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How to Make Custom Icons for Windows Desktop

teacher avatar Fiona MacKay Young, Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. welcome & Introduction

    • 2. Here' what we're going to do

    • 3. Where to find graphics for your icons

    • 4. How to collect images for your icons

    • 5. Screen Capture of using Snipping Tool

    • 6. Downloading & Editing Online Images

    • 7. Screen Capture of Downloading & Editing Online Images

    • 8. Making your image into an icon

    • 9. Screen Capture of Making your image into an icon

    • 10. Making your own icon words

    • 11. Screen Capture of Making your own icon words

    • 12. Putting your icon on a Folder

    • 13. Screen Capture of Putting your icon on a Folder

    • 14. Bonus Lesson Creating a Custom Desktop Wallpaper

    • 15. Screen Capture of Creating Custom Desktop Wallpaper

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About This Class


Create your own custom desktop folder icons in just a couple of minutes. It's easy and once you know how to do it, it's also very quick. You can create your very own personalized icons out of absolutely any graphic or picture you want. This course takes you from "What? How can I do that?" to "Yip, I did it, they're gorgeous and it was easy!" If you would like that to be you, this is the course for you. Bring meaning as well as information to your desktop by adding pictures you love, pictures that you connect to and also making finding the folder you want more quickly through visual recognition not just by reading the names.  And then add to that by creating your own designer desktop wallpaper to show off your beautiful new icons. It's fun, it's fast and it's creative.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fiona MacKay Young

Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth


I've been involved for over 20 years in helping people move ahead with their lives through identifying their gifts, strengths and overcoming blocks or limitations. It is my goal to inspire those I meet to develop their potential to the fullest.

There are a wide variety of ways to do these things, and I love to explore, adapt and create new ways.

As a Graphologist and Grapho-Therapist (Handwriting Analysis),

And also as a Career Counselor and Personal Development & Law of Attraction Coach,

I love nothing more than to help people be the very best they can be, to realize their hopes and dreams and love their lives. 

I also love 'techie' things, and have worked as a Graphic Designer, creating websites (WordPress) and creating videos fo... See full profile

