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How to Make Gels and Gel-Based Skin Care Products

Rabi Ekore, Physician. Beauty Products Formulator

How to Make Gels and Gel-Based Skin Care Products

Rabi Ekore, Physician. Beauty Products Formulator

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About This Class

In this course, you will learn how to formulate gels and q wide range of gel-based skin/facial care products. Do yourself a huge favour by gifting yourself with this amazing course!

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Rabi Ekore

Physician. Beauty Products Formulator


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1. How to Make Gels Lesson 1 Google Slides: Hello. You're welcome to do to see online causes. My name is Dr Robbia Corey. This course is on how to make jokes and jail based skin care products. This lesson is lesson one of Because eternity it's an introductory lesson. At the end of this else, you should have learned how to formulate and produce gels and jail based skin care products . In addition, you should also have learned how to package the jail products. First on foremost, let's talk about jails. What to say, Jill, The journey said general like material in which liquid particles have been dispersed in a solid medium in this case is solid. Me. Do miss the gum or gelatin? A talk about this later on the liquid pat school can be water or hydro, so they had to solicit flora water like rose water. The consistency of gels or their thickness can ring from semi solid to solid on their usually stopped just can't be clear. Transparent. All the camp translucent is depends on the gum that it's used to produce them. On the common Gillian agents include bombs, pectin, statues, guillotine and eager. Just a little suck a ride for Putin beast this car's will focus on what I based jails made from guns. They also called hydra jails. What are the differences between jails the different years who have our own? The difference is usually dependent. The consistency the consistency is off. A jail is determined by the ratio of the basic components special. Clearly type on quantitative jelling agent used. Another difference difference between jails is to be built on the function on the function of the jell O J. Productive, determined by the addition off on active ingredient to them during formulation that is in the content on active ingredient. On what up under active ingredient the content. What are the functions of jails? Usually just can be used assist that that is just the general loon. All that can be used us. Correa's for special ingredients for various topical formulations. For instance, a jackal function as a beautifying agent. Become using colored cosmetics and formulating foundation, especially Noos Foundation. It can be used as a base for I shall do and also for face or body. Glitter just can be used to provide nourishment to parts of the body by the addition of multi vitamins. Are not active ingredients. Official Hey, embody K. They can be used for styling distant for this function, just actually very popular on a style in agency. Provide both hydration on a train boot to the head just can be used to provide Susan Very liberal. Healing on this also depends on what that to be ingredient is a did to provide such functions. For example, a club oil we added club essential oil. Oh, coil pro boiling fusion can be other to the jail to provide relief. Just can be used to protect the body by addition off certain active ingredients to provide sunblock in addition to form, feelings and a whole lot of the protective functions. So does that from this in one. Um, I hope you've learned a little bit lizard. Basic information you need to know about jails of seeing. Listen to 2. How to Make Gels Lesson 2 Google Slides: Hello. Work on back. Uh, this is, uh yet you still online cause on how to make gels and your based skin care products. This is listen to of because my name is Dr Arabia Career on. In this lesson, you be learning about the tools and equipment on the in credentials. You need him to make chills as mentioned at the end of this Lessing, you should have learned how to I should have learned about the tools and equipment on the incidence you needed to make your gels andan job a skin care products The first time for most unity hits us. This is option out there because I can't use Joseph the glow wate one or or Twitter depending on the type off. Gillian a gente user you hit so should preferably be without flames. Onda. Um, if possible, use a double boiler. Oh, you can improvise it. You need a win scale, preferably digital one you need measuring cups and spoons, especially if you do not have we in skews nearly a stick. Blend out Lawyer homogenize our to thoroughly mix you components together to suddenly mix and this pass liquid into the salad. Especially stick Brando deny that would be a very good