How to Make Best Instagram Campaigns I Step by Step Guide i Professional Instagram Advertising | Nikola Lugonja | Skillshare

How to Make Best Instagram Campaigns I Step by Step Guide i Professional Instagram Advertising

Nikola Lugonja, HR and Marketing Instructor

How to Make Best Instagram Campaigns I Step by Step Guide i Professional Instagram Advertising

Nikola Lugonja, HR and Marketing Instructor

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7 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction and course description

    • 2. Instagram's overview and some statistics

    • 3. Tips for building your Instagram page

    • 4. Where to start and one important condition

    • 5. How to set up an Instagram campaign

    • 6. Different ad sizes and recommendations

    • 7. Ads Manager New Interface Update!

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About This Class

Here you will find a lot of new things about Instagram advertising. You will learn how to make and set up new campaigns, track results and read metrics. Furthermore, you will be able to achieve efficient results with minimum investment. After this course, you will be able to set up your own different types of campaigns and ads on Instagram. That means that you will be able to start advertising your business in the best possible way.

Instagram Ads (lectures):

  1. Introduction and course description

  2. Instagram's overview and some statistics

  3. Tips for building your Instagram page

  4. Where to start and one important condition

  5. How to set up an Instagram campaign

  6. Different ad sizes and recommendations

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Meet Your Teacher

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Nikola Lugonja

HR and Marketing Instructor


-Multi-year experience in both HR and digital marketing. I started my career in Marketing, but over time I dived deeper into the world of Human Resources. I find these two areas commonly overlapping (e.g. when it comes to the employer branding), therefore I will also try to link them in some classes. 

-Here are 4 values that I always keep in mind when preparing and publishing classes:

Keep it short and sweet - eliminating everything that does not bring any value and ensuring the students get the most out of every single second Unscramble the content - making things simple to comprehend and outlining the most important takeaways Always explore - stepping into the unknown to extensively research new topics and broaden the knowledge spectrum Improve on fee... See full profile