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1. welcome & Introduction: I feel Makhaya on. Welcome to how to make custom icons for your Windows death stop when you get windows. It comes with a certain choice of icons you create. A new folder is normally just yellow, and you go into how to change the icon. And Windows offers you a selection off different icons, but they are limited on. You can make your own. You can make your own I concert absolutely every graphic you confined on. Once you know how to do it, it will take you less than a minute to create a custom icon and put it on a folder. And that's what this course is all about. For years I've been making my own icons are creating them from graphics that mean when I look in a folder is visual recognition immediately? I don't have to read. The name makes it much easier to find the icons when the desktop is crowded. So that's what this course is mainly about. The other thing, as a bonus lesson is, and my test up, I have a picture, yes, but the picture is less than 1/4 the size of the whole desktop on the rest of the desktop is a dark plane color, and the reason for that is, then my custom icons, which are on the plane part of a desktop show up much more clearly. You could see the pictures easily, as I say you recognize it without even having to read the words. So at the end of the last lesson in the course is how to make your own custom desktop that will show off your custom icons. So I hope you have a lot of fun with this because, as I say, I've been here for years and I just love it. Every time I create a new folder, I immediately put a custom icon on it. It doesn't take long. You save them, you can reuse them again and again. For example, when I'm coming up to Bill Paying time, I have an icon that says Pay bills and a dollar sign, and I could put that on an empty folder or a folder with something in it. It doesn't matter Hebrew, the honor folder on my desktop. So the next time I go onto my computer, I see this little icon saying, Pay my bills now and not reminds me. Today's the day for paying my bills. That's just one example. There's loads of other ones, things to read do now that you could have words, You can have pictures, you can have photographs. I have icons off all my family, and they just sit on the deaths up all the time of the site. And if I have some information on file or something about a family member, I put it in there, one. But the rest of time these folders air just sitting there empty, and that's okay because it has a photo of Pete to my family down the side and little icons on my desktop. So I hope you enjoy this course. I hope you take it to heart and go make masses of wonderful icons for yourself because I'm sure you'll have a ball making them. I'll have even more fun every time you open up your computer and you see your very own icons there smiling at you. So let's go 2. Here' what we're going to do: Here's what we're going to do. You can make an icon arch of any picture that you have on your computer, though, as you'll discover when you start to do it. It's much more effective if you use very simple pictures, says Icons are so small. Plus whatever shape your picture is to begin with. When it's made into a Nikon, it's will be square, so to prevent having it squash Soter shape. Make sure it's square to begin with, and I'll show you how to do that, too. This is a picture off a cake icing kit, which is far too, as follows an icon to really see what it is that has been squashed into a square shape, which makes it even more difficult to recognize. Compare that with this simple icon off a daisy. It's easy to see and recognize on still its original shape. You can use pictures you have or find them online and make them into icons. Using this free software will go through each of thes as we come to them. Here is just a few of the icons I've made, and you can make just taking a couple of minutes for each and here is a screenshot off my current desktop. The large picture, of course, is not an icon but part of the background image here. The icons closer up on these air folders with icons, which are pictures off my family of flags that represent where they live. So I've got these on my desktop all of the time. And here is the more icons from my collection. I put the buffer the screen. I didn't bother to give each folder and name. I just put them up so you could see the actual icons, so I have hundreds of them. If you're wondering about the black background, I always choose a dark background color to make my icons stand out. And I dont like a big picture stretched out across the whole screen, so I make my own desktop wallpaper with just the picture. Covering lasts 1/4 off a screen, and there's a bonus lesson at the end of this course to show you how to do that. If you would like to. That fits Ruby, but you do whatever fits for you. Now you get an idea off how wide and varied your icons can be. We'll get going on how to create them. Andi. Once you know how to create your own icons, you can create one in a matter of seconds. The 1,000,000 time investment is in making up your mind which graphic to use. Here's what you learned in this course where to find the graphics for your icons. How to crop thumb if their security, how to remove backgrounds if you want to and how to farm at them into an icon format, have to store them for instant access and how to change the icon on almost any folder on your desktop in the next lesson will look at where to find graphics for your icons. 