job from you. Need DeBose and preferred limit of plastic barracks post in this, too. Avoid Bozo content has made off menu in his stare in spoons on roads. You need a syringes to fill up your packages. You need packaging materials, mambo twos, it arugula, wants air less pomp or choose tube sports on just a suitable for packaging. Jails on job is thinking products unit safe to get goggles, gloves and apron, especially if you're going to be dealing with heat. And then you need no ghosted. Probably Bill. You final products Ingrid into any gel in agents specifically for this cause I'll be showing you how to use gun powders to make jails. You need what? Oh, I do. So we have this sort of change, depending on what kind off. And if you shall properties you into idea Jill, you needed preservative because they're going to be using water. Was your productive contain gotta You needed preservative to keep them from spoiling. You can add an active ingredient if you want, depending on what function you want to impart in that jail. If you're going to be adding some oil to your jail Unity syllable isa specifically had originated castor oil. If you're going to be adding little quantities of oil to the jail like a sentia oil Oh, any vertical like a gargoyle. You know, just for the beneficial properties pitch, you might need a pH. Just are, especially if you're using this specific type of job. You tell. Mention little. If you want, you can add a tinge of color. Geo. Find out. Put, I want to talk a bit about the jelling agents, but the scores got going to use a, uh, guns, said Alia. Ongoing Sijil in part, a phone. Come in natural or synthetic examples of natural guns at San Tango Go Mara Beak, also known as a geisha. Guar gum or gelatin. Synthetic gums include ahead of the thighs. Salarios. What's a coordinator? So on Ka Bouma brand the common Brandis car before there are many others. But sicko discos stick to familia wants, which are easy to combine. There is it to use what active ingredient could use include active language encircle using productive incidence like aloe vera could use wetter means. Basically better. See pro vitamin B friable Panton on on a you could add zinc oxide part out at 10 a.m. Does that soda, too make you productive Mineral songbook I could produce on anti aging Joe productive by adding Quinn's and Q 10. It could make a depict menting job. Your skin care put off by I didn't kojic acid, a boutin with a patrol and young both for that whitening agents. You could make a gel jobs productive. An explanation off Pilyeon I'm product by Adina Salicylic Acid Folic acid Lactic acidosis, Chika Seed Well, does that chemical extra litres or fiscal extra litres like Khobar seeds, apricot seeds, Sugen, coffee, grandchildren, ground coffee? There's a fictitious gal exfoliating agency, which, if you add to your jail, uh, productive, become the excellence escalating agents. So that's that for Listen to, I hope you I get in a very good grasp of how to make a jail of your base products. Now, unless in three over talking about specific methods from Leighton can produce into jail job desperate Syrian. Listen three. Thank you 3. How to make Gels Lesson 3 Google Slides: welcome back to the two Syrian land cause on how to make jells on jail based skin care products. My name is Dr Robbia. Corey, this is Lesson three off, because on its own formulation and production of chills, uh, at the end of this lesson, you should have learned how to form lit. I'm produced the following in jails and your risk products on a very roger her style In jail, we shot gets in jail. But I mean, e i, Jill, that's relating. And pill in jail. And the agents Iran Sunblock. Jelen Pain relief chill considered. It's a mixture of different looks here, uh, who start with basic composition off jail. Once you understand the business of making a jail, you should be able to formulate any kind of job based product. So we need a servant jelly. This is distilled water off Laurel. You have the sickening agent, which is a challenge, agent. Uh, you might need an adjustment agent in this case. Trilateral. I mean or by Saddam DDT. And these are used for specific types off jelling agents, especially Obama. You need a preservative because there's going to be water in your products. What Gemma product contains what I always need to preserve ity. Types of preservatives they can use include up defend and really tiresome. So bait on the lot about us. You might want to Adama's essential oil. What to give good fragrance to you. The ducks all to give specific benefits that the particular essential or you're using possesses. You might want to add on active Ingrid Ent for specific benefits, like anti aging or control, and so on. And so foot my turn to ads and call over aesthetic value. And then you want to Addison ablaze. I mentioned that Enya this is to ensure that any oil you add, such as essential oil, will