustrator in a surface designer. I have my own Etsy shop. I have my own Amazon handmade shop where I still sticker sheets along with other items. Um, but I saw law sticker sheets. I do planner sheets and do cute little character sticker sheets. Um, I do a whole bunch of stuff. So this video, I'm going to be teaching you how to make your very own kiss cut sticker shoots. It's a lot easier than it sounds. And I really want to help you guys learn how to do that. When I first began cutting sticker sheets, it was a few years ago. Um, I went through a lot of trial and error, to say the least, to figure out the right cut settings, the right paper to use, even print your settings, um, figuring out like my cutting machine and all that sort of stuff. So in this class, I'm hoping that I will help you skip over the whole trial and error stage. Um, so that way you can just get right into knowing what to do. Figure out how to work in machine and just get right into cutting your very own kiss cut sticker sheet. So whether you want to make sicker shoots for your own Etsy shop, whether you want to do it for personal use for family events, if you wanna pretty much anything, so whatever you want to use kiss cut sticker shoots for this class would be for you. Bring figuring out how to do that so I will be using a silhouette cameo machine to demonstrate how to make it. But this method can also be applies if you have a cricket machine as well, so either or all right, so we are ready to get started on making kiss cut sticker shoots. So the top on over to the first video, we'll talk about some materials and we'll get started from there. 2. Materials: soas faras our materials go for the class, you're gonna be needing a silhouette cameo machine. If you have a cricket machine, that's fine, too. You can follow along with this class and just apply the methods that I'm using with this machine. With the cricket, it's pretty much the same machine, just a different brand, and you're gonna be needing a cutting mat. So 12 by 12 cutting mat this blue piece comes off and it's sticky, and that's what we're gonna be adhering the sticker shoot to and we're cutting. And as far a sticker paper, you're free to use whichever sticker paper you would like. I personally use, um, the brand online labels dot com. I have had wonderful success with this company. They're my favorite sticker sheets to use. I always use the weatherproof Matt for inkjet sicker sheets. I use that because it's pretty much like Unicorn paper, where it's just beautiful results every time, and it's just really smooth. It's like almost like buttery smooth if hero and the colors are just really vibrant. And I just really love using the weatherproof Matt for inkjet that paper when I'm doing my planner sticker sheets for my business. And so I recommend just buying the 8.5 by 11 1 which is, they call it one label per sheet. So it's just one entire sticker sheet for Theo, entire 8/2 by 11 sheets. So with that, that means that no, no part of it is pre cut. And we can set up our sticker sheet to cut on that any size we'd like. And yes, so that's the sticker sheets I like to work with. There's a whole bunch of other sticker sheet brands out there, so I encourage you to do some looking around, do some research, see what kind of sticker sheets he would like. But I always recommend online labels to everybody. 3. Setting Up Your Sticker Sheet in Photoshop: So in this video, I'm going to be showing you how to set up your file for bringing over into the silhouette software for cutting it. So this is what the end product will look like. This is what I have right now. This is one of my sheets from my otter plane or sticker sets that I have in my Etsy shop. So this is going to be the final product, and I'm just gonna walk you through how I got to this step for setting up that file. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna go to file up in the upper left corner, and you're going to go down to new. The window is gonna pop up and you're gonna go to the dimensions and you're gonna do a width of seven. That a height of five. So I like to make my sticker shoot sized at five by seven. Um, you can make it whatever you wish. But just for this particular course, I, um I'm gonna be setting modified by seven. So that's how you set up a new file in photo shop, But going back to the foul originally I had. So I'm just gonna hide the artwork just for a second to show you what I did. So I made. So I set this up because I am having these plainer stickers be printed for the happy planner that I have. And so I have these boxes sized out to meet those dimensions. So if your sizing artwork four stickers to be used for planner stickers, I recommend looking up online or even measuring if you have your own plan or the dimensions so that you have that all set to fit correctly. So and this is this box is also set up with a little more bleed. So I measured the dimensions of a full box for the happy planner. And then I added, I think it was like 1/8 or a little less onto each side just for a bleed, so that when I go to cut the stickers, there isn't any extra like white marks around the sides or anything like that. So what I did is I set up these four boxes. I'm sorry, these eight boxes and I can move it around freely. And so I have that set up. And what I did was I just