3. Where to find graphics for your icons: Where do you find graphics? For your icons. For a slant. Start with home. You could create icons. Arch of any photos are pictures you have just like I created icons for each of my family. You can create icons for anyone you have fortress off to. You just need a clear photo on from that you will slip a head shot. Instructions are sipping. Come up later. This is for your own use on your own computer. So you can also slipped pictures off while known figures. For example, I'm a great Wayne daughter fan. So the folder in which I keep everything I have on him looks like this. And this way, most of my icons have instant visual recognition without having to read the titles underneath. Very handy. On a crowded death stop, there are lots of free graphic and clip art sites where you condone lower pictures on almost any topic, the one or use all the time. Just because I always find what I want there is picks up a dot com. But as I say, there are many, many more to choose from. I'm using copyright free images here because I'm using them for a public course. But if it's just for your own desktop, your own private use and you're not publishing it anywhere, you are more or less free to snip images from anywhere you find them. One of the easiness and quickest ways defined graphics you like is just to google the topic of your choice. Then click on Images on Google will supply you with an endless list of images on the topic you chose. If you can't find a simple enough image that way, try Googling. Clip art plus, then then type in the topic of your choice. This will bring simple clip heart type images, so there are Dick Clip art plus horse and there some horses are. You can create your own icon images from tax. You can use PowerPoint, which is my favorite. Our word or any other graphics or word processing software will probably work, too, will cover. That's him. More detail. In a later video, I create words in a text box because that's the lives we then, to make the text being a greedy in color or to give it a color dark, radiant background or to get a little more complicated, I found flags of Ireland and Scotland Online on Joined with the Day 2018 to create a folder with all our travel details for 2018 trip to those countries. And there's the icon I created by putting the date sideways. It created a square shape, which is necessary for a Nikon. We'll get into how to make each of these types of icons as we go through the videos. So now you know where to find averages no, onto how to collect images for your icons. 4. How to collect images for your icons: how to collect images for your icons. After this video, you'll find a separate screen capture video off me, doing exactly what I show you how to do in this lesson. This course is about creating your own icons, so we will not discuss downloading already created icons from various icon and graphic sites. These are already made for you. We want custom created icons, so the first free tool you need to know about is the snipping tool. It comes as part of Windows older on your versions on To find the sipping tool, you can click on search at the far left off the bottom toolbar on your screen and in the search option that opens. Type in sipping tool. Or you could go to all APS where you will find it. Under wing goes accessories. Here's the icon you will see for the sipping tool. Since you'll be using this sipping till quite a bit for this course and probably evermore afterwards. It might be a good idea to have it on the task bar at the bottom of your screen all of the time. To do that, click on the start button to get the list off all caps, Stroll down to Windows accessories, right click on the sipping tool. Click on more and select pin to Task for now, which we right there any time you need it. And there it center on my one. This living tool is just what it sounds like. It's allowed you to slip as a picture. Anything you see on your screen, let's say you saw Photo are lying and you'd like to make an icon from it. Click to open the sipping tool and click new. The screen will cough faded. Place the cursor crosshairs at the edge of where you want to sip on drag to cover the entire area that you want in your picture. Then let go off the most button and you will see appear what you just slipped. This live is automatically on your clipboard so you can paste it anywhere you want, or you can save it as an image still in the stepping tool. Click on file, then save as give it a name and save it somewhere you will be able to find it again. This graphic is now ready to be made into an icon. Next, we look at editing downloaded images from online graphic sites 5. Screen Capture of using Snipping Tool: in this video, I'm going to show you how to snap a picture using the snipping tool So you get just what you want for your icon. So I'm going online and I'm going to pick sabei dot com Now, that is a site that has copyright free pictures. So I need these because I'm thought this course I'm going to put this in my course online. When you're doing it just for your own death stop. You don't need to bother whether it's copyright or not for your own use, it doesn't matter. But that's why I'm using this site. Just so So I find a picture I want on our click on it, and that brings it up bigger. Now what I want to do is slip the part I want, so the cursor is in the bottom left of my screen. There on the circle is researching, so I click on that and I start to cyp snipping tool and it comes up so slipping to up it comes. I click new and you'll notice the whole screen has gone grayish. It's faded. Move that after the way, and as I do this, you'll see that my cursor has become across here. So I just drag and I drag over little boy's head and I like, Oh, no, this is on my clipboard automatically, and I can also save it so I can also do file Save as, um, I'll just call it Number 1112 so on And I save it now that is safe to my computer that size , and so it's ready to be used for a Nikon. 