probably mix with the, um, Joe. It was the gel product, and please be informed that it's a lot less a works only if you had, in a very small quantity off lto what I predicted. What are based product? Common jelling agents and they used visit greets us Ah Klein here downtown Gone can use it at the written for him 0.1 to 1% Gombe Arabic, 1% to 10% and of the tire Cellos group in 5 to 3%. Kabul model 0.1% to 0.5%. As you can see, they all have different usage rates. And some of them thinking products the jail very fast by someone needed, not more. Share force from the stick. Blend out all the home organizer before def. I mean for me, Jill. So this is on example of a formula. This is a basic formula. Look, I see jails. Um, Have him What? That's a body Largest won t off. Incident them. What has the highest proportion? Jalen agent, as you say from the using rate, usually eyes off little This one up wanted to. You can see up. Defended preservative, preservative and essential. This is a very basic formula. These are not that formula. With the Kabul Mayapada. You can see it. Contents ph just a You don't put a ph of just that. It might not gel. Probably white medical if I want to. Other dying rejects Kabul mob forms a job at specific PH level. So you need a PhD just to keep it stable. So before you start making your jail and show you placer tools and equipment on your packages, my spring them with isopropyl alcohol. Um, so to make your jails right out to formula, determine how much but don't to want to produce making just 100 grams or one kilogram or five kilogram Calculate how much of which include entering needful production is done. How much productive want to make? And sure you have enough off each ingredient you will not want to be made were into production and discover you don't have enough or any a total off but languid int. This will be particularly disastrous if that England and that is missing or inadequate is not. We didn't reach within his wrists are not easily purchased from your area off residents or your country. Prepare tools and equipment and measure two incidents Pride ready going by dispositive over the water which have already measured what I can be hurt. A room Whoa, just a regular temperature What we're humanists or allowed the gunpowder to soak up the water and then blend What I'm gonna make statistic Glenda, Home organizer for some minutes, depending on the type of gum, the product to begin to think in gradually how fast taken depends on the parties to come. User. When they got. The jail has fully formed her put notices stickers who desire had the active ingredient, preservative and essential on mixing properly or blended a little bit. Whoa. You find a product into ill prepared packages. Labour your packaged product. So does that for the method of production. Want to give you some important tips? She used one of the hotels to despise. Tickle this faster and put process off jail for mission. The period of Kabul. Mazar mentioned alien needs to be just dead. To keep it stable, you should use high share force to disperse gum border into the water out in what I into the gunpowder. She don't use high share force your jail me not from quickly or properly allowed. The Germans stir to cool Before I didn't whatever active ingredient away saying show Are you planning? So the next few slides so and samples off formula Aleka used to make this specific productive mrs for Lovera Jail. The active ingredient here is severa powder, single strength. The difference change of Olivera. Part of this one that is 100 times. There's 200 times strained, so he should have just a quantity of cardinal. Well, This is for hair style in jail. Using Kabul now now gives a year that it's not too slippery on and doesn't flick much. Doesn't leave residues in the air. Uh, gun city period Just started here because there is in Kabul, MMA, this is the active ingredient. Provide a movie. Five Pantano. It's very good for it. You see preservative and yes, in short oil the essential for here rosemary and living there Very good for a is a fish out planes in jail? Um, this year gives cleansing property to the judges. Coco between cookery the prepared between It's a detergent. See mild detergents Naturally a tale. And it's good for the face you added to its clients cleansing property. This is the jelling agent here that took the attend similares and God in essential oil of chase. This is what I me I jail Not incidentally, a cell e I did preservative will choice weighs in Santiago. This is an explanation appealing jail. It's modern can be left on the face or washed up after like 10 minutes. The 1,000,000,000 active in magenta to peel is the colic acid, salicylic acid or lactic acid. Oh, this is anti aging facial serum, the active ingredient here to give anti aging properties goings on. Cue tin. You can substitute this order anti aging A incidents like Is that