How to Make Good Tea: Create a Custom Brew for Healing + Pleasure

Alexis J. Cunningfolk, Herbalist at Worts + Cunning Apothecary

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8 Videos (26m)
    • Introduction

    • Tools of the Trade

    • Basic Formulation

    • Choosing Flavors

    • Energizing Herbs

    • Calming Herbs

    • Brewing Your Tea + Class Project

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

Have you wanted to learn more about the world of herbal medicine but have been overwhelmed by where to start? Or are you curious as to why some herbal teas you've had taste so great and others are just so-so?

In our short and sweet class, we'll learn how to make tea that not only tastes good but is full of healing herbs. Creating the perfect cup of tea is a wonderful way of adding a safe and effective healing practice to your every day. You'll be introduced to my basic tea blending formula, as well as tea-making techniques, so that by the end of our class you'll be able to confidently create your own custom tea blend.

--- About Your Teacher ---

Hiya! I'm Alexis J. Cunningfolk and I teach fully enchanted herbology to wild ones and magick-makers. I run Worts + Cunning Apothecary where act as a facilitator between the many kingdoms of plant, people, and creature by teaching folks how to create their own remedies and follow the path of the herbologist. You might have seen my work in SageWoman, We'Moon, and Little Red Tarot as well as through my ever popular blog. My offerings include in-person classes, card castings, and consultations as well as my in-depth and in-expensive year long ecourse - the Lunar Apothecary.

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Really really helpful videos! Thank you for this Alexis!
This topic can easily become overwhelming, but I really enjoy the way you've organized the class. And it's oh so lovely to see your shining face! :D I must say, I never thought about herbs of a similar flavor profile having similar medicinal properties, but it makes more&more sense the more I think about it. This was wonderful! Thank you!! (I look forward to more)
This class was just the right amount of fun and informative. I'm really looking forward to experimenting with my very own tea blends! Thanks to Alexis J. Cunningfolk and Worts and Cunning Apothecary





Alexis J. Cunningfolk

Herbalist at Worts + Cunning Apothecary

Since 2010 I have offered classes and consultations through Worts + Cunning Apothecary in traditional western herbalism and magickal arts with an intersectional and social justice oriented  framework. As a queer and mix-d person, I am especially interested in understanding what we have inherited from our ancestors and how we learn to untangle the path for ourselves and our descendants.

I believe that wellness is a right not a privilege and in service to that vision I offer plant medicine as an accessible and powerful form of healing. Through my classes and consultations I help people and plants connect to in meaningful ways that allows for deep healing to occur. I also teach magickal arts from tarot to astroherbology to simple ritual to realign with the sacred, celebrating the full spectrum that traditional western herbalism and esoteric tradition has to offer.