6. Downloading & Editing Online Images: downloading and editing online images. After this video, you'll find a separate screen capture video off me, doing exactly what I show you how to do in this lesson because you're icons if they're going to be just on your own computer, are for your personal use only you can step or download any image you find online. There are lots of graphic sites online, but probably the easiest way to get graphics when it's just for your own use, as I previously mentioned, is to do a search on Google. Then click images when you find a graphic you like using Google images left. Click on it and you will get a bigger view. Then use this living tool can either step. All are part of the image, so there are found any ridge on Google images on I've put this sipping tool around it, the brightly colored mrs My slip on. There it is suit going to all the trouble of downloading an image onto your computer that bottling it up and cropping it for a Nikon is unnecessary, since it's going to be so small that quality isn't really an issue. Just make sure it's a very simple graphic since detail just looks messy on a Nikon, which do you think makes a cleaner icon of those two. Alternatively, if you Google clip art, you're likely to find sites with more simple images. So once you have your image, you may want to make it more appropriate for your icon. One thing you may want to do is to crop it. That is, to just delete the various outer parts off the image. You can do this in PowerPoint or word by highlighting the graphic. You want to crop by clicking on drawing tools, then crop. So there's the drawing tools as it appears on Power Point and there is crop. You will see black bars appear around your graphic. Put the cursor over one of them until it becomes a black T shape and hold down the left mouse button on. Drag the line to where you want the graphic to be crop, too, so you'll see a started cropping that went in from the left. Repeat on each site until you have the part of a graphic you want. Then click on an empty space on your stream to de select a cropping tool and there, you'll have the picture you cropped. If you prefer one excellent free software, you can use his paint dot net for a free down lord you go to gets paint dot net slash download HTM l just down the would have followed the instructions to install. There are many, many other free and paid graphic caps, but I'm going to be using Pig Dot net. So I mentioned it. So it If you want to be able to follow my instructions exactly, it will be easier for you if you use that to. But the choice is yours. Use whatever you think will work for you. So let's say you find an image online on you stepped it with the sipping tool. So now it's on your invisible clipboard. I want a house icon and I like the look off this house, Sandahl. I'll edit it to be a good icon. All I want, however, is the house, not the fields and the sky. So I will open payed dot net click on the new page icon. When this screen pops up, just click OK, since is adjusting the size of the graphic to what it sees is on your clipboard. What appears next is a blank image press control fee to paste from your clipboard, and the picture will appear in the blank. If you want to make it easier to see press control, plus as many times as you need and control minus will make it smaller if you make it too big. If you're not pasting from your clipboard but have the image saved on your computer, you can open that into paid dot net by clicking on the open icon and clicking to where your images saved. Once you've opened your image into pain dot net. The rest of the instructions are the same as if you had pasted it to crop the image to the part to want, click on tools, then select rectangle select from the top of the list. The curse of becomes across hair with the left mouse button. Press dragged the cross hair across the part of the image you want to keep on. This will form a shape with a dotted line, as you see here. What is how you want it? Release the mouse button press image, then crop to selection and you will have the part of the image you want with the rest gone . That would be a fine icon, just as it is. But sometimes you want to remove some of the background so we will remove the sky and the clouds from our image. Then click on tools, then magic wand. Look at all the moving dotted lines in and around your image. If any of the lines there over the actual picture you want, it means the tolerance is too high. So tap on that to reduce it till you only have the dotted lines around the outside off the area that you want here, the tolerances down to 38% and it's on nothing except sky. It's those on all this guy I want to remove. I'll have to go back and remove the rest, but this will remove a good chunk of it. Press delete on the area selected disappears here. I've used the magic one another couple of times to remove the rest of the blue sky, but if I really want to move the birds on the left, or if there are any remains of blue in the sky, which there isn't in this image, I could just use the razor to remove thumb. For that, you go to tools. Then he racer. You can change the size of the eraser in the brush with option that appears for new. Select erased her. Then you just move the cursor, which is 30 racer over the area you want to remove and you'll see it disappear as you move your cursor. There is the house with the rest of the sky features removed. 7. Screen Capture of Downloading & Editing Online Images: in this video, I'm going to show you how to slip, Ah, picture in a different way in a different program, because we're going to use paint dot nets on that will also allow us to remove the background because we don't want it. So to open paint dot net, I already have it in my task bar, but if you don't, you go to start click on a latter and I'll show you the alphabets p for paints, big dot nets and it will open up for us. So there it's there. It's got a blank image to begin with. So then I do open on. I go to where I want it and I want the house and there's a graphic of the house. Now if I press control and plus it makes him a bigger so you have a better look at it doesn't make the image bigger. It just makes it bigger to look cats. So the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to crop it because we don't need. We don't need the whole picture, so I do too rectangle. Select and see the cross hair that my curse. You know it's on. I just drag and drop that around it. And then I go to image crop to selection, and that will crop it for me. And again, I'm going to make it a bit bigger so I can see what I'm