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1. Introduction and course description: have students. And welcome to the instagram section of the course. The sexual we're going to talk about instead. Remarketing some basic things. How can you make your profile look good? Of course. How to set up on Instagram campaign. So for starters, we're going to talk just about some statistics with cubs to instagram and give some overview of it. Then we're going to give some tips on how to make several profile. Then how to set up instagram comm paid, which are different types that says that they're available of instagram. And of course not just in the end, but you're in the whole course. I'm going to give you some advice is and give you some notes on key components uh, in the instagram marketing, so that would be it. See you next lecture. 2. Instagram's overview and some statistics: Welcome back on this electro. We're talking about instagram on its statistics. So as you can see here, Instagram has around one billion. Or as it is, wasn't here 1,001,000 monthly active users? So just to recap, Facebook has around two billion users, so twice as many, and the Snapchat has around 300 million users, so we can say that instead of missile were in between. However, this is mostly because Instagram is owned by Facebook, so many of the users who use Facebook's also use instead daily active user. It is around the There are around 500 million daily stories. Active users, 400 million on photo number of photos uploaded daily is around 95 million. So as you can see, hearing syndrome is very popular. This is all this is a very new statistics from 2019 and keeping by that Instagram was bought by Acquired actually buy Facebook in 2012 for astonishing $1 billion and Baghdad. The important thing is to say that it's the grab was valued or just turn a $1,000,000,000 it didn't have any revenue. So Facebook made a risky investment, but Baghdad but now it seems like a pretty obvious one. They invested a lot of money and instagram and they have made a close relationship with with Instagram and Facebook. And of course, that is the reason why you're we will be making instrument preparing Instagram ads in the Facebook as manager here. I have prepared also some statistics for you and I will include these links in the description in the attachment actually. So, as you can see here, one billion people use instagram everybody. As we mentioned, 88% of users are outside of the U. S. So it's not just the US, it's not just the social media that is popular in the US, it's popular all over the globe, as you can see here. Oh, so 74% off instead of users are on the global other 35. So this is very important. In order to know that there are was 30% of the users who are older than 35 euros able to target them, you have some worst of the six years that you can take a look at. It's very interesting on the the final conclusion off. All this is that instead of is very popular on it is definitely a place where you should market your business. We don't for the review, let's start with course. 3. Tips for building your Instagram page: Okay, now, as I said, we're going to They look at some things which your instagram profile should have on the in order to illustrated better. I have taken the screenshot up one writing a profile here on. First of all, I like to say that when you're opening your incident profile, you should definitely make it a business one and be open, and it should be in over the code open the college beans, the things that you were seeing here. So you're able to see posts without following the account, and usually big. You will see that all big brands do that, because for them it's important. I mean, it's important for that that you follow. Follow their brand. However, the know that they will call. Achieve that by posting engaging content so you will be interested in following them. Just come regularly here to see their post and also business or open the card gives you the ability to see the statistics. So metrics inside of your profile. Next one, you should connect your face with Paige, and actually, this is a matter of choice. This is mandatory thing to do when you make a business called and in order to promote yourself later on. So it is a necessary condition to have a Facebook page. In order to open Instagram business account, I carried profile photos you can see here. You only have a small space for your profile photo. So you should devote some time in making it look great. And usually businesses will put their log logo here, and that is very important to make it big enough. But that large too large so that it doesn't fit here. You should make it big enough, so it is clearly visible and recognizable. Good description. Something is firing, like vision or the mission. This is very Borden. You should put your description here. And of course it shouldn't and it can be very long. It should be something very motivated or engaging. So when customers and users read it, they know What? What is your mission? What is what is that you're doing off course Your name off the off your business will be written here. This is the category or thing that you're doing. Description will be inputted here. Link description. As you can see here, I put an exclamation more because it's a very, very important this part. This is actually our only contact with the outside world, says Instagram, doesn't allow you to put any links and clickable links in your posts. So basically, this is the only link that you have on your profile that can drive people off your all fewer incident profile. So as you can see, Instagram is a pretty close, pretty close platform because they I don't allow so many legs, too. Be published. People can easily be driven off their app as that is the situation with Facebook. There you can post whatever you wish, and with every click you can go to any other website. Instagram is a bit different because it's a mobile app, so they keep you in their ecosystem very, very close. And this is the only way you can actually send people outside to your website or any other landing page. And if you take a better close look at all the big bread's when they publish something or let's say a newspaper publishes the new article or a new issue publishes a new article new product, they will put the image here or a video, but they will write you that link to a certain by. The more thing is in their description. So you should go there and click on it. So