brought in all my individual artwork files, and I did clipping masks over them. So, for example, with this one, if I released this cupping mask, it's just this big square. You can't see it right now the whole square because it's hidden under other rectangles. But it's just this big square. And so I wanted to be a clipping mask over this one rectangle. So I right, click it. I right click the file of that artwork and then I go up to create clipping mask, and then, as you can see, it just masks that one area so that would be one sticker. And so what I went did was I went through and I did it to all the rest. So I have this square and I brought it. And this was a pattern I made you right. Click that file and make it a clipping mask. So just to show you so I brought it in. If you go to file, Mr Cruz, I actually haven't so wrote a drop box planner Stickers, Otters. So what I did was I found the file that I wanted to bring over. I grab it and drag it over and drop it. Did you bring it up here? This box, right? Click it clipping mask. And then I can make it fit. So the edit, the artwork like I'm doing right now, what I did was controlled t and then holding down shift so that you keep everything in proportion. You can make it big. You could make it small. I don't recommend not holding down shift because if you don't hold down shift, it goes all over the place like that. So to keep everything in proportion, hold down, shift while you're moving everything around. So I'm just gonna go ahead and make all the artwork that you had originally seen back to be invisible. So this was my sticker sheet that I had made. And if you're making plan or stickers, just another suggestion too, is you'll see. Pop up here on the right is I have my branding. So I have my logo in the corner and then I have my website, and then I have listed what the sticker sheet name is. Obviously, if you're just making sticker sheets like for personal use or if you don't need branding, you don't have to add that in. But that's just another thing to keep in mind is, if you are making sticker sheets for your business is to leave some rooms somewhere on the sticker sheet, rather that be onside, the bottom wherever you'd like to add in your logo, your branding stuff like that. 4. Setting Up The Cut File: So now that we have our file set up in photo shop and we have our sticker if I already to go, what you want to do is you want to save this as a PNG file. So you're going to go up to file and go down to save as and then you're gonna select PNG. And then you can say that Rev you'd like and then you want open your silhouette cameo software. Okay, so you want to make sure first of all, that you have the rights paper, paper size set up. So if you go up here to the right hand side, you could go down and you can select the size. So you want to set it to current printer, since you'll be printing these out. So you said it to current printer, and that just puts it. It's standard 8.5 by 11. And then, since this will be being printed, you need the print registration marks on there. So if you go over to this little, um, square rectangle, what have you with little marks in the corner? Um, the registration marks area pops up and it says style right now, it's set toe off, but you want to go in and set it to type one for your Canio. Whether you have a portrait, whichever So you set that there, I file and I'm going to be rotating it, and I'm going to be rotating it to the left. And when you're setting things up in silhouette studio, you want to make sure that everything stays within this red border also within the little mash border here. So these mesh lines that come down these little squares you want to stay within those because otherwise you risk, um, things not being registered or things not being cut because the machine is unable to do that. So I have this set up right in the center here. And so we have our file, and what I want to do is I want to trace thinks so. I'm going to. If you look over here on the right, it's kind of, um, I guess you could call it almost like a butterfly type icon. So it's 1234 It's the 5th 1 down. It's a little butterfly icon. It's the trace panel. So you select that then once that's open you'll see an area that says Select trace area. So you're gonna be clicking that, and then this little cross plus sign will come up. And so what you want to do is click and then drag it over what you want to trace? So notice I'm not going over the branding because I don't want that to be cut into a sticker. I just want that on the paper. So when you first do that, it's only gonna highlight in yellow a few things, so obviously we want everything highlighted. So if you go over here to threshold, you drag it all the way up to, um, 100. You can still see that because there's like, some white areas in the stickers that it won't be able to do that. So if you have, um, artwork that doesn't really have any white, you'd be able to do this. And just to show you you would select trace outer edge and then that rude traits just edge and you would have the square. But since I have some white in there, as you can see, um, to save you some trial and error that it doesn't really work that way. So what I'm gonna do is zoom in. I'm just doing control in the plus sign and going to grab the square. I'm just going to go over and make it. Make