true? Is a job a sunblock? We have think on that order on titanium. Does that part of providing since the sun block practice, it can increase this In the business of your own choice, you can see what is in a different going here going Merapi. It's a jelling agent guy. You xanthan gum ka boom on a trestle I won't do is I can experiment. Uh, it's different types of guns, you say. Apparently, jail club Essential oil and block the best seed oil are providing that active ingredients here to provide, not dropping relief. Those have been talk, Christos and also providing some fairly You can juggle disease. I want it is dependent on how strong you want to live jail to be so as mentioned, Elia bodies formula green as samples You can't treat the formula to suit. You deserve. You can experimental them, change the guns change Active ingredients produce different kinds of products dimension. But Aunt Initial s time the business for producing the J understanding. Basic formula on. Do you want to understand the basic from like and always change the formula or revise them too? They revise it to produce any kind of job. Is product you want to? The list of formal I gave is not existing. So it's an example of a finished job based productive. This is a hand sanitizer, Jarvis. Time sanitizer. What they need. Does that feel? Listen, three, I could you make out time to make some jail beast skincare products for yourself. Thank you. See you Listen for 4. How to Make Gels Lesson 4 Google Slides: Welcome back. This is lesson for because on how to make gels and your based skin care for adults, my name is Dr Robbia. Corey. On this lesson will be talking about packaging and labeling as nation. In this course, you will learn how to package your jail or joe based products into appropriate containers on deliver the package products. So the packaging you would use depends on the consistency of the final product. I was just can't hold your phone so they can be packaged into home photos. Either less or regular tubes are total bottles and parts with Leeds parts of the jazz with cleats for labeling the packaged product. Um, we need to put some essential information on the project productively. Bills on this information include, uh, the name of the product. Andi. He died the brand name or just a regular name on indicate what type of product is it? You should measure light, said Joe. Um, come brand the name of the product and country. Knock it. If you plan to go commission, he should add a company logo. If you have any. Oh yeah, Look, you should indicated as any active ingredient like Salicylic acid, or Quins, and Q 10 for anti aging. For his stance, Anyone in about allergy or poison content should be indicated on the label. For example, some people are allergic to Sebi products. If you're adding any people that police should indicate on the label and then on the they're very you should indicate the quantity or weight of the party's product. The 20 Grand's. The 50 grams of 100 grand's is rated, and then finally at the back off you a neighbor. When she indicated the list of ingredients in order of the increasing quantity off the largest, the quantities of proportions should be released that first on small s u home last, your debt off production should be on the label, Uh, in addition to on the date of production, the name of the off your company, the name and address of the manufacturer. This is for where you go commercial on the name of the instructor and the country. You had a productive man structured, should be stated on the label does that for packaging and labeling your productive. It's a very brief thing formation boat for its that it's very useful. Thank you very much for participating in this cause. I look forward to hearing from you. I love to know that you can. Charlie went on to practice, formulate and produce your own on Jell O. J based skin care products. Thank you very much. 5. How to Make Gels Bonus Lesson Google Slides: Hello. Welcome back to the that you see online causes. This is still because on how to make jails and your based skin kept rhythms. My name is Dr Arabia. Korea. Uh, this is a bonus lesson own and piggott and shelf life off products. Uh, then don't discuss you will then about BH the shelf life on the importance of both in skin official K products to start with what is the period of the product? The page of a product that is a skin care official, K productive refers to its level off acidity our community. That is how I seed or alkaline the productive. Usually the pH is measured using a period twitter, which is standardised on more accurate or a litmus paper. If you ever did chemistry, you should be able to recall what it litmus paper is. Looks like you know. My range of Ph is 1 to 14 from one to less than $7. 