you should use this one very, very carefully and always make it up there yet. So don't just put some read something here. They close. Look on. What are you going to put there? You should write your location if you have a location. If you know just like covers for business. So you can write your location here, email or phone numbers, a bottle. That is the thing here. So now I think that even you can have multiple Just what? But anyway, people will be able to contact you within one click story. Hide, light highlights. Those are the things that you see here. So it's ah, relatively new future and looks a very nice And it gives users ability to see what are you publishing in your stories and what you have already published. So added those highlights put with them with some nice nails here and make it look good and make your name magnet deck is pretty new feature that is available on Instagram. If you go here on on this tree dots and go to the section of this cold name tag. You will get your name like this, and what it basically does is gives you the ability to connect with your with your followers or any other users very easily by, as you can see here. So let's say that I have a friend next to me that wants to connect with my business. And instead of typing my name, he can just go to the same same place and the quickens care name tag and his camera will alone automatically. And he should focus his hammer camera to this'll this code. Let's call it It's like a barcode at the reading of it is based on the same principle as you can see here. So you just need to scared that goat and automatically instagram accounts will be connected . So it's a very fast and easy way, but it's also engaging with and this for this design that you get. You can also change that. Change it here with emojis or different things. But anyway, it can also be used in your marketing strategy because it represents your breath, your profile and Beijing an interesting way so that would be to go. Those are just some key. Those are just some advises and things that you should pay attention to and consider them in order to make your profile look very good. It won't cost you anything. I mean, you will just spend some more time on it. But I I'm pretty sure that that users will notice that they will appreciate that very much so. Thank you. And see the next lecture. 4. Where to start and one important condition: Okay, so we'll come back to the course on before we started with setting up the campaign. I just want to remind you where you're able to make your campaign and that this in Facebook and manager So, as I have already mentioned in sort of is the company is the platform that is owned by Facebook by the Facebook company. So you are able to set up your campaign is only for Instagram, and you can do that in the Facebook ads by the trip. Although we have already explained this Facebook and manager in its interface of the Facebook section of the course, you should go there and take a look at it. If you still haven't here a budget, I'm not going to do it again in Sekoff making the course as short as possible. But I just want to say that the pendant that it is not obligatory to have an incident account if you want to publish your ads on them. So as you can see here, in order to access to this Facebook Cats manager, you need to have a Facebook page, and that is the important thing which you should definitely have in order to publisher as on the Instagram, you're not obligated to have instant Macau, but it is a desirable thing to do anyway. If you don't have and you wish to publish your ad, you can do with the way that instagram actually Facebook will make your instagram account automatically and it will be visible under your business name. However, customers and users there's there will not be able to click on your profile to follow your to do anything else. So my recommendation to you is if you don't have an INSTAGRAM account, you should make it. But anyway, if you don't won't do for some reason, don't worry. You can still publish Instagram as with your Facebook page, so that would be it and see him the next lecture. 5. How to set up an Instagram campaign: Okay, so we're starting with our instagram com paid Ondas you can see in your Facebook cats Manager, You just click on this button, create and automatically This page will open where you must choose your marketing objective . I was explaining all this objectives, how different they are when you should use which one. So if you want to take a look at it, you can do with the Facebook section of the course at here. Just for the sake of this video, I'm just going to choose the traffic objective and I will work. Okay, instead. Okay. Sorry. This is just something. OK, so that set name can be, uh, I said I'm just using some random names right now. I'm worried regarding the main arbiters as other things that we saw. So the Facebook part of the course it's the same. There will be only one major difference when it comes to publish in your posts on Instagram . But anyway, I will take I will devote some time now just to show you again. So, first of all, you need to define your audience. And if you already have a same one, you can do it here. If you have a cup audience that you build based on your pick, saw or email list or anything. You can put it here if you want to make lookalike audience to that previous. But you can also do it here. If you don't have it, you can choose your audience. So which location which you can include or exclude different locations. Age, gender, languages, all of the things we have already seen. Detail targeting so interest you can include them here. Let's say that we're real estate agency. You can type your little state. You see, I don't want to choose the 1st 1 because I would target the people who have listed their employer, their lawyer as the real estate, your Facebook profile and I'm not interesting. It targeted are getting them. So I would rather target people who have expressed an interest pages that are related to real estate. So they're probably looking for housing or something like that. I can also right here housing, and if I just run out of the ideas, I could go to suggestions and see your new house, or even someone who is interested in investing. If I want to browse the from the interest or behaviors or demographics. I can do it here. Let's say that I want to I don't know if I'm targeting in the U. S. I want to target people. Wait. Sorry with, Ah, just