the cut line myself with square, so that would make it a lot more cleaner oven edge. So if you go up here to the top where it says W and height, you can adjust the width and the height. And so I believe, dimensions for the happy players two and 1/4 and 1.5. So I'm just going to make that definite. So then, as you can see, the red line will be the cut line for the sticker and then the outer edge. You have some overlap. It will be the bleed so that when the stickers cut, there's no whiteboard or anything. It's just a clean cut, and the design will go all the way to the edge. So what we're going to do now is we have that square, so we're going to click that and holding down all that makes a duplicate, and now I'm just going to go over and add it to all of my other. But work way Have the cut file the cut line set up for the stickers. We want to also add a cut line around a border, um, of five by seven to make the cut lines for the actual sticker sheet itself. So I like to make rounded edge corners. You can dio just regular rectangle corners, or you can do rounded whichever. So I'm selecting the rounded and then you want to go up here and change this to a different color. So I always like to make my blue, Um, and there's a reason for that and I'll show you that in a second. So right now I'm just doing just dragging around it. But to make it exactly the size I want, I go back up to the width and the height section at the top hand corner, here on the left. Make that seven exactly. And then I'm going to make this a five, and then you can just using the arrows on the keyboard. I'm just centering it to make sure it's all lining up the way that I wanted to. Okay? And so that would be the file set up for one sticker sheet and so What I'm going to do now is we're going to make sure to save it, first of all, so that if for some reason your silhouette software exes out, you have this saved. So now we're going to do is we're going to print this out and then I will show you how to cut it. So for going up to printing it, you go up to file, you go to print and then you find whichever printer you're gonna be printing too, and go to Preferences and then for media type, you want to make sure with camera here for media type, you want to make sure that instead of, like, plain paper or any other type of paper, um, if you're using the weatherproof Matt paper from online labels that I had mentioned, you want to make sure that you're set to print on Matt photo paper. If you're just using standard white paper and it's not weatherproof, you can set it to plain paper. But if you are using the weatherproof, make sure that it is set to mak paper that that will help make it pop more and make the colors much more vibrant. And so what we would do is that we were just print Oh, press OK, And then we would press print and then you wait for that to be printed, and then we would go on to the next step, which would be cutting. 5. Cutting Your Sticker Sheet: All right, so now it's time to actually cut are printed sticker shoot. Now that we have that all printed out. So what we're gonna do here is I have my sticky Matt. Um, you can tell this is well used. There's glitter all over it, but that's okay. We're gonna work with it. Um, So I'm going to take my sticker shoot here, and but you want to do is so you have the arrow facing up at the top, and you just want to line it up in the corners. Um, as smooth as possible without really going over the edge is too much. So I'm just gonna line it up. Then once you have it lined up and just push it down to make sure it sticks. And if you're like me where your sheet is, well, your sticky Matt is well used. You can take like, a little I call it little scraper. Tool. Mine is again. Well, you so it looks a little bit rough, but I just take something with sharp edge. You could probably use, like, a gift card or something, even to and I just go on top just to ensure that the page does stick to the map when you have a brand new Matt, you don't have to do this step because they are extremely sticky. So, um, so you don't have to worry about it possibly coming off. But if you're matters will use I always recommend just doing that last step just to ensure that the page does stay stuck down. OK, so we're gonna load this up here. So what you want to dio is you want to line it up with the blue area on the left and the blue arrow on the right, right here. You want to line it up with this blue area like snag against that line and then also, you want to line it up on the right side with this blue arrow here. So you wanna have basically the edge of the cutting mat, Be right smack dab in the very center of that arrow going up, and then when we have that lined up, what we're gonna do is we're gonna hold it here. We're gonna go over to the screen at the top button where it's is load and we're gonna click that. And then now, your, um your cutting mat is stuck in place. So like even if I tug it, you're not able to pull it out, so it's ready to be cut. And the next step is to go over to the screen and we can work in the software to set the sheet to start cutting over from there. Okay, so we're ready to send our sticker sheet to be cut in the silhouette cutting machine. And what you're gonna do is you're going to go up here to the right word says send and you're gonna click that and then it brings you to this page. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna go up to where it says material. Um and this is the part of this course where you're gonna need to play around a little bit to find what settings work best for you, because I have found that. But even a friend of mine who has cutting machine as well hurt the settings I use don't always work for her in the settings that she uses doesn't always work for me. So it's really dependent on your machine and the paper you use. But I will say for the paper that I do use, which is the online labels Weatherproof paper. I have set my own user defined cutting profile, so I just call it Stickers. Kiss, Cut, and what I have it set at is a blade depth of two, which is right here, blade depth of two. I don't recommend going higher than that for kiss cut, and I have a force of five. So that's how hard the blade will come down when it's cutting and a speed of five. And that will be how fast the blade is moving. So that will be just for doing the kiss cut. So you always do kiss cut first, and then we come back and we will do cutting the actual sheet itself the outer edge of the sheet after that. Because with that, we need to change the blade settings for that to go all the way through because that we're cutting all the way through the paper that were not kiss cutting. And I do want to say says you are. Since we are doing two different cuts, we have to cut by line color. So the areas that I am kiss cutting, I have It's very hard to tell, but it's a red line and the area, which is the outer edge of the sheet that I want to cut completely through. I have it as a blue line. So when you go up to the send area instead of being on simple, you want to go over to line and you want toe unclip the blue so that we're just cutting with the red line, which is the kiss cut edges. So make sure your outer edge is de selected and just the red is selected for the kiss cut and we're down here, ready to go. We have a blade depth of two. We have a force of five, which is how hard the latest cutting we have a speed of five and a passive one so that it only cuts it once, and it doesn't do a double cut. So once we're ready to go, we're gonna go down here and click send, and it will start cutting. If you have an automatic blade, consider what machine will automatic readjustment for you. If you don't have a silhouette machine with an automatic blade, you will have to change before, - so when the kiss cut comes out, make sure you don't go and take it out because we still have to go back and we have to cut the outer edge of the sticker sheet. So we're gonna go back to our software, and this time we're going to uninsulated the red, and we're going to select the blue outline of the sticker sheet. And for this, what I do is I changed the blade depth up to four, and I changed the force up to 25. I keep the speed the same at five and keep the past the same at one where it's only cutting it once, and that will make sure that the blade it will cut all the way through so that your sticker she peels off from the rest of the paper. So for that and again, if you have a silhouette believe it's three or above. It will have an automatic blade, so you don't have to worry about changing the blade or anything. It automatically adjust the depth for you. If you do have an older, um, machine, you will have to change the blade depth yourself. All right, so we got go ahead and press send, and we're gonna get this fished. - All right, So once it's done cutting, you're going to go over here and the screen of your machine is going to say job complete and request select unload. It'll come off, and now the fun part is you get to peel it off and you have yourself a brand new sticker sheet. And so, like I said, the deeper the blue line that we had cut that goes all the way through because it's a deeper blade setting. So when your kiss cutting what it does, it kisses the top. Hence the phrase of the sheet of the paper, and it cuts it so that you can peel the top sticker part off, but the backing will all stay intact. So we're just gonna go here and you peel it. So after peeling it off it kiss cuts. You have yourself a sticker you can go through. You put that back down here, you go through, you can peel them off, and only the top part of the sticker will be coming off because you kiss. Cut it and you have yourself some sticker sheets. We hope that this course was helpful to you and figuring out how to make kiss cut sticker sheets. The kiss Customer sheets are really popular in online shops with selling planner stickers, the selling cute little stickers to use for the birthday parties, a whole bunch of stuff. The possibilities are really endless, and it's really fun to make them. And when you see the final product, it's just really exciting. Teoh see all the hard work you did finally out and finished product and very to go and send off to customers. So I hope that this was helpful to you. I'm always a message away. If you'd like to message me your post in discussion area of this course and be sure to check out, I'm gonna post a few. Resource is since and links to the sticker company that I recommend and just helpful guidance. If you do need some written tips to help you with all this. So thank you guys so much for taking this class and I will see what my next one