doing. Doesn't matter. It goes a bit our focus. When it gets bigger, it's we're just doing it. So it's cleaner for us to see when we belong. It's the middle. Now we're going to remove the sky. You could remove everything, but there'll be a big hole where the green Bush was. So I'm going to leave the grass and the flowers and just remove the sky, the best tool for removing things. So that is the magic wand. So I clicked on Magic One, and there's a little one there. Click. There is Start selecting stuff, and you've got to look where all the dotted lines are there, all over the house. If I click delete just now, it's going to delete half the house. Excuse me, so go And I go up to where it says tolerance. Here. I just click back Now that's pretty good. It's round the outside of the house and everything that's there in the dotted area is sky. So I'm going to press delete, have there. Is that gone? Now there's still some sky laugh, so I'll go again. I'll click here and elite on the same time there. And if I was really keen, I could do these little bits in the coroner's Well, so now I got rid of the sky. But you still got some birds fly. They'd be more difficult to do with, uh, with one because I'd have to hit right on the middle. So the easiest way to do them again tool have that eraser Now the eraser comes in pretty small. See how small it is. That's not much good for me. So I'm going to just click on this number. Appears his brush with and I'll go down to four. To be a good number is quite big, and I do that and that and it's gone. No, if I become a sick and I go look have Mr Mess ups on my house, I just pressed back and it's OK again. So there we are. We've got the house, the sky's gone, so we do file. Save as and I'll be house too. So I know that's the one that I've got, the sky gone and that's it. Click OK and that saved. So that's how you remove the background that you don't want from a picture. 8. Making your image into an icon: making you image into an icon. There will be screened capture videos after this on then the next three lessons, so I hope you find them helpful. So now you have an image you want to make into a Nikon. It doesn't matter where you got it from. Now you have it as a graphic on your computer and you're ready to create your first custom icon. Here's the one I will be using. The free software I used for this is called Our Fan View. Just Google that name on, Follow the download instructions, then come back here and I'll show you how to use it to create an icon Before you save your icon image, you need to create a folder somewhere on your computer that will permanently contain all your icons. Because if you move, the iconographic after you point, the folder to its windows will no longer be able to find the icon image, and it will refer to the standard yellow folder that you have before I suggest creating your folder in documents called Icons is easy. I'm pretty obvious where you go looking for it. Many, if you will done have done something like this many times before. But just for anyone who hasn't open documents on a blank space, click right click on select Create New folder, then click on the title new folder below the yellow folder Icon that has appeared and type the name icons. Now you have your icon folder. So now you've got your friend. Few, I hope on your computer. Click to open the program on what you'll see is a blank black screen. Click on the icon to open a graphic into the program. There is the open Icahn in your friend. Few. They click on the arrow at the end off the look in box and from the drop down menu, choose a location where you have the image you want to use for the icon, then scroll through to find your image and click on it. It will then appear on the black or friend Fewer Street. It doesn't matter what size it is. Your friend. You will shrink it toe icon size once you save it with your you folder created, go back to our friend view, click on file, then save us. Then when the safe box pops up, type in the name you want for your icon? You'll see I've got clock for mine. Then click on the safe as type box and choose I CEO Windows high con. So you see it down there in the list. The blue one windows icon goes blue. When you put your curse surrounded, your icon is now created. Now you just have to direct it to the full to you created for your icons. Make sure you remember where you save it because you have to find it again to put it as the image for your folder. 9. Screen Capture of Making your image into an icon: in this video. We're going to save a graphic in icon formats on for that. We're going to use our found. You So I ever found you down to the bottom in my task bar. If you don't open up the search again and type in Irfan View and it'll comma so I'll just use my I can hear on eye opener offend you and make it nice and big. The I can't. The far left is to open so open and it shows you pictures of the graphics. You have to scroll through what you want. I seem to have a lot of the same child. So I'm making icon are to this. So there's the sun. If I want to save it as an icon, I do file save has on. Then I can leave the same names. Summer. That's fine. I don't want my death stop. However, I'll put it back in the graphics. 33 the Thai hands. Where is it possible to sleep on? It s all right. Um Graphics 33. And it's in J and G Pharma. I don't want that. This is where you choose your icon farm at so safe type as you want. I sealed Windows icon and there's the other icons already in that folder. So I'm saving this son this summer with a number after I see your Windows icon. And that goes into my folder where I keep them. That was just telling you had already saved it, so I was saving it again. But yours will be the first time. So that's it done. You just file, save as and make sure you save it as I see all Windows Icon Far, Matt. And you're all set. You now have an icon already. 