a second. I'm looking for some day. Yeah, okay. I want to target people from this group. OK, I'm You might say that I'm dealing with some more expensive. How Households, Real estate. And this is the most important part when it comes to history. But I will be back to that. I just want to go fast to do a fast overview of this section. So when it comes to budget, you can choose a daily or lifetime budget. You have to define the date when it comes to the lifetime. When it comes to daily one, you can just run it too. Leave it to run indefinitely. But eventually would have to stop it manually. Otherwise, it was spent your money. Here it will be written How much you're going to spend per week. You can do These are some were advanced options. As you can see here, you can do optimization for a delivery depending on whether you want to link legs or alighting page views or impressions when you want to get charged. Whether on impression of light clicks on some other things about bidding, which are more advanced when you're working with a bigger budget. So as I mentioned here are, the most important part is to although placements will be by the fourth automatic waas. So Facebook wants to put your eyes is on that many possible places so we can get a higher reach and better results. But if you want just to put it on Instagram, you should hear check the Facebook all he is messenger and now your ad will only be shown or instagram, and you can even, ah, choose to show it only the feed or only of the stories. So here you can see a previous or now I have just checked my stories to be available or by ad to be available E instagram stories. But now it's available boats, both places, so that is really important that the pets of your design, of course, what do you want to what do you want to achieve and who which users you want to target? If you have finished with that that would be it from the ad set so you can continue to add and basically will have a tree just right. So it was at instable here. If you have any instagram page, you will be able to select it. If not, as I mentioned, there will be an automatic. You will still be able to publish your red, so don't worry about it. But it's a better. It's better to have your your instagram account that you will be able to me correct creative into version so you can make Caruso you can make. You can publish a single image or a video, and you can make a collection in the next video. We're going to talk about different that size in the possibilities, and I'm going to show you real examples. How how does it look? So don't worry about it now. Here you will be able to use different templates, toe upload images and videos, of course, to include legs and X and the website you are else and everything Call to action bottoms, and of course, here you will be able to review your work so even for the Instagram feed or for the instagram story. You will be able to see it here. So here you will always find some recommendations. Keep invited. Usually those are a recommendation. So it's not things they're not obligate eri But there are sometimes things that must be followed as writers. So if you want to publish to upload images quickly here, if you want to do with the video, you can check here and here You also have some some more difficult technical stuffs that you you should really in order to know what is allowed and what is that. And basically that would be it from this from this place. So if you want to get more deeper and how this whole lights medical work, you should go to Facebook section. There is a part where I explain it in details. How does it work where you can find different settings, different things, different perimeters, and please go there if you still haven't, because it will be very valuable for you. And in the next fracture, I'm going to show you different ad sizes, different creators that are possible to publish on Instagram. So thank you for watching and seeing the next lecture 6. Different ad sizes and recommendations: and welcome back students. So as sending this electron, we're looking at different sizes and forwards and available for Instagram and I have devoted some time to prepare finds beside different images and sizes so you can see what is available to publish an instrument. I will include link to this to this article where you can see exact measures on requirements in the text and I will include the link off that article in the attachment. So, first of all, let's talk about images. So instagram is a mobile, so it is designed, and it is recommendable to use images that are in the square for months. But as you can see here, you're also able to publish landscape image. But it doesn't look so good because it doesn't cover. I saw so much of the space, and, uh, the important thing is to know that you're not prohibited to publish these photos. Reuse, the media read. However, your performance will be significantly lower than when you use square four months, for example, and here you can see that a square forward looks much better because it covers more part of the screen and automatically it catches attention much better. Maybe this doesn't look as a square forward because this click to action bottom decided. But believe me, the picture is in one toe ratio for sure. And plus, you can also see here the number off lives and some tax that you're able to like it when it comes to the vertical forward. It takes even more space. But they say that the best thing is still the square one, because here it takes too much space. So you need to scroll in order to see the text or toe like to call big. So you lose this from your side. And so what? So I mean, this is also pretty good for a month, and it's much better than landscape on, that's for sure. But there's still the recommendation off incident, Mr Square one. When it comes to Caruso, I was disappointed to see better. As you can see here, you're able to put more images, and even videos will see that also in the same post that is very good with your, for instance, advertising wardrobe like they're doing here, something that has more broader to writers keeping my that, uh, you only can do a comparison with square photos that this photos of racial oneto. So this is very important to, though, So if you have landscape photos, you will not be able to put them in the In this format, Caruso or even vertical waas, is the ground will automatically cropped up to be in a 1 to 1. For when it comes to the videos. This is a