How to Make Healthy and Delicious Smoothies | Beth Chen | Skillshare

How to Make Healthy and Delicious Smoothies

Beth Chen, Food and Lifestyle Blogger

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8 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Skillshare Healthy Smoothies Class Introduction

    • 2. Skillshare Healthy Smoothies What You'll Need

    • 3. Smoothie 1 Green Berry Smoothie

    • 4. Smoothie 2 Apple Pie Smoothie

    • 5. Smoothie 3 Super Green Smoothie

    • 6. How to Freeze Bananas (and other fruit)

    • 7. How to Make Smoothie Packs

    • 8. Thank You!


About This Class

Smoothies are a great way to have a delicious drink at breakfast or as a snack. It's also a fast meal that you can take with you if you're on the go. I'll show you how to make three smoothies that taste good and are good for you. 

This class is for everyone. No cooking experience is needed. You just need a few ingredients, the right tools, a little instruction and you'll be blending smoothies like a pro.