10. Making your own icon words: making your own I konw words. Sometimes the set of an image or photo. You may want to a word or two as an icon. You conduce and word PowerPoint are any other program in which you could type words and preferably also changed the color and the phones. You're a few that I use to create text icons. You just type out the word or words you want. Color them as you like, choose the font of your choice and then have them on a background color you want. Then use a snipping tool to clip the text. You can usually change the font on the color in any program that allows you to type out words. But for icons, it's really nice If you could also make the Texan variegated colors and or a color or very gated background, Here's how to do this in PowerPoint on that will show you to inward. But even if you do it inward, watch the part like to because there's some overlap. But I'm only going to show you the one time so you create a text box by going in start text box. This little box will appear on your screen. Don't worry about where it is. You can move it later. Type whatever you want for your icon into the box. Hold the cursor over the dotted edge of the box so it becomes a cross hair off a four pointed arrow. Left click once you won't see anything happened. But this select all the text in the text box and allows you to change the font color and size off the text. If you just want a different color size or funds, go ahead and do that in the usual way here. I'm going to show you how to create a Grady and color first for the tax on them. For the background to the text box with the tax box selected as described in the previous slide, click on the drawing tools and then text Phil on the drop time menu that appears click Grady Int, and on the next drop time menu, click more Greedy INTs. This box will appear. Drag it off to one site so you could also see your textbooks click on Grady and Phil, and you will see a bar with blues appear in it. And at the same time, the icon off your texts will change to this blue Grady int because what you're seeing, it's changed you as you change it. So each time you change the color on their Grady and bar, it will change on your icon you so you'll see the finished effect and can decide if that's what you want. Click on each of the markers on the color bar. Thank on the drop time menu beside the word color on change to whatever color you want. You can add more bars by just clicking on an empty space on the color bar, so each time you click on there color where the drop down menu beside the color that little box of colors will pop up, and you can choose what color you want on that will color whatever marker on ingredient bar you're on at that time. You can also change how it appears by clicking on type on direction on angle to choose how you want it to look and you'll see the finished look on your icon as you change it. If you prefer, you can leave the eye, contacts one seller and change the background to a greedy int for this click on drawing tools, then Shape and Phil. Then follow the same instructions. Ask for text Phil, but this time it will color the background, not the text. Once you have your icon as you want it, use the snipping tool to slip it, and it's automatically on your clipboard. So you just see toe open Irfan View and press control V to Paste. Then save the image from her from view as an icon in the same way as we did before to create similar icons and M s word. Click on insert tax box. Then, on the first sample text box that appears, this will appear. But as soon as you start to type in it, that text will replace by what you're typing and the rest of the instructions for coloring change. The font and size of text are the same as for PowerPoint. If you have a different version of word or PowerPoint, the man you screens may look a little different but are usually easy enough to find your way through. But if you're stuck, click on the help question. Mark had the far top right to get help with how to do it in your version off the software 11. Screen Capture of Making your own icon words: in this video, we're going to create an icon after of words, choose your own words and make a Nikon. So I'll do this inward first, and then I'll do it apart point. So I'm great toe open upward, and it doesn't much of which version of words you have. We all work and that will do. Insert text box and I just choose the first text box that comes. And as soon as you start to type that will go away. So says my icon, you can change that size, the text, all that kind of thing. The font just says you normally would so make it bigger. We'll make it centered. I won't want an outside to the text box. So if I drew a drawing tools and shape our line and click no are like that's gone now my text selected so I can choose. If we go across to here, it's text Phil. So if I click on text Phil, I could choose just any color I wanted. But I'm going to do Grady int so they're sig radiant. We're down to my greedy INTs in the box always pops up in the middle, so move it off to the side, the nightly con Grady int again and it comes up Blue City fault. And there's my typing, my icon in blue, which ever one of these markers has the yellow line around. It is the one that is active, and if you do that color, it will change that one. So we'll do this one red and then the middle, one gold on the last stumble to yellow. Now, if you want more feast but more colors on you just pop the men and you can change the color . And if you want rich because you're too many, you just drag it out. Tonight will disappear. The only thing we have is we could have linear radio, rectangular or a path we can choose how it looks. I'm going to use Lanier for this on then I get to choose how well Chu said angle. Now I seem to have a lot of yellow, and not a loss of ransom would just slight these along a bit, and that's what gives me more red. So there is the icon, all sent with the color. I'm great to copy and paste that again because this time I'm going to change the background . I'm just going to be a the text. All will just make it black. And this time we're going to drawing Chills emigrated to shape Phil. So this will fill the area