landscape video, so as you can see, it's more for that. Stop that for a robot, for because it has a cover so much of the space, and plus you're not able to rotate it here. Toe better is you can do on the phone anyway. You can still publish it if if that's the only thing you have, this is the square video that looks much better. You see it covers much more area, and it's much more engaging because you can see the numbers. You can see the car, but you can't even like it or save it if you wish. And here is also the complexion bottom and, of course, the vertical video, which they exhibit more space, and we already talked about it. It's the same same ratio, same size as it is with images when it comes to the gruesome videos, you can see it here, so basically we're able to slide them and see different videos. It's great when you're dealing with storytelling woods or something. Keeping by that forward is also must be square. What that is one toe ratio. And when it comes to stories, as you can see here, you are able to publish a story in for about 9 to 16. So across the whole, across the whole area of the phone. Keep in mind, of course, that so that fools have different sizes off course. You waas are much longer and less. They have their much, much the beautiful there were, or how could I say so? Off course you're at maybe won't be seeing in the same way on each board. That's why you have the ability to who targets people with different goals, different devices. But anyway, even if your ad doesn't fit so it has some space that would rob. The worry is a gram can make that automatically toe fit. They will just their software row takes of colors from your already existent creative, and it will match it with the background to look good, so it will look so ugly. And when it comes to videos off instagram stories, you're also able to publish that given by that you were living that with time. So, as you can see here, brands usually really just the teaser or some short video in order for you to track your attention. Actually, to play here, watch more so they will provide you with the leg that will drive you to some of their landing pages, a website where you will be able to see the longer version of it. So this looks very good and this is also good. When we talk about storytelling campaigns just to recap, I want to show you distinct. So how does it look? Basically a full landscape. 16 to die looks like this, so it takes only small portion off your phone. As I said, this is much better. When you're making a desktop, add it is much bigger, so maybe you should. You also have the ability to publish different at different creatives for different devices . So in what campaign you can make your creative the landscape for that stop and be square with or mobile phone was that is available in basement cats manager Regarding the square format, you can see that it covers much more space, and it's also visible what is written here and here, which is very good. Vertical 14 to 5 with We saw the example of it. How it looks. It's not bad, but sometimes it covers the watch Vertical to Therese only available on Facebook, it covers even more than this one. If you try to publish this vertical 2 to 3 on INSTAGRAM, it will automatically cropped it so you won't be able to do it unless you use some additional bloggers and features that allow you to do so as, of course, full portrayed died. 16 is available for stories it when you want to cover the whole area. So this is a very would illustration of different formers available. Keep in mind, especially where your dealing with a 20% tax troll for Facebook or when you're publishing captures for your video or something similar keeping by that that you don't have supported this cropped or something like that. I hope this will help you if you have any questions before Toe asked me if you have any recommendations on what should I include? Else in the course is over. If I forgot to say something that you are really important to be worshipped, please let me know. As I said, if you have any questions you can contact maybe about bail. You can ask questions of the of course dashboard and off course. You can share their experiences there. Also, all of this links on all the links in the previous from the previous course. Lectures will be included in the attachment. So thank you for watching and see you some other lectures. 7. Ads Manager New Interface Update!: Hi, everyone. In this short video, I just want to give you an inside look on the new design interface that Facebook introduced to its Facebook ads manager. And it's a big difference, but the main things are relatively the same. The main difference that I have. No, this is that. Now you have a sidebar on the left side and here, with the button, you can expand it, collapse it, and you can see that you have an account over your, which is what we're seeing right now. If I goto campaign level, you will see that that it's relatively the same as it waas. And the thing is that you have these columns here, you can choose which columns you want. The breakdown is right here, the creative otherness here. And, as I said, instead of having those at campaigns levels and that says levels here, you know, have them in the sidebar as off mid July end of July 2019 you still have the option to to switch to the previous version. Andi, also the setting bottom is here as a zit. Is the case with the notification bottom in search button that you can choose the dates that you wish here on those. So here you can see the keyboard shortcuts, which is very helpful for some options. Moreover, the important thing to know is that other business the business told menu is now here. It's also a bit different, and you have new icons, and the organization and categories are a bit different. But everything is still here, so don't worry on that. As I said, if you're if you're confused, if you can find some option, you can always switch to the previous version for now on, that would be it. I just wanted to give you this short overview introduction on what they have changed, and I hope that it will be easy for you to navigate just a week. Just just tell you that they didn't change anything so far. When it comes to creating the campaign. So askew go through those steps of choosing the campaigns levels and adds that levels and setting up the ad. Everything is the same so far for now, but maybe they will change that in the future. So thank you for watching and seeing falling videos