How to Make Effective Talking Head Videos - My Pro Tips | Elena Maria Manzini | Skillshare

How to Make Effective Talking Head Videos - My Pro Tips

Elena Maria Manzini, Passionate Italian Foodblogger

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9 Videos (26m)
    • Introduction

    • Cheap and Easy Tools

    • Choose Lighting and Set

    • Choose Position and Clothes

    • What I realized

    • Be Natural and Confident

    • SkillshareFinalProject

    • Retakes

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Both if you are an online teacher or if you just what to share your passions through a video you'll get the best results ever by "SHOWING YOUR FACE".

I know, though, that the moment before you put yourself in front of a camera is always dreadful....will I be prepared enough? Will it take me forever to be happy about myself? Will I be effective? These are all the questions that go through your mind and believe me IT SHOWS.

I have more than 10 YEARS OF PROFESSIONAL HOSTING EXPERIENCE both for TV and the web and I thought myself a few lessons in order to get all those fears and doubts lost and just be able to be my relaxed and confident self in front of the camera.

In this class I will share with you my tricks on:

1) how to use simple and cheap tools to combine with your SMARTPHONE and make your shoot more professional;

2) how to use NATURAL LIGHT, how to prepare the LOCATION and how to POSITION yourself;

3) how to be NATURAL, CONFIDENT and at EASE in front of the camera.

Be ready to sparkle and to be able to MAKE THE MOST EFFECTIVE TALKING HEAD VIDEO!






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Elena Maria Manzini

Passionate Italian Foodblogger

Hello everyone,

I'm Elena, an Italian foodblogger video and radio host that lived many years in the States. Now I'm based in Milan and on my website "Food and the Movies" I write my views on new movies and TV series and I share fun and easy recipes inspired to films. My blog has been featured inside a national radio show and thanks to it I collaborated with Italian and international brands writing and hosting video recipes for the web and TV.

I also collected many fantastic trad...

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