behind it. Instead of the actual text, it'll do ingredient again. Again. It's taken on the last radiant. I gave it to you number that one and decided it would give me that one again. So we'll do this. One different will do it in purple. So just choose the colors as you go colors he like There is my icon in purple So these night concert are finished on what do with, um I've got the cursed of there and I want to move the cursor because if I step, that will have the cursor in the steps. So I just want to do not knots up there in the curses are tooth away. So then I open up snipping tool doing you on with that way and I just sit around my icon and then I do file save us and I conceive it in their asses money Hiko in work. But when I slip since it went on to my clipboard. So now if I want to open our friend you and make an icon activity I can do that because on my clipboard So we've done her from view before, But let's just do it together. We'll put this on it. So there is there a friend? Few. I'm just going to do control V, which is paced Control V. And there it's there. So then I just saved that. That's a Nikon, uh, my floor. If I wanted to remove the white background before I go into her friend view, I would go into paint dot net. And if I take it into paint dot net it noses all my clipboard. So I just soon you and that pops out because it knows what sizes on my clipboard. And there it is. And again, I don't control V. And if I do control plus that will make it a bigger for us to see. Then I can use the magic wand, which we use previously for a graphic and remove it. Hammel tick of the inside of the always will and that if we save that, you have to save it to keep it tried. The background clear. If we copy it, it won't will save that has my Maikon transparent trans. So then we bring up our friend here again and we just do open this time and we will come to it as we scroll down will come to here we are so no there. Say I call with no background. So whatever you want it to be, the whatever I whatever background you have for your desktop will show through that it's actually transport civil. Do save us my icon transfer that you say my shouldn't Let's change it, my right. So my icon trance parents I see your because that's a version on It already says I can't hear But you check that each time it says Icahn, it's saving. It has an icon. Okay, so that's that one. Then if we go into a PowerPoint essentially even easier in part going to do this so we'll do insert text box and you just start typing. My my club, once you get it, is exactly the same. His work. Now you can change the font. You can change. The size can change the color. You can put in background drawing tool shape, Phil put in a shape feel you can do anything you like. It's exactly the same as word, and you would slip it the same way as you did with word as well. So that's how you make an icon with words. 12. Putting your icon on a Folder: putting your icon Oughta folder. You can add custom images to almost any folder anywhere on your computer, but for our uses here, at this moment, we're going to use a brand new folder on the desktop. That way, you're in no danger off, messing up or even deleting. Ah, folder with important content. So right click on a blank space on your desktop. Thank click on New, then folder to add a new empty yellow folder on your desktop. Right click on the folder on the new folder, then left. Click on properties in the pop up parks. Click customize, then click on change icon, then click on browse, then click on documents on icons to go to the folder where you saved your icon. After you've done this once every other time you go to change the icon on a folder. Windows will automatically take your to your Icons folder. So your training it's this first time Once your icon folder opens, click on the icon on. Obviously, when you have many icons there, you'll choose the icon you want and click on that. Then I click open on this screen will appear with your icon on the top left. Click on OK on the first screen, then click Apply, then, okay, and you will be returned to your desktop on the folder will now have the icon you created. Occasionally, I find it doesn't change. But don't worry about that, because the next time you start up your computer, you'll find your new icon on the folder where you wanted it to be. It may take your while the first time you create a custom icon, but once you're familiar with how to do it, it can take literally less than a minute to find it, origi want and create an icon from it. 13. Screen Capture of Putting your icon on a Folder: in this video, we're going to create a permanent folder, far your icons, because once you've saved them, they have to say in the same place or else Windows won't know where to look for them. So if we're going to create the folder, we click on the start button on the bottom, left the screen and go to this PC. We'll make it big. Then we go to documents and in a blank space, right click like on You Click on Folder And now they're saying, You folder and I'm going to call it Hi cones and that's it. If we screw up, it's going off esque Larter. There's our new icon folder. That's all there is to it. 14. Bonus Lesson Creating a Custom Desktop Wallpaper: Bon assassin creating a custom desktop wallpaper. Most people haven't image across the entire screen, but I prefer to have the image just on one part of the screen on the rest blank so I can see my icons and arrange them in groups. Here's one way. There are many others to create your own wallpaper with an image plus blank space for your icons. I do this in M s word, although it could be done in Power Point are many other programs for my laptop screen, 18 inches by 9.5 inches fits My laptop screen isn't that big, but that size just fits it perfectly. Farrah wallpaper. So I suggest you start with that and change it is necessary. Wants to see how it looks to change the size off the page inward. Click on page layout size, then more paper sizes. Then in the drop time man, you change the size to 18 