6.9 is considered acidic. If your product as the pH of 7.0 exactly 7.0, it is neutral, while above seven that is from seven points greased on 7.2 14 is considered alkaline. What the usual is neutral. If water that has no additives, it's neutral. Other neutral. PH. It's important to note that the pH value increases already reduces in a low grade make manner. That is, if the pigeon create increases or reduces by one, the correspondent increments in the acidity or alkalinity of the productive times Time. If the pitch goes from six point filed to 5.5, for example, or from 6 to 5, it would be called 10 times, resulting photos to be 10 times more acidic than when the pH was 6.0. Again, if the pH of a product, for example, goes from six 25 the productive it period off five is 10 times more acidic. Done that put out the hardy pH off six. So it's very important to remember this. Coins was importance. Off periods in fresh olive skin care. Anyone in hair care usually the pH off a normal and healthy skin is approximately 5.5. That means it is slightly acidic. This level off acidity usually killed the skin protected from bacterial or a harmful organisms. Changing the normal pH of his skin will make it more prone to infection and inflammation, including dermatitis. And actually, usually it appeared goes above, uh, you USIA. Actually, the peerage of the skin was above the Asia acid ph of 5.5 Bible. Unless it goes above 70 miles, it goes above the normal pH. That is, the more it becomes alcohol in the greater is the tendency for the skin to get affected my infection information on any returned. So it is idea to keep the pH of your official of skin care products close to that off the pH of this game. That is between 4.5 on seven. That it should be acidic, not neutral. I'm not a locally Uh, what if you make it productive on the the P. It is not as you like. If you find yourself in this problem, we can use what we call Ph. Just us pH at just us to correct the pH. You can adjust the pierogies in a suits like hydrochloric acid. This is quite dangerous. So issue 100 it with care you could use are filed music as he does fruit acids who used lactic acid. Glycolic acid. Does Potrykus. You can also use betide music aside like salicylic acid. Those are just pure choosing business. Like so down my drugs, I'd popularly known us life. Also use the soap making we Can I just ph Also using traitor Non learning you know, so many others will stick to just if you for this shirt cause how would you correct are just a productive peach? Usually opposites work. In this case, if you have a hell pH status injured, productive are kalani. Adjust it using an acid. Conversely, if you have a productive day low pH, that is an acidic, productive shot. Just it visited based Xidan my drugs that because they're using both electric and I mean and so many others so that that for the Ph er has make a production, you could start it a litmus paper to tell the acidity, alkalinity, onda and preferably, if you can afford it on get a pH meter, it's more accurate than it. Most paper form the habit of testing a pH of your product after making the and then define affects of production in the acidic or alkaline just them accordingly. Next we talking about productive, she'll flavor. What is the chef live off product. This refers to how long the productive mint safe to use or consume that is how long people can stay without spoiling. Usually applies to food, cosmetics, off skin and facial care products. UN. General Anything that is consumable human has a shelf life. How important is the chef life to even skin and Fisher K O. Skin and facial care products? Oh, as mentioned. And yeah, we share flybys, uh, important in the sense that it refers. So how long a skin care product can stay without spoiling? This is very crucial because people should be able to use skin official K productive without getting hand. When a productive sport, it can become contaminated with bacteria. Phone guy going without using it could become too acidic, for instance, and who cause bones in the skill because infections like a worse come wasn't acne. I called them a Titus. So very important. Any product to make to use before you use yourself or Pinera passing uses those production . Be safe. To use this you not have sport. So this is very important spoon. What are the factors that I mean shelf life, usually the sheriff level of the ingredients used. Some ingredients have the narrow shelf life. Some have long shelf lives, some of the incidents already close to the expiration date. So you should be very Zaban. Make sure using did NT that are not about to spoil or that I've not supposed another factor determining the shelf life cough productive, the presence or absence of water. Usually, we gotta say good medium for organisms growing on them. Their presence in a product makes it very easy for the productive sport. So if you have a product, I am making a productive water. You should take measures to insured. Trudeau does not spoil. Soon Andre will discuss where were discussed out to do that in previous sections. You did that bad in the preservative. If you're making a product that contents with that it is composer, you add a preservative. If you want a productive to have a long shelf life, you could prolong a production flag for you a relatively short period by refrigerating it Jerry. This keeps the program for about two weeks. Beyond that, it's not advisable to use the product. Lastly, you can prolong the production F like by I didn't present any tips to it. Oh, standout preservatives available in the market. So my natural and some of synthetic, usually one of choice and the prolonged shelf lives dependent on their own practice the manufacturer indicate talent. The valued to preserve products. I please ensure you use them according to the manufacturer's instructions. That is quantity you use on for how long you expect them. Toe full of manufacturer's instructions. What are the Sheriff Labs offer? Come on, Ingredients else usually have the shelf life, ranging from six months to five years. Walks is 2 to 5 years, most of them five years. What does have Sheriff Ledge off 2 to 5 years? Powders want to fight there, then gums gel. You want to five years? Some do not have a so my good of to for a long time. You don't have a explanation, period. So how can you improve with the chef level? Productive can increase it. Last mission. Yeah, consider defectors. We stayed here. Factor that the timing share fly back to product to them into consideration, especially avoiding the use off, incidentally, about to spoil or the house show. Short shelf lives on adding preservatives, so avoid the use of impudent right. Appalachian explanation Refugee reproductive without preservatives. As I mentioned earlier, this usually keeps the producer like two weeks after two weeks, please discuss them, but as to make sure, uh, crime to, um have products with prolonged share flags as any time you're making it. Also, to increase the production off, lavishing, minimize, use off water plays, fresh haps or any Ingrid end that is usually difficult to preserve and then laughing at his abilities to Teoh production and extend up a shelf left about two years or more, you have natural or synthetic preservatives. Ah, asleep stead. In this slide, uh, I would suggest you look up the properties of any preservative you're going to use and make sure it suits your purpose. Sometimes natural preservative me not do a good job as well as synthetic ones. So that's that for the bonus. Listen, thank you for listening for your free to contact ratio. You have in question. I think 6. HowtoMakeGels: I did. Thank you so much for taking this class on making jail's jail skincare products. My name is Dr Rabbia Equity. In this video, I'm going to show you how to produce busy too. After watching this video should be able to from late on producer own jail. I'm tricky to make any kind of job Skincare products that you deserve. Thank you. Waas Again. Yes. Handled by two different Hello. This video. I'm going to show you how to make a busy jail time. Just on almost onto Shaka. Could you need as mentioned in the video? This is a way skill, small capacity with skill. We use a large capacity one if you're making large volumes. Joe, this is, uh, a coffee stare. A I use this and making little quantities of jello in the skin Can use this to agitate. Oh, mix, uh, buying my ingredients. Very sore. Only this does a good job in place of a stick blender were making small quantities. You need your bulls on sport as media's, depending on the quantity, I want to wear disposable gloves. There will produce first must my coming 100 disposable facemask. That's that for tools then, um, the evidence. Okay. Sorry for the two years they needed packaging, material, tools and equipment, Media packaging, material classified at that. Full prepare you tools and equipment. You need something to still lies. Then this is no. You can also use isopropyl alcohol. They make jail proper. You must. The incident that to you that has the largest proportion is water clean? Sterile water. Oh, distilled water. So this is it. What? That you need you going out this Exanta going, abusing xanthan gum for this jail. I'm going to demonstrate. But as mentioned really lessons because So you Scott Bouma. This is Kakuma concerts and form of power down. I don't but from making cosmetics that so this is Kabul. MMA under. Do you remember from the lesson said it days in Kabul. MMA, you have to use it. Ph Just try it on. I mean, this is it. So if he's in Kabul, Martin Shane tried. I mean ability just ph because ka boom, I would not Jill, it's not ticking properly. It is not sitting. You need your preserve ity. This is defend. Sorry. There never have so been damaged. Justice up different. Take preservative thistle, but from Bramble. Very calm. This is essential oil. A museum was absolutist in Charlotte. You