inches by 9.5. Click OK and you'll be returned to you documents, which will now show a page 18 inches by 9.5. If this sign comes up, just click to ignore it. Click on insert shape and then select a rectangle shape in the top. Flying your cursor will change to a cross hair dragon for one corner, a few page to the diagonally opposite corner to fill the whole page with the shape. It will be blue as the default color. Once the shapes there at it selected, Click on Shaped Phil and choose a color or ingredient and create a greedy in color, as you did with the text boxes and texts. Now you allow to picture to the background you've just created Click on insert picture and gold to wherever you have the picture you want to add, or if you just slipped to the picture from online, you can just paste it onto your page before you add your graphic, though first, make sure you have de selected your background, because if it is selected, when you insert a picture, word will replace your background with the picture instead of adding it on top. So de select the background and then insert your picture. Here's like Butterfly added, however, to be able to move it where I want, I have to change the rap. TEX with the picture selected click picture tools WRAP TEX then select in front off texts, then drag your picture to where you want it. So picture tools rap tex in front of text and that will allow you to drag your picture to wherever you want it. Then you can change its size by dragging the outside corners and place it where you want. I always have it on the right and less than halfway across. Then you just use the sipping tool to slip your entire page with the picture on it and saved the graphics somewhere. You could find it again, so to change the desktop wallpaper, right click on an empty part of desktop Thank Click on Personalized. When this screen appears, click on browse a navigate to four are you just saved your new wallpaper. Click on it and it will now be your wallpaper. So here's my new wallpaper. If you're Is this in quite the right size and the graphic is skewed. Just open up word documents again and make the page size either bigger or smaller and try again on once you have the wallpaper the right size. Save that word file again as wallpaper template and you'll be able to open it any time. Change graphic and create another new wallpaper annoying that the size is exactly right. So now you know how to make your own custom icons create designer wallpaper as show them off to their advantage, so have fun, be creative and enjoy. 15. Screen Capture of Creating Custom Desktop Wallpaper: in this video, I'm going to show you how to create a background, a desktop wallpaper, something similar to what you see here of mine. I choose. Have a plain dark background so I can see my icons clearly on. I just put a picture over to the right, which I don't really have icons on top off some of my family I Kansas over the edge of that one. But I've got lots of different wallpapers than they dont go over the top of the mall. But I always have the dark background to the left where I could show my icons So I do this inward. So I'm going to open up the one that I have called my desktop template and I'll show you her Metis. So this is how it looks. It's a different picture, but I can just move the picture around. I can put a new picture in, and what this is is I've made the page layout the size that will fit. Go to de select that so I can get it right page size and then more paper sizes. And then you get to do custom size, and I've already made this one into 18 inches by 9.5. But if yours is different, you just highlights it and then type in whatever number you want. Uh, 9.5. So now if it hadn't seen that before, it is now do okay When you go back is going to tell you it's OK. Just click ignore. And that it's tell you the margins are right and we don't care about margins for this. So click OK, and there's by 80.5 by 19 page. Then I'm going to create a shape. I'll take the shape out so I can show you me putting a shape in so insert shape. Choose rectangle, Sergeant one corner. Just drag it right down to the other corner. I'm going to make it black. I just happen to like it black. You may choose a different color. It's on the front. I wanted to go to the back so I click on Break forward. Don't That's real one. Sorry, son. Backwards. Send to the back. So now the black background. It's at the back. I have a graphic already here. I'm going to delete that graphic. I'm going to insert a new picture so again we'll go to the here, Onda. Let's see it all of which one? We should half. Let's have just the floor. So we did that. Florida already. We made it into a Nikon. But just for argument's sake, let's assume that we're going to use it for this. I'm cropping it to make it square. I don't want it long now with the thing about word is you can't move it. It doesn't want to move unless I make it. Move it. So I've got to go to picture wrap Tex on in front of texts. Now it's disappeared because it's actually jumped back up onto the screen. So there is the top of my black and it's a bit big. So dragon make a bit smaller and I'll stick it in the middle there and there it is, a business. My paper. The cursor is flashing here, and that's why I have a second sheet. I just clicked down. Here is the curses flashy. Here I scroll back up. There is my wallpaper. Now I'm going to open the sipping, too, always shows the last snip, by the way, that's why that's is click new and start to the corner and drag it over my whole picture. And then that's it. Steps I do file safe ass and I could put flour Flower desktop. I missed out the art anti flour dust up and I'll say Florida stop. So that's his saved. We can go out of here and we can now change my desktop. I've just close. Everything are right. Click personalize. There's the pictures I can do. Browse. Mine's on my desktop. It's in graphic 33 it says Florida stop. So as soon as the picture comes here, there it is. It is now my desktop, so there is hard to create and change your desktop.