can use any essential That suits the reason for the purpose for which is making the jail example. To take a problem, more likely skin. You can use a tea tree. Essential oil for hairstyle. Injury can use was made. A saint shall. Okay. Last but not least, I make sure I want to add an activity to you. Jail. Give us an example of I'm not leaving you. Don't. This is a longtime powder. It's so soothing. Takes care of certain ski problems. I'm not. That is a long time. This is general Demonstrate. Just to show you in case you want. I don't not to be a bit. So does that Next time next Muslim part time thing. Before you start, would you say Drop your phone line right out. All the ingredients are going to need. Aren't the respective quantities for this? I'm going to use from happy. I'll be using your point. It percent or 0.8 Graham off 98.2% toward time. 0.5% defend us preservative 0.5%. The same shot. If you add up bodies, you see that totale is 100% so you can see 100 grams. So my phone legs that next to measure out all my ingredients on a combined. So you guys what I need 98.2 sage. So I'm going to measure designed tango Always set you when scared to zero before you start measurements, I need you. So it's a time bomb. It's advisable to measure each new. Ingrid ends into a separate container before identity. I do need to deal with us. Kiss. You had too much mistaken. If you're adding directly with others, we will be able to remove any exit access. So this is down. Go credited to the water. Andi, as mentioned in the lesson allowed to hydrate. So I should. Period. That is the so called depart. I was so called water. Get wet before you started mixing large did in it. This is so I'm going to study. So making a large upfront T should use stick, blender or organizer under and to make the gel in process a bit faster who use warm water set up for room temperature. So this is zero point. Get the sense sometime? Go can see it's already. You should make quite a big jail. If you want jail product to be big enough, use less. Don't go So that's off Joe on equipment. I'll give a higher chef us like a stick blender. Oh, a margin Isa would give you a better. Uh, he put up with a better mixture with more complete mixture. Uh, so does that. You can still see a few clubs off some tom powder is, but it's a melt by short period of time. And if I believe you gunpowder toe hydrate for two to get hydro tele by a long period of time. You won't have this on diffuse warm water, but I also dissolved faster care. So the next step is to add a preservative on the essential on God in any active ingredient . This is also the time to addict. Okay, so preservative, that's up to five under moves absolute. The same showers. It just makes this early. I see He's got clear. Sandtown come does not give a very clear jail to beat the translucent, But gunpowder like Kabul groups very, very transparent, very clear. So you're looking for the state In part off you put duct you may want to use Kaboom A city you're producing once again if you want a very cleared you you're Scott Bouma We're not so interested. I'm very clear here. You can go. We'll go. I didn't If you want I didn't actively didn't Could add at least eight weeks If you want, you could add a long time which is CIS King. It has a critic Properties had an Auntie Ji and you don't like questions and q 10 God by Tommy he by Tell me what you see to make different types of skin care products. Official If you want to go on abrasive agents to turn this into Michelle screwed you could make this a lot of car to do face masks by people. Ideo clay I want to make it a more must. No one tells so many things to do. Cleansing agents like detergent that is friendly two faced oh, to make a push. Our clients in June can do so many things as the study. Listen, so does that fairly well mixed. We have a job. I want to make this Tica go higher looks. Whatever you do, stay within the advice to limit. Suggest said limit his Adri examples and I'm going can use from 0.1% to 1%. So stick to that. This is 0.50% if you want to go to up to 1.0, okay. And then if you don't want to stick used, like 0.5% on this. So next step is to would put duct came to the prepared a cage. He just gives where you've been. You come to use one that has a for use on does a wide Oh, you could use it for now. Here you could use a syringe. Okay. Okay. So a bucket to jail into the one but two. Andi next in our recent liberally with even if it's a person I use closely Very product. At least write the name of the product on the date you produced it. So here this is it can give it whatever name you want. Yeah, that's that's for a busy job. I hope you find this video demonstration very easy to follow. You have any questions? Please Do not hesitate to get in touch with me through commenting beyond the lessons. Oh, my. Sending an email to to see beauty at Jimmy. Thank you very much.